Fuchs Mizrachi School
Yehuda Mitch and Laura Wolf
Upon Mitch and Laura's return to Cleveland 8 years ago, they jumped right into the Fuchs Mizrachi Community and have not slowed down since. They are the consummate example of parent volunteers - they are not only uniquely interested in every facet of their children's education, but they are eager to help the school in any way that they can.
Fuchs Mizrachi School
Mitch began his involvement at Fuchs Mizrachi as a board member, has since served as chair of the Finance Committee and treasurer, and currently serves as the chair of our Head of School Support and Evaluation Committee (HOSSEC). Laura has served as a board member, and was co-chair of Parent Council. Laura founded and serves as chair of our Parent-School Liaison Team, which was designed to improve communication between the parents and administration, and was developed out of her participation as a Legacy Heritage OnBoard Fellow. Laura was also instrumental in bringing the Safety Kids program to Mizrachi to help teach kids age-appropriate general safety awareness. 
Fuchs Mizrachi School
Morah Malkie Ginsburg
Malkie Ginsburg has been an integral faculty member of the Fuchs Mizrachi School for 14 years.  "Morah Malkie", as we have all come to endearingly know her, initially joined the Lower School team as a learning specialist and within 2 years had become the coordinator of special services for the Lower School.  Malkie's devoted commitment to tirelessly ensuring that each and every child is cared for and growing is what has made her so successful as our Lower School Principal for the past 8 years.
Fuchs Mizrachi School
However, Mitch and Laura's involvement extends far beyond the school - they are both involved in the Jewish Federation of Cleveland and have served as Super Sunday co-chairs, and volunteer at many other organizations they support quietly and wholeheartedly. Mitch and Laura continue to serve as ambassadors for the Fuchs Mizrachi Community and are true partners with the school in everything that they do. They are always willing to do whatever is asked of them, from hosting events at their home for the school community to volunteering in the classroom. Their quiet and humble contributions are trademarks of Mitch and Laura's communal involvement.  Mitch and Laura are the proud Mizrachi parents of Avi (7), Jake (5), Noah (2), and Josh (K).
Fuchs Mizrachi School
Over Malkie's time in the school she has dedicated herself to enhancing the entire experience of our Lower School students.  From the fundamentals of learning to read and write in both English and Hebrew to computing Math and decoding Chumash, Malkie has strategically developed the Lower School curriculum by continually seeking best practices and providing meaningful professional development for the Lower School team. During her time as principal, Malkie has developed a robust and enriching array of co-curricular programming highlighting our values in Torah learning, middot, and general studies and has used these opportunities to engage parents within classroom learning.  Malkie and her husband, Herzl, are the proud Mizrachi parents of Yonatan (FMS '20), Yaakov (12), Yehuda (10), and Lottie (8).
Fuchs Mizrachi School
Rabbi Raffi and Mrs. Rachel Glickman
Rabbi Raffi and Mrs. Rachel Glickman graduated from the Fuchs Mizrachi School in 2008.  It was during their time here at Fuchs Mizrachi where they first met, and where they developed deep-rooted senses of community, Torah learning, and Tzionut (Zionism) that set them down their merging paths.  After graduating, Rachel attended Midreshet Harova and Raffi attended Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh. 
Fuchs Mizrachi School
 They then went on to Stern College and Yeshiva University respectively, and were married in 2012, before continuing on to each receive a Master's in Education from Azrieli Graduate School for Jewish Education and Administration.  Raffi went on to receive s'micha from Yeshiva University, spending time as part of the Gruss Kollel in Israel.  During their time in Israel,  Rachel studied at Matan: the Sadie Rennert Women's Institute for Torah Studies, as a member of the first cohort of the Eshkolot Institute for Tanakh and Jewish studies.  At the culmination of their time in Israel, Raffi and Rachel  made the decision to come back to Cleveland and Mizrachi with the intention of being able to give back to the community that was so instrumental in shaping their identities.
Fuchs Mizrachi School
Since their return to Cleveland, the Glickmans have both been teachers at Fuchs Mizrachi School's Stark High School.  They have each developed uniquely warm relationships with their students, encouraged their growth and development academically and spiritually, and served as role models of living a Torah life.  Outside of school, they continue to involve themselves deeper within the broader Jewish community.  Rachel has found meaning in her involvement at the Jewish Federation of Cleveland where she is a campaigner and has served as Young Leadership Division (YLD) board member and YLD campaign Co-chair.  Rachel also serves on the board of the Jewish Education Center and was accepted as a Wexner Heritage Member.  Raffi is involved in adult education through the Community Beit Midrash both as a teacher and a chavruta to many.  Raffi is also currently pursuing his Master's Degree in Social Work from the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University.  Raffi and Rachel will be co-chairing the YLD Weinberg Mission to Israel in the Spring of 2022. 
Fuchs Mizrachi School
Raffi and Rachel are the proud parents of
second generation Fuchs Mizrachi students
Shira (1), Molly (K), Akiva (PN) and soon to
be student Goldie.
