Senesh@25 Campaign
Thank you to our Senesh@25 Campaign Sponsors:
Hannah Senesh Community Day School
25 Years of Commitment, Community, and Collaboration
231 Current Students 
You inspire us and remind us of the possibilities that lie ahead!
241 Alumni
You embody all that Senesh has to offer!
Founding, Current and Alumni Parents
Thank you for entrusting your children to us and helping to build a vibrant community.
May we continue to go from strength to strength,

Hannah Senesh Community Day School
25 Years of Commitment, Community, and
Hannah Senesh Staff
I have been blessed to work with colleagues who
demonstrate extraordinary commitment
and dedication.
I am honored to work with such a talented,
hard working, caring, and supportive team.
Hannah Senesh Community Day School
25 Years of Commitment, Community, and Collaboration
To the Board of Trustees, Past and Present
Thank you for the great leadership and support you have shown Senesh. Special mention to Chuck Goldman, z''l, and Lisa Kleinman for the wisdom they shared with me, and to Pam Kaplan, Amy Glosser, Emily Reisbaum, and Judy Schoenberg, Board Chairs during my tenure as Head of School.

CHAZON (Visionary) חזון
"If your actions inspire others to
dream more, learn more, do more and become
more, you are a leader."
Congratulations on 25 years!
Dan English
CHAZON (Visionary) חזון
Happy 25th Birthday Senesh!
Rachel and Benjamin Geballe
CHAZON (Visionary) חזון
Happy 25th Birthday Senesh!
Thank you to the incredible founders,
teachers, faculty and parents for seeing us
through the last 25 years and into the next 25 years!
Our family feels blessed to be a part of the
Senesh Community and we look forward to
growing together embracing tradition while
pushing the boundaries of what is possible for the future.
Mazal Tov!!!
Much love, The Kaplans
Melissa Kushner and Jeremy Kaplan
CHAZON (Visionary) חזון
We're so proud that we were there to witness Senesh's birth
and help it grow.
We're grateful to all the teachers who provided our sons
with an excellent education. 
We're grateful to all the Senesh parents who were with us at the start
and those who have joined along the way.
We're grateful to all Senesh board members, past and present,
for their wise governance and vision.
A very special thank you to Nicole, the strongest and steadiest leader
the school has known. We couldn't have had a better head during this challenging time.
Mazel tov to all of us on reaching this milestone!
Lisa and Ralph Kleinman
CHAZON (Visionary) חזון
Congratulations on 25 years of success. Your leadership and dedication are what made Hannah Senesh the incredible school and community that it is today.
All our love,
Mom and Dad
Phyllis and Bernie Nash
CHAZON (Visionary) חזון
"The world only exists because of the 'breath' [i.e., reciting Torah] of schoolchildren... One may not interrupt schoolchildren from studying Torah, even in order to build the Temple." - Babylonian Talmud, Shabbat 119b

Thank you to our beloved teachers and leaders of Hannah Senesh Community Day School who have kept teaching and leading our children with grace, creativity, and wisdom in the midst of society building its response to living through this pandemic.

Mazal tov to Nicole and the whole Senesh community on achieving 25 years. May we go from strength to strength!
With deep gratitude,
The Kanfer Rolnick Family
Meyer '19, Heshel '21, Lev '24, and Pella '29, and Marcella and Josh
CHAZON (Visionary) חזון
Wishing you a Happy 25th anniversary!
We are excited to support the school as you
start your next 25 years.
A very special shout out and thank you to the
teachers for all you are doing during this
challenging time.
Stay safe and healthy!
Diane and Joe Steinberg
Koach (Strength) כח
Happy birthday, Hannah Senesh Community
Day School!
Thank you to the founders, leaders, teachers
and everyone in this beautiful community for
creating a place where our children are
nurtured and encouraged to be the best human
beings they can be.
May you go from strength to strength -
The Berney Family
Michelle and JJ Berney
Koach (Strength) כח
We are overwhelmed with awe by the tremendous care and
dedication of the entire Senesh staff and faculty in general and
over the past few months.
Along with Nicole's steady leadership, every single member of the
Senesh team contributes to ensuring that our children are loved
and inspired, that they learn joyfully and have the confidence to
feel the world is theirs to discover.
From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for all you do.
The Bressmans
Lindsay, Will, Leo (3rd Grade), and Ruby (1st Grade) 
Koach (Strength) כח
We are so pleased to celebrate Hannah Senesh's 25th Birthday with the Senesh community.  Senesh has been such an important part of our lives for many years and over the last few months, it has proved again in the face of immense challenges what a strong and vibrant institution it has become.
We salute the founders, to whom we owe a great debt, and look forward to the next 25 years!

