Mati & Vivian
for another wonderful year of song
Stephanie and Herb Neuman
In honor of the
Zamir Choral Foundation
Mazal Tov to 
Phyllis and Richard Rosen and Fran Gordon
on receiving the Zamir Choral Foundation's 
Kinor David award!
Yasher Koach Mati and Vivian!
Sherry and Henry Stein
Sherry and Henry Stein
Your leadership opened the frontier that led to the creation
of HaZamir Partnership chapters across Israel
and established the model that is being replicated
across our Homeland.
Your passionate belief in the HaZamir mission,
your creative savvy and generosity have allowed
HaZamir to flourish on both sides of the ocean.
The love of Jewish music that you share
with your HaZamir/Zamir Noded daughters
is an expression of your unwavering dedication
to the Jewish People and Jewish Music.
Mazal Tov!
Vivian and Mati
To Phyllis and Richard

You have helped reshape the direction of Jewish choral music
through the establishment of the
Jeanne R. Mandell Fund for new music, the commissioning
arm of the Zamir Choral Foundation. The many new compositions
added to the Jewish choral repertoire through your fund
will forever speak to your passion for Jewish life and music.
You turned that passion into the creation of HaZamir Jerusalem.
The third generation in your family to sing with Zamir
is a reflection of the love for Jewish music
that you have instilled in your children and grandchildren. 
Your actions continue to preserve the past
and guarantee the future.
Vivian and Mati
As I receive this Award, named for David's Harp
that pleased the Lord, I express my deepest thanks to Ya.
With words of praise for Jewish song, for HaZamir 400 strong,
like Psalm 150 I sing Hallelujah.
To Vivian & Mati - Hallelujah
To Every HaZamir Conductor - Hallelujah
To Every HaZamirnik - Hallelujah
To Every Volunteer who made HaZamir at the Met happen, especially Bobbie Sue - Hallelujah and finally,
to all who have honored Phyllis, Richard and me by supporting the Zamir Choral Foundation - Hallelujah
Fran Gordon
We anticipate with great joy
Another performance of the
Amazingly talented members of
Under the gifted leadership of
Vivian and Mati Lazar
Whose vision has created
Great pleasure and beauty for all of us!
Temma and Al Kingsley
We've made it!  The MET!
Kol ha Kavod to Mati and Vivian for bringing HaZamir
to ever higher levels of achievement.  
It is an honor to be associated with you
and this remarkable endeavor.
Congratulations to Fran and Phyllis & Richard.  
And a big thank you to Rena & Elliot,
Elinor & Gil, and especially Bobbie Sue
for all your hard work to make this event a success. 
Onward and Upward!
Elena and Jay Lefkowitz
To Our Concert Chairs
Gil, Elinor, Elliot and Rena,

You stepped up -
right into the Metropolitan Opera House!

Thank you for your leadership in
spearheading this year's HaZamir Gala.

Vivian and Mati
Thank you to HaZamir
for all that it has given our family.
Mazal Tov to our niece, Hannah,
our daughter Zoe 
to our honorees
Fran Gordon and Phyllis & Richard Rosen
Harman & Adina Avery-Grossman
To Francine Gordon and Phyllis & Richard Rosen
Your support for HaZamir chapters in Israel has transformed the lives of HaZamir teens internationally. Mazal Tov!
To Vivian and Mati Lazar -
your vision will inspire generations to come.
To the Conductors -
your passion to teach has encouraged excellence.
To the Zamir Choral Foundation -
Yasher Koach and our deepest thanks!
Elinor and Gil Bashe
!ברוך...שהחיינו וקיימנו והגיענו לזמן הזה
Mazal tov to Mati, Vivian,
the HaZamir conductors,
Odelia and her fellow HaZamirniks,
and the HaZamir staff -
You made it to the Met!
Mazal tov as well to our Kinor David Award recipients
Francine M. Gordon and Phyllis and Richard Rosen
and our Concert Chairs
Elinor and Gil Bashe and Rena and Elliot Steigman
!לכו מחיל אל חיל
Dr. Steven Lorch
A Hearty Mazal Tov 
to our Honorees
Fran Gordon and
Phyllis and Richard Rosen
Thank you for your devotion and support of HaZamir
Congratulations to Concert Chairs 
Elinor and Gil Bashe
Yasher Koach to Vivian and Mati
for carrying forward your vision of 
fostering Jewish unity through Song
A Shout Out to Marsha, Bobbie Sue,
Fran and Jeff for a job well done.
Rena and Elliot Steigman
Congratulations Mati and Vivian!
Thank you HaZamir Manhattan 
Conductor Scott Stein for 
another amazing HaZamir experience!
Cindy, Jay and Sasha Worenklein
In honor of our granddaughter
Mykalah Hope Jacob
Sherryl & Gerard Cohen
To a woman who is strong, giving, and bright 
Today we celebrate you and your tremendous foresight 
To recognize the potential and the great power
For the hearts to sing and the relationships to flower 