As shining examples of the mission and ideals
of the Fuchs Mizrachi School, we are so proud
of all that the Glickmans have accomplished
and all that they continue to do to make
Jewish Cleveland better and stronger.
In honor of Laura and Mitch
Wolf, Malkie Ginsburg, Rabbi
Raffi and Rachel Glickman,
Mazal tov!
Gary and Cari Gross
Mazel Tov to Mitch and Laura on receiving
this well deserved honor.
May ד׳ give you strength and good health to
continue your wonderful work.
May you see much nachas from your
beautiful family.
Amir and Edna Jaffa
Mazel Tov to all our honorees for their well-deserved honors.
With our Gratitude and Respect,

Cheryl and Brian Fox
Jenna and Yair Polster

Mazel Tov to Mitch and Laura Wolf!
May Hashem give you the strength to continue
doing all of the amazing work that you do for
many years to come.
Ita Klein, Shmully & Dina Halpern, Yoni
& Shoshie Klein, Nati & Chany Klein
To Yehuda and Laura:
What fun and special times have we had over the past many years.  We feel so fortunate to have you here in Cleveland and to have such a deep bond between our families.  May you continue to serve as shining lights to our amazing Jewish community.

To Malkie:
Never has there been a child advocate as you.  Because of your never ending energy, hard work, and brilliant approach to problem solving (including a very good sense of humor), you are able to connect with children and parents in the most meaningful manner (all the while raising four amazing children of your own).  Thank you for all the ways you have helped and supported not just us, but the entire Fuchs Mizrachi community.

To Rachel and Raffi:
As products of the Fuchs Mizrachi School, you set a high bar and a beautiful example for all of us in the community!

Mazal Tov to all of this year's honorees!
Lindsey & Yoey Mayerfeld
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees, Mitch and
Laura Wolf, Malkie Ginsburg, and Rabbi Raffi
and Rachel Glickman.
With appreciation and thanks to the the
Faculty and Staff, Administration, and the
Head of School for making our community
so special.
Morry & Judy Weiss
Mazal Tov To Fuchs Mizrachi School on celebrating its double
Chai/36th year anniversary!
Our family has been enriched by our partnership with Fuchs
Mizrachi School.
Mazal Tov to Laura and Mitch Wolf on receiving the Mike and
Peppy Senders Outstanding Service Award Morah Malkie Ginsburg on
receiving the Rabbi Melvin L. Granatstein Educational Leadership
Award Rabbi Raffi and Rachel Glickman on receiving the Alumni
Judy and Morry Weiss
Hildee and Gary Weiss
Karen and Jeff Weiss
Rachel and Zev Weiss
Sara Hurand and Elie Weiss
Congratulations to Rachel and
Raffi Glickman for your
Alumni Award.
Dad and Susan
Mazal Tov to all of the 2021 honorees!
Malkie, your passion for educating our community's children is
only outweighed by the unparalleled care and concern you have for
each student.
We are so lucky that our children have had you as their principal
and that we have you as our friend.
Mazal tov!
Laura and Mitch, Mazal tov on this well-deserved award.
Our community is lucky to have you and all you do.
Rabbi and Mrs. Glickman, we have enjoyed watching you return and
be excellent examples for everyone, especially our
alumni children.
Mazal tov!
Deborah and Meir Pollack and Family
To Mitch and Laura
Congratulations on being awarded a very deserving recognition. Both of you exemplify what it takes to help propel our school towards success. You tirelessly give of your time, ideas and talent. Thank you for setting such a remarkable example and for your notable and impactful leadership and contributions to the success and growth of Fuchs Mizrachi School.
To Morah Malkie
Mazal Tov on this important professional milestone. Your unwavering devotion to every child in the halls and classrooms of the Fuchs Mizrachi lower school are ceaseless. Your unique combination of loving warmth and remarkable professionalism is a true blessing to our school community.
To Rabbi Raffi and Rachel
There is no better couple to inaugurate the award deservedly given to you tonight. Both of you embody the ideals of Fuchs Mizrachi School in the truest sense. You have opened your hearts and home to the students of Fuchs Mizrachi School. Thank you for being spiritual beacons and educational role models.
Eliav and Caroline Sharvit & Family
Mazal Tov To All Of Our Dear Honorees, Administrators and
Faculty. Your endless devotion to our children, our
grandchildren, and our FMS community is a true blessing and our
lives are enriched as a result.
We are so grateful that all of our children had the opportunity
to grow up at FMS and now our grandchildren are benefitting from
this very special school community.
It's been an incredible bracha to have been part of the FMS
story for all these years.
We are so proud that our daughter in law Rachel Stark who chaired
this year's celebration of 36 years and that she is always
quick to serve our wonderful community.
Baruch HaShem, we are so blessed and have so much to be
grateful for!
Marla and Bob Stark
To Mitch and Laura
Thank you for being such great communal role models and even better friends. We could go on and on and go into great detail but we wouldn't want to jeopardize the friendship!! Keep doing the meaningful work that brought you this honor.
