So proud of you Dalia! You're already such a role model to your family. Keep doing the amazing work you do!
In honor of the amazing Dalia Horowitz!
Talia Waitman
Meri Weber
Beth and Mark Goldman
We raise our glasses in memory of ALANA KARP a"h whose vibrant and vivacious personality brought much life and laughter to EMUNAH. We truly miss her.
Doris Hirsch, Harriet Saperstein, Susan Weinstock
Vice Presidents
Brooklyn Region EMUNAH of America
Debbie and Saul Bienenfeld
In honor of Alana Karp a"h
The Best Tzadekes Ever
Bari and Daniel Erber
Mazal tov Ilana Wallenstein -your love, care and
warmth and dedication to chesed is inspiring!

In memory of our dear friend Alana Karp a"h whose
work for Emunah has been perpetuated through her
devotion and humor.
Michelle and Joel Orgel
Mazal tov Yonina on this well deserved honor. You are truly a Woman of Wonder and inspire me (and many others) daily with your warmth, energy, strength and grace. I'm lucky to count you amongst my close friends and "framily".
You embody the values of Emunah and we are so grateful for all you do for our community, and the Jewish community at large.
Tizku Lmitzvot!!!
Lisa Schechter
Gail Ellen Schupak
Congratulations to all the honorees and
in memory of Alana Karp a"h
Rena and Elliot Steigman
To my wonderful wife Ilana,
Mazal Tov on this well deserved honor! May you continue to be an example for all on your dedication and commitment to worthy causes.
May Alana continue to be an inspiration and her neshama should have an Aliyah through your work for Emunah.
With love, Aaron
Mazal tov to all the honorees - Your commitment to Emunah and Jewish community serve as an example and inspiration to us all!
Talia and Sol Goldwyn
In memory of Alana Karp a"h
who is dearly missed
And in honor of all the staff, board members, and awardees for all the hard work you do for the Emunah children
Sora and Eli Grunstein
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!! May you continue to go from success to success in all of your endeavors. In memory of Alana Karp. In honor of our Woman of Wonder, wife, mom and so much more - Yonina Haber.
We are so incredibly proud of you. You are truly a daily inspiration and a living example to pursue your dreams, make them a reality and share loving kindness with everyone you encounter.
We love you! Greg, Sammy, Ben and Kelly
Aliza Karkowsky
Melodie Scharf
In honor of Sora and the amazing Women of Wonder. Yashar Koach on your amazing efforts on behalf of the children of Emunah!
Sari and Yaakov Sheinfeld
Mazel Tov & Best Wishes to all the Honorees.
Your values and leadership are a source of inspiration to us all.
Alana z"l would be so proud.
Sandy Solomon
Mazal Tov to Ilana Wallenstein, Yonina Haber and all the wonderful honorees. The WOW event is a testimony to Alana's dedication to Emunah. She made a lasting impact and will forever be missed.
Suri and Marc Helwani
Mazal Tov to Sora Grunstein, Yonina Haber and all of the inspirational honorees.
Thank you for all that you do for this incredible cause.
Leah Almo
Mazal Tov to all of the accomplished women, you are all inspirations! A special shoutout to our amazing friend, Sora Grunstein!
Rhonda and Jeff Avner Avner
Leslie Dezer Salmon
Dina Ohebshalom
In memory of the woman of wonder, Alana Karp.
We miss you and your memory
should continue to be a blessing.
Stacie and Shaan Elbaum
In honor of my super hero niece, Sora Grunstein. She is truly a Wonder Woman. She is beautiful inside and out. She is strong and extremely capable in all of her endeavors. She is kind and empathetic. Her wisdom goes beyond her natural intelligence. And most importantly we love her.
Goldie Ellman
Linda Frank
In honor of our wonderful sister Sora, who has the remarkable ability to find more time than hours in the day to enrich the lives of all those who enter her ever-expanding orbit. May her limitless energy, positive spirit, and selflessness continue. An honor well-deserved.
Adeena and Daniel Gelbtuch
Laya and Menachem Gelbtuch
Tzivya and Moshe Gelbtuch
Mazal Tov Sora on this well deserved honor for your continuous concern and gift of time to Emunah and all that they provide. You are wonderful and always give of yourself to your parents, siblings, family, friends, and community.