You have vision, you are ambitious, you go for your goal 
To make this world more meaningful, more connected, more whole 
To use music and singing to form long-lasting friendship
And to foster both community and partnership 

As your children, we have seen your dreams transform
From seeds of ideas to small project to true art form 
Thank you for showing us what is means to have vision coupled with heart 
For teaching us to follow our passion from the very start 

We are so proud of you, and love you so much 
It's so inspiring to see how many lives you continue to touch 
May all of us learn from your tremendous example 
And the music and happiness always be ample! 
Rachel, Raffi, Sarah, David, Shira, and Molly 
With gratitude to Mati and Vivian,
to all the conductors,
parents and volunteers
who make HaZamir such a
vibrant experience for all the singers.
Mazal Tov on a spectacular concert!
The Beker Foundation
Warm wishes to our friends
Vivian and Mati
for devoting their lives to
harmonizing Jews with
their eternal heritage.
Vivian and Daniel Chill
Thank You 
Richard and Phyllis
Befriending me and
Inspiring me in all things Zamir
Hynda Feit
HaZamir Rocks! 
Mazal tov
HaZamir Houston!
Leah Stolar and Bruce Kessler
Congratulations to all!
Phyllis and Michael (z"l) Hammer Fund
Yasher Koach
Mati and Vivian!
Hugh & Martha Pollack
Mazal Tov to the honorees Fran, Phyllis and Richard
with gratitude for their hard work and dedication
to this wonderful organization and all the teens
who benefit from it.
A special thanks to Elena Lefkowitz
for being so instrumental in raising the
Zamir Choral Foundation to new heights.
As our youngest child Ariel graduates from HaZamir
we want to express our 
enormous thanks to Mati and Vivian
for shepherding our family through these years
of growth and the making of meaningful music.
Cheryl and Dan Troy
 Mazal Tov to
Mati and Vivian 
for all the amazing work that you do.
Peter and Ellen Weintraub
What a great day, a magical event!
Thank you to honorees
Fran, Phyllis and Richard,
to our talented HaZamir conductors, dedicated parents,
and wonderful HaZamirniks.
Kol HaKavod to Mati and Vivian
who make it all happen.
Arline Duker & Bill Werther
Erika and Lew Schon
To Bobbie Sue
There is no one like you!
Your talents and skills are unsurpassed.
You've passed on those qualities
to your 3 musical children who are now
making their own contributions
to the Jewish Choral movement
through HaZamir and Zamir Noded.
Your decades of dedication to Zamir
has changed the face of our organization.
Vivian and Mati
Zamir Choral Foundation
In praise of
the extraordinary inspiration and vision 
of our friend, Maestro Mati Lazar
In support of youthful voices coming together in joy and song
Yasher koach to Phyllis and Richard Rosen, a very special Shirah couple whose dedication to the
continuity of Jewish Choral Music we honor
Berru Charitable Foundation
(Weinflash, Konstadt and Kopelman Families)
Berru Charitable Foundation
Congratulations to the Honorees
Mati and Vivian,
the chapter conductors,
and to the singers and their parents 
all of whom make this wonderful undertaking possible. 
A special Mazal Tov with love to my
granddaughter Ariel Troy on this her final year.
Inge Horowitz
Yasher Koach
Mati and Vivian!
Stephen Brown, M.D. International Medical Imaging Consulting, Inc.
Dear Mati and Vivian,
By engaging our youth in Judaism through
Jewish choral music, a team sport,
you promote a powerful force driving Jewish continuity. 
We applaud your commitment and hard work.
This is exactly what we need to
keep Israel and Judaism vibrant.
Kol Ha'Zamir. Kol Ha'Kavod.
With love and admiration,
Jake & Linda Kriger
Wow! The MET!
Congrats to Fran & Phyllis and Richard
on your Kinor David Award!
Thanks to Rena & Elliot and Elinor & Gil
for Co-chairing the HaZamir Gala!
Mazal tov to all HaZamirniks and Conductors!
Mati and Vivian- WOW! The MET!!!!
Bobbie Sue Daitch & David Landau
Bravo HaZamir!
Rimon Foundation