The Levine/Ceresney Clan 
Rachel, Andrew, Ethan and Jonah

Koach (Strength) כח
Congratulations to Hannah Senesh on
25 years.
Thank you to Nicole and Judy for your leadership
and to Emily Reisbaum, for your dedication as Past Board Chair.
It has been a remarkable journey over the
past 25 years.
Gary Gottlieb
Koach (Strength) כח

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." - Nelson Mandela

Nothing stops Senesh! We can't wait to celebrate with our community -- we're 25 years young and going strong. Sending love and laughs for a great evening and future! 

The Schoenberg Mayers family
Chaverim (Friends) חברים
We love seeing Raya, Aviv and Leyla (and soon
Lena) reap the fruits of your good work.
Keep it up.
Mazel Tov!
Karen and Jonathan Kaplan
Chaverim (Friends) חברים
Congratulations to all who
have made Senesh great -
founders, staff, volunteers,
donors and especially
Nicole Nash.
Amy Glosser and Janno Lieber
Chaverim (Friends) חברים
Love the Senesh warm and
supportive community!
Kitty and Mark Linder
Chaverim (Friends) חברים
Yom Huledet Sameach to Senesh!
We are grateful for all you have given to us
and to the community.
To 120!
Emily Reisbaum and Scott Medintz
Chaverim (Friends) חברים
You are ageing very well!
Harvey & Kay Newman
Chaverim (Friends) חברים
Chazak chazak v'nitzchazek!
May our beloved Senesh
community go from strength
to strength!
Chava & Craig Ortner
Chaverim (Friends) חברים
ישר כוח
Thank you so
much for the wonderful job you
are doing with our
grandchildren, us and you!
Tamar and Larry Skolnick
Chaverim (Friends) חברים
Wishing you all Health and
Joy and Wishing to be back in
person with our
Lovely Community!
Lisa Gerstel, Almah Zach and
Shay Zach
Boneh (Builder) בונה
Dear Ruby and Leo,
We all love you so much.
Love, Safta and G
Uncle Teddy and Aunt Ali
Aunt Ellie, Uncle Matt and Herschel
Amy and Robert Bressman
Boneh (Builder) בונה
Happy 25th Birthday, Senesh!
Ariella, Tal,
Eden & Dalia Golomb
Boneh (Builder) בונה
Mazal Tov to all Hannah Senesh
Faculty, Students, Parents and Friends
On this 25th Anniversary Gala
May your wonderful School continue to grow
מחיל אל חיל
in the years to come
With all best wishes from
Doreen and Basil Joffe
Proud Grandparents of Alum Ezra Joffe Hancock '17 
and Senior Sivan Joffe Hancock '20

Boneh (Builder) בונה
Congratulations to 
everyone on reaching 
25 years of community and quality 
education at Hannah Senesh. 
Our thanks and best wishes to Nicole, 
the administration, 
and especially to all the dedicated teachers and educators. 
The Kaplan Miller Family 
Bill, Pam, Marisa, Ethan & Jared
Boneh (Builder) בונה
Happy 25th Birthday Senesh
May you continue to go from strength to strength. 
Ellen and Phil Phillips
Boneh (Builder) בונה

