Shirley Singer a''h
Lifetime Achievement Award - Accepted by her children Suri Katz, Tzivia Singer, Pessi Reimer
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Shirley Singer a”h was the beloved wife of Jack Singer a"h, mother to Suri & Howard Katz, Pessi & Asher Reimer, and Tzivia & Eli Singer a’’h and was a proud grandmother and great-grandmother.
Shirley was born on the Lower Eastside and lived in Brownsville for many years. Shirley and Jack moved to Crown Heights, and then settled in Flatbush in 1968, where she remained until she passed.
Shirley's passion for Israel and Zionism started in 1944. Shirley applied for membership to Hapoel Mizrachi and was required to appear before a committee to present the reasons why she wanted to be part of the organization. Despite being rejected for being too young, she returned a year later at the age of 16 determined to become a member. In 1945, she was granted membership and of course, the rest is history.
Shirley was a member of the Crown Heights Emunah Rachel Bergmann Chapter and then became involved with the Sarah Herzog Chapter in Brooklyn. Shirley was very active in the Sarah Herzog Chapter; she organized events and raised thousands of necessary funds for Emunah projects in Israel. Shirley held the position of Emunah Executive Director, Executive Vice President, and in her latter years was Senior Director of Philanthropy. Shirley worked tirelessly, together with the board and donors, on every campaign and project at Emunah. 
Shirley never forgot anyone and kept in touch with everyone she met. She was interested in their lives, was an excellent listener, and everyone she worked with became her friend. Shirley was quiet and unassuming, yet she was determined and never gave up. Shirley was generous with her time, a leader, and a stellar fundraiser. Her husband, Jack, supported all her efforts on behalf of Klal Yisroel. Shirley's commitment to breaking the cycle of poverty and distress through education and therapy inspired many others to follow suit.
Despite suffering from complications of Covid-19, she still continued to advocate for Emunah during her last conversations. Emunah was Shirley’s  passion and her life's work. Shirley’s legacy of chesed continues to help transform every aspect of the lives of Emunah’s children and families and her impact on board members, donors, colleagues, and her cherished family will be felt for many years to come. She is dearly missed by all who knew and loved her. 

In memory of Shirley Singer a"h
Judy & Ari Shulman
In memory of Shirley Singer, a special, dedicated woman and a true aishet chayil
Phyllis Horowitz
Michael and Jeanette Golub
Hanna Zehnwirth
Gladys Mond
Miryam Fuld
Rhoda Turk
Judy Becker
Anna Herman
Michael Wittert
Sally and Joachim Wimmer
Carol Gertel
Esther and Harold Wolf
Betty Daniel
Norma Schwartz
Marilyn Migdal
Rachayle Deutsch
Harvey Herbert
Shirley Babish
Sandra Flamenbaum
Toni and Reuven Nayowitz
Mazel Tov to the honorees, and Hakarot ha Tov to the staff who are so dedicated to this worthy organization.
Judy & Marty Grumet
Kol hakavod to our good friends Liz and Josh for their continual
devotion to the children of Emunah.
Judy & Marty Grumet
Phyllis Reich Phyllis Reich
Tami & Moshe Goldman
May the life long passion of Shirley, a”h bring her neshama much nachat. It was an honor to have known Shirley, and an honor to be friends with her children.
Jan Fenster
Mazal Lederman
Adele Katzenelenbogen
Elaine and Scott Liebman
In memory of Shirley and Jack Singer a"h
Longtime family friends from the original Emunah Crown Heights chapter
Elaine Cohen and Scott Liebman
Paul and Esther Bernheim
Devorah Blank
Jeff and Randee Handler
Shirley was a true leader, always stepped forward to get things started. We are truly blessed to have shared many simcha’s
Rabbi Shlomo & Karen Hochberg
In honor of and in cherished memory of our beloved lifelong family friend
Shirley Singer, a"h
who inspired us and all with her love of Israel,
and especially of Israel's children
with great admiration, love and respect
Rabbi Shlomo and Karen Hochberg
Esther and Mitchell Kaplan
Esther and Mitchell Kaplan fondly remember
Shirley Singer A”H.
She was a visionary, a leader, a macher and a dear friend who will be sorely missed.
We hope to continue her legacy supporting Emunah and Israel’s children.
We also are in awe of our children and grandchildren and all they have and continue to accomplish.
May we all go from chayil to chayil, supporting one another and all of klal Yisroel.

