Please join us this year as we honor our entire faculty and staff for their adaptability during this most challenging year, along with our medical advisory committee; their heroic efforts ensured that our children remained safe and their education never faltered.

Special acknowledgment to Morah Shira Miron, BMA's Teacher
of the Year, who will be accepting this honor on behalf of the teachers.
Builder Society
Jamie and Heather Hoffman
Heather & Sam Sered
Rambam Society
Denise and Adam Snow
Marilyn and Jason Tache
Stacy & Aaron Konstam
Marcy & Martin Hoffman
David and Ariella Huebner
David & Myriam Prager
Half Page
Liatt Cohen
Oobie & Brian Farbman
Morah Ryvka Feigelstock
Opher and Rachel Yunger
Carol Silverman
The Padeh Family
Quarter Page
Valerie Armao
David & Elise Askenazi
Aron and Melissa Burger
Morah Racheli Ettinger
Yudith Furman
Yael & Dovi Greenberger and Family
Shani and Eli Hagler
Judy Hoffman
Michael and Lara Hoffman
Rabbi Yehuda Jeiger
DV and Doron Kahn
Susie & Jon Kaweblum
Eli, Claire and Zackary Mamrout
Pearly & Moshe Miron
Jessica Quint
Jessica and Dov Quint
Dafne Reich
Nini and Dani Ross
Akiva & Dodi Schwab
Lauren and Jason Segelbaum
Hanna Shekhter
Stacey Shon
The Mirons
The Young Israel of Hollywood - Fort Lauderdale
Whisler Family
Aviva & Michael Wolgin
Zfat & Bean
Anat Agam
Hay Family
Juan & Yudith Furman
Jason and Lauren Segelbaum
Hillary Stein
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