On behalf of the Board of Directors of Hudson Milestones, we welcome you to our 72nd Anniversary Celebration and our very first virtual ad journal fundraiser. WOW…WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!!

Due to the continued, unprecedented times, we have been unable to gather together for the one evening where we honor our award winners in the following categories:
  • Patricia O’Donnell Memorial Community Volunteer
  • Chandelier Charity Organization
  • William C. LaGreca Memorial Corporation
  • Public Sector Advocate
  • Health Care Advocate
  • Deborah Lorenzetti Professional
  • Ann Vrola Memorial Citizenship
  • Nat S. Amadeo Distinguished Lifetime Achievement
  • those we serve, and our commitment to the community.
We could not have existed without your support, not just financially, but in the way you advocate for those we serve!  Thank you…
Our mission is:
Hudson Milestones seeks to build and maintain a Hudson County based organization dedicated to the care, support and advancement of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families towards achieving to the maximum extent possible the individual’s life goals and establishing self-sufficiency in the community.
We thank you in advance for your support of Hudson Milestones. In these economically challenging times, we need that support more than ever.  Please consider taking out a tribute ad to recognize a business, family, friend, or staff.
We are so grateful to you all.
Teresa Maietti
Connell Foley LLP
Arlene and Craig Rutkowski
Synogen Solutions
The Benefits Consulting Group
Eufracia Cruz
Benedicta Rizzo and Eufracia Cruz
Sip No. 1 Car Wash
Full Page
AAA Fire Protection
Alvaro Gonzalez & Al Quick Quality Printers Staff Al Quick Quality Printers, Inc.
Bayonne Chapter Unico National
Alejandro & Lina Cruz-Gutierrez
Flordeliza DiMagiba
Greenville Memorial Home
Carol and Steve Lefelt
Teresa Maietti
Lynette Medeiros
Morris Security Electronics
Half Page
Tracey Belvedere
Maria Isabel Velez, Esq.
Paramount Exterminating Co.
Jose & Aida Villamaria
Tribute Listing
22nd St. Meat Market Inc.
Name Listing
Vicente & Nanette Arceo
Carlyle & Veronica Crawford
Romulo & Leonida Cruz
Zosima Evangelista
Frank & Dawne Henderson
Shirley Lagman
Frank Lorenzo
Diane McCabe
Jack & Magdalena Shader
Carol Zepf
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