To our Talented HaZamir Singers,

What an exceptional group of young singers you are!
Your Jewish pride is expressed in the beauty
and power of your strong Jewish choral singing.
Hard work and dedication truly do pay off!

Congratulations to each of you on this momentous occasion
of performing on the stage
of the Metropolitan Opera House

Vivian,  Dov and Emma
Thank you to Mati and Vivian,
and to HaZamir HaSharon (especially Lior and Sima!), 
for welcoming our son Mitchell as HaZamir's
first-ever "exchange" singer.
And mazal tov to HaZamir DC,
where Mitchell got his start.
We are so thrilled to be part of
the international HaZamir family!
The Akawie Family
Mazal tov to Phyllis, Richard and Fran!
Your commitment to the Zamir Choral Foundation
allows HaZamir to continue to grow and succeed
in providing a rich and meaningful Jewish musical community
for our youth.
Bravo to our HaZamir singers
for your hard work and beautiful music.
Thank you to Mati, Vivian, and to the
conductors, staff and volunteers for all you do.
Beth & Marty Aron
Thank you,
Mati and Vivian,
for your commitment to the music and the message.
Mazal Tov to our honorees,
Phyllis, Richard, and Fran,
for this well-deserved recognition.
Thank you,
Francene Sokol and Michael McCloskey,
for making HaZamir Boston so great.
And Yasher Koach, Hannah Avery-Peck!
Keep singing! We love you!
Lisa and Alan Avery-Peck
Mazel Tov
Carly and Lilly Batt
and to all the HaZamir Teens. 
Best of Luck to
Carly and the Class of 2017
XOXO, Pondy & Jay
With gratitude to
Vivian and Matthew Lazar
Dr. Alan Mason and Robert Glazier
Bravo HaZamir!
Vicki & Simon Fishman
Fishman Law, PLLC
We Sing Your Praises."
Bob and Trudy Gottesman
Betsy and Benjamin Lopata
It is an honor and privilege to be part of
HaZamir at The Met.
Kudos to Vivian and Mati Lazar
and all participants. 
Chazak V'Ematz!
The David and Beatrice Maryles Memorial Fund, Gladys and Matthew J. Maryles
HAZAMIR at the Metropolitan Opera House
will be a lifelong memory for everyone involved.
Love and hugs to you all for creating
a magical moment
in the lives of our young people,
their families, and the ZCF!

Hazzan Alberto and Deborah Mizrahi
President of the Cantors Assembly
Bravo HaZamir!
Brian Kalver and Sue Och
היינו כחלמים
We were like dreamers
אם תרצו איו זו אגדה
If you will it, it is no dream
With deep appreciation for all of those whose vision and
commitment have enabled a dream to become reality
In honor of
Fran Gordon
Phyllis and Richard Rosen
Vivian Lazar
Mati Lazar
The families, parents and singers of HaZamir
Jill and Larry Sandberg 
Matthew and Vivian
And a Hearty Mazel Tov to the Honorees
Mark & Minna Seitelman
In honor of dear friends
Elena and Jay Lefkowitz
Marisa & Richard Stadtmauer
Mazal Tov 
to our Friends
Phyllis and Richard Rosen
Their Well-Deserved Honor
Joyce and Aaron Weitz
What a Miracle! HaZamir at the Met! 
Congratulations and Best Wishes to
HaZamir, Vivian and Mati!
Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer

Dear HaZamir Parent Coordinators,

It is often said, it takes a village... and what a village of hard working and dedicated parents we have assembled.

