Moreshet (Tradition) Circle
Mazal Tov to
Barbie and Ira Taub
and Karyn Hartstone
on your much-deserved honor.
With great appreciation,
Jonny and Adena Klineman
Moreshet (Tradition) Circle
Mazal Tov and all our very best
to Senders Award honorees,
Ira and Barbie Taub,
and Granatstein Award honoree,
Karyn Hartstone,
who exemplify the highest ideals
of Torah U'Maddah,
and service to our school
and our community.
May you go mey chayil el choyil!

Jane and Jodan Lefko
Ateret (Crown) Circle
Barbie & Ira - Your commitment to Torah and mitzvot, sincerity, joy,
modesty, and dedication to the Fuchs Mizrachi School make you
incredible role models to all who know you. It is a privilege
to count you amongst our friends!

Morah Karyn - It is incredible how much our children have learned
and flourished under your care. Your creativity, love,
and genuine interest in every child who crosses into your classroom
are palpable in all you do. You are an exemplar of what it means
to be an Early Childhood educator, and we are so lucky
to have reaped the benefits!

May ה׳ grant you all the strength and opportunity to continue
to be such incredible partners in the chinuch of our children
for many years to come!!
Rabbi Avery and Aliza Joel
Ateret (Crown) Circle
Mazel Tov to
Barbie and Ira Taub & Karyn Hartstone
on this well-deserved honor!!

We are incredibly grateful for all you do
for our community!
May you continue to go from strength to strength!

With much Hakarat Hatov,
Tamar and Elliot Smith
Ateret (Crown) Circle
Morah Karen puts the "kinder" in kindergarten!  Truly the second best teacher I know. Morah Karen is an educator of the highest caliber and a role model exhibiting the strength of character, modesty, and kindness.  Our children are very lucky!

Barbie and Ira are exemplars of generous community involvement, worthy of praise and emulation from the entire FMS community!
Mazel tov!
The Steigers
Tiferet (Splendor) Circle
To a talented teacher, Karen,
and much deserving volunteers the Taub's
Mazel Tov on your well-deserved honors! 
Erik Cooper and Aviva Klein
Tiferet (Splendor) Circle
Mazal tov to the worthy honorees
and to the Fuchs Mizrachi School for another outstanding year.

Morah Karyn - you masterfully combine expert pedagogy
with care and concern for each individual child. Thank you
for shaping the lives of your students for the past fifteen years. 

Ira and Barbie - you both personify selfless dedication to
the community. Thank you for all that your efforts
on behalf of the school specifically as well as
your incredible commitment to the broader kehilla.

Rabbi Binyamin & Faith Blau
Moledet (Fountainhead) Circle
Thank you, Fuchs Mizrachi, for exposing my children
and grandchildren to a superior educational
and social experience. 
Congratulations to the high school
for an entertaining and well-done
presentation of "Arsenic and Old Lace". 
From Strength to Strength. 
Lenny and Penny Beer
Moledet (Fountainhead) Circle
Congratulations to
Barbie, Ira and Karyn
on these most well-deserved honors!
Becki, Mendy, Dovie, Eitan and Jakey
Moledet (Fountainhead) Circle
Mazel tov to all the honorees
on their much-deserved honors.
Thank you for all the hard work
that you do on behalf of the school
Avi and Francoise Jacobs
Moledet (Fountainhead) Circle
Mazel tov Morah Karyn on this well-deserved honor. 
Thank you for teaching our children
"everything they needed to know in kindergarten."
Thank you to all our children's teachers
for their dedication and for the love
that they bring to their work.
And finally, thank you, Adam Wieder,
for your tireless stewardship over the last three years.
Barbie & Ira Taub and Family
Moledet (Fountainhead) Circle
Dear Adam,
Kol Hakavod on 3 years
of exemplary leadership! 
Thank you for giving us so much nachat.
Mom & Dad
Promoter Circle
Promoter Circle
In appreciation to Morah Karyn Hartstone for all the creativity and caring she demonstrates on a daily basis. Our grandchildren have benefited enormously over the years from her love and dedication. 

Mazal tov to Karyn and her fellow honorees!
Laura and Jonathan Fleischmann
Promoter Circle
In honor of Morah Karyn Hartstone, who has taught us what it means to be a true educator.

Mrs.Barbie and Dr. Ira Taub, who have taught what it means to be true Baalei Chessed

The Fuchs Mizrachi Community, who has taught us what it means to truly embrace and inspire families and their children.

It has been an honor to be a part of this school community for the past seven years, and create lasting memories and friendships.
With gratitude
Rabbi Ben & Estee Fried
Promoter Circle
In honor of the honorees
and in sincere appreciation of
the administration, educators, and staff
of Fuchs Mizrachi School.
We congratulate you
and appreciate all you do
for our school and community. 
Moshe and Adina Ornstein
Promoter Circle
Mazel Tov to the 
Taub's and Mrs. Hartstone
Joel and Sheerli Ratner & Family
Promoter Circle
With the deepest appreciation for
our fantastic school. 
Thank you to the excellent teachers,
administration and lay leadership.
Mazal Tov to the honorees! 
Karyn and Barbie & Ira
we are in awe of your dedication-
thank you for all you do!  
Rabbi David and Shira Teller
Enthusiast Circle
With gratitude to the Administration
for the love and support of our children
Alex and Marina Abramov
Enthusiast Circle
Kol Hakavod to this year's honorees! Morah Karyn, we are so appreciative of your tremendous efforts and dedication in teaching our children! Dr. and Mrs. Taub, thank you for all that you do for the school, the students, and the community!
Tehilla and Chaim Bennett
Enthusiast Circle
Mazal Tov to
Barbie and Ira Taub and Karyn Hartstone
on being honored.
Thank you for all that you do
for our school and community.

