Head of School Circle
,סוזי היקרה
המון תודה על עשר שנים נפלאות על ההשקעה
.JCDSהעצומה ל
על האהבה החוכמה והאנרגיה שאת הבאת איתך לבית ספר ולקהילה
!מערכים את כל ההשקעה ונתגעגע אליך
יזהר ונוני אראל ערמוני
Noni Erel Armony and Izhar Armony
Head of School Circle
One person's candle is light for many.
~ Talmud, Shabbat
Thank you, Susie, for lighting the way
and kindling so many flames.
Betsy Hecker and John Barter
Head of School Circle
Thank you so much, Susie, for your leadership and dedication!
Best wishes for much continued success!
CJP Day School Initiative
Head of School Circle
The Covenant Foundation celebrates
the incredible contributions of
the 2018 Covenant Award Recipient,
Dr. Susie Tanchel. She continues to bring the light
of learning to the entire Jewish community.
We know she will go from strength to strength.
The Covenant Foundation
Head of School Circle
יחד לב אל לב
נפתח ונראה את האור שבשמיים
יחד לב אל לב
נפתח בתקווה לאהבה
Susie, as we hear the words of the song יחד - Together, we are thinking of you and the path you paved in our school for the staff, the parents and most importantly, the children. You paved a way of יחד - Togetherness, קהילה - Community. You saw the light, you opened your heart and the rest is done with hope and love. We wish you דרך צלחה - a safe trip in your new journey. 
We know you will bring your heart, hope, and love there too.
With love and gratitude, Galit, Lior, Lia and Guy
The Div Family
Head of School Circle
The Elovitz Family
Head of School Circle
Dear Susie,
Thank you for your inspiring, visionary, and joyous
leadership of JCDS for the past nine years!
You helped instill in our children a love of learning and a commitment to pluralism of all kinds.
We will miss you as Head of School of JCDS! We wish you all the best in your new role-they are lucky to have you! 

Mazal tov! We're so happy to be celebrating you!
With love and gratitude,
Nicole, Josh, Leah, Joe, and Micah
The Gann Family
Nicole and Joshua Gann
Head of School Circle
Great Person
Wonderful Friend
Fantastic Teacher
Extraordinary Head of School
We will miss seeing you at JCDS
Rita and Herb Gann
Head of School Circle
Dear Susie,
Thank you for 9 years of leading
JCDS with vision, passion and dedication.
You are truly an inspirational model
for us all of habits of mind and heart
and the growth mindset.
With great appreciation and admiration,
The Gildesgame Family
Head of School Circle
In appreciation of Dr. Susie Tanchel
for her dedication to Jewish Education
and her commitment to excellence at JCDS.
Phyllis and Michael (z"l) Hammer Fund

Head of School Circle
Joan and Peter Hoffman
Head of School Circle
Susie's warmth, sensitivity and empathy
are a gift to all who know her. 
Together with fairness and generosity defined by
Jewish texts and values, Susie inspires us to become
our best. She will remain an unforgettable role model
and mentor for all those who encountered her
as head of school at JCDS.

I am privileged to think of Susie as my friend.
Claudia Davidoff and Joseph Kahan
Head of School Circle
Gayle and Jerry Klusky
Head of School Circle
Dear Susie,
Over the course of my 17 years of involvement with JCDS, I have never wavered in my love for the education and the community. Thank you for all of your hard work in improving that which needed improvement, and keeping in place that which is sacred.  
You have left an indelible imprint on the school with your academic rigor, love of Jewish text, and joyful learning. 
You will be sorely missed, but knowing that you will remain as an educator in the Boston Jewish community softens the blow. I am grateful for your leadership and for your friendship.  
Kol hakavod,

Sari Korman
Head of School Circle
Congratulations, Susie!
We are so proud of all you have accomplished
and feel privileged to have known you through the years.
You continue to inspire, from your days with George
at the New Jewish High School until the present.
This honor is well-deserved.  
Lizbeth and George Krupp
Head of School Circle
Marion and Abe Menzin
Head of School Circle
Mazal Tov to our inspiring Head of School, Dr. Susie Tanchel
יהושע בן פרחיה אומר עשה לך רב וקנה לך חבר
Joshua ben Perahiah said: appoint for thyself a teacher,
and acquire for thyself a companion (Pirkei Avot 1:6)