Bobbie and Heshy Brooks
In memory of Shirley Singer, a woman of tremendous compassion, drive and action
Rena & Alan Schnall
In memory of Shirly Singer a"h, in recognition of her countless years of dedicated service to the children and families of Emunah and to lives of so many whom she touched and improved
Betty and Steven Nissenfeld
In memory of a great woman who worked so hard on behalf of the children and Israel
Doris Adest
Raphael and Pessy Butler
We applaud the efforts of Shifra and Dani as they continue the family legacy of care and concern for acheinu bnei yisrael.

We remember Shirley Singer, the consummate professional and dear friend, who devoted her life to Emunah
Anonymous Anonymous
Gloria Katz
In memory of Shirley Singer a"h

יהי זכרה ברוך
Rubin and Cecelia Margules
There will never be another Shirley Singer a"h
Her extraordinary leadership, effortless way of connecting with people, and her kind, compassionate heart led Emunah to the pinnacle. Her drive and lifetime accomplishments are an example to be emulated. We miss her beyond words.
Judy and Victor Fried
Chanie and Alan Greif
Suzanne & Robert Segal
Kol Hakavod To All The Honorees and To All The People Of EMUNAH
Molly and Moshe Berkowitz
Ruth Stillman
Gloria Greenman
Naomi & Louis Tuchman
Blanche Lerer
Many years have passed by, but the memories of your early days to commitment to Emunah will never fade away.
Deborah & Alan Berger
Sandra Davis
In memory of Shirley Singer.
Her devotion to Emunah inspired all who knew her.
Joclyn & David Stern
In memory & in honor of a fabulous woman!! Shirley Singer was a wise leader & role model. Her strong but gentle manner touched many people in different ways. I miss her cheery voice whether we were speaking about Emunah or Young Israel of Midwood or family matters. I think of Shirley often & I am proud to to have had her as a friend & colleague. She accomplished so much for Eretz Yisroel & Klal Yisroel with her beloved husband Jack at her side. Shirley's memory will live on forever in my heart.
Eitan and Libi Avital
Sarah Herzog/thelma Robinson Chapter
In memory of Shirley Singer a”h one of the founding members of the America Emunah Organization
Her successful and tireless efforts to raise money to benefit Israeli families in need of assistance is well known She truly personified the ideas of Torah and Mitzvot.
Bina Janet Zukerman
In memory and honor of my wonderful mentor, neighbor and friend Shirley Singer who showed me what EMUNAH truly means.
Sandy and Alex Solomon
Mindy and Henry Orlinsky
Mazel Tov to all the worthy Honorees ;In memory of Shirley Singer a’h’ and
In recognition of all the hard work and efforts made by the Emunah staff especially our dear friend Ronnie Faber - May Hashem grant her much strength to keep up all her fabulous endeavors
Estelle & Leo Wiener
In memory of Shirley Singer whose selfless devotion to the children of Emunah touched many lives. May her memory be a blessing.
Evie & Alden Leifer
Singer Family
In memory of our beloved Auntie Shirley who devoted her entire life to Emunah Women
Eli and Renee Singer
Yechiel and Miriam Kaufman
Shemon and Chani Singer Benny and Baila Werczberger Leebee Avital
Toby and Larry Feder
Shirley Singer Evelyn Goldstein & Family

Evelyn Goldstein & Family
Esther and Paul Lerer
Mazel tov to all our wonderful Honorees and to our delightful & inspirational changemaker kids! Each of you together with the extraordinary Shirley Singer, Z"L, who remains in our heart, has made a difference in the lives of our Children in Israel.
Congrats to our dinner chairs, my sister Careena, and dear friends, Liz & Johanna, and to our extraordinary leadership headed by President Debbie & CEO Laurie. May we all go from strength to strength to make all of these children's dreams come true!
Esther & Paul Lerer
Phyllis & Stanley Tanzer
In loving memory of

Shirley Singer a”h

whose warmth and dedication to our children in Israel is sorely missed
Margie & Larry Nussbaum
In memory of Shirley Singer whose dedication to Emunah made a difference in the lives of countless children
Chavie Locker
Susan & Uri Weinstock
In Memory of My Dear Friend and Mentor
Shirley Singer a”h
I will miss her kindness, wisdom and gentle manner.
Her dedication to EMUNAH was truly inspiring and encouraged us to always aim higher.
May EMUNAH’s children, whom she loved so much, be her legacy!

