Thank you to Congregation Anshei Israel
Jane Kivel/LJ Kivel Holdings, LLC
Nichole exemplifies the role of the Sh'lichah Tzibbur as described in the High Holy Days' Hineni prayer; she is "someone who is 'ragil', worthy, of good repute, whose voice is sweet and whose nature is pleasing to all."
Vicki and Phillip Pepper
Mazal Tov to Nichole Chorny for leading our t'fillot with beauty, understanding and spirit. We look forward to many more years of meaningful prayer and song.
Richard and Joan Green

Marianne Langer
Congratulations on 10 years Nichole! We appreciate you, and the joyous spirit you share with us!
The Grusin Family

The Spitzer Family applauds Nichole Chorny's 10 years for at least another 10 years.
The Spitzer Family
Congratulations to Nichole Chorny for 10 Years as our Cantorial Soloist
Bertie & Jack Levkowitz Donor Advised Fund

Mazal Tov to Nichole Chorny for 10 Years of Song
Madeline and Barry Friedman

Mazal tov, Nichole! We are so proud of your awesome contributions to the Tucson Jewish community. We love you!
Shira, Justin and Romi Hellman
Mazel Tov on your 1st 10 years.
חזק חזק ונתחזק
Chazak, chazak v'nitchazek
Rosie & Paul Kahn

Congratulations to Nichole Chorny for 10 Years as our Cantorial Soloist
Marta and Steven Ketchel

You have enriched our lives and our community. We feel so proud that the voice that is heard by the angels is yours. May you continue to honor G-d with your voice for many, many years to come!
Stephanie & Spencer Roberts
Yasher koach on completing your first of many decades at CAI.
Robyn & Ed Schwager

Nichole, Mazal Tov on your ten years of dedication and inspirational services! Todah Rabah.
Holly & Steve Shenitzer

Mazel Tov Nichole!
Silverman Family
Mazal tov Nichole! We are so lucky to know you and have your beautiful presence as Cantorial Soloist.
The Black Family

Mazal Tov to Nichole Chorny for 10 Years of Song
Ole and Teri Thienhaus

Sarah and Jeff Artzi
Sharon & Mo Barkan
Jon Ben-Asher
Phil & Dani Bregman
Ammos Chorny & Family
Debra Lytle & Family
L. Elliott Farber
Marcy, Scott & Eliza Friedman
Margo and Ron Gray
Fay Green
Rachel and Jonathan Green
Alayne and Bruce Greenberg
Shawn and Aaron Hellman
Fred & Mindy Hirsh
Jack Pinnas & Susan Wortman
Michael Ray and Shoshana Jacobson
Donald & Eleanor Jeck
Tracy and David Jeck
Marcelle & Leonard Joffe
Dan and Lisa Jurkowitz
Guy, Danielle, Jax and Miles Larcom
Rabbi Sara, Lev, Doron, Eitan & Dina Metz
Tom & Caren Newman
Larry and Adrienne O'Hare
Betejoy Oleisky
Nancy and Tidhar Ozeri
Joy and Hayden Peskin-Owens
Scott and Kala Phelps
Jane Poliakoff
Michael and Eileen Riley
Sandy & Jim Rothschild
Donna Saffioti
Leonard & Sarah Schultz
Janet and Steve Seltzer
Evelyn Sigafus
Steve and Shelley Singer
The Douglas Family
Tolby Family
Tucson JCC
Jim Whitehill
David Wien
Bruno, Max, Nadia & Brett Zanger
Todah Rabah to all those who made additional contributions:
Jon Ben-Asher
Ed Berger
Betsy & Michael Boxer
The Douglas Family
L. Elliott Farber
Hedy Feuer
Rina Liebeskind
Linda Silverman
Marilyn Einstein & Steve Sim
Bri & Josh Tennenbaum
Todah Rabah to our committee members and volunteers
who so generously devoted time, energy, and an abundance
of love to this Shabbaton honoring Nichole Chorny.
Sarah Artzi
Joel Black
Sara Borin
Hedy Feuer
Marcy Friedman
Ron Gray
Todah Rabah to our committee members and volunteers 
Rachel Green
Jonathan Green
Shawn Hellman
Shelley Heyman
Lois Jacowsky
David Jeck
Dan Jurkowitz
Lisa Jurkowitz
Todah Rabah to our committee members and volunteers 
Rosie Kahn
Danielle Larcom
Nancy Ozeri
Joy Peskin
Kala Phelps
Robin Pozez
Stephanie Roberts
Robyn Schwager
Evelyn Sigafus
Linda Silverman
Todah Rabah to our staff who worked tirelessly on this event!
Nancy Auslander
Lanette Garnett
Marty Johnston
Debra Lytle
Rabbi Sara Metz
Kim Miller
Amber Page
Enrique Rivas
Patricia Rivas
Allison Wetzel
Lupe Zambrano
Ramon Zambrano