Thank you for all of  your efforts this year. You are HaZamir heroes,  working behind the scenes to ensure that your chapters thrive and flourish. It amazes us to see your constant dedication, all on behalf of our very large HaZa-family.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Mazal tov to Phyllis, Richard and Fran
Yasher Koach to and Mati and Vivian
HaZamir rocks!
Nancy Abramson
Heartfelt Congratulations to my friends
Phyllis and Richard Rosen and Fran Gordon
on their well deserved honor of receiving the
Zamir Choral Foundation's Kinor David award!!!
And a HUGE thanks to Vivian and Mati Lazar for all they do to continue this amazing legacy and outreach to so many teens and young adults who further Jewish music and our heritage beyond our horizons.
HaZamir you are amazing!!!!!
With deep admiration,
Karen Acker and Glenn Kassel
In honor of Elena and Jay Lefkowitz!
Marilyn and Greg Adler
Mazal Tov to HaZamir at the MET
A special Yasher Koach to our awesome Brooklyn singers - Anya, Ayden, Elana, Leora, Mara, Ruby, Shayna, Shoshie, and Talia - and to our wonderful new conductor Eric Spiegel for all the time invested
in our fantastic Brooklyn chapter!
Congratulations to Fran Gordon and to Phyllis & Richard Rosen - thank you for all you do for the ZCF, for Jewish music,
and for the Jewish people. 
Thank you Vivian and the national office for your tireless efforts
and unflagging commitment to HaZamir.
And of course thank you Mati, for your vision, passion and unsurpassed musicianship, and for all you provide to the Jewish choral world.
Freddie Brooks
To our dear friend Elena
You inspire us with your passion and dedication to HaZamir and the community.
Jennifer & Saul
Mazal Tov 
Fran Gordon!
Karen and David Eisner
In tribute to our friends
Elinor and Gil Bashe
Elena and Jay Lefkowitz.
Keep the Singing Strong!
With appreciation, 
Eve and David Farber
Mazal Tov to
Phyllis and Richard Rosen
Fran Gordon
on receiving the
Zamir Choral Foundation's
Kinor David award!
Lynne and Joshua Fishman
Al HaNisim:
Thanks Mati and Vivian for your
vision that creates miracles
Rav Todot: 
Deep gratitude to Fran, Phyllis and Richard
for supporting the dream 
Rabbi Dan Freelander & 
Rabbi Elyse Frishman
Mazel Tov Stacie Kerbel - You Are AMAZING!!! 
Shout Out's and Thank You's to
HaZamir Philadelphia, Marsha, Vivian, Mati,
Dov, Emma, Bobbie Sue
and everyone that makes HaZamir so special.
to all the Chaperones, Parent Coordinators,
Conductors, and Musicians.
Margie & Brett Kerbel
Mazal tov to
Maestro Lazar
the Honorees

Helen and Bob Levine
For Daniel Mayer,
We are so happy to be here to share
your accomplishment with HaZamir!
Love you,
Bubbie and Zaydie Mayer
To our parents, grandparents
and great-grandparents
Phyllis and Richard Rosen
Bravo to HaZamir!
Ira and Heidi Strool-Rosen, Batsheva Zevi, Amalya Margalit and Betzalel Tzvi Weisinger, Eli, Rachel Leora, Josie Ella, and Andi Rose Rosen; Rabbi Daniel and Julie Cardonick Rosen, Madeline and Talia Rosen; Naomi Rosen and Rabbi David Swidler,
Rafi Swidler of HaZamir Jerusalem, Eli, Nava, Yoni, Avital, and Eyal Gilad Naftali Swidler 
Mazal Tov to
Phyllis and Richard Rosen 
Fran Gordon
on receiving the
Zamir Choral Foundation's
Kinor David award!
Meralee and Sidney Schlusselberg
is proud to honor our friends and members
Richard and Phyllis Rosen
Mazel Tov on receiving the Kinor David Award
Congratulations to
Phyllis and Richard and to Fran,
and Bravissimo to HaZamir,
Maestro Matthew Lazar,
and Impressario par excellence
Vivian Lazar,
for their clarity of vision and commitment
to musical excellence, Jewish youth,
and the State of Israel.
Magnificent on all counts!
Robin and Gerry Skolnik
Freda Rosenfeld and Hillel Wallick
To Our Devoted HaZamir Conductors
Bringing your singers to the majestic
Metropolitan Opera Stage is the culmination of countless hours
of hard work and dedication. 
This unique opportunity could only have happened
because every note was refined by you.
You are mentors to your singers and have forged
a relationship that they will never forget. 
You each bring your own energy and masterful
musicianship to our program, and have truly helped us
reach new heights!
Thank you for making the
2016-17 HaZamir year so successful.
Zamir Choral Foundation
To our amazing, HaZamir Teen Leaders 
You ran activities, planned chapter events, bonded singers, lead sectionals and made announcements. You posted daily personalized international birthday messages, completed every one of your writing assignments (SLEECs), and began a new initiative, the HaZaGiveback program. This is your legacy, traditions that will continue onward and grow
and you have all done such a fantastic job.
This year, we celebrated your own individual strengths in order to come together as one united Teen Leadership community. You have all done such a great job, in you chapters and internationally. You are an inspiring, dedicated, hard working, and smart bunch of young adults
and the future leaders of our people.
To Emily and Josh, our fantastic co-chairs. You made such a lovely team and helped shape the direction of our group. You should be very proud of your accomplishments, as we are. 
To our graduating seniors, Rayut, Naomi L., Yarin, Jacob, Emily K., Shoshie B., Leora, Shoshi B., Emily R., Ariel, Alex, May, Maia, Sasha, Tobi, Ella, Kelsey, Ilana, Josh, Sam S., Stacie, Ariana, Penina, Melanie, and Carly - the sky is the limit, and we expect you to soar! We can't wait to hear about your many accomplishments in the future.
To our returning TLs - just you wait, we have only just begun! #onSLEEC

