Vivian & Mati
for another wonderful year of song
Stephanie and Herb Neuman
Bravo HaZamir - 25 years!
Looking forward to the next 25.
We are thrilled to honor our dear friend Vivian
 for her leadership role as Director of HaZamir.
Congratulations Vivian and Mati and all
who have worked so hard behind the scenes
to make this Gala Concert a success!
Much love,
Sherry and Henry Stein
Mazal tov, Vivian!
We've looked on in wonder and gratitude
as HaZamir has grown and flourished
under your inspired leadership.
You have transformed HaZamir into
the Foundation's crowning achievement,
and you are the jewel in its crown.
We can't thank you enough!

Board of Directors
Zamir Choral Foundation

Dr. Steven Lorch, President
Elena Lefkowitz, Vice President
Rabbi Gerald Skolnik, Vice President
Henry Stein, Vice President
Arline Duker, Secretary
Jonathan Chimene, Treasurer

As you receive this award, named for David's Harp which
pleased the Lord, We express our deepest thanks to Yah.
For Vivian, her wit and grace, her alto voice, her ageless face,
Like Psalm 150 we sing Hallelujah!
You receive this award, named for David's Harp which pleased
the Lord, because you know Jewish music is the link between
Youth and Yah.
To Vivian, HaZamir's leader strong, who is the strength behind
the song, like Psalm 150 we sing Hallelujah!
Mazel tov to Vivian on receiving the Kinor David Award and to
Mati and HaZamir on our 25th Anniversary.
Francine Gordon and William Zukof
To The Next 25 Years!
Hahn Foundation
To the Board of Directors of the
Zamir Choral Foundation
Your constant support and work on behalf of
Zamir and HaZamir has impacted generations.
Thank you for  sharing our vision and
finding the means to implement it. 
Our work is holy and your contributions immeasurable.
Vivian and Mati

To our dear friend Vivian:
An extraordinary woman of vision, discipline, and fortitude, who has an unwavering commitment to perfection.  Your dedication and leadership has made HaZamir a dynamic youth movement that is shaping Jewish lives.  
Kol ha Kavod on this most deserved honor. 
 It is a privilege to work with you and Mati.
With great love and admiration,
 Jay and Elena Lefkowitz, 
Tali, Dani and Jake

Congratulations and Warmest Wishes to 
Vivian Lazar
On Her Wonderfully Deserved Award and
Her Extraordinary Leadership
And to Mati Lazar for
The Magnificent Gift to the Jewish Community of
Zamir and HaZamir.
You are an Inspiration to the
Jewish Community.
Cindy, Jacob and Sasha Worenklein
Viv, You are the heart and soul of HaZamir
and we are so grateful to you for all that you
have done for Zoe and our family.
May you be privileged to do this work until
you are 120 (or longer!).
Harman, Adina, Zoe, Eli and Brenne
The gift you have given and continue
to give every day to the youngsters who
participate, to their families, to all of us
who are privileged to hear and witness the
wonder of HaZamir, and to the greater Jewish
world is more spectacular
than any tribute could possibly be!
Mazal Tov and much love!!
Temma and Al Kingsley
To Vivian / Mom
An ethic of excellence is a rare virtue. Commitment to the best, to working hard to achieve true greatness is not a feature of most experiences, programs, and cultures. Your insistence on quality, knowledge, and depth is a hallmark of your leadership, and of what you've taught us as you helped
shape this family.
 We are so proud of all you have accomplished. 
You inspire us every day with your passion, vision, and
faith in the Jewish people.
May you go from strength to strength!
Mati, Yael, Ariel and Sabrina
Mazal tov, Vivian - you've created the most
exciting Jewish choral music community ever!
Mazal tov, Mati - you've created the
highest-quality Jewish teen choir ever!
Mazal tov, HaZamirniks, conductors, and
coordinators - 25 years and going strong!
היה והיה הזמיר - here's to the next 25!
Dr. Steven Lorch
Vibrant,  Vital,  Vivified 
Bravo HaZamir-
25 Years!
Phyllis Hammer
Dear Vivian,
YOU have made HaZamir the tremendous success that it is today.
YOU have brought students around the world
closer to Jewish music.
YOU have brought joy to the hearts
of people of all ages.
YOU made this all happen with your vision
and tireless work.
YOUR smile, generous spirit, and gift
of friendship and love have enhanced our lives. 
                         We know this may be hard for you to hear, 
          so that's why we're writing it for everyone to read and know - 
                                         YOU ARE AMAZING!!
                    With so much love and adoration we toast YOU.
                             Jake & Linda Kriger
No one deserves this award
more than you.
Richard and Phyllis Rosen
Through your exceptional vision and
inspiring leadership, you've brought teens
together from around the Jewish world and
touched their lives in ways that will be felt
for generations.
It's a joy and honor to be part of the
HaZamir community.
Mazal tov on 25 years!
With deepest admiration and love, 
The Bashe Family
The Beker Foundation
In memory of Matthew Eisenfeld and Sara Duker
who lived the texts and loved the music...
and in gratitude to Vivian and Mati for all
that is, and all that is yet to be
Arline Duker and Bill Werther
Vicki and Leonard Eisenfeld
לכו נרננה לה' נריע לצור ישענו
Let us sing and cheer joyously to the Lord,
rock of our salvation

Vivian, thank you for bringing joy through music to so many Jewish teens
including ours.
Cheryl and Dan Troy