Ezra and Rachel
To Malkie
Thank you for your tireless leadership in steering the Lower School to great heights....and for always listening to feedback, not being afraid to take on challenges, and for greeting our kids with a smiling face everyday! We feel so lucky to have you at Mizrachi and in our lives.
Ezra and Rachel
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To Rachel and Raffi

Your chosen path of chinuch and your passionate approach to mentoring our youth should inspire many more couples to foster the next generation of Jewish leaders. Mizrachi is blessed to have you!
Ezra and Rachel
Gabaitzin, aka Morah Malkie, we love you!  
You are the best of the best! The school and our community are extraordinarily grateful for your leadership rooted in wisdom and kindness.
Thank you to all the amazing teachers, staff and administrators who have gone above and beyond to teach and care for our children during a very challenging year.
Congratulations Mitch and Laura on your well deserved honor. May you continue from strength to strength! We know you as people of the highest character who would insist that we thank the teachers first!

Liza and Jeremy, 
Ranan, Gavri, Natanel and Eliana
Mazal Tov to all of the Honorees, a truly impressive group of leaders whose recognition is very well deserved.
Morah Malkie - Your care for each student and your compassionate, thoughtful, and patient approach to supporting students and their families is a true embodiment of Chanoch L'naar al pi Darko and an important part of what makes FMS such a special community.
Rachel & Raffi - We couldn't think of more deserving recipients for the inaugural Alumni Award.  You are both exemplary role models of how Fuchs Mizrachi alumni impact their communities and the world.  Your unique ability as a couple to form meaningful long-lasting relationships combined with your authentic approach to every aspect of your life is what facilitates the tremendous uplift you bring to FMS, our Cleveland community, and Jewish communities worldwide.
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Laura & Mitch - Your quiet, thoughtful, passionate, and sustained leadership are inspiring.  Having the opportunity to partner with you for the good of our school has been an honor.  Watching you lead with clarity and conviction, in both formal and informal settings has shown us that your impact comes from a special combination of your actions and words that reinforce your beliefs and dedication that is the embodiment of the Senders Outstanding Service Award.

Kol Hakavod to all of tonights honorees and their families as well as the teachers, administrators, and staff at Fuchs Mizrachi School.  Our community, our people, and many future generations are enhanced by your daily efforts.
Adam and Stephanie Wieder & Family
Mazal tov to FMS on this momentous anniversary and Mazal tov
to the honorees!

Mitch and Laura: We are so grateful for all that you do, and how you do it. You are pillars of the community and role models for all with your quiet and dignified ways. Your character and actions are exemplary, and FMS is better and stronger for it.  Thank you for your friendship!
Malkie: There is no one who gives more and cares more for our children. Thank you for elevating the education and ruchniyut at FMS with your unparalleled creativity, drive and passion.   יהי רצון שכל נטיעות שנוטעין ממך יהיו כמותך
Kol hakavod to the Glickman's. Your ruach, commitment to Talmud Torah and generosity, both in and outside of school make a huge impact on FMS. The relationships you develop with students are unique and valued. 
With much gratitude and appreciation,
Naomi & Ari Wiesen
Mitch and Laura, you lead with vision and purpose, while maintaining a unique sense of grace and humility. Thank you for all that you do to make Fuchs Mizrachi stronger and better. Malkie, thank you for educating our children with understanding, patience, and intuitiveness. You are a true partner in helping our children grow into the next generation of leaders. Rabbi & Mrs. Glickman, thank you for being true examples of what a Fuchs Mizrachi Alum can and should look like. You are both tremendous role models for our students in community involvement, living Jewishly and having fun. We are so proud of all of our honorees, and honored to call each of them our friends. Mazal Tov on these well deserved awards. May you continue to go from strength to strength.
Jeff & Danielle Wild
A Double Chai celebration with a drive-in
As Honored Alumni you make us so proud!
First students, now teachers and parents as
It is quite easy for us to tell,
everyone willing to listen, that to us,
You and Your Family are the jewels that glisten and
shine and glow.
Mazel Tov Rachel & Raffi, we love you so!
Mom & Bill
Mazal tov to Mitch and Laura
Wolf on this well
deserved honor.
RevolverCap Partners
To our dear friends Laura and Mitch Yehuda (Pinchas), mazal tov
on receiving this well-deserved honor!
Your generosity of both time and resources, your open home, and
your willingness to help anyone in need, make you true role
models that we all look up to.
May you continue to go from strength to strength as you continue
to help FMS and the greater Cleveland and Jewish community for
many years to come!
Mazal Tov!
Daphne and Raanan Soclof and Family
With much gratitude for the hard work and
commitment of the entire FMS team this year
and for all 36 years!!
Special congratulations to Mitch, Laura,
Malkie, Rachel & Raffi!!!
You are each very deserving of your honors!!
