Mazal Tov to Temma and Al Kingsley.
Our love and appreciation go out to
Gerry and Robin and Mati and Vivian.
May your leadership keep the Jewish voices ringing!
Sherry Epstein Stein and Henry Stein
Mazal Tov Temma and Al!
As a couple you have always provided strength
when others have flailed. Your life mission is our mission.
We are so proud to acknowledge your
contributions on the stage of Carnegie Hall and as a model
for the hundreds of teens standing on that stage.
You continue to enrich Jewish life through your strong leadership and service to the global Jewish community.
We are inspired by your devotion to Klal Yisrael and share your love for the State of Israel.
May you go from Chayil L'Chayil!
Vivian and Mati
Thank you HaZamir 
and Mati and Vivian
for keeping the
music alive!
Elena and Jay Lefkowitz
Congratulations to
Temma and Al Kingsley
on the occasion of your special honor.
Mazal Tov to Vivian and Mati.
Thank you for continuing to bring your warmth and
joy into all of our lives.
We wish you continued success in all that you do.
Jill and Jonathan Mohrer and Family

To Our Co-Chairs, 
Gerry and Robin 

Having you both by our sides for all these years
has given us strength and support.
We cherish the wisdom you share with us and
the deep friendship that brightens our lives.

Vivian and Mati
Kol HaKavod to
Mati and the extraordinary Zamir team
for so many magical musical moments,
and for always going "above and beyond."
Arline Duker and Bill Werther
We are thrilled to be honored at this year's always magnificent HaZamir gala concert. 
But, as always, the honors really go to
Vivian and Mati Lazar, who breathed life into the chorale and continue to sustain it and nurture it and enable it to soar above whatever stage they grace with their presence. 
This year, HaZamir rose above the challenge of the aftermath of the October 7 massacre. The rehearsals were uplifting for the singers and the relationships among them helped sustain them through most difficult times. 

Kol haKavod Mati and Vivian!

Much love,  Temma  and Al Kingsley

To Hynda Feit

Thank you for being my partner and always available for anything HaZamir!
Once again, your work on behalf of HaZamir
and especially HaZamir Israel,
has been invaluable.

HaZamir keeps Jewish Unity and
love for Israel alive through music,
as it creates the future of
Jewish Choral Singing.
Thank you to Temma and Al for your ongoing support and
to Mati and Vivian for their visional leadership.
Rabbi Danny Freelander
HaZamir is Unity through Harmony, 
Strength by Song,
Hope shared by Heart.
Mazal Tov to Temma and Al Kingsley for
receiving the Kinor David Award and
Todah Rabah to Mati, Vivian, Hadas, Herzl, each and every conductor and coordinator and everyone else who sustains the Musical Magic of HaZamir.
Francine M. Gordon
Temma & Al, Robin & Gerry,
Vivian & Mati, and the entire HaZamir team in the U.S. and Israel for
educating and enriching our children through the glorious language of music!
Ronit Wolff Hanan and Eli Havivi
Congratulations to 
Joshua Koplow
his fellow choristers, conductors and
staff at HaZamir on reaching
Carnegie Hall
for this year's performance.
Meyer Koplow
Chazak, Chazak, V'nitchazek!
Psalm 30:13
With admiration for all who teach,
inspire, lead, support and sing.
Myra Lee and Albert Fleischman Foundation
Cantor Robert and Rabbi Vicki Lieberman
Temma and Al,
your selfless leadership raises our sights.

