Zena Cohen
Aishet Chayil Award
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Zena Cohen grew up in Northern New Jersey where her parents, Harry and Anita Aeder, z"l, were active members of the Teaneck Jewish Center. Zena was raised to value and be proud of her religion, her synagogue, and her community.  She was taught at a young age the importance of volunteering and of giving to those in need of help. 
After graduating NYU with a Masters in Computer Science,  Zena moved to the city where she met and married Martin. After a successful career in computer science,  Zena went to work with Health and Hospitals Corp. running the computer systems department and programming for one of it's NYC hospitals.  After being blessed with the birth of their children,  she moved on from HHC to work with Martin in financial and life management with clients who ranged from seniors in need of help with budgeting and healthcare issues to a Grammy Award winning musician who needed help with family issues, unions, touring, and collection of monies owed. Other of Zena's professional, semi professional, and volunteer creative past include Portrait and Simcha photography as well as singing with a light opera company, community choral groups, and performing in Young Israel Women and Bais Yaakov productions. 
Martin and Zena purchased a summer home in Atlantic Beach about 25 years ago and it didn't take long for them to fall in love with this warm and wonderful community. After a time, they decided to make AB their year round home.
Always grateful for her blessings, Zena is quick to offer assistance or an ear to listen and her home has always been open to those in need -  be it for a meal or a place to sleep. The Cohen home is always open for Shabbos and Yom Tov hospitality. 
Zena can't quite figure out why she is the recipient of this honor but she is truly grateful to be recognized by the JCAB  as this year's Aishet Chayil awardee.
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