David & Rebecca Bar-Shain

Mitch and Laura,
Rabbi and Mrs. Glickman,

Our children, our school, and our community
directly benefit from your hard work---
We are so grateful to you ALL!
Jon & Dahna Baskin
Congratulations to Mitch and Laura Wolf on
the most deserving award!
Your community is blessed to have you working
on their behalf.
May your good work continue for years to come.
Madeline and Wes Finch

Liza and Blake Bendett
Mazal tov to the Fuchs Mizrachi School on
this milestone!
Mazal tov to all of the honorees!
Mazal tov to our grandchildren Alex and
Jordan Pearl!
Mazal tov to all our children and
grandchildren who have been blessed to be
students at Fuchs Mizrachi School since day
one of its founding and continuing
until today!
Barry & Regina Cik
Mazel tov to all the honorees
on very well deserved honors.
Aviva Klein & Erik Cooper
Mazal Tov to all the honorees on your well
deserved recognition.
Your hard work and dedication is an
inspiration to us all.
Karyn and Rob Hartstone
Dear Rachel & Raffi,
Mazel tov on this
well deserved honor.
It's a joy and a pleasure for us to watch as
you continue to inspire and teach the next
generation of Jewish leaders.
We are so proud of all that you do
for Mizrachi!
All of the love,
Sarah & David
Congratulations to Fuchs
Mizrachi School and to Laura
and Yehuda Mitch Wolf for
their leadership.
Stewart Kohl
Congratulations to the Fuchs
Mizrachi School on another
successful year
Kammy Moalemzadeh
Mazal tov to Rachel and Raffi
Glickman and their
entire families!
May you continue to grow from
strength to strength!
Kyla and Mitchell Schneider
Congratulations to the Fuchs
Mizrachi School on another
successful year
Debbie and Shelly Senders
Mazal Tov to our dear friend and educator extraordinaire,
Morah Malkie!
Thank you so much for all that you do for the students at FMS,
and in particular our children who are blessed to have had you as
their Morah and mentor.
We are actually sad to no longer have kids in the lower school,
but we may still crash some of your programs!
Looking forward to watching the lower school continue to blossom
and grow under your leadership.
May you continue to go from strength to strength, Mazal Tov!
Daphne, Rich, and Family
Rachel and Rabbi Raffi, it has truly been such a joy to watch
the two of you go from high school students, to celebrating with you at your beautiful wedding, and then watching you come full
circle back to Cleveland with your amazing family!
We are so grateful that you teach our children at FMS, and
equally grateful for the time and energy you have spent teaching
them outside of school as well.
May you continue to go from strength to strength.
We are so honored to call you dear friends, and we look forward
to seeing what the bright future has in store for you.
Mazal Tov!
Daphne and "Rabbi" Richie Soclof and Family
Dear Morah Malkie, Mazal tov on this
well-deserved award!
Your expertise, support and encouragement help us grow as educators. We are proud and honored to have you lead our Lower School team.
With much love and gratitude,
The Lower School Faculty
Dear Malkie It's clear to all who know you that you deserve all
the accolades you've received tonight.
Dad and I were thrilled when Herzl brought you into our family.
Over the years, at one time or another, everyone has benefited
from your caring personality and your uncanny ability to
understand the essence of each person.
Wishing you many more years as an integral part of Fuchs Mizrachi
and as an integral part of our family.
We are so grateful to all of the people who
made the Fuchs Mizrachi School such an amazing
school community.
Thank you for investing everything you had
into the first 36 years of our school.
May the next 36 be just as incredible!
Mazal tov to this year's honorees.
It is truly a privilege for us to partner with
each of you in our avodat hakodesh!
Rabbi Avery and Aliza Joel
Mazel Tov Laura and Yehuda on this well
deserved honor!
We are so proud of your devotion to Fuchs
Mizrachi and the Cleveland Jewish community.
All our love,
Mom and Dad
Lisa, Ethan, Eden and Jonah
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
To Laura and Mitch Wolf, whose commitment and
dedication to school, community, family and
friends is beyond measure.
To Malkie Ginsburg, who puts so much thought
and hard work into supporting students'
learning and growth.
To Rabbi Raffi & Rachel Glickman,
fantastic role models for our school's
students and alumni.
Wendy, Dan, Alex, Dahlia and Ari Lefko Messeloff
We are truly honored to call Malkie our
daughter, sister and aunt.
She is a unique individual whose caring,
compassion and educational expertise know
no bounds.
Besides that we love her dearly.
Ema & Abba Ahuva & Tuviah Shulman and
Family Tzippy & Elisha Russ-Fishbane and
Family Meira Russ & Nahum Shalman
and Family
We have been blessed over the past 36 years
to see FMS develop into a jewel in our
Jewish community.
May the school continue to educate and nurture
all of our children for generations to come.
Kol Hakavod to all of the Honorees.
Mazal Tov to our grandson Nathan on your
upcoming graduation.
We are so proud of you!
May you go from strength to strength
throughout your life.