Mati and Vivian,
your visionary leadership
propels us ever upward.
לכו מחיל אל חיל
Dr. Steven Lorch
Thank you
Vivian and Mati
for another year of wonderful programming!
Dr. Alan Mason
Congratulations to
Vivian & Mati for
HaZamir's continued success.
The Family of
Ruth z"l and Bernie z"l Weinflash​ 
Congratulations and a hearty thank you to
Temma and Al Kingsley for your generous support!
Thank you to Rabbi Gerry and Robin Skolnik for your devotion and leadership of the Zamir Choral Foundation!
Thank you to Vivian and Mati for your
visionary accomplishments in setting the standard for
Jewish choral music and establishing a unique movement
that promotes love of Judaism and Israel through song!
Rena and Elliot Steigman
With gratitude to
Mati and Vivian and 
all the conductors for your
incredible energy and
your devotion to HaZamir.
Cheryl and Dan Troy
On behalf of the Board of Directors of the
Zamir Choral Foundation, we salute our honorees,
dear friends Al and Temma Kingsley.
Their support of our program, and love of HaZamir,
make them perfect honorees today. 

We congratulate our Founder and Director Mati Lazar, whose musical vision drives all that we do, and Vivian Lazar, whose passion for musical excellence and love of Jewish kids has brought HaZamir to the stage of Carnegie Hall today.

Rabbi Gerry Skolnik
President, Board of Directors
Mazal Tov
Temma & Al
on this most deserved honor.
We are inspired by your leadership &
we are blessed by your friendship.

Kol Hakavod to
Vivian & Mati 
for your constant support of Israel &
continuing visionary leadership of HaZamir.

Dr. Hugh & Martha Pollack
Kol HaKavod to Mati and Vivian, the visionaries who bring HaZamir to our teens, and to the dedicated and talented
staff, conductors and teens
who make the magic happen!
We are so blessed to HaZamir in our lives!
Erika and Lew Schon
Mazal Tov to
Temma and Al Kingsley
for your devotion to Israel and the
Zamir Choral Foundation!
Mark and Rhonda Shatz
The entire Skolnik family is proud to join
this well-deserved tribute to our very dear friends
Al and Temma Kingsley,
and in support of HaZamir and the State of Israel.
Mazal Tov to all.
We stand with Israel!
Rabbi Gerald and Robin Skolnik
Thank you
Mati & Vivian
for the magic!
Leah Stolar
Bruce Kessler

Bobbie Sue

Once again you have demonstrated the
greatest devotion to our mission.
With your amazing talents, patience and attention to detail, you have literally helped fill Carnegie Hall.  
We are in awe of you!

With so much gratitude,

Vivian and Mati

Dear Tovah,

So proud of you and your debut at Carnegie Hall!
Mazel to you and the entire HaZamir.
Gratitude to HaZamir DC and
conductor Teddy Klaus.

With Love,
Nanny & Zayde and
the entire Weiss - Berger - Cohen Families
Mazal tov to
Temma & Al Kingsley for their leadership, 
the Zamir Choral Foundation,
the HaZamir singers & staff, and
to all who support
this wonderful venture.
חזק ואמץ
Beth & Marty Aron
Thank you to Temma and Al
for all that you do for HaZamir,
the Zamir Choral Foundation and World Jewry!  
B'Sha'ah Tovah to Sophie Lee Landau,
Conductor HaZamir Houston 
Bobbie Sue Daitch and David Landau
Congratulations Lena for adding your
beautiful voice to the song of the
Jewish people.
We love you and are so proud of you!
And to the entire
HaZamir, Vivian, Mati, and Shachar,
thank you for your inspired leadership.
Cantor Mia & Rabbi Joshua Davidson
To the HaZamir Dream Team: 
Francene, Hadas, Dani, Emma and Herzl
It is an honor to work
with each of you every day.
How lucky am I?
Rabbi Gil,

You've taught us that there are many pathways
leading to the same spiritual destination.  
You serve them all with love and joy!
Thank you for maintaining our spiritual home.
Todah Rabah Roeh Ne'eman
Vivian and Mati

To Leah Stolar

With endless love for Zamir and HaZamir for almost 20 years, you have enriched and elevated our programs.
This year's Gala Concert Journal is yet another
Zamir project that has your stamp of excellence on it.
Thank you!