Happy Birthday to Hannah Senesh
where our grandchildren
Leo and Ruby 
are happy, challenged, inspired
and love learning.
Stella and Leslie Stricke
Boneh (Builder) בונה
Happy Birthday Senesh
Amy and Doron Wesly
Chesed (Kindness) חסד
You have educated our children, cared for our
children and helped shape them into
compassionate Jews.
Thank you for doing so with responsibility
and perseverance.
MAZAL Tov on 25 years!!
With gratitude,
Rachel and Avi Abel
Chesed (Kindness) חסד
Happy 25th birthday to our
wonderful school.
This year you proved it.
We love you!
Lana and Max Gershenoff
Chesed (Kindness) חסד
Happy Birthday Senesh
Rebecca and Jeremy Glick
Chesed (Kindness) חסד
Congratulations Hannah Senesh on your
25 Year Milestone.
Thank you for the great work that you do
imparting Jewish values to the
next generation.
Keep up the good work.
Linda and Leib Koyfman, Proud Grandparents
Chesed (Kindness) חסד
Linda and Solomon Kuckelman
Chesed (Kindness) חסד
Happy 25th Birthday Hannah Senesh!
Thank you for providing our children with such
a warm and enriching environment for
our children.
Anik and Stephane Levy
Chesed (Kindness) חסד
"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I
remember, involve me and I learn."
- Benjamin Franklin
Congratulations to the
entire Senesh Community on reaching this
important milestone.
And a special shout out to our teachers who
are striving to make our children's time at
home full of meaningful learning.
The Fagan Salkin Family
Chesed (Kindness) חסד
Our Very Best Wishes to Senesh on its 25th.

ביז 120 יאָר
עד 120 שנה
Vivien and Michael Shelanski
Chesed (Kindness) חסד
Commitment to community, empathy,
resilience, perseverance....
these values have never been more important to
our community and our world.
We could not be more grateful to the school's
leadership, teachers and staff who exemplify
these values every day.
Happy 25th!
May our school continue to be a source of
learning and community for generations
to come.
Aviva and Kurt Will
Etz Chaim (Tree of Life) עץ חיים
Happy Birthday Senesh!
Thank you for playing such an
important role in our family's
life for the past seven years.
Here's to many more!
Nina, Saul, Joey, Jacob and Lilly Blecker
Etz Chaim (Tree of Life) עץ חיים
Congratulations to Senesh!
Thank you to Nicole and the whole team!
And a huge Mazal tov to our graduate Ilan,
class of 2020.
Dan, Cindy, Tamar '18, Ilan '20, and Matan '24
Cindy and Daniel Greenberg
Etz Chaim (Tree of Life) עץ חיים
Happy 25th Birthday Senesh!
Claire and Jacob Koshland
Etz Chaim (Tree of Life) עץ חיים
Happy Birthday, HSCDS!!
Thank you for providing our children with such
a warm and enriching environment.
And thank you for providing our entire family
with a community that is always so welcoming
and supportive.
We feel extremely lucky to call you home!
Avery and Corinne Kotler
Etz Chaim (Tree of Life) עץ חיים
Happy Birthday Senesh
Mina and Herman Kotler
Etz Chaim (Tree of Life) עץ חיים
Thank you to all of the
faculty for your dedication
this year and for keeping our
kids engaged during this time!
Hilary and Mo Koyfman
Etz Chaim (Tree of Life) עץ חיים
Happy Birthday Senesh
Lee and Murray Kushner
Etz Chaim (Tree of Life) עץ חיים
Happy birthday,
Hannah Senesh Community Day School!
Thank you so much for the most amazing and
dedicated staff and to the committed leaders.
We are so grateful to be part of a community
that became a home and a family for us.
Thank you for creating a creative and safe
place for our children and help them to grow
to be amazing people with strong values.
Yesher Koach,
The Feinstein Mentesh Family
Tal, Yehudit, Uri, Itay and Assaf
Etz Chaim (Tree of Life) עץ חיים
Senesh's amazing teachers and administration have always impressed us with their ability to know our children and provide them with a warm environment steeped in the values we want them to carry forward all their lives. Now, the teachers and administration have blown us away with their vision, agility, and innovation. You have given our children a virtual community which has sustained them during trying times -- no small feat. Please know that we are in awe of what you do everyday and our gratitude knows no bounds.
May the next 25 years be filled with the same laughter, questions, study, understanding, and friendship that are the hallmarks of a Senesh education today. But as the needs of our children and our community evolve, we have no doubt that Senesh will rise to meet every challenge with the same awareness of its roots and openness to what its future may be. Senesh, we are so proud to be a part of your mosaic!