Michael and Miki Wieder
Congratulations to the Fuchs
Mizrachi School on another
successful year
Steve and Anne August & Family
Mazal tov to the Fuchs Mizrachi School on celebrating its 36th anniversary and congratulations to an outstanding group of honorees.
Malkie Ginsburg is an excellent administrator who combines professionalism with incredible warmth and caring for each child in her care. The Lower School, and the entire school community, have been the beneficiaries of her sterling leadership.
Mitch and Laura Wolf personify service to the community in a myriad of forms. While their noble activities span a broad spectrum, Fuchs Mizrachi School has been fortunate that they have directed their primary energies to assisting our school's growth.
Raffi and Rachel Glickman are model alumni who not only exemplify the school's values but have also chosen to give back to their alma mater in the most direct way possible - by daily inspiring the next generation of Fuchs Mizrachi School students. May all the awardees be blessed with health and happiness and may the Fuchs Mizrachi School celebrate many more wonderful milestones.
Rabbi Binyamin & Faith Blau
Mazal tov, Malkie!

Dr. Carla Calevich
Jewish Education Center Consultant 
Congratulations, Mitch
and Laura!
Wishing you much continued success,
Robert Davis
Be"H Raffi and Rachel, We are fortunate to have your
passionate love of teaching and learning Torah as part of
our community.
Raffi, it has been amazing to see you grow into Rabbi Glickman, a
teacher of Torah, driven to inspire high schoolers in their
connection to Yehadut, from when you and Josh first met on the
soccer field all those years ago.
Rachel, your exuberance for teaching and Torah is always a
pleasure to experience in your adult education classes, and is an
invaluable asset to the school.
We wish you, be"H, continued success in your efforts to inspire
the next generation of Am Yisrael in their connection to Torah,
H"KBH and Eretz Yisrael.
Mazal tov!
Liz Dreben, Hillel, Ben and Josh Chiel
Mazel Tov Malkie, on this well
deserved honor.
Raph Ginsburg
Mazal tov to Morah Malkie and Mitch and Laura
Wolf on your well deserved recognition of your
hard work and dedication to our
school community.
Our community is stronger because of
your efforts!
The Glickmans
To the high school principal who started our story - Rabbi Blau, there are not enough thanks in the world! You conitnue to inspire and motivate us, proving the long lasting impact of dedicated educators!
Your commitment gives us chizuk every day. 
Thank you, 
The Glickmans
Mazal tov to Rabbi Raffi and Mrs. Rachel Glickman, from everyone at Joseph and Florence Mandel Jewish Day School, for helping to ensure the continuation of Jewish knowledge and pride in our community.
Joseph and Florence Mandel Jewish Day School
Mazel tov Malkie, Raffi and Rachel!
Malkie, this honor is so well deserved!
So many students have benefitted from your commitment, care,
thoughtfulness and leadership.
We are forever grateful for all you have done, and what you
continue to do for our children.
Raffi and Rachel, you have brought so much to our school and to
our community since your return.
You serve as wonderful role models for our young adults and show
how FMS graduates can give back, not just to our school, but to
the broader Jewish community.
Laura, Mitch, Avi, Jakey, Noah and Joshy
מזל טוב to the Wolf's and Malkie Ginsburg!
Special mazal tov to Rachel and Raffi!!
You do so much for your alma mater- 
who would have envisioned way back when that 
Rachel would become Head of Student Life 
and Rafi would be a beloved "rebbi" and lead extra-curricular learning?!
We are proud to see our "בן בית" and 
little league player be honored tonight! Go pink and khaki!
Teri & Jeffrey Lautman
Congratulations to Laura and Yehuda Wolf,
Morah Malkie, Rabbi Raffi and Rachel Glickman.
Well deserved honors to all these leaders in
our community.
Tovah and Noam Magence
Congratulations to the Fuchs
Mizrachi School on another
successful year
Oswald Companies
Mazal Tov Morah Malkie on a richly
deserved honor.
Lesley and Jeff Schwersenski
Mazel tov Malkie on receiving the Rabbi Melvin L. Granatstein Educational Leadership Award
Your dedication to each individual child and
your strong leadership skills are an
inspiration to us all!
Mazel tov to Rabbi Raffi and Rachel Glickman.
Thank you for being such good educators and role
models for our girls.
Your dedication to their education is
greatly appreciated.
Nancy and Andy Soclof
We express our deep admiration for the many ways - public and
private - that Laura and Mitch support and enrich our community.
We feel immensely grateful for having had Malkie's talent, smarts
and love to guide our children through their lower school.
And we appreciate the Glickmans for having "paid forward" their
FMS education to inspire the next generation of students.
May Hashem bless the honorees with the good health and strength
to continue their work for the Jewish people.
Barbie and Ira Taub
To our dear colleague, Malkie,
There's no one more deserving of this award. We're privelegd to have the opportunity to work with you and learn from you.
Mazal tov!
The Senior Leadership Team
We would like to express our deep
appreciation and admiration for all of the FMS
teachers, administrators and staff for their
dedication, commitment and care for
our children.