Dov and Avi
Mazel Tov to my bestie,
Fran Gordon!
So sorry I can't be there to
celebrate with you! 
With love,
Trish Adler
With admiration and affection
Mati & Vivian
Linda & David Altshuler
Mazel Tov and Kol Hakavod to
Mati and Vivian
and all of the HaZamir conductors
for bringing the joy of choral music
to hundreds of talented teens
through the lens of
our rich Jewish heritage
Rabbi Cantor Vicki and Dr. Harold Axe
Bravo HaZamir!
We are so proud of our grandson Mitchell.
Thank you to HaZamir for providing
a wonderful experience for so many teens!
Roger and Sandra Barnett
Yasher Koach Mati and Vivian!
Margaret Berman
Bravo HaZamir!
Sara Berman
Mati, Vivian, and all the young singers
With our best wishes always ~
Gaya (Aranoff) & Lewis (Bernstein)
So proud of you Lexi Bernstein!!
Julie Bernstein & Steven Weinstein
Thank you Zamir
Phyllis & Richard Rosen
for years of good music
Monica & Alan Blum
To Shoshie Brickman,
What a joy it's been to share the awesome experience
of singing Jewish choral music with you! I can't believe
this is your last year in HaZamir and you're getting to go
out with a bang at the Metropolitan Opera House!
Looking forward to singing TOGETHER on stage at
Jazz at Lincoln Center in May.
With all my love, Aunt Freddie
Congratulations to my dear choral festival friend,
Fran Gordon
Phyllis and Richard Rosen
on this well-deserved honor.
Your passion for Jewish choral music and your dedication to sustaining its' gifts for future generations are venerable.
Susan Davis
Young voices hold the promise
of the future. 
Congratulations to HaZamir.
Dorothy Denburg
Mazal Tov to senior Jessica Edelson,
to all of HaZamir,
and to all honorees
Mitchell and Michelle Edelson
Bravo to Phyllis and Richard Rosen and Fran Gordon
on receiving the Kinor David Award!
Yashir Koach to Cantor Joel Caplan, Sue Goldberg,
Sherri London and Zahava Finkel
for all you do for
HaZamir North Jersey!
B'ruchim Habaiim HaZamir Ofakim -
Welcome to our Musical Mishpachah!
Anita and Edward Finkel
Kol Hakavod Fran!
May we always celebrate
the high notes together!
Love from FOR
Ellie Sue, Jen, Liz, Lori, & Nancy
Mazal Tov
Fran Gordon!
Sue and Mitch Frankel
Mazel Tov
to my very dear friend
Fran Gordon
and for all the wonderful things
that she does!
Donald Gerber
Mazal tov to the honorees and to
Mati and Vivian!
A special shout-out to
Kelly Shepard and HaZamir Los Angeles!
With love from The Goldman Family-
Seth, Sheryl, Rina, Ayelet & Sammy
Fran, lots of love and mazal tov from us and all of the Gordon mishpacha in Florida, NYC, North Carolina, Texas and Ohio!
Kadimah to you and to HaZamir!
Cheryl, Scott, Patty and Barry Gordon
Mazal Tov
Fran Gordon!
Leona Green
Mazal Tov to each and every HaZamirnik!
Those of us in The Zamir Chorale
really appreciate the work and dedication it took
for y'all to get to
The MET!!!
Cheryl and Bill Gross
Just saying thank you is not enough, but it's a good start.
Todah Rabbah to Scott Stein, our amazing conductor,
for the dedication and devotion you show teaching
our children and for making HaZamir something wonderful
for them and us. We are blessed to have you.
Mazal tov to Phyllis and Richard Rosen and Fran Gordon
on receiving the Zamir Choral Foundation
Kinor David Award.
HaZamir Manhattan Chapter
Heartfelt Mazal Tov to Fran
gratitude and appreciation to
Mati and Viv
Jerry and Debbie Isaak-Shapiro
Mazal Tov to
Phyllis and Richard Rosen
`and Fran Gordon on receiving the
Zamir Choral Foundation's Kinor David award!
Cantor Marcy and Paul Kadin
Mazal Tov
Fran Gordon!
Joe and Pam Kanfer