The Skolnick Family
Dani, Sumi, Leela (7th), Rohan (4th), and Nayan (incoming K)

Etz Chaim (Tree of Life) עץ חיים
Happy Birthday Senesh
Aliana and David Spungen
Etz Chaim (Tree of Life) עץ חיים
We were delighted to be able to
celebrate the 25th anniversary of this
extraordinary educational endeavor.
We have been a part of the community since the
school's infancy.
The school in its maturity has grown to be a
model for schools everywhere.
Ad maya v'esrim.
Marion and Ron Stein
Etz Chaim (Tree of Life) עץ חיים
Happy Birthday Senesh
Roberta Weisbrod
Etz Chaim (Tree of Life) עץ חיים
In honor of our wonderful
grandsons, Abie, Ezra and Zeb,
as well as their special
parents, Dan and
Becky Wilchins
Sue and Howard Wilchins
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
Mazel Tov, Senesh, on 25 years!
(You don't look a day over 24) We're so
thrilled to be on this journey with you.
With deep gratitude,
Mirm Kriegel and David Bryfman
Jonah Bryfman (5th grade) Abby Bryfman (2nd grade)
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
Happy Birthday Senesh
Esther Bukai
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
Mazel Tov to the Hannah Senesh leadership, staff, founders, board and community on this exciting milestone. This incredible school has shaped our lives in so many ways. Here's to many more years of joyful, spirited learning as we continue to build a Jewish future rooted in tradition, text, inclusivity and tikkun olam.

With love & gratitude,
The Eichenwalds
Elissa, Mike, Gideon '19, Eben '21, Jed '23 and Miriam '28
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
Happy Birthday Senesh
Sara Lippman and Robert Feig
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
Happy 25th Birthday, Senesh!
We are so proud to be a part of this
beautiful, vibrant community.
Our family is beyond grateful to be wrapped up
in the kindness, intelligence, creativity, and
altruism of the teachers, staff, students and
their families.
Every day that our children spend at Senesh
(in person or through zoom!), they become
better people.
Thank you!
Cheers to 250 more years!
The Brechner / Fine Family
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
Happy 25th birthday, Hannah Senesh Community
Day School!
Thank you for seven wonderful years for our
twins, years of growth, development,
friendship, and kindness.
The Finkelstein Family
Tali and Yaron Finkelstein
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
Our best wishes to Hannah Senesh on its first 25 years, and to many more . . .
Ashley Firestone & Brett Friedman
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
Congratulations Hannah Senesh on 25 years of
providing quality Jewish education to
thousands of children.
May you go "from strength to strength" for
the next 25!
Susan and Marshall Gerstel
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
Well done Hannah Senesh Community Day School!
Here's to the next 25 years.
We appreciate all you do for our community,
our family, and Jewish life in Brooklyn.
Kol hakavod!
Gina Schmeling and Alani Golanski
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
We are so happy to join
this community.
Happy Birthday Senesh
Lara Abelsohn and Neil Heymann
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
Mazal tov to Senesh on its 25th!
Congrats to the Class of 2020, leading by
example in a challenging year.
Toda raba to the teachers who work so hard to
educate our children no matter the format.
Thank you to the 4th grade for being such
great buddies.
And to the kindergarten parents &
teachers: May your seesaw stay clear, your
zoom chats quiet and may you always be able to
figure out who is coloring on that screen.
Leora Mezei and Eitan Johnson
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
MAZEL TOV to the Hannah Senesh Community!
An incredible milestone!
With HaShem's help, we achieved a miracle.
Love, Jonathan Katz, Sara Porath, Rebecca Katz
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
Mazel Tov on 25 successful
years creating a loving Jewish
learning community!
Jackie LeBlanc and Jay Klotz
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
Happy Birthday Senesh!
Maggie and David Lissy
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
Wishing Senesh a great 25
year anniversary from the
Malek Family
Lydia Enders and Daniel Malek
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
Happy Birthday!
The community has only grown stronger in
these times.
We've never been happier to be part of it.
Shari and Matt Middleman
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
To our incomparable Hannah Senesh Community
Day School,
May you continue to inspire,
motivate and nurture young minds ad
me'ah v'esrim!
With gratitude and best wishes from
The Paul Family
Jennifer and Ari Paul
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
Mazal Tov to the entire Hannah
Senesh community.
We are so thrilled that our beloved grandchild
Sebastian is being educated in such a
nurturing and stimulating environment.
Carol and Sheldon Rabin
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
Happy Birthday Senesh
Julia Astapkovich and Victor Radzinsky
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
Happy Birthday Senesh
Marianna Rosen
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
Happy Birthday Senesh
Jannet Drucker and William Schneider
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
With gratitude for nurturing,
challenging and teaching
our daughters.
The Kline Solmsen Family
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
Happy 25th Senesh!!
and Congratulations Class of 2020!
Thanks for the wonderful memories!
The Spokoiny Family
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
Happy Birthday Senesh
Alina and Ervin Teper
Simcha (Joy) שמחה