Thank you!
Laura, Mitch, Avi, Jakey, Noah and Joshy Wolf
In honor of our dear brother
and sister-in-law,
Yehuda and Laura!
Yechiel and Nechama Wolf
Congratulations Yehuda and Laura on a very
well deserved honor, may Hashem bless you both
to always be able to help your community and
the Jewish people.
We are very proud to call you family.
Nochum, Avigayil, Avi, Eli and Yehuda Wolf
Mazel tov Malkie, Raffi and Rachel!
Malkie, this honor is so well deserved!
So many students have benefitted from your commitment, care,
thoughtfulness and leadership.
We are forever grateful for all you have done, and what you
continue to do for our children.
Raffi and Rachel, you have brought so much to our school and to
our community since your return.
You serve as wonderful role models for our young adults and show
how FMS graduates can give back, not just to our school, but to
the broader Jewish community.
Laura, Mitch, Avi, Jakey, Noah and Joshy
To our amazing sister-in-law
and to all the honorees
Mazal Tov on the well-deserved recognition!
Malkie, we are in awe of your many achievements during your past
14 years at Fuchs Mizrachi, but the last 12 months during
Covid-19 have really demonstrated, even more than before, your
incredible leadership qualities.
You have led your staff (and parent body) by your example of what
it means to be a dedicated educator.
We are so proud of you
Yale and Sahra, David and Shulamit, Benjy and Chana, Rafi, Melissa and Yosef and all your nieces and nephews
Congratulations to the Fuchs
Mizrachi School on another
successful year.
Aharon and Malke Bina
Mazal tov to our dear
colleagues, Raffi and Rachel
Glickman, on this
well-deserved award!
With love and appreciation,
The Upper School Faculty
Mazal Tov Rachel and Raffi!
Best wishes from the FMS
Class of 2008
Mazel Tov to Rachel &
Raffi Glickman on a well
deserved honor.
Sue & Mitch Frankel
Mitch, Laura, Raffi, and Rachel, Mazal tov on
your being recognized this evening and thank
you for your collective efforts for Mizrachi.
May we all go m'chayil l'chayil.
Kol haKavod,
Herzl and Malkie
Malkie / Ema, We love you so much and are so
proud of you and what you do for the school,
the community - and us!
Herzl, Yonatan, Yaakov, Yehuda,
and Lottie

Jane and Jordan Lefko
Yasher Koach Rachel and Raffi!!
Nancy, Becca, Zach, Rachel and Adam Levin
Mazel Tov Morah Malkie on this well deserved honor! We are so lucky to have you lead our children each day. The principles that you instill in our children by teaching in the classrooms as well as by example are what we hope that they continue to live by as they graduate from the lower school and move on into the world. You go above and beyond and we appreciate all that you do for our kids as well as for us. May you continue to inspire all of those around you for years to come.
Thank you,
Matt and Elyssa Faigen, Ari and Dani Schwartz and Katie and Ari Spiegler
Mazal Tov to Mitch and Laura
Wolf in honor of your amazing
commitment to the Fuchs
Mizrachi School.
Spence and Karen O'Rourke
Mazal tov to all
the honorees.
Thank you Morah Malkie for
going above and beyond for all
of your students.
Samuel and Chagit Ruskin
Mazal Tov to the honorees on
their well deserved awards.
Lesley and Jeff Schwersenski
To our sister, sister-in-law, and aunt, Morah
Malkie Ginsburg, You are a master educator and
administrator, a terrific role model, a
dedicated sister, daughter, and friend.
We are so proud of you and all you've done for
the Fuchs Mizrachi community.
With love,
Meira, Nahum, Ayal, and Dvir
Thank you to the entire Fuchs Mizrachi Community for a wonderful school year. And a big thanks to all the teachers and administrators for their hard work and dedication to making this school year successful in spite of all the additional challenges.
A huge MAZAL TOV to Malkie, The Wolfs and The Glickmans!
Danny and Lyndsay Shoag
Mazal Tov to a wonderful group of honorees.
To Mitch and Laura Wolf for your endless
dedication to our school community.
To Malkie for holding so many pieces all at
once - and delivering on all!
To Raffi and Rachel - The school is better for
having you.
School is not just a place for the kids to
make friends!
David and Shira Teller
Mazel Tov Rachel and Raffi on this well
deserved honor!
Thank you for setting such a great example of
what the students of FMS should strive
to become!
We are proud to call you our friends and look
forward to many years of shabbas get-togethers
and summer hangouts!
B'ahava, The Faigen, Schwartz and
Spiegler Families
Young Leadership Division Board of the Jewish
Federation of Cleveland wishes a Mazel Tov to
our very own board member, Mrs. Rachel (and
Rabbi Raffi) Glickman.
Thank you for all that you do for the CLE
Jewish Community!
Young Leadership Division Board of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland
To our Night Under the Stars
Chairs, Committee Members and Volunteers,
Thank you for all of
your hard work, brainstorming,
and creativity.