Mazal tov to our dear friends,
Phyllis and Richard Rosen,
on receiving the Kinor David Award
from HaZamir!
Rachel & Rob Sidlow
and Nicky & Morty Katz
Nancy and John Kenney
Yasher Koach
Mati and Vivian!
Rose and Morton Landowne
Mazal Tov and thank you to 
Fran Gordon
and all who make HaZamir
such a meaningful Jewish experience!
Sandy & Steve Laserson
Mazal Tov
Phyllis and Richard Rosen!
Ruth and Robert Lewis
Elaine and Chuck Mason
Yasher Koach
Mati and Vivian!
Emma Mendelson
Mazal Tov to Phyllis, Richard and Fran.
Yasher Koach to Mati and Vivian!
With love,
Jackie & Fredda
The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies joins the
Zamir Choral Foundation in saluting our dear friend
Fran Gordon
for her outstanding leadership, generosity of time and resources and commitment to vibrant Jewish life.
"Righteous acts of generosity are equal in importance to all other holy obligations combined." (B. Bava Batra 9a)
Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies
HaZamir never disappoints!
Spectacular as always!!
Sophia Peister - We are SO proud of you!
Yasher Koach to all the singers, conductors and to
Vivian and Mati! 
Jayne and Darren Peister
We love HaZamir!
Thank you and Yasher Koach to all
who make this amazing organization a reality.
Mazel tov, Emily, on your 5th and final year in
HaZamir and your contribution as an
International Co-chair this year.
We are so proud of you!
Mom, Dad, and Robbie
In honor of 
Cantor Isadore and Judith Singer
Mark & Darcy Singer
With gratitude to Vivian and Mati, for their inspiration,
talent, boundless energy and friendship
To Michael McCloskey for helping us build
a great HaZamir Boston chapter
To Benjamin and Sam, who inspire us every day
with their talent and commitment.
 We love you and are so proud of you!
Rav-Hazzan Scott and Francene Sokol
Temple Beth El of Boca Raton 
Meredith Levin and Rachel Ramos.
We are so grateful to
Cantorial Soloist Michelle Auslander Cohen
for her vision, her spirit, and her leadership.
Kol hakavod HaZamir!
Denny & Abby Waldman
Mazal Tov to the honorees,
Fran Gordon and Phyllis & Richard Rosen.
Yasher Koach to Vivian & Mati.
Love to our friends Elinor & Gil Bashe.
Bravo to HaZamir Manhattan
and Scott Stein, their amazing Conductor.
Cheers to all of the HaZamir singers, conductors
and coordinators, and the many friends we've made.
Laurie Dien, Alan Yaillen & Aliza Yaillen
Yasher Koach to Mati, Vivian,
our talented conductors and most of all...
to the Future of Jewish Choral Music 
which is blessed in the
voices of our HaZamir singers 
From the Members of the Zamir Chorale
Thank you to all who make 
such a wonderful Jewish experience for teens.
Carol Zawatsky
Kol HaKavod, Francine!
Mitchell Balk
Dear Michelle, wishing you the time of your life shining &
singing to your heart's content! Love, M, D & B Balson
To our Maya and all HaZamir Singers and Conductors, May
your voices spread joy around the whole world. The Behiri's
Honoring Fran, Phyllis & Richard, & with gratitude for the
joy of HaZamir.  Lois and Michael Berlowitz
In honor of Concert Co-Chairs Elinor and Gil Bashe
David Goldfarb
In honor of the Rosens
Harriet Kaplow
Congratulations Fran on this wonderful honor.
Sharon A. Carr and Patricia R. Klausner
Thank you to all who support the amazing Jewish musical
experiences HaZamir brings to our children. The Mann's
We are so proud of Richard & Phyllis' many accomplishments
and friendship.  Barbara and David Morris
Kudos Sarah Sue Landau, Elena Lefkowitz, and Sasha Worenklein. 
Keep reaching those high notes.  Barbara & Guy Reiss