Ben and Dasha Gelbtuch
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
A special shout out to dear friend, Yonina, who's beauty, strength and kindness inspire me always.
Orit Gribetz
Mazal tov to our amazing honorees! We are so very proud of your accomplishments and dedication to Israel's most vulnerable citizens. In the zechut of your incredible chesed, may Hashem continue to bless you and your families .
Johanna Guttmann Herskowitz
Sora, Mazel tov on this special honor. As with everything you do your complete devotion shows no bounds. You dedicate your time and efforts to making Emunah a special organization ensuring its continued success.
Mazel tov on this honor.
Jacobs Family
Andrea Lipstein
In honor of Sora Grunstein and the incredible work she does for Emunah.
Sue and Brett Nadritch
Mazal Tov to our daughter & Woman of Wonder, Yael Oelbaum Fligelman Your strength & determination was evident from a young age,and continue to be a source of amazement and inspiration.
We love you very much and hope that you continue to have the strength to do all that you do, together with Asaf, Liana, Mikaela and Asher
Mom & Dad
Esther Feinblum
In honor of my dear friends Sora & Yonina.
A well deserved honor for these amazing women!
Nechama Saks
Mazel tov to Sora! Such a powerhouse and yet so sweet and kind. May you continue from strength to strength until 120!
Naomi Schiff
Mazal tov to all of the worthy honorees. Shlomo Hamelech wrote in Kohelet that "a generation moves on and a new generation arrives". you ladies are our future and therefore our future is bright indeed. We appreciate everything you do for Emunah, the community and on behalf of klal Yisrael. Like Alana Kark A"H, You are all "women of wonder".
Thank you, Mindy and Muttie Stein
Mazel Tov to all the honorees. Kol hakavod !
Lynn Sugarman
Mazel tov to all the WOMEN of WONDER Yael, Ilana, Yonina, Dalia and Sora I am privileged to work every day with incredible women. Yasher koach to the Chairs Talia and Beth who went above and beyond! Thank you to the Committee and Staff for all your efforts to make this evening a success!
May Alana's a''h neshama have an aliyah! xoxo
Laurie Szenicer
To our Niece and Cousin Yael
Congratulations on this wonderful honor. You make us proud.
We love you!
Carol, Joseph, Gavriella, Mia, and Sam
Mazel Tov to Yael Fligelman
From your proud aunt and uncle,
Naomi and Louis Tuchman.
Mazel tov to all the honorees
In honor of Yonina Haber who is truly an
inspiration to all women.
Cheryl Borenstein
Michael Chill
Dear Yonina, We are so proud of you on all of your incredible accomplishments! Your amazing amazing friend and person.
We love you !!!!
Aimee and The Ciment Clan
Naomi and Aryeh Davis
Ronnie Faber
In honor of Sora Grunstein.
Rochel and Alan Feld Feld Family
Mazal tov to Sora Grunstein! You have always been an inspiration to me. May you continue to impact Emunah and all the other Jewish causes that you support in such a profound way. Wish I could be there to celebrate you in person, but will be sending you love from afar.
Love, Ruchie
In memory of our dear cousins Jennie and Howard Hall for their tireless efforts, dedication and devotion to Emunah.
Fran and Phil Friedman
In memory of Alana Karp a"h
Always in our thoughts and sorely missed.
And in honor of all Women Of Wonder 2022.
Yasher koach
Elizabeth Gindea
Anne Gontownik
Lilly and Ezra Gontownik
So proud of all the amazing work you do for the kids and organization.
I couldn't be more proud.
Corey Horowitz
In memory of Alana Karp, a good friend to so many and someone that we will always remember and cherish.
Solomon Kapelyus
In memory of our beloved FABULOUS daughter
Always in our hearts
Judy & Ronnie Karp
Marjorie and Steven Kellner
Mazel Tov to all the wonderful honorees
Heddy Klein
Mazel Tov Sora on this well deserved Honor.
How you balance you time and commitments to many amazing causes, is truly an inspiration.
Shari Markovitz
Mazel Tov Ilana Wallenstein and all the honorees!! Your commitment to Emunah will inspire many!
Odit and Zach Oliner
Sora, a well deserved honor for a truly wonderful woman, friend and neighbor!