To our Concert Co-Chairs
Sherry and Henry, Cindy and Jay

Your commitment to the Jewish people and particularly, Jewish youth is a sustaining pillar of our Jewish future.  
Your leadership carries us forward and
we learn from your example!
Thank you, always, for your support and friendship.
Vivian and Mati

To our Tribute Committee Co-Chairs
Temma and Al, Dr. Ruth and Lynn and Elisha

You are inspirations to the Jewish community and
especially to Zamir and HaZamir!  
Your unwavering support encourages us
to continue the work that brings hundreds of
Jewish teens to the Lincoln Center stage. 
Mati and Vivian 
ובמקום שאין אנשים, השתדל להיות איש
Pirkei Avot 2:5
"To see something that's not there, takes one who is a visionary."
For Realizing her Dream of Transforming the Lives of Countless
Jewish American and Israeli Youth through  
Growing and Strengthening and Invigorating
Klal Yisrael for Generations to Come 
Kol Hakavod  to Vivian
and her Brilliant and Visionary Leadership over the past 25 years
We are Inspired by your Leadership &  We are Blessed by your Friendship 
Hugh & Martha Pollack
You are the visionary and pioneer who promoted the
development and growth of HaZamir. Your passion and inspiration emanate each year as you introduce the HaZamir singers to the audience. The feeling of joy in the house is overwhelming, as one anticipates an uplifting performance.
Thank you to the Concert Committee Co-Chairs
Sherry and Henry Stein and Cindy and Jay Worenklein
and the Tribute Committee Co-Chairs.
With Gratitude and Love,
Rena and Elliot Steigman
Mazal tov Vivian!
HaZamir is simply extraordinary and
you have
made it what it is today!
Leah Stolar and Bruce Kessler and
Avital Stolar
To Viv:
מודים אנחנו לך
We are indebted to you for your vision,
your determination,
(and your lack of strong opinions?!?)
You have impacted the lives of thousands and the
long term trajectory of Jewish choral music.
With love and admiration, 
Danny Freelander
Vivian - We are dedicated to your vision of
"choral-ing" our youth together through
Jewish music.
By accepting nothing less than excellence, you
are creating our leaders of tomorrow.
Mazal tov!
With love,
Bernie z"l and Ruth z"l's family
Kol HaKavod, Vivian!
Thank you for your passion, dedication and
pursuit of excellence in shaping HaZamir.
You are an inspiration to all of us!
Erika, Lew and Ben Schon
To our HaZamir Conductors
Week after week you share your talents with our HaZamir singers.
With education, humor and patience you have brought them to the greatest stages in the world.
You are so greatly valued by your young charges, their parents and by all of HaZamir!
Mazal Tov!
Mazal Tov to the Zamir Choral Foundation on
the 25th Anniversary of HaZamir!
Yasher Koach to Vivian and Mati,
to all of the HaZamir conductors,
singers, alumni and parents!
Thank you for 25 years of beautiful music!
We eagerly await the next 25 and beyond.
May you go from strength to strength!
Beth & Marty Aron
Sending our Love to
Vivian Lazar!
Congratulations for keeping
HaZamir strong and meaningful
for 25 years.
Rhonda, Jay, Carly, and Lilly Batt
With a song in our hearts,
we are here today to honor you.
Celia Waldman and Alan Berk
Mazal Tov, Vivian!
Thank you for your undying commitment to HaZamir, its singers, conductors, parents, and alumni.  Kol HaKavod for supporting and expanding their role in the larger Jewish community, both here and in Israel.
And Bravo, Mati, for your brilliant musical inspiration
and leadership.
We're so grateful to be a part of the HaZamir family.
Todah Rabbah,
Alan, Laurie and Aliza Dien Yaillen
Bravo HaZamir- 25 Years!
Inge Horowitz
Vivian, Vivian, Vivian, Vivian, Vivian....
Are you tired of me calling and writing?!  
You are the best!  
You have all the answers and directions and dedication
that it takes to run HaZamir.  
You made it what it is!  
To you goes the credit and this honor is well deserved.
Try to enjoy being honored!  The stage is yours!
love, Bobbie Sue and David
ps: Happy 25, HaZamir...and on to the next 25!
Jewish identity,
Jewish continuity,
Jewish pluralism,
Jewish leadership skills,
love of Israel.
Alan Mason
Ronit Wolff Hanan
Mazel Tov to our friend
Vivian Lazar
and the wonderful
Zamir Choral Foundation!
Mark and Minna Seitelman
To Bobbie Sue
I share this 25th milestone with you.
Your quiet, behind the scenes work,
has catapulted HaZamir forward for over a decade. 
Your work, L'Shma - for the sake of doing
good in the world- has helped create a culture of
harmony among our HaZamir teens and alumni -
3 of whom are your own children and
one of whom is a HaZamir conductor. What nachat!
Mazal Tov!
Mazal Tov to
Vivian Lazar!
Mazal Tov to HaZamir on its 25th anniversary!
Vivian - HaZamir has been truly blessed with
your leadership, dedication, energy,
commitment and passion.
Kol HaKavod!
And bravo to our awesome HaZamir Brooklyn
chapter - Anya, Ayden, Charlotte, Elana,
Emma, Mara, Michael, Ruby, Shayna, Shiloh,
Talia, and Yosef - and a big thank-you to our
terrific conductor Eric Spiegel
Freddie Brooks
Dear Saftah
Growing up with you as our grandmother has been amazing. We've gotten to see you bring together hundreds of teenagers like us from all over the world to make beautiful music and celebrate being Jewish. We've gotten to sit in mind-blowing concerts and hear new music (while watching Ness on stage, or, in Ness' case, actually singing!). We've learned about Israel, the importance of being proud of our Judaism, and how to celebrate holidays, family, and being creative.
We love you! Mazal tov!
Ness, Yaakov, Yovel and Menachem
Congratulations to HaZamir
and Vivian Lazar on 25 years
of joyous sounds.
May you continue to go from
strength to strength!
Steven and Renee Finn
We are extremely honored to honor
for what she has
accomplished for HaZamir.
כל הכבוד
Hazzan Brian Kalver and Susan Och
In honor of Vivian Lazar
Who has strengthened the
Jewish identity of thousands of teens
through her passion for Jewish music
and dedication to HaZamir
Shelley and Chick Paradis
Marisa and Richard
Stadtmauer Family Foundation
Vivian- Thank you for working to create our 