Happy Birthday Hannah Senesh Community Day School

Thank you so much to the leadership, faculty and staff.
You were all amazing before this year and you've all gone above and beyond during these unprecedented times.
We are grateful to be part of such a wonderful community.

Richard and Abby and Jake Weiss
Simcha (Joy) שמחה
The Wells Family wishes
Hannah Senesh strength and
continued commitment to their
strong educational and
religious values that enhance
the lives of so many!
Tina and Matthew Wells
Binah (Understanding) בינה
Mazal Tov!
Amy Abrams and Ronen Glimer

Mazel Tov to the Class of 2020!
A very big Thank YOU to our amazing Class Parents Ilana & Abby for years of service, dedication and community building. 
Jennifer and Albert Heffez
Binah (Understanding) בינה
May the future bring many more bright scholars.
Diana & Bronis Levin

Senesh has always felt like home to me and my children.
Happy Happy 25!!!
Abby and James Nimberg
Binah (Understanding) בינה
Happy 25th Anniversary Hannah Senesh! We are so happy to be a part of this amazing community. Thank you to all teachers, staff and Nicole for your hard work and dedication. Looking forward to celebrating many more years with you.
Mazel Tov, Alissa, Mark, Zoë and Jordan Owens

Happy Birthday Senesh
Miriam and Victor Rabinovitch
Binah (Understanding) בינה
Jane Sanders and Richard Radnay

Thank you to Nicole, the
administration, faculty and
students for all of your
tremendous work!
Melissa Wohl and Avi Turetsky
Journal Listings
Thank you to the generosity of
UJA-Federation of New York 
for support of Hannah Senesh's innovative programs
and for generously
matching distributions on endowment dollars
raised through the Day School Challenge Fund.
Journal Listings
Hannah Senesh gratefully acknowledges
Legacy Heritage for inviting our school to
participate in its Better Together Program.
This inter-generational program fosters
meaningful relationships between
schoolchildren and seniors.
Journal Listings
Happy Birthday Senesh!
We celebrate your illustrious past, your
success today, and for all to come in your
bright future!
It's an honor and privilege to be of service
to you.
With gratitude,
The Senesh Board of Trustees
Journal Listings
Hannah Senesh Community Day
School gratefully acknowledges
the support of
The Caroline & Joseph S. Gruss
Life Monument Funds and the Fund
for Jewish Education
Journal Listings
Thank you to our member organizations:

Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools
National Association for Independent Schools
New York State Association for Independent
Schools Independent Schools Admissions
Associations The Guild of Independent Schools
The Parents League of New York
Journal Listings
To the 2019-2020 Hannah Senesh Parent Association Board
Co-Presidents, Lana Cohen and Corinne Kotler     
Samantha Abeysekera 
Gaby Brechner
Shira Eisenberg
Lisa Gerstel
Yael Hantman
Shira Stone
Alina Teper 
Alexis Johnson-Walzer
And all the amazing Class Parents
Thank you for your tireless work, fantastic events, and tremendous efforts to build a community of our school!
With deep appreciation,
Senesh Families, Board, Teachers and Staff
Journal Listings
Mazal Tov to the Hannah Senesh community on the 25th anniversary.
from Prizmah and Jewish day schools everywhere.
Paul Bernstein, Prizmah CJDS
Prizmah CJDS
Supporter - Birthday Wishes
Mazal Tov to Hannah Senesh on an amazing 25 years!!
Abby, Jeffrey, Alex (2008) and Rachel (2011) Ingber Easton