Michal and Avi Operman
Tali Pines
Carol Pinewski
To my dear friend Sora who has been wowing me since the day we met in college. From our fun nights out to carpooling our kids, may you continue to wow the world.
Lots of love, Jennifer
Karen Orenstein
Protect Your Family Medicaid Pooled Income Trust
Jared and Ayala Rechnitz
In memory of Alana, who kept everyone around her laughing and taught us all the meaning of a good friend.
In honor of Ilana Wallenstein- someone who exemplifies an eishet chayil and lives her life filled with chesed and meaning.
In honor of Yonina - who has shown us ladies what it means to have a dream and reach for it!
Ayelet Rosen
Tamar Rothenberg
Michelle Salig
We are so proud of you and love you so much!
Victoria and Jonathan Scheiner
Jessica Shusterman
In celebration of Ilana Wallenstein on this well deserved honor. You are an amazing woman. Your selfless devotion to your community and family is something I truly admire.
Alana would be so proud of you and I know she has a huge smile on her face that you have accepted this honor in her memory. Mazel Tov!
Aliza and Jared Solomon
In memory of Alana Karp z'l She WOWed us all! In appreciation to all our honorees Sora, Ilana, Yael, Yonina & Dalia
Karen Spitalnick
Beth Taksel
Sora, Mazal Tov on this amazing honor! We are so proud. Keep up all of the great work and infusing every situation with laughter, insight, generosity and Emunah. You truly are a woman of wonder.
Love, Simi, Dalia, Rachel and Aliza
Teaneck Tarts
In Honor of Ilana Wallenstein an exemplary daughter, wife, mother and daughter in law
Your family values and midot are a constant source of inspiration to all of us.
Helene and Herb Wallenstein
Honoring Yonina Haber for her hard work and dedication to making everyone in this community at large feel special.
Sara Zakheim
Sora, We are so privileged to call you and your family friends and stand in awe of all you do for your family and community! Wishing you continued chizzuk to keep being an inspiration to us all!
Rachel and Avi
Dr. Andrew Lermer
Simply Dentistry of the North Shore Comprehensive
Implant & Restorative Dentistry 516.482.0440
Myrna Zisman
Rachel Amar
Nancy and Charles Block
Suri Cohen
Yonina- There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others - and this is exactly what you do. You make the world a better place for everyone around you. May all your days be as wonderful as the lives of those you have touched. With much love and admiration!
♡ The Eichenholz's
Jen and Jason Eichenholz
Mazal Tov to our dearest Yonina on this wonderful, well deserved honor.
May you go from strength to strength.
We are so proud of you!
With all our love,
Mommy and Daddy
Michal Fruchter
Yonina, you are truly amazing!!! I am in awe of you and all you accomplished!! You really are a "WOW" woman! Ilana P.S Love listening to our dads chatting away!!
Ilana Gdanski
Robyn Gelberg
Tzippy and Ari Gellman
Amy and Daniel Gibber
Caroline and Martin Goldwyn
Eda Greenbaum
In honor of Dalia Horowitz for all of the amazing work and love she has given and continues to give to Emunah.
Daniella and Duvi Grumet
To our dear Sora, Mazel Tov on a well deserved honor for all you do for Emunah and the greater Jewish community.
Love, Mom and Dad Grunstein
In Honor of Melanie Oelbaum
Nancy Hain
Mazal Tov Ilana! Your kindness, generosity, and giving nature should always bring hatzlacha and bracha to you and your family!
We love you! Adina, Yair, Natanel, Hillel, Betzalel, Naftali and Yishai
Congratulations to all the honorees.
You are an inspiration to everyone.
Kol Hakavod
Abby Herschmann
Rachel Heumann
Mazal Tov Yael on your well deserved honor!
Miriam & Daniel Hill
Yashar koach to all of the Chairpeople of tonight's WOW event. Alana would be so proud! Mazal Tov to all of our honorees. Thank you for all you do for Emunah.
To Sora, your wisdom and guidance is so greatly appreciated!
A special shout-out to Yael for continuing the incredible family legacy of dedication to Emunah and chesed. We are thrilled to welcome you to our circle of leaders!
Fran Hirmes
To our dear friend Yonina- a woman of many talents! Mazal Tov on this well deserved honor! May you continue giving of yourself to your friends, students, clients ,community & family until 120!