Many thanks!
The Development Team
In honor of Rachel Stark, Our 36th
Anniversary Year Chair.
You have gone above and beyond the call.
We are so appreciative of all that you do for
Fuchs Mizrachi and our community.
With much HaKarat HaTov,
Development Team
To our wonderful students,
You continue to inspire us every day - you are the reason we are here!
The Fuchs Mizrachi Faculty and Administration
With appreciation for our Board of Trustees and
President, Eliav Sharvit for tirelessly guiding us
through a challenging year. We are so fortunate for your leadership which has allowed our school
community to thrive.
The Fuchs Mizrachi Faculty & Administration
Mazel Tov to Morah Malkie and the other 2021 honorees!
Many thanks to everyone for your continued hard work. 
Carly & Jon Wilbur and Family
Thank you to all the teachers
and staff for taking care of
our children each and
every day!
Ben and Avielle Silver
Congratulations to this
year's honorees!
Thank you for all that you do
for our children!
Tehilla and Chaim Bennett
Mazal tov to Morah Malkie, Mitch & Laura, and
Raffi & Rachel!
What an incredibly well-deserving group of honorees!
Thank you for all that you do for our school
and community. 
Mazal tov to the school on this big milestone!
With much appreciation,
Jeff and Ellie Berlin & Family
In honor of
Malkie Ginsburg
Rabbi Yosef and Dr. Rivkah Blau
Mazel Tov to all of the special honorees!
We're so grateful for all that you do for our children, our school, and our community.
We're so proud to be a part of Mizrachi!
Dovi & Sarah Braun
Kol Hakavod to the administration, staff, and dedicated
volunteers at Fuchs Mizrachi School, and specifically to this
year's well deserving honorees!
A very special shout out to Laura & Mitch Wolf for being
inspirational role models of chessed, kindness, and humbleness
through and through.
We love you and are cheering for you all the way from Boca!
Mazal tov to Morah Malkie on receiving recognition for her
exceptional educational leadership, and to Rabbi Raffi and Mrs.
Rachel Glickman on receiving recognition for being incredible
role models of living a Torah life as alumni and teachers in
the school.
2021 has a lot to celebrate!
Yael & Yehuda Cik
We love you, Rachel
& Raffi!
Mazel tov!
Dana, Molly & Katie
Mazel Tov to the honorees on
these well-deserved awards and
Thank You to the amazing
faculty & staff at Fuchs
Mizrachi School for another
wonderful year!
Rivki & Michael Ebner
Mazel tov, Rabbi Raffi and Rachel Glickman!
Thank you for your friendship and for
everything that you do for our community.
The Pappas Family
Mazal tov to Malkie Ginsburg
on a well deserved honor!
Aaron and Toby Fleischman
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees.
Mazal Tov to the Fuchs Mizrachi School administration
and staff for their incredible dedication to our students every year,and especially now in a year that is anything but ordinary. You are truly unmatched!
Elisha and Anna Fredman & Family
Congratulations to all honorees!
We admire your sincere dedication to the
families of FMS and the Cleveland community.
Teri and Dan German
In honor of all who have made
Elya's year a success!
Special thanks to Karyn
Hartstone, Emily Malm, Morah
Maggie and Morah Dena
Alex and Devora Gipsman
Mazal Tov on 36 years of sustained excellence
and leadership!
We can't wait to see what the next 36 have
in store!
Thank you to the founders, faculty, staff,
administration, parents, grandparents,
Federation, communal leaders, alumni and
students who have made and continue to make
Mizrachi more than a school: it's a community.
With love and appreciation,
Barry & Samantha Guttman
Congratulations to the honorees
and with much appreciation for all that they
have done for our school and our community.
Rubin& Eileen Guttman
On the 36th anniversary of FMS, one of double-Chai, we celebrate
Raffi and Rachel Glickman as Distinguished Alumni.
You are both full of Chai, part of our community, and we
celebrate you together and give thanks.
"We have to make space for the things that matter:
relationships, the family, being part of a community,
celebrating, giving thanks, being part of a tradition and its
wisdom, a faith and its blessings."
#Reflectionsonlife @RabbiSacks
All Our Love,
Mommy & Harold
Dear "Morah Malkie" - Mazal Tov!!
Wishing you and Herzl continued success in
everything you do!
Fuchs Mizrachi Lower School is so lucky to
have you at the helm.
Very proud to be your friends!
Aliza & Alex
Dear Malkie, You are a cherished friend and
mentor, we are so grateful for all you do for
us and the community.
We congratulate you as well as the other
honorees on being recognized for your
dedication and love for the students of
Fuchs Mizrachi.
Avi and Francoise
Mazal tov to Mitch and
Laura Wolf .
Thank you for all you do for
the community
Itamar & Alyssa Levi
Mazal tov to Rachel &
Raffi Glickman and Laura &
Mitch Wolf!
Eliana LeVine
With gratitude to the
teachers and Administration
for their devotion to
our children.