Kol Hakavod, Hannah Senesh! Congrats to Nicole, the Board, teachers, students, and friends.
Adam Perlmutter & Erica Roseman

For many more to come!
Freda and Yochai Baram
Supporter - Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday to Hannah Senesh!
Wishing you all the best from your friends at
Be'chol Lashon.

Happy birthday to our beloved community that has provided us with so much more than an education for our child! 
Michelle Freedman and Jerome Block

Where else could you find years of challenging and nurturing pedagogy on a button factory floor?
Mort and Laura Cahn
Supporter - Birthday Wishes
Sorry the 25th year celebration wasn't all it should have been. We hope to be back within your walls for 26!
Amy Zolla and Seth Cohen

Happy Birthday Hannah Senesh! We hope the next 25 years are as wonderful as the first!
Martha Nadell and Indio Delgado

May you continue the amazing work you have done for the past 25!
Ellen & David Epstein
Supporter - Birthday Wishes
We are so impressed with the commitment and flexibility of the Senesh teachers, administration, and staff. Thank you for all that you do, this year especially!
Rabbi Rebecca and Barak Epstein

Thankful to be a part of the Hannah Senesh Community of parents, students and educators. Happy 25th Birthday HSCDS
Shelley Fogelson

Here's to the next 25 years of providing a warm, inclusive Jewish community to the students and parents.
Elly & Samantha Geldwerth
Supporter - Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday Hannah Senesh! We wish you a wonderful journey into the next 25 years. Kol hakavod! Gina, Alani, Creeley ('17) and Cy ('20)
Gina Schmeling and Alani Golanski

Happy 25th Birthday, Hannah Senesh! Brody Hantman & all his family appreciate all you do! Pappy & Savtah!
Paul & Heidi Goldberg

May the legacy and foundation you've built in 25 short years continue to grow and impact our community.
Anna & Lenny Gusel
Supporter - Birthday Wishes
We couldn't ask for a better place or teachers to care for our children! Until 120 and more years to come!
Mishel & Shira Hassidim

Happy birthday!!! What a joy and privilege to be part of this tremendous community!
Sara Ivry

I admire people who proactively & authentically work together for the common good, rather than complete each other.
Nison Izraev
Supporter - Birthday Wishes
We love the talented and dedicated teachers at Senesh!
Gillian and Meir Kahtan

Through all these years, Senesh has maintained its culture of warmth, creativity, and valuing the 'Whole Person'!
Sara Porath and Jonathan Katz

Greetings to Senesh from JCC Brooklyn/ Kings Bay Y. We need you in Bklyn more than ever! Yom Huledet Sameach!
Kings Bay Y/ JCC Brooklyn
Supporter - Birthday Wishes
Mazel tov, and here's to 25 more! Thank you for everything you did for Etan.
Jackie LeBlanc and Jay Klotz

Congratulations on reaching this milestone.  Here's to many more!
Meridith Messinger and Lawrence Wolf

Mazel Tov to Senesh for 25 years of learning, growth and community!
Paul and Michelle Nash
Supporter - Birthday Wishes
We love how Senesh provides a loving and nurturing community of teachers, advisors, and friends for our family.
Sheryl and Todd Neufeld

Congratulations on 25 years of excellence! Keep up the good work...
Rita & Mel Ortner

Thank you for providing a superb education and building an incredibly caring community.
Nadya and Gary Shikhman
Supporter - Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday Hannah Senesh!
Thank you for all the love you have given our family over the years!
Nicki and David Silberman

Happy 25th birthday Senesh! So grateful to be a part of this amazing community!! The Subar Family
Deena & Yossi Subar