Vivian and Mati
To Carol Kopelman
Welcome to our team!
With your wise counsel, humor & patience,
you have contributed greatly to
Zamir and its mission.
We are so grateful!
Congratulations to
Vivian & Mati
for HaZamir's continued success.
RabbiCantor Vicki L Axe
Mazel Tov
Alexandra Caplan-Bernstein
the Miami HaZamir chapter!
Jenifer & Michael Bernstein

Mazel Tov to our honorees
Temma and Al Kingsley!
And of course, a huge thank you Vivian and Mati and the staff in the national office, for your tireless efforts and commitment to HaZamir, and to your support for our work in Israel during these most difficult times.
Freddie Brooks
Mazal Tov to Emma Goldman and the
Manhattan HaZamir chapter!
Maxine and Ian Goldman
הפכת מספדי למחול לי
פתחת שקי ותאזרני שמחה
למען יזמרך כבוד ולא ידם
You have turned my sorrow into dancing
You have removed my sackcloth
and clothed me with joy
So that my soul may sing to you and not be silent
(Psalms 30:11-12)
Ever grateful to HaZamir for its power of healing
and joining us together through music and community
Jill and Larry Sandberg

Mazel Tov to Vivian, Mati and the entire HaZamir team for another fabulous season!

Thanks to Marsha for all that you do for the BESTchester chapter!

Special congrats to Ava and the teen leaders &
Gabi and the chamber choir!

Lisa & Mark Schneider
In Honor of
Elena and Jay Lefkowitz ~
Marisa and Richard Stadtmauer
In an era when truth is dimmed, thank you 
for continuing to pierce the cacophony with
clarity as you inspire Jewish teens to sing
with fervor and pride.
HaZamir gives us hope.
Am Yisrael Chai.
Lara Traum
Mazal tov to
Temma and Al
and to
Abby and Denny Waldman

Thank you HaZamir for connecting American and Israeli teens through music!
Howard (Hillel) Wallick &
Freda Rosenfeld
Congratulations to
Vivian & Mati
for HaZamir's continued success.
Cindy and Jacob Worenklein
To our HaZaMazing Singers,
In a year that brought many challenges,
you discovered pathways of communication
through the music that you performed and
with the understanding of their texts.  
We are so proud of you!
HaZamir Israel Singers
In a year filled with events you could not have anticipated,
you taught us about courage and resilience.  
You proved to the world what Jewish/Israeli greatness is.  
We are inspired beyond measure by each of you!
Vivian and Mati 
To Our HaZamir Conductors,
Your talents and dedication to the HaZamir mission provide a foundation for excellence in the next generation.  
With much gratitude,
We love you
Rabbi Moshe & Dr. Ali Blech
Mazel tov to
HaZamir Baltimore!
Lev Eisner and Family
Mazal Tov to
Temma and Al Kingsley
for your devotion to Israel and
the Zamir Choral Foundation!
Mazal Tov to
Mati, Vivian, all the conductors,
and all the HaZamirniks
for keeping
the music alive!!
Cheryl and Bill Gross
Mazel Tov to our daughter Dani and
the entire HaZamir team
on another successful
Festival retreat & beautiful Gala concert.
The work you do is more important
than ever!
Ellen & Scott Paticoff
In honor of 
Al and Temma Kingsley
Enid Friedman and Paul Rosenberg
Mazal tov to
Vivian and Mati and
HaZamir on
this special Carnegie Hall Concert!  
Meralee and Sidney Schlusselberg
Zamir Choral Foundation!
Alan Septimus
Mazal Tov to
Temma and Al,
who have been our
role models for many decades.
Bracha & Marty Werber
Your heart and soul comes through
in your music!
I'm so proud of you, Abby and Daniel!
Mazal tov!
Grandma G

To Our HaZamir Chaperones, 

Your dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of HaZamir teens, allows them to flourish and create harmonies that resonate far beyond the concert hall. 
HaZamir is deeply grateful for volunteers like you, who stand as pillars of support, nurturing a space where creativity and community thrives. Your contribution provides a safe foundation for this musical journey and for that,
we are forever grateful.