wonderful HaZamir Miami chapter.
Mati- Mazal tov on 25 years of HaZamir!
Onward for 25 more!
Yasher Koach!
Stephen Brown, M.D. International Medical Imaging Consulting, Inc.
We honor Vivian Lazar....
educator, musician, leader, and friend.
Tizku L'shanim Rabot -
May you and HaZamir have the years.
Mazal Tov!
B'ahava, Denny & Abby
Denny & Abby Waldman
Yesher Koach to 
Vivian Lazar
a visionary and an inspiration
as well as
a really cool, amazing lady!
Ellen & Peter Weintraub
To all Zamir and HaZamir brilliant singers-
and all who help them-
Thank you for your work!
Vivian: Congratulations!
שלום רב!
Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer
Full Page
Dear Vivian,
You are one amazing woman with a heart of gold.  
So deserving of this honor.  Thank you for all you do!!!  Your commitment to the future of choral music and to our young generation is unparalleled.  Congratulations!!!!!!!
Dear HaZamir,
Every year you inspire and do more to help preserve and grow our amazing heritage!!!  Thank you for your commitments and your beautiful voices!!
Karen Acker and Glenn Kassel
Full Page
Mazal Tov to
Vivian Lazar
on receiving the
Zamir Choral Foundation's
Kinor David award!
Marilyn & Greg Adler
Full Page
In honor of Freddie Brooks
for all her good works in
supporting Zamir
Full Page
 Thank you for your incomparable vision, for your boundless enthusiasm, and for the endless hours of work that have made HaZamir unsurpassed in promoting Jewish music and Jewish continuity. You-and the music!-touch our lives and the lives of so many hundreds of teens, their families, and HaZamir's audiences. For this we are ever thankful! Yasher Koach to you, to Maestro Mati, and to all the HaZamir conductors, singers, alumni, and parents! May you, Mati, and all of HaZamir go from strength to strength! 
Here's to another 25 years and beyond!
Lisa, Alan, and Hannah Avery-Peck
Full Page
Full Page
Mazal Tov to Vivian and Mati 
for growing HaZamir in ways
so innovative and meaningful,
so needed and so impactful.
Kol HaKavod.
Telchu michayil lechayil...,
Gaya and Lewis Bernstein
Full Page
With deep appreciation and gratitude for
Vivian's extraordinary vision and efforts
for over a quarter of a century on
behalf of Jewish youth, in general, and 
two of our children, in particular.
Sandy and Abba Borowich
David and Mimi (Milstein) Borowich
Full Page
Ya'asher Koach to HaZamir,
Incubator of the Hazzanim of the Future!
Cantors & Conductors of New Jersey
Cantor Joel and Nancy Caplan
Cantor Perry and Miki Fine
Hazzan Brian Kalver & Sue Och 
Cantor Sharon Knoller
Hazzan Sheldon Levin
Cantor Riki Lippitz
Cantor Anna West Ott
Cantor Charles Romalis
Cantor Janet Roth
Cantor Michele Rubin & Jeffrey Gross
Cantor Alan & Erica Sokoloff
Cantor Lorna Wallach
Cantor Kathy Barr & Ed Weissman
Full Page
Mazal Tov to Vivian Lazar on
the Kinor David Award!
Yishar Kochachem to
Vivian and Mati on 25
extraordinarily inspiring years of HaZamir!
Deborah and Dr. James Cleeman
Full Page
Highest Praise to
Vivian for 
Her Exemplary Leadership
 of HaZamir
Cantor Richard and Marsha Cohn
Full Page
Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun
Full Page
Kol HaKavod to Vivian on your well deserved Kinor David award on  
HaZamir's 25th Anniversary..
May you continue to bring us the pleasures of HaZamir for many years!
Renee & Elliot Fleischer
Full Page
The Officers, Trustees and Members of
Forest Hills Jewish Center
Salute HaZamir on reaching this great milestone, and congratulate
the young members of our synagogue who are singing with you!
Your beautiful music brings much-needed harmony to the Jewish community, both here in the United States and in Israel as well.  Bravo to you all, and a special Bravo to Vivian Lazar, whose remarkable dedication has brought the promise of HaZamir to vibrant life!
May your voices never falter...
Rabbi Gerald C. Skolnik
Hazzan Henry Rosenblum
Ilana Altman, President
Deborah Gregor, Executive Director
Full Page
Roz and Ira Friedman
Full Page
Mazal Tov to
Vivian Lazar
on receiving the
Zamir Choral Foundation's
Kinor David award!
Donald Gerber
Full Page
Congratulations to a Woman of Valor.
Vivian, we love everything you have done
for HaZamir.
May you go from strength to strength!
Dennis and Nancy Gilbert
Full Page
Mazal tov to Mati and Vivian
Your visions have changed and enriched Jewish choral music for so many.
Thank you for decades of music,
friendship and life-sharing.
Nancy Abramson and Mitch Glenn
Full Page
Ricki Ellen and Gene Gorman
Full Page
Mazal Tov to Vivian and
יישר כחכם
Can't believe you were born 25 years ago!
And look at what you've become!!
This Zamir couple is SO PROUD to be a part of
this SILVER ANNIVERSARY celebration!!
Bravo to all!!!
Cheryl & Bill Gross
Full Page
"In you my song begins and endeth."
Philip Sidney, Astrophil and Stella (1591) 
To Vivian with great respect,
and even greater love, 
Becky and Ike Herschkopf (2018) 
Full Page
Yasher Koach, Vivian!   
Thank you for everything you have done for our children, for HaZamir Silicon Valley, and for thousands of Jewish teen singers
past and present!
Sam and Talia - we are proud of you!
David & Melinda Joffe
Full Page
Mazal Tov to Vivian Lazar
on receiving the 
Zamir Choral Foundation's
Kinor David award!
Cantor Marcy and Paul Kadin
Full Page
Mazal Tov Marissa Kerbel 
HaZamir Cincinnati's First Conductor &
Accompanist extraordinaire 
So proud of your accomplishments.
Love, Mom & Dad
(Margie & Brett Kerbel)
Full Page
In honor of HaZamir's spectacular honoree
May you go from strength to strength as
you and Mati continue to reach
new heights of glory for Am Yisrael
through  Zamir and HaZamir.
Mazal tov!
Alice and Jacob Klein
Full Page
We are in awe of
your accomplishments!
All our love,
Rose and Morty
Full Page
Helen and Robert Levine
Full Page
In honor of
Vivian Lazar
Betsy & Benjamin Lopata
and Family
Full Page
Thank you, Vivian, for your brilliant and
visionary work.
You have fostered an incomparable community of
Jewish teens and mentors, a Garden-of-Eden
experience filled with HazaMiracles!
With love,   
Brian Mayer
Full Page
To our dear friend