Happy 25th birthday Hannah Senesh.  May you have many years of prosperity and continued years of happy faces in your classrooms.
Reba & Danny Sudberg
Supporter - Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday Senesh!! Thanks for all the great moments!
The Spokoiny Family

Happy Birthday!
Jacalyn & Steven Walzer

Birthday Wishes
Happy 25th birthday, Senesh! What an amazing 25 years - cheers to the next 25!
Katie Adams

Senesh, Thank you for the joy and adventures our wonderful students bring into my life and for the amazing staff!
Andreea Adereth

Happy Birthday Hannah Senesh! Congratulations on the 25 milestone.
Anat Amsalem

I have loved teaching at Senesh for 10 years now because of the warm, open community!
Shira Becher
Birthday Wishes
Our kids loved getting to know everyone at a small school.
Helene and Charles Bender

Warm wishes from loving grandparents!
Judith and Michael Berman

We love the camaraderie between students. Our son feels connected to students in all Senesh grades.
Laura Rabin and Don Brodale

Mazal Tov Hannah Senesh
To a 120!!!
Darrin and Nathalie Cabot
Birthday Wishes
Mazal Tov on 25 years of learning! We've been with you from the start and will be with you for years to come.
Rabbi Carie Carter - Park Slope Jewish Center

Happy Birthday Senesh! Thanks for being a warm & welcoming community!
The Dorfman Family

The Senesh community welcomed me with open arms when I moved to NY last year. Thank you!
Sarah Fielkow

I've loved being a part of this warm and kind community for the past 4 years. Thank you for welcoming me to NYC and giving me a new home.
Naomi Forman
Birthday Wishes
Mazel Tov to Hannah Senesh! You have been our home away from home.
Best wishes from the Freed and Brandwein family

Happy 25th to a special school. May you go from strength to strength!
Nanette Fridman

Happy Birthday, Hannah Senesh! I am honored to be joining this incredible community!
Lauren Goldberg

Happy Birthday Senesh!
Bruce and Elizabeth Gross
Birthday Wishes
Happy birthday to the wonderful school that feels like family!
Jack Haley and Shira Gregory

Acknowledging Senesh on 25 years of progressive education and a commitment to Hebrew language and Israel education
Hebrew at the Center, Inc.

Mazel on building such a beautiful school and community.
Rhonda & Stu Jakub

Senesh is where Jessica grew up as a teacher and our children grow as students. Happy birthday from Jeff & Jessica
Jessica Lissy and Jeff Trey
Birthday Wishes
Congratulations on 25 successful years! I am so proud!
Hedda Kafka Ground Floor Alumni Parent

I love the Senesh community!
Linda Kane

Happy 25th Birthday Senesh! Thank you for being such an amazing community!
Lisa Katz

Thank you, Senesh, for being the school where "Fair" means that each student gets what they need to succeed!
Sarah Kay
Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday! Wishing you a resilient, safe and healthy next year and years to come.

We love being part of a community that values kindness, communal responsibility, openness, perseverance and journey.
Phyllis Sussman and Zachary Konigsberg

Thank you to the wonderful Senesh community for all you have done and been during these strange few months!
Jeffrey Lee

With admiration for the remarkable professional and lay leadership that has taken Senesh to great heights!
Ray Levi
Birthday Wishes
Happy birthday Senesh! Thank you so much for being a warm, loving place for my child to go to school!
Julie and Mark Levin

For many more years of the best education and high values to our kids.
Maya Komerov and Uri Lichter

Mazal Tov to Nicole Nash, the board of trustees, Senesh teachers and parents for building an amazing school!
Angie Lieber

"Blessed is the match" Happy Birthday HS, thank you for shining a light on the value of taking care of community.
Anne Lilly
Birthday Wishes
Thank you for your work in keeping the community together (and reconnecting alumni) in troubled times.
Sophie Maerowitz/ PR News

Senesh is my place of work as well as my family. It has nurtured me to grow just as it does its students!
Laura Marder

Happy birthday Hannah Senesh! May you continue educating and inspiring students for many years to come.
Ariana Mizrahi

Congratulations to Senesh and Aunt Nikki! We love you and are proud of your efforts!
Zach, Jake, Alyssa and Alex
Birthday Wishes
Happy 25th Birthday!!! Thank you SO much for amazing work and service for our community and our children!
Ally Neuman