Susie, you have been both a teacher and a friend to me. It has been
a privilege to serve as board chair of JCDS, working and learning
alongside you, these past three years. Darren and I congratulate you
on leading JCDS into its 25th year of educating children
and building community through intentional pluralism.
May you go from strength to strength, מחיל אל חיל.
Elizabeth Waksman and Darren Orbach
Head of School Circle
Julie Altman and Alex Sagan
Head of School Circle
Dear Susie,
Thank you for 9 years of inspiring leadership at JCDS.
You embody the values that you imbued
in every aspect of school life. 
Through your work and dedication you strengthened
our joyful community and brought us to new heights. We wish you all the best in your next professional endeavors.
Shiri, Ilan, Yoav, Itai, and Yuval
The Segev Family
Head of School Circle
Thank you for inspiring us
in terms of pluralism, growth mindset
and community building!
Best, Carey and David
Carey Schwartz and David Sharff
Head of School Circle
Rosalyn and Richard Slifka
Head of School Circle
Thank you, Susie, for engaging the JCDS
community in Habits of Mind and Heart,
embodying them in your leadership over the past 9 years,
and embedding them in JCDS for years to come.
,רב תודות
Arnee, Walt, Sarah, and Aaron
The Winshall Family
Dear Susie,
We are grateful for your vision, leadership,
and hard work over the past decade in shaping JCDS
into a school community we love. Thank you for inspiring us
with your thoughtfulness and your love of learning;
for nurturing a community of kindness and love of Judaism;
and for challenging us all, parents and children alike,
to embrace the new and unknown with a growth mindset.
We wish you every success in your next chapter.
Warmest wishes,
Deb Gaffin and Richard Bennett
Mazal Tov, Susie, on 9 incredible years of growth, learning, risk taking
and building of a joyful Jewish community at JCDS.
Thank you for giving so much of your heart and soul to making JCDS the best school we could imagine for our children (and our entire family).
We feel so blessed to have been able to overlap with you for a combined 23 years (Eitan-7, Rina-9, Adin-7) at JCDS and we look forward to continuing to be learning and in community with you for many many years to come.
With love and gratitude,
Marci, Joram, Eitan, Rina, and Adin
The Borenstein Family
Raffaella Sadun and Vito Levi d'Ancona
Dear Susie,
Thank you for your inspiring leadership
at JCDS and for building up
our community through your work.
Dorit, Richard,
Hannah, Asher, and Rina
The Dale Harverd Family
JCDS, Dr. Tanchel, her predecessors
and the faculty and staff have had a
wonderful influence on
the development of my grandchildren.
Stephanie Karger
Yasher Koach, and many thanks to Elizabeth Waksman
as she concludes her term as Board Chair!
Lisa and the Mah Jongg gang!
Mazel tov and most profound thanks to Dr. Susie Tanchel for her incredible tenure as JCDS Head of School, for her career in Jewish education and for her inspirational and brilliant thought leadership on pluralism.
Lisa Popik Coll and Arieh Coll
Thank you Susie -
For cultivating a culture of curiosity, content,
and caring for our children. We are so grateful
for your thoughtful wisdom and example.
We wish you continued success and achievement
in the next phase of your career. 

B'hatzlacha v'Bracha, 
Yoni, Talia, Yakira, Nadav, Lior, and Noam
The Engelhart Family
Rena Gray Fein and Robbie Fein
Dena and Jason Glasgow
Susie and Howie Rodenstein
Bonnie and Marty Tenenbaum
פיה פתחה בחכמה
She opens her mouth with wisdom (Proverbs 31:26)
Susie, your wisdom impacts others every day
of your life. That is because your wisdom comes
through your heart and soul.
Proud to be a part of your journey and to be your friend.
Deep awe in what you have already accomplished
and hatzlachah for what is to come.
Jane Taubenfeld Cohen and David Cohen
If you knew Susie, like we know Susie 
Oh, oh, oh, what a gal!