Your dedication, energy, and creativity
has been instrumental in the success of HaZamir. 
We are honored by your friendship.
With love,
Judith and Howard Mayer
Full Page
Yasher Koach Vivian.
You enrich the lives of so many and
empower our youth to carry on with song.
Mir Trogn A Gezang
Debra and Zalmen
Full Page
We are so proud of Jeremy and the whole
Houston HaZamir choir.
A huge thank you to Sophie Lee Landau
for helping to turn a group of strangers into a beautiful choir of friends!
Bella and Jeff Morgan
Full Page
In honor of Vivian Lazar for her leadership
and guidance that continued to bring HaZamir
along for 25 years Under her direction, a
generation of young people strengthened their
bond to Judaism through song at a vital time
in their young lives.
Thank you for creating a
generation of committed Jews!
Lenny and Glenna Ross, Baltimore
Full Page
In Honor of
Henry and Sherry Stein
and all the hard work
they do for HaZamir and the
Zamir Choral Foundation!
Larry and Caren Rothenberg
Full Page
Meralee and Sidney Schlusselburg
Full Page
Each voice in the HaZamir International Jewish Teen Choir is special and spiritual.  

When all of your voices sing in harmony, you transport us to a unique and sublime place.  

Congratulations to the Zamir Choral Foundation for creating community through harmony, and many thanks to each and every member of HaZamir and
everyone who conducts HaZamir, and especially to
Matthew and Vivian Lazar for your 
vision, energy, and leadership for twenty-five years. 
Karen and Roy Simon
Full Page
Thank you to all who make
HaZamir the best Jewish
experience of my teen's week!
Nancy and Andy Soclof
Full Page
The audience sees the end result of all your work;
The singers have the privilege of being inspired by your passion.
But we, your "colleagues in the trenches," get to see it all:
Your vision, your tireless efforts,
and your unceasing commitment to excellence in everything you touch.
Kol HaKavod!
The Staff of the Zamir Choral Foundation
Dov and Dani
Jeffrey, Fran and Dmitriy
Marsha and Dale
Marilyn and Debbie
Sandy and Hadas

Full Page
Moshe Sukenik
Full Page
Mazal tov and a huge thank you to 
and to the staff,
parents and singers of HaZamir
as they together create a
wonderful Jewish
experience and
beautiful music!
The Behiri Family
Full Page

We congratulate Vivian and Mati on their
quarter century of achievements!  
Here's to 25 more!!!  
We send a heartfelt thanks to all of the
HaZamir local conductors-
with special Kudos to Baltimore's star ⭐️ Erika Schon!
The Gansler Family
Full Page
Mazel Tov Vivian Lazar, recipient of the
Kinor David Award!
We wish you much success as you continue to
lead HaZamir into the future.
Here's to the tune of 25 more years of HaZamir!
Congratulations & Best Wishes-
The Paticoff Family
Full Page


Melody Sawyer Richardson
Malcolm Thomson

Full Page
Our admiration for your pursuit of excellence, your commitment to class, and your charismatic love for every soul that crosses your path knows no bounds. Vivian - you are a role model, a dear friend, and so much more. We cherish you and Mati, and we enthusiastically congratulate you on this much deserved award. You have harnessed a beautiful idea and turned it into an extraordinary movement. 
Thank you for bringing joy and meaning to so many.