I wish Hannah Senesh school happy birthday, for its significant day. I am proud to be part of wonderful community
Ilana Nowatzky-Bendet

Congratulations to Senesh on 25 amazing years! I so cherished my time at HSCDS, and I'm proud to be an alum. Here's to the next 25 years, and onwards to 120!
Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen ‘07

I'm so proud to work at a place that represents my personal values and is such a beautiful community. Happy 25th!
Annette Powers
Birthday Wishes
Amazing people! Mazal Tov ❤️
Meital Avivi Reich and Dor Reich

Mazal Tov on this great achievement!
Jamie Richman

Thank you to every Senesh teacher, staff member and alumni parent who imbued my Senesh education with joy, love, openness, and wisdom!
- Leah Robinson, Senesh Class of 2008

Nicole, your incredible leadership and fortitude has been moving and inspiring. Thank you.
Jill Robinson
Birthday Wishes
Happy 25th, Hannah Senesh! May next year be better than this one.
Miriam Tauber and Zachary Rubenstein

Congratulations on 25 years of enriching and supporting Senesh children!
Helene Ruddy

Thank you for providing so much care and reliable continuous dynamic community for our family throughout the years!
Aura and Dror Shahaf

Hela Lahar and Arad Shaiber
Birthday Wishes
Mazal tov on 25 years Hannah Senesh! I am privileged to be a part of such a warm, caring community, with incredibly innovative teachers, passionate leadership and extraordinary parents, grandparents and friends.   
Karen Stein

Thank you to all of the faculty for your dedication this year and for keeping our kids engaged during this time!
Michael Steinhardt

Happy Birthday Senesh. Thanks for the warm, loving an supportive environment you provide our daughter.
Shira Stone and Gail Horowitz

Thank you third grade teachers Hilary, Rimma and Ariana for your hard work, resilience and for being role models for us all. 
With gratitude, The 3rd Grade Families
Birthday Wishes
Happy Birthday and 25 More!
The Kamil Family

Happy 25th birthday to Hannah Senesh Community Day School, a truly unique, warm and ever so striving! Mazal Tov.
The Brooklyn Music Studio 

Happy 25th Birthday Hannah Senesh! We are grateful for the support you've provided our family!
The Hantman Family

Happy 25th! Thanks for creating a beautiful space where our children can grow, flourish, and change the world!
Robin and Andrew Tilem
Birthday Wishes
Mazal Tov for wonderfully educating our children
Rabbi Weintraub, President Adina Solomon and the Kane Street Board

Thank you for being our kids' home away from home for the past 6 years. We love you, HSCDS!
The Wilchins Family

Mazal tov on 25 amazing years building community and leading with innovation. Celebrating Nicole Nash's leadership.
Arnee R. and Walter A. Winshall

Happy Birthday!!! Best of wishes and keep on growing!!!
Tomer Yanay
Senesh Endowment
Michelle and JJ Berney
Amy and Robert Bressman
Lindsay and Will Bressman
Rachel Levine and Andrew Ceresney
Sara Lippman and Robert Feig
Rachel and Benjamin Geballe
Ariella and Tal Golomb
The Gottlieb/ Reventlow Family
Karen and Jonathan Kaplan
Melissa Kushner and Jeremy Kaplan
Lisa and Ralph Kleinman
Lee and Murray Kushner
Amy Glosser and Janno Lieber
Senesh Endowment
Katherine and Mark Linder
Lippman Kanfer Family Foundation
Judy Schoenberg and Jonathan Mayers
Emily Reisbaum and Scott Medintz
Phyllis and Bernie Nash
Kay and Harvey Newman
Chava and Craig Ortner
Marcella Kanfer Rolnick and Josh Rolnick
Lauri and Ronny Schindler
Samantha Abeysekera and Daniel Skolnick
Tamar and Larry Skolnick
Marion and Ron Stein
Judy and Michael Steinhardt
Senesh Endowment
The Wells Family
Bracha and Martin Werber
Lisa Gerstel-Zach and Shay Zach