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Dr. Rivkah and Ushi Kest
Parents of the Year
Ushi and Rivkah have lived on the Upper West Side since 2008. They have two children, of whom they are very proud: Avi, 14, attends MDS; and Eden, 8, is a student at Bnos Aliya. 
Rivkah is a psychologist who earned her doctorate in neuroscience. She has given her time and expertise to numerous tzedakah projects, including fundraising efforts for her childrens’ respective schools. Ushi is a litigator at a law firm in Manhattan’s financial district and provides pro bono work on select matters.  
Rabbi Jonathan Rietti
 A descendant of the Ben Ish Chai and son of famous British actor Robert Rietti, Rabbi Rietti received semicha from Gateshead Yeshiva, after which he helped establish the Kollel in Gibraltar. Holding a master’s degree in education, he has been an educational consultant for 24 years. Rabbi Rietti currently trains teachers and develops curricula using hands-on chinuch methods steeped in Chazal-based principles. Rabbi Rietti speaks worldwide on inner growth, health, parenting and Jewish identity.
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Elisabeth & Blair Axel
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Law Office of Justin A. Zeller, P.C.
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Sarah Lieber & Jonathan Wachter
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