Love you, Heather & Jamie
Ilana Moche
A hearty Mazal Tov to all the WOW Honorees. Your dedication is recognized and will no doubt serve as inspiration.
Yashar Koach to you!
Shaynee Kessler
Mazel Tov Yonina! We are so proud of you for all that you accomplish each and every day. You make everyone feel so good about themselves. You are a true woman of wonder who is an inspiration to us all! You truly deserve this honor. Enjoy it!
Mazel Tov Sora - another amazing woman who I am proud to know and call a friend. Your strength, intelligence and creativity is amazing!
Gila and Lola Kolb
Allen and Elisheva Konstam
In honor of Yonina- a true inspiration and an amazing friend...
Micole Koslowe
Mazal Tov to our WONDERful niece, Ilana!
We are so proud of all your hard work!
Bettina and Allen Kramer
Dalia. Mazal Tov and Yiyasher Kochacha for all of your wonderful work on behalf of children in Israel, through Emunah.
Elli and Adinah Kranzler
Leslie Kule
In honor of Sora Grunstein, who is generous, kind, smart, and caring! Emunah is lucky to have you on their team! Truly a beautiful person inside and out!
Love, Ann and Alex Lebowitz
Dear Ilana, Your work and efforts on behalf of all of our communities provide a wonderful role model for us and for our children to follow.
Mazel Tov!
Love, Susannah and Noah
Mazal Tov Ilana!
A very well deserved honor!
From, Marla & Micah
In honor of Yonina Haber and all our wonderful honorees.
And in memory of dear Alana Karp z"l, whose presence we miss, but whose heart is in everything we do. Yasher koach to Debbie Laurie Johanna and Karen and the EC for all they do!
Esther and Paul Lerer
Sarah Lerer
Elana and Duvie Levine
Margaret Levy
Dara Lieber
Sharon Lieberman
Ilana Lipman
Mazel Tov to all the well deserving honorees! Especially my friend Yonina Haber, who has WOWed me since we met! Keep inspiring everyone around you with your determination and positive attitude!
In memory of Alan Karp, who although I never had the privilege to meet, continues to inspire me.
Leiah Moskowitz
In Honor of Ilana Wallenstein
Daniella and Jonathan Muller
In Honor of my dear, talented friend Yonina Haber who is true woman of wonder!
And, in Honor of all the amazing honorees and their incredible accomplishments.
Jordanna Nadritch
Sora, mazal tov on this well-deserved honor!
Dalia and Chava Nagel
Mazal Tov to Yonina, Yael, Sora, Dalia, and Ilana!
We are so proud of all you have
achieved as you make women proud!
Also, we salute our warm memories of our good friend Alana Karp z"l, in whose name this event is appropriately named...WOW.
Careena and Drew Parker
Mazal Tov to our wonderful Dalia and the other honorees! You inspire us every day.
Much love, Jen and Jed and the crew
Stephanie Pomerantz
Aviva Rosenberg
A heartfelt mazal tov to our wonderful, spectacular, magnificent, stunning, brilliant, glittering niece and cousin Dalia. We are so proud of you!
With Love, Chani, Mark, Alyssa, Elihu, and Solomon Scheiner
To our best friend Dalia, we are so proud of you!!!! We love you so much. Tizku L'mitzvot
Samantha and Daniel Schub
May Alana's beautiful memory always surround us and continue to inspire the wonderful women of EMUNAH and all fortunate to know and love her.
Shari and David Shapiro
Mazel Tov to all the honorees on this well deserved honor.
Melanie Sosland
Mazel Tov Yonina on this incredible honor! 
You are so determined, motivated and an inspiration to so many. You are a role model who shows it's never too late to do what you want. We are so proud of you. 

Lots of love,

Daniella, Yoni, Zachary, Judah and Levi 
Mazel tov on your well deserved honor!
Gabriella Spinowitz
Mazal Tov to Dalia Horowitz on being honored by such a prestigious organization. Your personal warmth and dedication 24/7 to others is an inspiration to all. May you and Corey continue to go from strength to strength.
Ariana and Josh Sturm
Sylvia Tuchman
Mazal tov to Dalia Horowitz on her well deserved honor! We are so proud of her and all the incredible work she continues to do for Emunah. She inspires us and everyone around her.
