Fran and Alan Broder
Sharon and Larry Dekelbaum
Dennis and Debra Berman
Eve and David Farber
Rabbi Shmuel and Chani Feldman
Melanie and Steven Fleisher
Adina and Rabbi Elie Gayer
Adina and Daniel Gewirtz
Sara and Paul Glashofer
Laura Goldman
Devorah and Dean Grayson
Joel Gross and Dr. Mindy Shankman
Marianna and Michael Horn
Pinchus and Deborah Laufer
Marcia Kerchner
Sharon and Jay Mazel
Manette and Louis Mayberg
Naomi Baum and Saul Newman
Debra Panitch
Ginger and Roy Pinchot
Daphna and Daniel Raskas
Rikki and Abie Reifer
Judy and Stuart Rosenthal
Leo and Sharona Rozmaryn
Audrey and Neil Siegel
Eugene Siegel and Barbara Lehmann Siegel
Anne Wimpfheimer and Eddie Snyder
Sarah and William Stern
Hope and David Taragin
Elissa Stieglitz and Ari Tuchman
Orlee and Joey Turitz
Gary and Shanna Winters
Tamar and Reuven Zakheim

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