The HaZamir National Staff
Half Page
Mazal tov to Mati and Vivian, Temma and Al,
Robin and Gerry and all the HaZamir conductors.
Thank you for engaging in the sacred task of
promoting Jewish music.
Cantor Nancy Abramson and Mitch Glenn

Thank you HaZamir
for giving my child a strong Jewish,
musical and Israel education.
Rabbi Seth and Judith Adelson
Half Page
Bravo to our small but mighty HaZamir Brooklyn chapter:
Elyana, Lila, Mira, and Nomi,
our awesome teen leader Lila,
super parent coordinator Dina, and  
a big thank-you to our conductor Julian Chin!
Freddie Brooks

Mazal tov to all of the wonderful singers of HaZamir and
yiyasher kochachem to Mati and Vivian Lazar
for your inspirational leadership.
Marsha Bryan Edelman
Half Page
A Tremendous Mazal Tov & Yasher Koach to the 
Talented Teens,
Tireless Concert Chairs, and
Beloved Honorees!
 Forest Hills Jewish Center and Rabbi Daniel Graber

Congratulations to
Temma and Al
for a most deserving tribute!
Helaine and Joe Fox
Half Page
Special thanks to Cantor Brian Mayer, Accompanist
Judith Stillman & HaZamir Israel Alumnus Elihay Skital
Mazal Tov from
Judy and Sam Greenblatt & Dianne and Martin Newman

Temma and Al, 
Mazel Tov on this honor. Continue doing great mitzvot.
Roslyn and Robert Haber
Half Page
Mazal Tov to
Temma & Al Kingsley
for your devotion to Israel &
the Zamir Choral Foundation
Herbert Hochman

Congratulations to all
family and friends!
Margie and Brett Kerbel
Half Page
Mom & Dad (Grandma & Grandpa),
Your support of Israel & the arts is truly meaningful.
We applaud your commitment.  Mazel Tov!
Love, Bonni, Mark, Jack, Noah, & Audrey
עם ישראל חי

Temma and Al, you understand that 
music has the power to change lives 
and the Zamir Choral Foundation does that. 
Yasher Koach, dear friends,

Love, Candy and Carl
Half Page
In tribute to our dear friends Temma & Al Kingsley~
Who inspire us all with
generosity of spirit and acts of loving kindness
Valerie & Jack Leibler

Thank you HaZamir for connecting
American and Israeli teens through music!
Chuck and Elaine Mason
Half Page
In memory of my beloved husband,
Hazzan Solomon Mendelson.
Congratulations to Vivian and Mati for
your influence in Jewish values through choral music.
Emma Mendelson

Congratulations to
Vivian & Mati
for HaZamir's
continued success.
Debra and Zalmen Mlotek
Half Page
With love and best wishes always!
Roz Okun

We honor our dear friends Temma & Al
for their hard work & dedication to
Zamir & the Jewish community
and mazal tov to
Robin & Gerry on a successful event!
Pauline & Mark Raphael
Half Page
Mazal Tov, Temma and Al
on this well deserved award! 
Heidi, Allan, Shari & Larry

Mazal Tov to Temma & Al on this well-deserved tribute.  
What amazing honorees!! 
With enduring love for the
Kingsleys, Skolniks & HaZamir
Susan Ticker and Hazzan Henry Rosenblum
Half Page
Thank you HaZamir for
connecting American and Israeli teens
through beautiful music!
Marsha Roth

Mazal Tov to Temma and Al Kingsley
for your devotion to Israel and
the Zamir Choral Foundation!
The Rubin Family
Half Page
Congratulations to
Vivian & Mati
on HaZamir's continued success.
Cathy and Norman Yohay
Yohay Associates

