Event Sponsors
The Aviv Foundation
Manette and Louis Mayberg
Heidi and Steve Lamar
Congratulations to the honorees and especially our good friend Arlene Groner. And congratulations to Bikur Cholim for all the good work you do.
Richard & Sarah Richard & Sarah Dine
"A joyful heart is good for your health..."
Mishlei 17:22 
Thanks to Bikur Cholim
for the incredible joy
they bring to those who need it most.
  Erica and Jeremy Brown 
and Family Brown
Event Sponsor
Congratulations to the honorees,
to Audrey Siegel,
and to the wonderful volunteers
of Bikur Cholim.
Tom and Miriam Selman
Thank you to Sid Diamond, Arlene Groner, 
Marcia Kerchner, and to all of our amazing volunteers
for your selfless dedication to providing hope and healing
throughout our community.
Thank you also to our fantastic staff, Audrey Siegel,
Rabbi Elie Gayer, and Lori Snyder, for going above and beyond
always, and especially in the past year. 
Gary and Shanna Winters
Mazel Tov to all the honorees 
and the wonderful BCGW staff
for all you do to support the community!
Marcia and Robert Kerchner
Daniel and Daphna Raskas and family
David and Sharon Butler
Mazel Tov to the Honorees! 
Thank you to Audrey, Rabbi Gayer
and all of the incredible, generous volunteers
who make Bikur Cholim
a community treasure.
Alana Riss and Brett Fine
Jerry and Dina Leener
Aaron and Rona Lerner
Mazal tov to all of the honorees
Elaine & Allen Minzer
Mazal tov to wonderful BCGW honorees:
Arlene, Marcia and Sid!
Each of you has contributed more to our community
and BCGW than we could describe in the space allowed!
May you be blessed with many happy, healthy, giving years.
Special thank you to Gary Winters for his leadership
and generosity of spirit and to Rabbi Elie Gayer
and Leah Snyder for their professionalism
and boundless compassion.
Audrey and Neil Siegel
        Mazel Tov to all of the Honorees!
      Thank you for all of your efforts
in comforting others in their time of need.
Naomi & Ori Carmel
Mazel tov to the honorees and a tremendous thank you to the Bikur Cholim volunteers and staff!! Howie & Elaine Feldman
Howie & Elaine Feldman
Rhonda Lehman
Thank you to the staff and volunteers of Bikur Cholim for all that you do! A special Mazel Tov to Arlene Groner on this well-deserved honor. Naomi Baum and Saul Newman
Saul Newman Naomi Baum and
Judy & Stuart Rosenthal
Thanks to the honorees
and all the amazing work of Bikur Cholim.
All of your dedication and efforts
during these difficult times
are very greatly appreciated.
We are so fortunate to have
such an amazing organization
in our midst.
Sarah and Buddy Stern
Tamar and Reuven Zakheim
So happy to support
Bikur Cholim of Greater Washington as I bid farewell to Silver Spring and begin my new life in Israel!
Arlene Groner
Kol hakavod to the honorees. Thank you Bikur Cholim for continuing this important mitzvah during these difficult times.
Dr. Roger and Bashi Packer
Mazal Tov Sid, Arlene & Marcia!
Thanks to you and all the Bikur Cholim volunteers, the Washington Jewish community is stronger and better! With much appreciation, Lori & Ed Tolchin
Lori & Ed Tolchin
Faith Ginsburg
Rise Goldstein
Lily & Saadia Greenberg
Sammy and Rachel Groner
Ellen and Irv Haber
Rachel and Menachem Hamberger
Judi and Fred Kranz
Judy and Louis Morris
Chanoch and Rachel Kanovsky
Ellen and Larry Korb
Annette Ehrlaich Lakein
Marion and Bernie Muller
Roy and Judy Rosenbaum
Deedee Rosenfeld
Sara Silver
Phyllis & Mark Speiser
Judith Tannenbaum
David Zierler