In celebration and love,

The Traum Family 
(Lara, Alex, and Naomi Rose)
Full Page
Yasher Koach
Vivian and Mati!
Hillel Wallick
Half Page
Half Page
Congratulations Vivian!
Margaret Berman
Half Page
Mazal tov on the 25th anniversary to 
Mati and Vivian
and to everyone who has sung, played,
conducted &/or composed for HaZamir and
a most special hoda'ah to
You have done a magnificent thing.
Kol Hakavod and Love,
David and Sasha
Half Page
Wishing HaZamir and Vivian continued success
for an additional 25 years and beyond.
Your contributions to Jewish choral music are
beyond measure.
Hazzan Alisa Pomerantz-Boro, President
Hazzan Stephen J. Stein, Executive Vice President
Cantors Assembly
Half Page
Half Page
Mazal-tov Vivian-
my dear friend for many years-
during these challenging times you
continue to serve as an extraordinary mentor
and inspiration to so many young people.
Alan G. Ciner
Half Page
We love and respect HaZamir!
Vivian, mazel tov!
Mati, thank you for your leadership.
To the conductors, our deep respect.
To the teens - you are our future!
Be as outstanding as you are individually and
lift your voices collectively to praise God,
to show gratitude, to create beauty and
to gird Israel with strength!
Rabbis Amy & Scott Bolton
Congregation Or Zarua
Half Page
In Honor of
Talia and Elena Lefkowitz
Susan Edwards
Half Page
Mazal Tov and Kol HaKavod,
on this well-deserved honor!
Michelle, David, Isabel and
Jesse Feller-Kopman
Half Page
Beth and Scott Fink
Half Page
Kol HaKavod to Vivian Lazar for your
passionate leadership to HaZamir.
Mazal Tov!
Todah Rabbah to Cantor Joel Caplan for your
dedication to HaZamir North Jersey these
25 years.
Anita and Edward Finkel
Half Page
Mazal Tov to Vivian Lazar on
receiving the Zamir Choral
Foundation's Kinor
David award!
Joshua and Lynne Fishman
Half Page
HaZamir Inspiration Abounds -
The Future is Bright
Mazal tov Vivian 
Fran Ginsburg & Ed Wolf
Half Page
Yasher Koach Vivian on receiving the
Zamir Choral Foundation's Kinor David award!
HaZamir is 25 years beautiful
because of your love and commitment to
Jewish teens and Jewish choral music.
We look forward to more amazing performances
from the entire Zamir Choral Foundation.
Leslie and Marvin Gersho
Half Page
I grew up listening to HaZamir- just waiting for my turn to join... and since joining, I have never left!

Mazal Tov to Vivian on your well deserved award!  

Thank you to Vivian and Mati for bringing HaZamir and
a love of Israel, Jewish community and
Jewish music to so many teenagers!!

Sophie Lee Landau
HaZamir Houston Conductor, 2017-2018
HaZamir Houston Co-Conductor, 2015-2017
Zamir Chorale, 2011-2015
HaZamir Manhattan, 2005-2011
Half Page
Special thank you to
Lynne Leutenberg Yulish
for all the
time and talent that she
shares with HaZamir!
Sandy and Steve Laserson
Half Page
Dear Vivian and Mati,
We celebrate your accomplishments,
We treasure your friendship!
Tina & Uri
Half Page
Here's to 25 more years!!!
Chuck & Elaine Mason
Half Page
Mazal Tov to our dear friend Vivian.
You are an inspiration to all.
We love you!
Fredda, Jack, Danny & Amanda
Half Page
Bravo to HaZamir for 25 Years
of Beautiful Music!
Love to Providence HaZamir and
Hazan Brian Mayer
Dianne and Martin Newman
Half Page
With deep gratitude to Vivian Lazar for all
you do to enrich the lives of our teens, and
your constant support of all of us -
in particular in HaZamir Orlando.
I am grateful for your steadfast guidance.
Mazal Tov on this very well-deserved honor!
Cantor Jacqueline Rawiszer
Half Page
Mazal Tov to Vivian Lazar on
receiving the
Zamir Choral Foundation's
Kinor David award!
Jody Ellant & Howard Reiter
Half Page
Mazal Tov
International HaZamir
HaZamir Baltimore
& has 
Noam Schoenfeld
Sandy and Heshy Schoenfeld
Savta & Saba
Half Page
HaZamir brings us hope for the future of the
Jewish people and for peace.
We are so enriched by the music and the ruach.
Thank you to all who make HaZamir possible and
Mazel Tov to Vivian Lazar!
Randi Eisner and Bill Schwartz
Half Page
Kol Hakavod, dear friend Vivian!
I'm thrilled to be a part of this amazing
organization, and I wish
you, Mati, and HaZamir
much continued growth and success!
Joel Stern
Half Page
Mazal Tov to Vivian Lazar on
receiving the
Zamir Choral Foundation's
Kinor David award!
Lance Stern Rombro
Half Page
In honor of our dear friend
Vivian Lazar
for her exceptional contribution
to strengthening the Jewish identity
of our youth through the medium of
Jewish choral music.
Susan Davis and Irving Rotter
Half Page
In honor of
Michelle Auslander Cohen and
Vivian Lazar.
Thank you for bringing the
holy magic of HaZamir to Boca Raton.
Temple Beth El of Boca Raton
Rabbi Dan Levin
Half Page
Mazel Tov
Vivian Lazar
On This Outstanding Honor.
You are an inspiration to us and to you community.
The Jewish Center
Yosie Levine, Rabbi
Avi Schwartz, President
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Congratulations Vivian and Mati for your wonderful accomplishment and this most amazing milestone.
You inspire us all in your tireless work to bring the joys of singing to the next generation. Congratulations on your amazing work.
Your energy inspires all of us.
Thanks from all of us and here's wishing you
many more years of success in all that you set
out to accomplish.
The Mohrer Family
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Mazal Tov
Vivian Lazar!
Amy Cohn and Gordon Tucker
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Mazal Tov to the Honoree,
Concert Co-Chairs and Tribute
Committee Co-Chairs!
Nahum Twersky
Half Page
Happy Anniversary HaZamir!!
In honor of
Elinor & Gil Bashe.
UHY Victor LLP
Half Page
Todah Rabah for creating a new generation of
Jewish Choral Music enthusiasts who will one day become the new members of the
Zamir Chorale.
Yasher Koach and Mazal Tov!
Members of the Zamir Chorale
Half Page
Thank you to HaZamir for
creating such a beautiful and
important Jewish experience!
Carole Zawatsky
Tribute Listing

