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The American Society for Yad Vashem (ASYV) was established in 1981 by a group of visionary Holocaust survivors, interested in meaningfully supporting the crucial efforts of Yad Vashem in Israel.  ASYV advances Yad Vashem’s mission by raising vital resources and offering programing designed to engage a broad community of caring individuals committed to learning about the Holocaust and keeping its memory and lessons alive.  Through seminars and conferences, ASYV trains educators and professionals to promulgate the educational curriculum of Yad Vashem in the classroom and beyond.  Its Young Leadership Associates, a dynamic group of members representing the next generation, hold programs to promote Holocaust education and awareness among their peers.  With the help of its donors, ASYV supports Yad Vashem in its sacred mission to remember the past and shape the future.
Heritage Circle
Steven Baral
Marilyn & Barry Rubenstein
Cheryl & Haim Saban
Creators Circle
Sharon & David Halpern
Sustainer Circle
Adina & Lawrence Burian
Gale & Ira Drukier
Mark Moskowitz and Family
Lee & Stuart Posnock
Stakeholders Circle
Pnina & Anatol Hiller
Katherin G. Farley and Jerry I. Speyer
Leaders Circle
Powell Family Foundation, Nancy E. Powell Division
Gail Schargel
Chelsea & Michael Shmuely
The Marion & Norman Tanzman Charitable Foundatoin
Protectors Circle
Julie & Don Becker
Connie & David Blue
Rochelle & David Hirsch
Danielle & Harry Karten
Alice & Jacob Klein
Romana & Chuck Strochlitz Primus
Jayne & Ken Uranowitz
Lois & Donald Witmondt
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