Mordechai & Vicki Lichtenstein
Mazel Tov to all of the honorees.
Each of you deserve this recognition
for your dedication to our wonderful school!
Thank you!!!
Marocco Family
Mazel Tov Rachel and Raffi!
A most well-deserved honor!
Hedy and Mike Milgrom
Mazal tov to all the honorees!
Thank you for all you do for our school
and community.
In appreciation of all the teachers and staff
of FMS. We are so grateful for all you do.
Moshe and Adina Ornstein
Mazal Tov to Rachel and Raffi Glickman on
their well-deserved honor.
Their passion, commitment, and dedication to
our High School is simply outstanding.
Every day the Glickmans make a difference to
the lives of our students.
We are so grateful to have them as a part of
our faculty team.
Rabbi Jeremy Bruce and Rabbi David Teller
Mazel Tov and
congratulations on a well
deserved honor.
With much appreciation,
Avigail Rom
Mazel tov to our sister
Malkie Ginsburg on this well
deserved honor.
We are so proud of all of
your accomplishments!
Elisha & Tzippy Russ-Fishbane
Huge Mazel Tov to Rachel and Raffi, Morah Malkie
and all of the honorees!
Louisa and Rick Schindelheim
Congratulations Wolf family!
The Serels Family
To Malkie
חנוך לנער על פי
is a motto that you
truly live by.
We are very proud of your well
deserved honor.
Dr Rabbi Tuviah and Ahuva and family Shulman
A huge Mazal Tov to Morah Malkie, Rachel and
R' Raffi Glickman and Laura and Mitch Wolf on
your much deserved awards!
We are deeply grateful for your heroic efforts
on behalf of all our children and
entire community.
May you all have the Koach to continue your
selfless work for years to come!
With much admiration,
Tamar, Elliot, Ari, Miri, Ezra and Dovid Smith
Mazal Tov to Rachel & Raffi on receiving
the alum award.
It gives us great Nachat to have watched you
grow into these fabulous people and educators.
To all the honorees...
Mazal Tov!
To FMS...
celebrating 36...
can't wait to see you continue to
keep growing!
Arlene & Michael Smith
We join the greater Fuchs Mizrachi Family in paying tribute to Laura and Yehuda on being chosen as the recipients of the Mike and Peppy Senders Outstanding Service Award. We are, indeed, in the unique position of knowing not only Yehuda and Laura and both sets of parents, but also Mike (may he live and be well) and Peppy (a''h) Senders, for whom this award is named. Laura and Yehuda truly personify the sincerity, the passion and drive that so defines the commitment displayed by the Senders in their involvement in Judaism and its core values. We are so proud of Laura and Yehuda and we can humbly say, 'Ashrei Yeladitam' - their actions mirror those displayed by their fabulous parents who gave birth and raised this remarkable couple - they truly reflect the devotion of our previous generations. They are all the links in the chain that define the mission of our people and we applaud Fuchs Mizrachi School for choosing such worthy honorees.
With love, Uncle Abby and Tanta Sarah Spero
Congratulations to all
the honorees!.
Thank you for all you do for
our school and our community.
Yeva and Ethan Stein
In honor of Danielle Wild,
You have truly stepped up this year to help us through
some unexpected changes to our usual calendar! From Zoom events to tonight's Drive-in, you've been with us!
We are so grateful for your partnership, your
leadership and your guidance.
With much HaKarat Hatov,
The Development Team
Mazal Tov to Malkie Ginsburg on receiving the
Melvin L. Granatstein Educational
Leadership Award.
The students at Mizrachi are lucky to have
such a dedicated, passionate and talented principal and
I am blessed to be able to call
you my dear friend!
Best wishes,
Miriam and Mayer Weiner
Congratulations to the Fuchs
Mizrachi School and Mazel tov
to all of the honorees!
Rabbi Stephen & Naomi Weiss
In honor of our brother and sister Yehuda and Laura Wolf.
We cannot think of anyone more deserving of
this honor.
May you continue to bring נחת to your
family and community.
Naftali, Ruti, Avi, Yonah, Yishai and Eli
In honor of a most wonderful and
deserving couple.
We wish you Hashem's blessings to continue in
your holy mission of supporting Jewish
institutions and nachas from your family.
Ari & Rivky Wolf
In honor of our dear children
Yehuda and Laura Wolf and
our grandchildren.
Sruly and Chaya Wolf
Mazel Tov Rachel and Raffi
Nancy and Rob Zimmerman
Name Listing
Anna and Emmanuel Sanders
Jeff & Shoshana Berenholz
Dr. Ashi & Mrs. Etty Cusner
Danielle and Michael Hoenig
Yaniv and Talia Lautman
Josh and Devra Levine
Bev and David Movsky
Oheb Zedek Cedar Sinai Synagogue
Name Listing
Rabbi Scott and Aviva Roland
Julie & Shalom Schwartzben
Aaron and Sabrina Rose Shifman
Warren and Marlene Sobol
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