Congrats, Vivian!  Altos Rock!
Altos of the Zamir Chorale
In honor of Vivian Lazar
Cantor Moshe Bear
I am delighted to be present at this wonderful occasion. 
Deborah Broshi
Mazal Tov to Vivian!
Deborah Broshi
Mazel Tov to Vivian on your well deserved honor! 
With thanks and appreciation, Carol Scott and Evan Burg
Tribute Listing

Vivian- you're amazing! Mazel tov! Here's to many more years
of HaZamir! Thanks for all you do!  Babette, Jeff, Mira Davis
Mazel Tov Vivian - a great role model and dear friend.
Mindy and Myron Edelman
Mazal Tov, Vivian, and thank you for all of your hard work! 
Lauren Marcus Eisenberg and David Eisenberg
Viv! For all those hearts opened to beautiful, meaning-filled sound-
Yasher Koach!  Eleanor and Barry
In Honor of our friends, Sherry & Henry Stein
Mazal Tov to HaZamir and the ZCF!   Chana & John Hove
Tribute Listing

Mazal tov Vivian and Mati on your amazing contributions to
Jewish choral music.  With love,  Hon. Barbara (Basha) Kapnick
Mazal Tov to my dear lifelong friend (and Wonder Woman)
Vivian on this much-deserved honor.  Edna Landau
With our love and admiration for you, Vivian.  We are in awe of your
dedication and accomplishments.  Bill and Beverly Lebeau
Mazal Tov to Vivian, Mati and HaZamir! 
Love,  Hazzanim Shoshi and Ethan Levin Goldberg
Mazal tov to HaZamir and Vivian for 25 years of vision and leadership,
and to our own Sarah Tenner!  North Suburban Synagogue Beth El
Tribute Listing

Vivian, you are a true gem who has single-handedly made hundreds of
Jewish teens' neshamot richer!  Emma, Sophia, Jayne & Darren Peister
Yasher Koach to Vivian Lazar!  Thanks for your tireless efforts on
behalf of our children and grandchildren.  Charna Reichel
Mazal Tov on your Award, Vivian!
Heidi, Allan and Shari Rolnick
Congratulations and thank you for being an inspiration to our kids
for many years.  Shep and Shari Rosenman
Toda for your powerful contributions to the soul of Judaism. 
May you go from strength to strength.  Smith/Postman families
Tribute Listing

In honor of Sasha Worenklein
Janet and Gil Spitzer
Toda Raba Vivian Lazar for your leadership, love and commitment. 
Kol Hakavod to all the HaZamirniks!  Libby Tulin
Brava Vivian!  Your beautiful smile, heart & soul have touched our
family and scores of others!  Love, Lorna and Roberta Wallach
In memory of Robert Glazier & in honor of Dr. Alan Mason.  In
honor of Aaron Kirkpatrick HaZamir DC.  Nora and Ted Weinreich
Friend Listing
Drs. Carol and Scott Burg
Mayer and Rochelle Davis
Rabbi Martin Edelman
Karen Misler and Barry Feigenbaum
Cantor Rebecca Garfein
Scott and Sharon Glass
Susan Goldstein
Friend Listing
Pamela and Jeffrey Gurock
Chana and John Hove
Gennady and Nellie Konnikov
Ruth Lemberger
Norman and Janice Levin
Friends from Pittsburgh
Cantor Elwin and Roberta Redfern

Friend Listing
Lainie and Harvey Rosen
Jill and Norman Sanders
Rabbi Simeon and Rose Schreiber
Ron Shufrin
Vera and Peter Sokolow
Peter Stern
Debbie Tartell