Thank you to the whole Fuchs Mizrachi community
for welcoming us so warmly. It's been a great first year
and here's to many more to come.

Jo, Jeremy, and Gavi Bruce
Enthusiast Circle
In memory of our dear friend
Hadas Ben Shoshan
that attended our school 
and touched so many of us.
 יהי זכרה ברוך
 Mila & David Schwam,
Sharon & Coby Socher
Enthusiast Circle
Dear Ira and Barbie,
Mazal tov on this honor! We are so glad
that Fuchs Mizrachi School has provided
an excellent education for your children
and we know that at the same time the school
is so fortunate to have you and your wonderful family
as part of their community.
Best wishes in all your endeavors,
Allan and Alyssa Daskal and Family
Enthusiast Circle
A huge Mazel Tov to our very
own Morah Kayrn.
We are so proud of her and the
fantastic work she does
every day on behalf of
our children.
ECP Faculty & Staff
Enthusiast Circle
Karyn - Mazal Tov on this well deserved honor.
The Mizrachi community is fortunate to have you,
Steven was lucky to have had you as a teacher
and we have the good fortune
to call you our friend.
Brenis Family
Enthusiast Circle
Mazal Tov to 
Karyn, Ira and Barbie
on this well deserved honor.
Herzl and Malkie Ginsburg
Enthusiast Circle
Mazel Tov to Dr. Ira and Barbie Taub
on receiving the Mike and Peppy Senders
Outstanding Service Award.
Nothing is more inspiring than witnessing
a solid commitment to our school.
We want to thank you
for your efforts personally.
Rabbi Melvin and Malka Granatstein
Enthusiast Circle
Mazal Tov to Ira & Barbie!
We are so proud to call you our friends!
Racheli, Mordy, Elisheva,
Rena & Avi Hackel
Enthusiast Circle
Congratulations to our dear friend
Karyn Hartstone and the Taub's
on these well deserved honors
and to FMS on another successful year.
Ronnen & Lara Isakov
Enthusiast Circle
Mazel tov to the entire Taub family 
on this well-deserved honor. 
May you go from strength to strength. 
Cantor Aaron, Sabrina, Shaina
and Abby Shifman 
Enthusiast Circle
Mazol Tov
Karyn Hartstone
  Andy and Judy Moyer 
Paul Moyer
Enthusiast Circle
Mazel Tov to 
Morah Karyn and Barbie & Ira Taub
on this well deserved honor.
Thank you to the entire FMS community. 
They say it takes a village to raise a family,
and we feel like we have been blessed
with an amazing village to raise our family these past 11 years.
Looking forward to greeting you all sometime soon in Israel!
Ilana and Kenny Pollack
Enthusiast Circle
Mazel tov 
Barbie and Ira
on this wonderful accomplishment!!
Dale and Marcie Rubin
Enthusiast Circle
Mazel Tov to Ira and Barbie Taub
and family on receiving this amazing honor.
Fuch Mizrachi is very lucky to have
such a wonderful family
as part of their community.
Adam and Jill Rudich
Enthusiast Circle
With gratitude to the Administration
for the love and support of our children
Chana Schloss
Enthusiast Circle
In honor of our children, Ira and Barbie Taub.  May you continue to do many more mitzsahs!  We are proud of you! 

Fay and Paul Taub
Enthusiast Circle
Mazal Tov Ira and Barbie.
Congratulations on this special award.
You are truly an asset to the Fuchs Mizrachi community.
We are all lucky be a part of the community
where your warmth, kindness and generosity
is an inspiration to all. 
The Brenis Family
Enthusiast Circle
Congratulations to Morah Karyn
on this well-deserved honor.
You survived our kids, so we know
you can conquer anything!
Thank you for being an exemplary educator
and a dear friend. 
The Wilbur Family
Enthusiast Circle
Enthusiast Circle
In honor of
Barbie and Dr. Ira Taub
Beth & Lenny Wexler
Enthusiast Circle
MAZEL TOV Barbie and Ira.
We love you and are so proud of you.
You are so deserving of this honor.
We are so in awe of your endless energy
and desire to give back in any way you can.
Lots of love-
Mummy, Melanie, Shimmy, 
Shira, Yehuda, Deena, and Tova
Enthusiast Circle
With gratitude to the Administration
for the love and support of our children
Friend Circle
Delighted that Barbie and Ira are being accorded
this wonderful honor, but for the record,
you've been number one in our books for a  long time!  

To the outstanding michanechet Morah Karen-
Thank you for being an exemplary role model to all of us.

Much nachat to the awardees and the entire parent body!

Jon and Dahna Baskin