Love, Sydney and James
Mazel tov to my dear friend Yonina Haber and all of the honorees!
Lynne Yunis
Mazal Tov Ilana Wallenstein and to all the honorees!
Your dedication to the jewish community is a source of inspiration to us all!
Lital Amini
Shifra and Dani Bendheim
Tamara Berkowitz
Congratulations to Ilana Wallenstein and all of the honorees. You have set a wonderful example and there's no doubt Alana is proud that you are continuing her legacy and laughing a little watching you in the spot light. Mazal Tov!
Yael and Schneur Bistritzky
Daniele Bleier
Congratulations Yonina in this very well deserved honor.
You are an inspiration to us all.
With love, Tzippy and Olivia Cohnen
Mazal Tov Ilana on this beautiful honor and tribute to Alana.
We are so lucky to have such a special friend.
We are so proud of you!!
Rachel Feintuch
In honor of Ilana Wallenstein, a true woman of wonder.
Your universal kindness and your commitment to chesed and community service are all incredibly inspiring.
Sara Feldschreiber
Great Job, Beatrice Mikhley!
Isaac and April Galena
Rebecca Gober
Mazal tov to all of the honorees!
Tamar Goldwaser
Mazel Tov to Yael Fligelman on this well deserved honor.
Caryn and Avi Golombeck
Deena Grunberg
Mazal Tov Yonina on being honored by Emunah for your dedication to the community.
Lena and Alan Haber
Mazal tov to my dear friend,
Ilana on this well deserved honor!
Karen Hammerman
Sharon Herenstein
Mazal Tov Yonina and to all the honorees!! You deserve it!!
Sarette Hornblass
In honor of Yonina Haber. A well deserved honor.
Mazal tov to Ilana Wallenstein and Sora Grunstein and all the honorees!
Sarette Hornblass
Dahlia Jacob
Chaya Kenigsberg
Rivky Klar
Mazel Tov Ilana on this well deserved honor! Your commitment and dedication to chesed, the Jewish community, your family and friends is truly inspiring.
Michelle Klein
Sora, Wow! You are always wonderful! We always knew you were special, creative, intelligent, capable... and a little bit crazy! And we love you for it!
Shani and Ava
May Alana's spirit continue to infuse
EMUNAH with great success
Autumn, Sarah, Jordana, and Esther Mael
Mazel Tov Yonina on this well deserved honor.
You are such an inspiring person in so many ways and you have such a big heart. You should continue in good health to make an impact on the lives of so many.
Love you, Atara
Shoshana Mermelstein
Mazel Tov to Ilana Wallenstein and all the honorees!!
Beth Orbach
Naomi Ostrove
Lizzie Parker
In loving memory of Alana Karp and in honor of her army of loyal and dedicated friends.
Miryam Reinitz-Kops
Mazal tov Yonina and Ilana on a well deserved honor.
You continue to inspire us with your positivity.
Sharonne Rudman
Melissa Scheiner
Rebecca and Eric Senderowicz
Mazel Tov Yonina- Bonnie Silfen
Mazel Tov to all the Women of Wonder!
Alison and David Speiser
To my dear friend Ilana, Mazal tov on this honor. You are a women of wonder in all that you do for your family, friends, shul, school and the Jewish community at large. I am lucky to call you my friend.
Love, Ariella
Mazal Tov on this meaningful and beautiful honor.
Love you,
Hannah Fischberger
Renee Levine
Gabriella Stavsky
Jessica Steinberg
Keep up the amazing work Dalia! We are so proud of all that you do for Emunah.
Allan and Aerin Stern
Mazel tov to Illana Wallenstein!!!!
Congratulations on this incredible honor Stephanie Vilinsky
Stephanie Vilinsky
Rachel Waldman
Alyson Walfish
In loving memory of Alana Karp, a"h
Mazel Tov Ilana Wallenstein! Your inspire us with your warmth, generosity, thoughtfulness and sensitivity to others- always!
Love, Andy, Lauren, and Max Wallenstein Nathan, Lizzy, Yehuda and Shalom Brownstein
Mazal Tov Ilana on this beautiful honor!
Love, Heidi and Glenn
Tara and Joshua Abrahams
Anita Adler
Mazel Tov to all the honorees - And to Ilana Wallenstein who has the touch of chesed in her fingertips.
