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For over a century, the study of Hebrew has been a core component of The Jewish Theological Seminary’s curriculum.  Now, in partnership with several East Side synagogues, JTS is bringing Hebrew language instruction to your community.
Semester-long courses consist of ten two-hour sessions. Students will have access to online Hebrew language learning resources typically available only to JTS’ matriculated students, and may use the Goodman Language Laboratory on the JTS campus. Class sessions are recorded and posted online for class participants.
The following offerings are a continuation of the Beginner and Advanced Beginner courses held in Fall 2013.
New students are welcome! The Self-Assessment tab (above) offers guidance in selecting the course most appropriate to your skill level.
After reviewing the course descriptions below and the Self-Assessment tab, your questions about class selection may be addressed to:
Dr. Nitza Krohn, Program Coordinator, at
Need assistance with registration or information about future classes?
Contact the Context office at (212) 870-5850 or

All classes meet on Mondays from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. with a short coffee break:
January 27, February 3, 10, 24, March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 and April 7

Beginner II
Section I
Sutton Place Synagogue
Nina Nesher, Adjunct Instructor of Hebrew, JTS
Section II
Park Avenue Synagogue
Ayal Yariv, formerly of Portland (OR) State University
This course began in the fall semester with the teaching of the Hebrew alphabet and mechanics of reading unvoweled Hebrew and writing cursive, and continued with developing basic everyday conversational ability and reading comprehension of brief dialogs.
In the spring semester, students will also read and discuss several simple informative texts, further expand their vocabulary to about 300 words, and – in grammar – learn the present tense forms and infinitive forms of common active verbs, adjectives-noun phrases, additional question words, some adverbs, several prepositions and causal clauses.
By the end of the spring semester, students will be able to ask and answer questions about themselves and their interests, express likes and dislikes, comprehend and re-create short dialogues, and tell time.
Advanced Beginner II
Temple Israel of the City of New York
Cila Allon, Adjunct Instructor of Hebrew, JTS
In the first semester, learners read and discussed simplified brief narrative and informative texts on Israeli and Jewish cultural and historical topics, listened to and created dialogues on everyday topics, and learned to express preferences and requests, and describe everyday routines.
In the spring semester, students will further expand their vocabulary, learn new verb groups and how to form possessive sentences, and will be introduced to the past tense. As before, reading selections will vary in content and style, and will include some passages in non-modern Hebrew.
Textbook for both levels: The first volume of the textbook Hebrew from Scratch (Ivrit min Ha'hatchala), supplemented by additional readings, recordings, and teacher-generated and computer exercises.

Early Bird Tuition: $295
Tuition after January 9, 2014: $325
One-time technology fee: $27 (required for all students except those with JTS Blackboard accounts)
Textbooks and Hebrew newspapers purchased separately.
Registration closes: January 22, 2014
Need-based scholarships and payment plans available. Please see the Payment Information and Scholarship Application tabs above.

COURSE CANCELLATION: In case of insufficient enrollment in a course, a full refund will be made.
Are encouraged to register for the course most appropriate to their proficiency level. If, after attending the first session, you wish to sample a class at a different level, you must notify the instructor and the Context office. You may then attend one session of the different level class, and inform the office of your decision before the third class session. If neither class level meets your needs, you may withdraw without incurring the penalty described below.
WITHDRAWALS: Withdrawal of registration must be made by notifying the Context office by email or phone.
     • More than one week before class begins, full refund.
     • Withdrawal prior to the third class, a refund less an administrative fee of $100 will be issued.
     • No refunds after the third class meeting.

East Side Partners:
Congregation Or Zarua
Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun
Park Avenue Synagogue
Sutton Place Synagogue
Temple Emanu-El
Temple Israel of the City of New York
Temple Shaaray Tefila
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Context Hebrew Language Program: Self-Assessment Guidelines
Here are some self-assessment guidelines that will help you decide which Hebrew class to register for.
If you are still not sure or have questions, please email the academic consultant of the Context Hebrew Program, Dr. Nitza Krohn,
Register for the second semester beginner level class if you can do the following in Hebrew:
  • You can read  slowly and understand some isolated words (e.g., שיר, חלב, כיתה) and phrases
(e.g., אני מניו יורק, היא שותה יין, זה אבוקדו) written without vowels
  • You can write those words and phrases in cursive and read them out loud to others
  • You understand and can respond to very simple statements or questions in Hebrew
(e.g., מה שלומך? אתה מניו יורק? איפה את גרה? מה זה?)
  • You know the personal pronouns (e.g., את, אנחנו, הם  etc.) and some plural forms of nouns and verbs
(e.g., תלמידים, כותבים).
Register for the advanced beginner level class if you can accomplish in Hebrew all or most of the following:
  • You can describe your daily activities and what you like to do
  • You can describe a person or a place that is familiar to you
  • You can read and understand the main meaning and details of short, simple (unvoweled) narrative or informative text
  • You can retell a story based on picture prompts using a variety of verbs in the present tense
  • You can memorize and act short dialogues recreating interaction in everyday settings (e.g., ordering in a restaurant, asking for directions)
  • You can take part in a simple conversation and express your opinions
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Payment Information
Payment may be made online using major credit cards, or PayPal. You may also choose to pay by check.
Payment plans are available to all registrants. Typical plans allow for up to three installments, with payment made either by check or by credit card. To request a payment plan, register for your selected course, and watch for the PAYMENT PLAN AND SCHOLARSHIP OPTIONS prompt just above the Payment Information section.
Thanks to the generosity of the Lucius N. Littauer Foundation, JTS is pleased to award need-based scholarships to adult learners in our full-year and semester-long programs.

Application procedure:

Click on the Scholarship Application tab, and print out the form.

Register now. At the check-out screen, reply to the PAYMENT PLAN AND SCHOLARSHIP OPTIONS prompt, indicating that you are applying for a scholarship.

Submit your completed scholarship application form by mail, fax or email as soon as possible. Applicants are strongly urged to submit their form by January 12th. Applications will not be accepted after the third class session.

When we contact you regarding the result of your request for financial aid, we will provide instructions for paying the remaining tuition.

We look forward to studying with you!

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