Half Page with Graphic
Half Page with Graphic
Tribute Listing
Thank you HaZamir for keeping the music alive and growing.
Jim Ball & Anita Diamant

To the teens, conductors and leaders of HaZamir: Kol Hakavod on your talent, dedication, and beautiful music! Cantor Gerald Cohen

Mazal tov to our beloved friends Temma and Al Kingsley!
~Susie Drazen, Gila Drazen & Rob Vincent~

Thank you for 8 amazing years of HaZamir. We are forever grateful!   Sharon, Amit, Eli ('20) & Natan ('24) Golding
Tribute Listing
Mazal to my Dear Friends Temma and Al!
Norman Gursen

Mazal Tov to our dear friends, Temma and Al Kingsley!
Melissa and Rabbi Paul Kerbel

To Temma & Al Kingsley for your devotion to Israel & the Zamir Choral Foundation! Stephen & Wilma Kule and Elaine Kule

Great Mazal Tov to Matthew Lazar and HaZamir!
Hazzan Leon and Judge Michal Lissek
Tribute Listing
Mazal Tov to Temma and Al Kingsley for your devotion to Israel and the Zamir Choral Foundation! Tikva, Zahava, Hanna, & Dorothy Mahlab

Congratulations to Vivian & Mati for HaZamir's
continued success.  Cantors Fredda & Jack Mendelson

In honor of Temma and Al Kingsley.
Linda and Edward Morse

Mazal Tov to Layla and thank you HaZamir for connecting American and Israeli teens - Love, Mom, Dad and Tobin
Tribute Listing
Thank you HaZamir for keeping the music alive!
Laine and Harvey Rosen

Mazal Tov to Temma and Al Kingsley for your devotion to Israel and
the Zamir Choral Foundation!  Susan and David Rosenbaum

Mazal Tov Jacob Schonberger - Love, Nanny and Baba
Rachel and Larry Schonberger

Mazal Tov to Temma and Al, and to the Zamir Choral Foundation,
for all your good work. Sherry and Richard Skolnik
Tribute Listing
Congratulations to Vivian & Mati for HaZamir's continued success.
Marilyn and Jeffrey Tabak

Through the song of the youth we thrive. 
Thank you Mati & Viv!   ~Libby Tulin 

Mazal tov to HaZamir on a most moving performance in Carnegie Hall!  Beth Brown and Lenny Wexler

In honor of our beautiful niece, Emma Goldman.
Beth Brown and Lenny Wexler
Name Listing
Sharon, David and Gabe Ades
Sasha Spielvogel and David Burger
Daniel and Shira Chamovitz
Robyn Cimbol
Pauline Clements
Adrienne and Harvey Cohen
Gordon Tucker and Amy Cohn
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Eisenman
Name Listing
Jay Luger and Zita Goldfinger
Andrew & Olga Kagan
Barbara and Jerry Klibanoff
Cantor Lauren Phillips Fogelman
Millie Rosenberg
Jay and Debbie Tartell
Graduating Seniors and Alumni
Evan Gerstenblith                   ♫          HaZamir D.C.                                     '19 - 23
Effie Landau                           ♫          HaZamir Manhattan              '10 - 11,'12 - 13
Sarah Sue Landau                               HaZamir Manhattan                           '04 - 10
Sophie Lee Landau                 ♫         HaZamir Manhattan                            '05 - 11
Bradley Nelson                                   HaZamir Boston                                  '06 - 08
Melanie Raush            ✡                     HaZamir South Jersey                         '13 - 17
Benjamin Sokol          ✡        ♫           HaZamir Boston                                  '13 - 18
Sam Sokol                   ✡        ♫          HaZamir Long Island                          '17 - 22
Noa Stein                    ✡                     HaZamir Philadelphia                         '20 - 24

♫ -  Chamber Choir
✡ -  International Teen Leader