Marcy Aharon
Hayley Alperin
Batsheva Altman
Emunah is lucky to be the recipient of your joy and energy- mazel tov!
Joyce and Jon Bendavid
Tracy Benguigui
Lori Benkel
Mazel Tov Yael!
We are so proud of all
the wonderful things you.
You are a role model for all of our children
Shira & Eric Berkovitch
Mazal Tov to the incredible Dalia Horowitz on this honor. Your unconditional love, limitless energy, and commitment to the children of Emunah is inspiring! I am so proud of you! May you continue to go from strength to strength.
Alana a"h, I miss you! Your impact is still felt by all that love you and those that don't even know you. May we continue to honor your memory with wonderful initiatives like this event.
Lots of love and admiration, Rachel Best
Mazal Tov Yael!! You are amazing!!
Adina and Daniel Bienstock
In memory of the most WOW person I've ever known, Alana Karp a"h. Miss you everyday!!
In honor of the amazing Dalia Scheiner for your incredible work for Emunah!!
Samantha Bryk
Mazel tov to Ilana! - and to all the honorees.
May you continue to go and grow from strength to strength!
Carl Flatow & Gay Novack & all the family 
Mazal tov on this well deserved honor to someone who is beautiful inside and out!
Your #1 admirer, Doron
Jacklyn Cohen
Shaindi Cyrulnik
Mazal Tov Dalia!! We are so proud of you and we know Alana Is too! Thank you for investing so much time and energy into making the world a better, more loving, more caring and more empathetic place.
Love, Talia and Michael Reidler
There are no words to describe how we miss you every day Alana. Your WOW event is tonight, you would be so proud. To all the awardees, you were all handpicked by ARK herself from above, I know it, so Mazal Tov to all of you.
Miss you always, Love you Forever DEZ
Proud of you Ilana!
Nicole Dicker
Sara Ehrenreich
Rachel and Ari Ellenberg
Janine Ellis
Leah Erlich
Tamar Freundlich
Congratulations Yonina on a well deserved honor!
Shari Friedman
Hindy and Seth Galena
Katie Geft
Mazel tov Sora on this well deserved honor! Brings back great Emunah memories!
Mazel tov also to Yonina who makes everyone prettier!
Tova Gerson
Kol hakavod to all the honorees for the incredible work they do for Emunah.
Dana and Chaim Gitler
Dina and Daniel Goldberg
In Memory of Alana Karp a"h.
Danielle Goldman
Jenna Goldstein
In honor of Ilana Wallenstein for all the chesed that she does!!
Mazal Tov!! -Sharon
Talia Gollender
Malka Gotlib
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
We miss you Alana everyday!
Chanie Greif
Atara Habib
Mazel tov Ilana on this well deserved honor ! xoxo
Doreen Hadid
Maia Haimson
Dina Hamerman
The Haramati Family
Mazal Tov Yonina! We are inspired by your kindness, hard work and willingness to give of yourself to others! You are a true Wonder Woman!
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Ayala and Yosef Helft
Ilanna Heller
Avital and Tyler Hod
Mazal Tov to Ilana Wallenstein for this well deserved honor!
Thank you for all that you do!
Didi Hutt
Rachel Ingber
Mazal Tov Yael!
Talia Jacobs
Sari Jacoby
Dalia, we are so proud of all the work you do for Emunah!
Love, Anna and Rachel
Nechama K S
Rachel Kalban
Avi and Dalia Kaplan
Mazel Tov Yael, May you continue to be a source of strength to the Jewish community.
Perri and David Kaye
Abby Kellner
Mazal Tov Ilana! We are so proud of you!
And we know Alana is as well! We love you!
Agi and Aryeh Klein
Malkie Klein Spitz
Ellen Kleinhaus
Talya Kohn
In tribute to a WOW of the highest order, ARK.
Josh Kramer
Bryna Leider
Barrie Lev
Helige Alana (Like banana)
You mamesh changed my life
Yitz Liberman
Arleen and Michael Lipstein
Marleen Litt
In blessed memory of Alana Karp Z"L
Randi Luxenberg
Lisa Mandelbaum
D Mayer
Congratulations Ilana!
Betty Mikhly
Jillian and Daniel Miller
Carol Mirotznik
In Tribute to the women being honored,
who inspire us everyday.