With much love
Susan Weinstock
Shifra & Dani Bendheim
We are humbled to be recognized along with such esteemed honorees, Rabbi Mitchell Hurvitz and Shirley Singer A”H, by such a remarkable organization. Thank you to Emunah for the incredible work you do on behalf of those in need in Israel.
Kol Hakavod to all the Changemakers being honored- including Avigayil Berkowitz and Abby Chesner- you are an inspiration to us all.
Shifra and Dani Bendheim
Aliza Chapter
The Aliza chapter of the Lower East side is alive and well- it was Shirley who made the difference and encouraged our members to have many different functions to raise money for Emunah. She is missed by all!!!!
Naomi Sinnreich Max & Sunny Howard Memorial Foundation
I remember Shirley Singer a"h fondly.
She was a dear friend to my aunt and uncle Max and Sunny. Together, they made a lasting difference to the children and families in Israel.
Brooklyn Region
In Memory of

Shirley was Brooklyn Region’s role model and our source of inspiration. We always went to her for guidance, advice and support. Still today, when faced with a dilemma, we say to each other “What would Shirley do?”

Her passing was a great loss to us all in Brooklyn Region of EMUNAH.

She is sorely missed and will never be forgotten.

Arlene Fox, Doris Hirsch, Harriet Saperstein, Susan Weinstock
Brooklyn Region Vice Presidents
Dr. Paul & Harriet Saperstein
In Memory of Our Dear Friend
who was an inspiration to us all.
As a friend and mentor, Shirley enriched the lives of so many. Her wisdom, kindness and gentle manner was truly exceptional.
Shirley’s dedication to EMUNAH and her love for EMUNAH’s children is unparalleled.
We sorely miss her and will always cherish her memory.
Dr. Paul and Harriet Saperstein
Doris Hirsch
Marcia Genuth
In memory of a devoted friend and pillar of Emunah of America.

Through her lifelong devotion and commitment to Emunah’s children in Israel, Shirley, ע"ה, was truly a master “changemaker”.

In memory of

Tamar Mazel Tratner

Tamar was a role model for all to emulate for her lifelong love and efforts on behalf of Am Yisroel and Eretz Yisroel.

Marcia Genuth
Anita Adler
Fran & Phil Friedman
We remember our dear relatives Jennie and Howard Hall, A"H, who worked tirelessly and contributed generously to the many projects of Emunah. We also remember their dear friend, and ours, Shirley Singer, A"H, who in so many ways was Emunah, and her dear husband Jack, A'H, with whom Shirley worked side by side for Emunah and so many other of our institutions. May their memories be a source of encouragement to all of us.

Fran and Phil Friedman
Chani and Simon Lichtiger
In loving memory of Shirley Singer a"h who dedicated her heart and soul to Emunah throughout her lifetime.
With much admiration,
Chani and Simon Lichtiger
Paula & Ira Spodek
In memory of Shirley Singer a”h whose vision, creativity and selfless dedication to Emunah is sorely missed.
Paula and Ira Spodek
Arlene Fox
Howard Weiss
Eleanor Bukowsky
Shirley Singer was a ba'alat chesed and a force of nature who exemplified the values of Emunah of America. Her love for Eretz Yisroel and compassion and support for Jews in need were evident in all that she did. For decades, Shirley's leadership propelled our organization to greater and greater heights. With Hashem's help, Shirley's good works will live on for many years to come. We will miss this unique and dedicated אשת חיל.

Eleanor and Ted Bukowsky
Betty Ehrenberg
Following the shining example of Shirley Singer a"h, may Emunah go from strength to strength!
Sondra & Martin Fisch
Rose Schoffman
In loving memory of Shirley Singer, a"h, a woman who was truly synonymous with Emunah. It was a real honor and privilege to know her and work with her. She is sorely missed.

Rose and Michael Schoffman
Frieda & Michael Harris & Amber & Jonathan Harris
The Singer Family
Florence Fleschner
Lynn & Joel Mael
Marla Turk
Carol & Harold Finkel
Deborah Heszkel
Phyllis & Mel Zachter
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