We want to thank our honorees and awardees for their continued dedication to BMA.
Randi & Steve Zombek
Dorit & Ben J. Genet
Morah Devorah Berger
Teacher of the Year
Master Builder
Debra & Avi Naider
Jonathan Harris & Alternative Investment Management LLC
Randi & Steve Zombek
Debby & Daniel Aqua
Mom and Dad, Alisa and Jeffrey, Wendy and Mike, Meri and Jesse, and families
Fifth Third Bank
Goodman Jewish Family Services of Broward County
Michele & Stephen Jackman
Cheryl & Ari Pearl
Jamie & Menashe and The Frank kids
Carol & Howard Bienenfeld
Sima, Jonathan, Moses, Victoria, Gabriel & Gilda and Jack Burstein
Debbie and Dov Linzer
Aviva and Gershon Distenfeld
Jillian & Sam Genet
Helen and Sandy Genet
Gary and Sandra Bloom GGB Engineering Inc.
Young Israel of Hollywood-Ft. Lauderdale
Daniel and Florence Kaweblum
Miriam Ungar
Daniel & Hedy Whitebook and Family
Grandparent Giving Circle
Marcy & Martin Hoffman
Mrs. Deirdre Stein
David & Esther Cohen
Crissy and Mark Kogan
Ronit and Joel Kornbluth and Family
Esther & Shmuel Rogatinsky
Carrie and David Schulman
Zippy & David Zinger
Ellen and Jay Adler
Lisa & Phil Baratz and Family
Sari & David Dombroff
Jessica & Larry Genet
Marc and Vivian Hammerman
David and Susana Kenigsberg
Andrea & Josh Leibowitz
Families Nadel & Tuchinsky
Polaris Pharmacy Services
Sari & Michael Resnick
Steven and Judy Schultz
Vistage Florida
Zombek Orthodontics
Sicklick & Sterman Families
Avivit & Dror Ben-Aharon and Anat Goldstein
Judy & Avi Baitner
Jana and Moshe Banin
Aliza Septimus & Alan Berger
Jennifer & Jason Eichenholz
Jamie and Heather Hoffman
Amy & David Lasko
Joshua and Tammie Purow
Denise and Adam Snow
Rabbi Yosef and Rebecca Weinstock
Full Page
Leah & Yosef Amar
Dr. Jessica Baitner
Jess and Tsachi Baitner
Lauren and Joel Berley
Biscayne Atlantic
BMA First Grade
Karen & Glenn Cohn
Consortium of Jewish Day Schools
Jarred and Stephanie Elmar
Peretz & Faska Families
Oobie & Brian Farbman
Aryeh, Raquel, Evie, Romi, Elie, Dani & Itai Genet
Moshe & Abbie Greenberg
Shani and Eli Hagler
Hollywood Oral Surgery
Katz Yeshiva
Joan and David Kornbluth
Rachelle & Noah Lewinger
Stacey, Philippe, Andy & Olivia Lieberman
Kleen1 LLC
Michelle and Aaron Moses
Marvin and Jeanette, Richard and Ilana, Faith and Jerry, Wayne and Hope Peretz
David & Myriam Prager
Jaime, Jonathan & Charlie Reich
Robin and Kathi Resnick
Risa Schiff - Riemer Insurance Group
Nancy and Stan Rosenfeld
Nini & Dani Ross
Ilanit & Stuart Samuels
Amber and Joey Schwarz
Heather & Sam Sered
SouthState Bank
Jeni, Moises and Abby Tache
The Tache Family
Teach Florida
Howard Chusid The Helping Place, LLC
Zinger Girls & Families
Nancy & Harold Zombek
Half Page
Cantor Uri and Judy Aqua
Elise and David Askenazi
Liz and Joel Brauser
Jackie and Michael Estreicher
Kellerman and Wiener Families
Suchie and Raisy Gittler
Beth & Lewis Gray
Mary Haskins
Haverland Ag Innovations Inc
Nahva and Isaac Maman
Ronit and Yoni Platt
Avigail & Aryeh Posner
Rachel and Andrew Bronfeld
Keren and Yosef Segal
Vanessa and Ben Shamah
Tsilila and Michael Goldberg, Ilana and Raffi Rosenzweig, and Daniella and Yoni Sperber
Lee and Liora Weinberg
Quarter Page
Georgie, Josh, Trudy, Oliver and Claire Lookstein
Anna and Ben Bernstein
Ilya and Diana Chern
Lauren and Ephraim Davis & Family
Lynn DEI FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT & DESIGN lmargaris@deikitchen.com. Your one stop shop for your foodservice equipment needs.
Shulamis Durden
Dan Federmann
Family Finkelstein
Furman, Segelbaum and Shekhter Families
Michael and Lara Hoffman
Farrah & Yossi Izsak
Yehuda Jeiger
Michelle Kampeas
Michelle Kampeas
Steve Kerzer
Ronit & Joel Kornbluth
Harvey and Debbie Lichtman
Maimonides Hebrew Day School of Albany, NY
Matthew B. Wealcatch, P.A.
Shira Miron
Yafit Mizrahi-Bacher
Susan Munter
Jessica & Dov Quint
Aviel Raab
Devorah Rakitin and Family
Carol and Marc and Paola and Noah Rosenblatt
Sonia Schwartz
Segelbaum, Shekhter and Furman
Yael Sinai Haramati
The 3rd Grade Team
The Schenker Family
Ilana and Aaron Wallenstein
Tobi & Mark Weiss
Rachel and Akiva Wolk
Business Card
Chokron Family
First Horizon Bank
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