In memory of Alana, who we miss everyday.
Tamar Moche
I'm so proud of you Ilana!
Toby Moses
Murray Hill Radiology
Mazel Tov Ilana on this most deserved honor.
And Mazel tov to all the other honorees.
Robin Muss
Amy Myers
Congratulations on this beautiful honor, Ilana. May you be blessed to continue contributing and giving in these meaningful ways.
May Alana's neshama have an aliyah.
Nira and Eli Nafisi
Mazel tov to Yael, Ilana and all the honorees.
Shira Neren
Yasher Koach to Sora Grunstein & to all of the WOW honorees.
You are sensational and inspirational!
Shani and Yitz Norman
Sarrah Ottensoser
Erica Parilis
Melissa Pelcovitz
Mazel Tov Ilana and all the honorees!
Dara and Andrew Pfeffer
In honor of Yonina and all of the wonderful work you do to support this amazing cause and for serving as a role model on embracing what you love and incorporating it into your career.
Yael Polinsky
In honor of Ilana and her many accomplishments!
You are an inspiration!
Keli Rifkin
Miriam Rosen
Mazal tov Yael on such a beautiful honor!!
Rachel Rotenberg
Tamar Rothstein
In honor of the fabulous Boss Babe Yonina Haber, who's strength shines through her magnificent smile :)
Suffy Rudman
Lisa Safdieh
Lisa Schilowitz
In honor of all the awardees
and in memory of our beloved Alana Karp
Sylvia Schonfeld
Leah Schreiber
Shira, Noah, and Rohm Shaffer
In Honor of Yonina Haber on this most-deserved recognition
and in memory of Alana Karp
Ranit and Gabriel Shiff
Mazal tov to the well deserving honorees!
Debbie Siegler
Livia Simon
Susan Sklarin
In honor of the very special
Ilana Wallenstein.
Jackie Soleimani
In honor of Ilana Wallenstein.
Mazal Tov on this well-deserved recognition.
Rachel and Yitzy Spinner
Janet Spitz
Noa Stein
Blima Strobel
Congratulations to Englewood's
Ray of Sunshine.
Lauren, The Hangout
So proud of you, Yonina. You're a true inspiration to women and I'm so grateful to have you in my life!
Whitney Vass
Mazal Tov Sora on your well deserved honor. You are a true role model!
Aviva Vogel
Mazel tov Dalia, so proud of you!
Sara Waxman
Mazal Tov Ilana!
Love, Dov and Lisa Weinstein
In honor of Ilana Wallenstein who is always inspiring her friends and community through acts of kindness and Chesed.
Mazal Tov to all the honorees!
Abigail and Seth Weiss
Estee Wolf
Mazel tov to our dear friend Ilana and to all the honorees on this most well deserved honor.
Ilana- your devotion and dedication to Emunah and to all that you do is an inspiration to all of us.
Davida Yehaskel
Briana Zackai
Jessica Zinaman
Sora, you truly epitomize the definition a Woman of Wonder! You are equally generous and caring as you are independent and capable. You have a beautiful spirit and are quick to laugh. I regard you in deep respect and admiration. I feel fortunate to know you and am grateful for your friendship.
Mazal Tov My Wonder Woman!!
Felicia Zwebner
Marilyn and Greg Adler
Sophia Alpert
Jessica and Tsachi Baitner
Ayelet Berger
Deborah Berger
Harriet Blank
Symi Diamond
Nealy Erber
David and Hannah Fischberger
Chanita Friedman
Estee Friedman
Debbie and Marc Geller
Evelyn and Joseph Glaser
Sara Hametz
Ruby and Bobby Kaplan
Dahlia Kramer
Belinda Levavi
Renee Levine
Dr. Elie and Miriam Levy
Emily Lichtman
Allie Luxenberg
Lisi and Michael Mandel
Norma Mintz
Deena Moskovic
Karen and Martin Orenstein
Elizabeth Pinewski
Rebecca and Seth Sklar
Rachel and Maury Rosenfeld
Harriet Saperstein
Estee Schneider
Arielle and David Setton
Alyson Small
Miri Spitz
Rachelle Stepner
Danielle Truglio
Sheryl and Eran Varnai
Sandra and Uri Weinstein
Elaine and Mark Weitzman