Mazal Tov Mati, Vivian and HaZamir
Steven and Gale Spira
In honor of Fran Gordon
Sidney & Andrea Steinberger Family Philanthropic Fund

Keep singing till 120
Simon and Sonja Swidler
Mazal Tov to Sarah Tenner and family! Rabbi Vernon
 Kurtz, Rabbi Michael Schwab, Hazzan Ben Tisser

May the harmony of our talented youth be our pathway
to a better future. Kol HaKavod!   Libby Tulin


Mazel Tov to Rebecca Zinn.  You made it to the Met!
The Fairman-Zinn Family
Congratulations to our Frannie!  Thanks for spreading the joy
of our music throughout the world.  Bill & Hayato Zukof
Lisa Lazerson and Michael Abrams
June and Terry Aranoff
Karen Berenthal
For Noa Kraus by Kate Bressler
Shirley Century
Hilda and Hugo Daenen


Ilene and Irwin S. Davison
Phyllis G. and Joseph S. Eisenman
Roberta and Harold Geller
Dr. Ellen Glickman & Harold Greenberg, Kent State U
Susan Goldstein
Nancy and Randy Gorod


Thelma and Sandy Hochberg
Karen and Ira Levinsky
Judge Michal and Hazzan Leon S. Lissek
Arlene and Jack Lowenstein
Letty G. Lutzker
Hedy and Michael Milgrom


Hermine Krasny Ostro
Aya and Amnon Ophir
Amy & Cantor Misha Pisman, Park Synagogue, Cleveland
Ellen and Jay Steinberg
Hazzan David and Ellen Tilman
Jacqueline York

  Allison Abrams            ♫        HaZamir Manhattan                '12 -'16  
Shachar Avraham         ♫        HaZamir Bergen Country         '07 -'12
Melissa Joseph                          HaZamir North Jersey               '10 -'15
Effie Landau                   ♫        HaZamir Manhattan    '10 -'11,'12 -'13
Sarah Sue Landau                     HaZamir Manhattan                 '04 -'10
Sophie Lee Landau         ♫        HaZamir Manhattan                 '05 -'11
Gabi Faye Levin             ♫        HaZamir Baltimore                   '05 -'08
Miriam Mishkin                        HaZamir Brooklyn                     '12 -'13
  Aliza Yaillen           ✡                HaZamir Manhattan                  '09 -'13     
♫ - Chamber Choir
✡ -  International Teen Leader
Emily Anfang                                       HaZamir Hartford
Hannah Avery-Peck          ♫                HaZamir Boston
Kelsey  Bailey                   ♫      ✡        HaZamir Minneapolis/ St. Paul
Hannah Elizabeth Cutrona                  HaZamir Cleveland
Hilary Morgen Elkin                           HaZamir North Jersey
Ella Crowell Lang                     ✡        HaZamir Manhattan
Sara Beth Lieberman                            HaZamir Rockland County
Rachel Lootens                                     HaZamir Houston
Melanie Raush                          ✡        HaZamir South Jersey
Elana Rubin                                        HaZamir Baltimore
Shana Seligman                                   HaZamir Silicon Valley
Leora Singer                             ✡         HaZamir Brooklyn
Sam Schmutter                ♫      ✡        HaZamir North Jersey
Gordon M. Ward                                 HaZamir Westchester

♫ - Chamber Choir
✡ -  International Teen Leader