"Community is the human expession of Divine love.
It is where I am valued simply for who I am,
how I live and what I give to others.
It is the place where they know my name."
Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Gratitude and love to each and every member
of our special community.
Our care and support of one another have
sustained and strengthened us and
we know, now more than ever, that we are not alone.
L'Chaim, Emily & Richard Cohen
Thank you Rabbi Goldsmith and
the entire CEW community for
keeping us engaged and
connected to our special congregation.
With warm regards,
Hope & John Furth
In honor of Rabbi Goldsmith's 10th year anniversary. 

Our congregation is so beyond lucky
to have had your leadership during this decade.

Sheryl & Chip Kaye
Happy to Celebrate our
Blessings and Optimism with
Congregation Emanu-El of Westchester!
Joelle, Jonathan, Jacob & Eli Resnick
"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings
peace for today, and creates a vision for
With gratitude for
Rabbi Goldsmith, Cantor Stone
and all the staff at CEW.
Kim & Richard Rosenbaum
Thank you to our hardworking
and creative clergy and staff.
Pamela & Martin Winter
So wonderful to be a member
of this Congregation!
Lilian Sicular
In honor of Rabbi Goldsmith's Tenth
Anniversary as Rabbi of our congregation.
He has enriched us with his being and brought
Silver Linings into our lives.
Dana & Bruce Freyer
With gratitude to our CEW
Community for sustaining us.
Christine & Lawrence Griff
With deep appreciation and gratitude
to all the clergy and staff of
Congregation Emanu-El of Westchester
and with special joy in honoring the tenth anniversary of
Rabbi Goldsmith's inspiring leadership of the
congregation, we say Thank You.
Joan & Steve Kass and Family
Congratulations to the CEW
Community and its Leadership
for their Energy, Commitment
and Admirable Accomplishments
Margery & Edgar Masinter
Congregation Emanu-El has provided me
with too many silver linings to count.
Most importantly, many of the friends I have made
through the temple I now count among my closest
- you know who you are!
I am enormously grateful for our Rabbi's leadership and friendship, without which I could not have navigated the stormy seas of this past year.
Thank you, Howard.
With love and gratitude,
Bonnie Shyer
With gratitude to our CEW
Community for sustaining us.
James & Jane Stern
Judy Tenney
Our heartfelt gratitude for the
extraordinary, caring clergy and staff
at Congregation Emanu-El.
You make ALL the difference!!!

Wendy Rowden & John Carton
We give enormous thanks
to the entire CEW community
for its resilience, strength, and support.
You are a true "Silver Lining".
The Fogel Family
Our appreciation, love, and
support to the entire
Emanu-El family
David Fried & Kathy Marks
Thank you to all of our Shabbat service
"regulars" for showing up and creating the
warm, caring community that has enabled us to
support one another throughout this
challenging year.
May we continue to go from strength
to strength!
Cantor Meredith Stone
Our hearts overflow with gratitude, love and
deep appreciation for our CEW family.
Thank you for all the ways you have
supported and sustained us this year and in years past.
Maj, Sarah & Noah Wickstrom-Birnbaum
With gratitude to our CEW
Community for sustaining us.
Rob & Melissa Gaynor
With gratitude to our CEW
Community for sustaining us.
Jaime, Brian, Sydney & Layla Morris
Thank you to our hardworking
and creative clergy and staff.
Janelle & Greg Berger
Cemar Landscaping
Proudly Supports
Congregation Emanu-El of Westchester
"Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself" - Leviticus 19:18
May this sentiment be a constant reminder of Rabbi Goldsmith,
who has brought the meaning and love of Judaism
to our congregational family.
May we together go from strength to strength.
Rabbinic Search Committee
Bruce Freyer and Michael Granoff, Co-Chairs
Susan Amkraut, Daniel Chestler, Emily Cohen,
Michael Dubin, Richard Hecht, Sheryl Kaye, Jim Kornreich,
Edgar Masinter, Amy Schulhof, Lynne Wolitzer
"Next Year in Temple"
Joan & Barrie Damson
With gratitude to our CEW
Community for sustaining us.
Kyra Darnton & David Grann
In honor of
Kathryn & Aaron Goldstein
With Love,
Brianne & Sanford Goldstein
Thanks to all the clergy and
staff for keeping our
community in touch with them
and each other.
Richard & Susan Hecht
What a privilege to honor Rabbi Goldsmith on
his 10th anniversary.
We are grateful for your compassionate and
wise leadership and the affection you have
shown to all of us.
With love from,
The Epstein & Tropp Families
Thank you to all of the
clergy and staff at
Congregation Emanu-El for your
support, programs and caring
during this difficult year.
Marcie Aiuvalasit
Sharing our love and thanks for all the
Silver Linings you have shown us this year, 
the Board of Trustees
salutes and celebrates
our special and caring community.
Your ongoing participation and generous
support will ensure our bright and robust future.
The Silver Lining for us (living in the Berkshires)
is that we have been able to join
Services and programs this past year!
With massive appreciation to the
Congregation Emanu-El of Westchester clergy and staff,
Bill & Hinda Bodinger
To the Silver Linings Benefit Committee,