Friend Listing

Carol Kozak Ward and Seth Ward
Rachel Winkler
Zamir Chorale

Alumni Listing
Allison Abrams                                 ♫         HaZamir Manhattan                          '12 -'16
Shachar Avraham                              ♫         HaZamir Bergen County                   '07 -'12
Kayla Bashe                                        ♫         HaZamir New Brunswick                 '08 -'13
Carly Batt                               ✡                    HaZamir Westchester                        '13 -'17
Evan Burg                                                      HaZamir Cleveland                           '06 -'08
Max DuBoff                              ✡       ♫        HaZamir South Jersey                        '13 -'15
Jessica Edelson                                               HaZamir Philadelphia                        '13 -'17
Stephanie Feigenbaum                       ♫         HaZamir Bergen County                   '05 -'09
Joshua Gonzalez                        ✡       ♫         HaZamir North Jersey                        '13 -'17
Jacob Gorman                            ✡       ♫         HaZamir Bergen County                   '13 -'17
Steven Hoffman                         ✡                   HaZamir Philadelphia                       '12 -'14
Emily Kalver                                                   HaZamir North Jersey                       '08 -'13
Abby Kaye-Phillips                             ♫          HaZamir Providence                         '06 -'10
Dena Kaye-Phillips                                          HaZamir Providence                         '05 -'10
Effie Landau                                        ♫         HaZamir Manhattan            '10 -'11,'12 -'13
Sarah Sue Landau                                           HaZamir Manhattan                          '04 -'10
Sophie Lee Landau                              ♫         HaZamir Manhattan                          '05 -'11
♫ - Chamber Choir
✡ -  International Teen Leader
Alumni Listing

Polly Lehman                             ✡                   HaZamir Minneapolis/St. Paul          '14 -'16
Gabi Faye Levin                                  ♫          HaZamir Baltimore                            '05 -'08
Chris Mason                              ✡       ♫         HaZamir Bergen County                    '07 -'12
Miriam Mishkin                                              HaZamir Brooklyn                             '12 -'13
Sarah Mlotek                                      ♫          HaZamir Bergen County                   '11 -'17
Melanie Raush                           ✡                  HaZamir South Jersey                         '13 -'17
Elan Rosenfeld                                    ♫         HaZamir Pittsburgh                           '09 -'12
Emma Saltzberg                                              HaZamir Baltimore                            '08 -'12
Esther Schlossberg                     ✡                   HaZamir Hartford                             '12 -'16
Shira Silver                                ✡                   HaZamir Westchester                         '12 -'16
Samuel Stern                                       ♫         HaZamir New Brunswick                  '11-'13 
Aliza Yaillen                               ✡                  HaZamir Manhattan                          '09 -'13
♫ - Chamber Choir
✡ -  International Teen Leader
Graduating Seniors
Gabrielle Cohen                                             HaZamir Columbus
Danielle Elyse Fuchs             ♫         ✡          HaZamir North Jersey
Vicki Geismar                       ♫         ✡          HaZamir Orlando
Eitan Goldmeer                     ♫         ✡         HaZamir Albany
Davina Goodman                             ✡          HaZamir Manhattan
Maia Grosser                                                HaZamir Minneapolis/ St. Paul
Ayden Holzkenner                            ✡         HaZamir Brooklyn

♫ - Chamber Choir
✡ -  International Teen Leader
Graduating Seniors
Sam Joffe                                 ♫         ✡         HaZamir Silicon Valley          
Lizzie Karpen                                      ✡         HaZamir Manhattan
Shira Laserson                                   ✡          HaZamir Cleveland
Grace Levine                                                   HaZamir Los Angeles
Odelia Lorch                           ♫                     HaZamir Manhattan
Carmel Miriam Manea           ♫         ✡         HaZamir Karmiel/ Misgav
Meribor Matusow                   ♫                     HaZamir DC

♫ - Chamber Choir
✡ -  International Teen Leader
Graduating Seniors
Libby Bergier Pesin                ♫                     HaZamir Manhattan
Aviva Ramirez                                               HaZamir Bergen County
Jordan Rothschild                                           HaZamir Manhattan
Margo Sobel                                       ✡          HaZamir Bergen County
Benjamin Sokol                       ♫         ✡         HaZamir Boston
Marc Szechter                                                HaZamir Westchester
Sarah Tenner                          ♫                     HaZamir Chicago

♫ - Chamber Choir
✡ -  International Teen Leader
Graduating Seniors

Leeon Vant                                                      HaZamir Manhattan
Matthew E. Young                   ♫                     HaZamir South Jersey
Emma Weiner                                                 HaZamir Westchester
Laila Wertheimer                                            HaZamir South Jersey
♫ - Chamber Choir
✡ -  International Teen Leader

Chapter Ads
"Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable. "
~~ Leonard Bernstein
Vivian.. you have helped generations of youth to find their voice and share it!
Todah Rabah and Yashar Koach!
HaZamir Albany
Chapter Ads
Dearest Vivian,
Please accept our grateful thanks for all your sterling work and for all the support we have received from you and Mati and from all the HaZamir staff. We are very honored and grateful to be part of the HaZamir family.
Congratulations and best wishes from everyone in the HaZamir Ashkelon chapter,
and from all your many good friends in Ashkelon.
HaZamir Ashkelon
Chapter Ads
Kol HaKavod, Vivian
Your brilliant leadership and tireless commitment to HaZamir
is inspiring to us all!

Thank you for bringing us to
new heights every year!