You are our Silver Lining for the tremendous
effort put forth for this incredible event.
Adam Blinderman,
Chair, Spring Benefit Committee
To the Social Action Committee-
Your efforts on behalf of our Westchester neighbors in need
were certainly a silver lining during this most difficult time.
You can always be counted on to lend a hand,
and give help and support to others.
Thank you for embodying what makes Congregation Emanu-El
so special, our collective commitment to Tikkun Olam.
I am privileged to volunteer alongside all of you!
Hedy Cardozo, Chair, Social Action Committee
Tikkun Olam, repairing our world, inspires our
Social Justice Committee to advocate for laws
and policies that will make our nation, state
and community a better place for all to live.
We celebrate our temple community - our
congregants, staff and clergy and thank you
for your support.
Marcie Aiuvalasit and Hedy Cardozo,
Co-Chairs, Social Justice Committee
Thank you to the Reopening Committee for
their teamwork and individual contributions as
we deliver on our commitment to our CEW
community and keep our eyes on the prize.
Mark Lerner, Chair, Reopening Committee
The Ritual Committee salutes our exceptional clergy,
Rabbi Howard Goldsmith and Cantor Meredith Stone.
It is a privilege to work side by side with you,
ensuring spiritual creativity, worship innovation
and congregational growth.
With grateful thanks,
Susan Amkraut, Chair, Ritual Committee
Thank you so much to the wonderful members of
the Caring Community for providing
comfort and support to our congregants
in times of need, stress, joy or sorrow.
We strive to continue and expand on
our mission in the future.
Michelle Schwartz, Chair,
Caring Community
Thank you to our
Religious School families
for their flexibility and resolve
during this hybrid year.
Tal Drori
Religious School Administrator
and Rental Coordinator
Chazak, Chazak V'nitchazek
Be strong, be strong, and let us continue to strengthen one another.
This past year has been different, challenging, inspiring, and comforting.
I want to thank Rabbi Howard Goldsmith for his dedicated commitment and guidance.
President Emily Cohen and the board of CEW for their amazing leadership.
I thank the entire staff for the ability to pivot and work so well together.
But most of all, I want to thank YOU. Our CEW community is a blessing.
Peace & Love,
Jane Dubro, Youth Activities and Program Director
Thank you, Rabbi Goldsmith, for seeing us through
these unprecedented times with your
wisdom, thoughtfulness and pioneering spirit.
You have been a Silver Lining during this challenging year.
Special thanks to Emily Cohen for leading the way as
President of Congregation Emanu-El of Westchester.
Your tireless support is greatly appreciated. 
You elevate us all with your grace, insight and hands-on guidance.
Denise Eisler, Senior Accountant
"A little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness."
- Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi
I am beyond grateful for this community
that has kindled the light, helping me
to find my way through my first year at CEW.
To many more years of bringing light into this world!
Naomi Fabes, Director of Education
We're looking forward to next
year when we can gather
together to celebrate.
Terry & Herb Feldman
Thank you for keeping our community strong
and connected over the past year.
It made a difference!
With Gratitude, 
Alison Lazarus & Cliff Gevirtz
We are all strong at
Congrats to all,
Sondra Grundman
"Behold, how good and how
pleasant it is for brethren to
dwell together in unity"
- Psalms 133
Abbie Levitt, Temple Administrator
"Don't walk behind me; I may not lead.
Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow.
Just walk beside me and be my friend."
-Albert Camus
Next Step
SO proud to be a part of the CEW community.
Not only did we make it through this pandemic,
Dan O'Connor, Administrative Assistant
Grateful thanks to our clergy, staff and
the entire CEW congregation for being
a shining example of what a "family" truly means
during this challenging time.
Steve Shapiro, Susan Amkraut,
Melissa & Tony Shapiro-Bey
In honor of the special people who were my Silver Lining
during this past challenging year...
My wonderful "walking buddies": Peggy LoCastro and Bonnie Shyer
who kept me sane, chuckling and in good mental and physical shape!
My Canasta Junction and Mah Jong friends:
Jill Baker, Laura Bieber, Meredith Canter, Laurie Gersten,
Jeanne Golden, Peggy LoCastro, Sherry Salzman, 
Bonnie Shyer, Nancy Solomon and Amy Tanenbaum, who reminded me of
the importance of sharing the burden and having the support of friends
My children, Rachel & Jason, who reminded me love is just as strong "socially distant"
And most importantly, for the never-ending support of my husband Sam, who
makes all of the hours, quarantined together or otherwise, my greatest "Silver Lining"!
Jill & Sam Sheppard
We Love Our CEW Family!
Lois Falberg & Brian Sinder
I have been working at CEW for many years.
I am truly grateful to be part of
this community.
Thanks for your support,
Oscar Velasquez, Facilities Staff
Thank you to the CEW
community for welcoming me
with open arms and making me
feel part of the family.
Jamie Villarie 
Director of Technology, Facilities and Events
A million thanks to Arlene Cole,
my Hebrew teacher extraordinaire.
Your patience, dedication and words of encouragement
this past year have forever enriched my personal Jewish
experience by enabling me to participate in Jewish life
more fully and with greater understanding.
Because of our time together, I have a new, beloved friend,
and a stronger connection to our tradition and liturgy.
Thank you for these priceless gifts.
Maj Wickstrom
Gruppuso Plumbing Corp.
Jim & Meredith Kornreich
The LoCastro Family
The Meryll Studio
Laura & Maddy Newman
MJ & Richard Wolff