With love and admiration,
HaZamir Baltimore
Chapter Ads
Dear Vivian,
Thank you for HaZamir.
Thank you for having such an outstanding broad vision- 
one that educated us in choral music to the highest level, in Judaism, in Zionism and helped us develop into better human beings.
Thanks to you, all of us in HaZamir Beit She'an have the opportunity to become better musicians and to experience a most educational and
uplifting experience that changes our lives.
 We sincerely hope that you will continue to do what you do (and you do it so wonderfully) and bring the message of HaZamir to more and
more youths in Israel and around the world because
what you do changes the lives of these youths forever.
 We are immensely grateful for these gifts.
From all of us with love-
 Hadas, Herzel and all HaZamirnikim from Beit She'an 
Chapter Ads
Vivian - 
HaZamir Bergen County thanks you for the never-ending support you give to our chapter. Under your leadership, HaZamir has brought music, fun, and a love for
K'lal Yisrael into all of our lives. 
Mazal tov!
HaZamir Bergen Country
Chapter Ads
We wish you a huge
Mazal Tov
on this wonderful event!
HaZamir Boca Raton
Chapter Ads
Chapter Ads
HaZamir Brooklyn is incredibly excited to celebrate Vivian, recipient of the Kinor David Award.
Mazel Tov, Vivian
Your vision, your warmth, your guidance and your talents are recognized and appreciated by our singers, alumni, parents, conductor, and all who support them. 
In celebration of 25 years, and with gratitude and admiration,
HaZamir Brooklyn
Chapter Ads
 וַיִּתֵּן בְּפִי שִׁיר חָדָשׁ,   תְּהִלָּה לֵאלֹהֵינוּ
He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God
Psalms 40:4
Thank you for always putting a new song in our mouths.
All of your work is a credit to God and the Jewish people!

HaZamir Central Jersey
Chapter Ads
Mazal tov and much love to
Vivian Lazar .
Thank you for
your vision, enthusiasm and
constant support.
HaZamir Chicago
Chapter Ads
Dear Vivian,
Congratulations on this tremendous honor!
We are so grateful for all that you do for HaZamir,
and we know the new HaZamir Cincinnati 
only exists because of your support and guidance.
Your leadership has truly made HaZamir into the             
incredible international youth movement it is today.
HaZamir Cincinnati
Chapter Ads
We salute and thank
Vivian Lazar 
for her amazing vision
and for her several years of patient encouragement
to nurture and establish our Columbus chapter.
Our hearts are full of joyful,
meaningful song and friendship.
HaZamir Columbus
Chapter Ads
With great love
and admiration
HaZamir Hasharon
Chapter Ads
Mazal Tov to Vivian on receiving this
prestigious award on
HaZamir's 25th Anniversary and our 13th!
Looking forward to being part of
HaZamir's tutti extravaganza!
HaZamir Houston
Chapter Ads
Mazal Tov Vivian!  
May you go from
Strength to Strength
Song and Smiles!
HaZamir Jersey Shore
Chapter Ads
Dear Vivian
We, the Karmiel - Misgav chapter,
are so proud and happy for you being
the recipient of The Kinor David Award for 2018.
We are so happy that we will be a part of this
wonderful occasion and will surround and
embrace you with our love and affection
that you so greatly deserve.
HaZamir Karmiel/Misgav
Chapter Ads
Vivian, You inspire each and every person who has come into contact with you. Your passion to involve Jewish teens in Jewish choral music is tangible. Both the new and old members of our chapter have felt your influence on HaZamir.
HaZLa is beyond excited for Festival!
HaZamir Los Angeles
Chapter Ads
HaZamir Miami thanks Vivian
for all her trips to Florida,
and all the guidance, support
and love our chapter receives
from her.
HaZamir Miami
Chapter Ads
The chapter that lives in the
"Land of the Frozen Chosen"
chooses YOU, Vivian!
Thank you for creating this experience for all of us and
turning us on to Jewish choral music.
Mazal Tov on 25 years.
with love and gratitude,
HaZamir Minneapolis/ St. Paul
Chapter Ads
Mazal Tov, Vivian!
HaZamir North Jersey
Chapter Ads
Your positive leadership, dedication and personal belief in every singer has nurtured HaZamir to the highest level of excellence. We are grateful to be a part of this journey and proud to celebrate this beautiful occasion in your honor. 
Yasher koach!
HaZamir Orlando
Chapter Ads
Yasher Koach - and Thank You, Vivian
For having the highest possible musical standards -
  and encouraging us to reach them.
For nurturing our supportive, pluralistic community -
   and modeling warmth and acceptance.
For creating bridges between the United States and Israel -
   and providing opportunities for us to learn about each other.
For offering an altogether unparalleled experience 
   that will be a part of us forever!
With Love and Appreciation from the City of "Sisterly" Love -
HaZamir Philadelphia
Chapter Ads
Thank you, Vivian!
HaZamir Providence
Chapter Ads

Because of all you do and all you are to
our HaZamir family,
We strive to achieve your mission by....
Performing at the highest musical standard while....
Strengthening our Jewish identity and creating...
A Pluralistic Jewish community with strong ties to Israel.
Thank you!!! 
HaZamir Rockland County
Chapter Ads
A hearty Mazal Tov and Thank You to
Your valor is known and
your influence is felt
from coast to coast and beyond!
HaZamir Silicon Valley
Chapter Ads
We stand together "Yachad Na'amod" 
to raise you "L'eyla"
and create a "Fanfare" in your honor.
There is no "Dayenu" to the thanks that we give to you
for all you have done for Jewish teens and Jewish music.
Wishing HaZamir more than another 25 years!
באהבה ובשיר
With love and with song,
HaZamir South Jersey
Chapter Ads
HaZamir Westchester
The Bestchester
Salutes Vivian Lazar
For your inspirational leadership.
Thank you for always directing HaZamir with so much passion and dedication.  You truly inspire every singer to be the best that they can be to showcase their talent and love for Judaism.  You have made sure that HaZamir gives every participant memories they will never forget.
Mazel Tov and Yasher Koach
HaZamir Westchester