Mazal Tov to our Malka,
Devra and Don Lasden
Dear Susie,
Mazal Tov on this special occasion.
Thank you for your inspiration
and leadership in shaping
this wonderful school.

Best wishes,
Fiona Epstein and John Pollack
With gratitude and affection
for Dr. T.'s many years of service
to the JCDS community -
Thank you for creating a warm
and supportive environment
in which our daughters,
Talia & Maya, could thrive!
Ellen and Michael Rubin
A big THANK YOU to Susie
from the whole Schwarz-Luria family.
What a joy, privilege,
and inspiring experience
to work with you and benefit from
your leadership for all of your time at JCDS.
Sarah Luria and Thomas Schwarz
Susie's hero, Abraham Joshua Heschel, could have been speaking about what Susie - above all - seeks to teach:
"Awe is an intuition for the dignity of all things,
a realization that things not only are
what they are but also stand,
however remotely, for something supreme."
Thank you Susie, for sharing your awe with all of us
and increasing our capacity for wonder.
Nicole Lamberg and Adam Shyevitch
Michelle Barmazel and Kevin Steinberg
Tamara Charm and Oren Weisberg
Shelley Baker
Eric Cushing
Louis Grossman
Ima, You treat everyone with respect and you make
their lives better, no matter who they are.
I am going to miss having you at school, but I'm looking forward to spending more time with you.
Love, Jordana
Sharon Levin and Rabbi David Lerner
Shirah Rubin and Bret Ancowitz
Dear Susie,
It has been such a unique privilege, pleasure, and honor to
have you as the leader of JCDS and this great community.
Throughout this time, you exhibited great perseverance
and positivity, projecting the Jewish values you embody,
and so beautifully articulated as the Habits of Mind and Heart.
Thank you for your visionary and values-based
leadership, which has helped bring the next generation
of doers, thinkers, and citizens.
בהצלחה ולהתראות
Ifat and Yaniv
Ifat and Yaniv Rubin Bejerano
Thank you, Susie, for all you have done to
carry JCDS forward to the point it has reached today!
Your devotion to the values of JDCS, especially pluralism and growth mindset, have been felt by a generation of JCDS students, to their great benefit.
We wish you all the best on your continued
professional journey.
Claire and Dan Caine
Orly Mishan and Timothy Crawford
Mazal Tov Susie!
Thank you for sharing your passion
with our children and our communities.
Your dedication has impacted
and inspired us all.
May you go from strength to strength!
Terri and Sol Eisenberg
Congratulations, Susie
Your knowledge and respect of our history,
ancient texts and language
and your excitement to embrace the future -
Lives in the hearts
of the hundreds of students
whose lives you have touched.
L'dor v'dor
Renee and Steven Finn
Mazal Tov and Kol Hakavod to
Dr. Susie Tanchel
for stewarding JCDS
in its pursuit of a caring,
loving and inclusive
educational environment.
Leslie and Michael Gaffin
Zelda and Elkan Gamzu
Susie Tanchel,
We wish you well in the next phase of your career
and thank you profusely for your astute management skills,
professionalism, and authentic love of students.
You have been a mentor to many and a friend to all. 
Kol haKavod!
With deep appreciation and gratitude,
Diane Troderman & Harold Grinspoon
Andrea and Jonathan Kamens
Sally Bock and Rabbi Ira Korinow
In honor of Susie
and all that she has accomplished
at JCDS. Her passion and commitment
has enabled JCDS to be a shining
example of all that can be achieved
in Day School Education.
With love and respect,
Adele and Andy Newman
Debby Gelber and Avrom Pfeffer
Dr. Susie Tanchel has brought so much to JCDS,
including her love of Judaism and learning,
her gifted teaching skills, respect for every individual
enthusiasm and willingness to encourage innovative ideas.
We know she will go from strength to strength
in her new position and wish her well.

All the best,
Elizabeth and Bob Pressman
Barbara Skydell Safran and Arthur Safran
!!תודה רבה ומזל טוב דוקטור טי
Dear Susie/Dr. T.,
As a JCDS family since its first head of school,
we are so grateful for your inspiring leadership
and effective stewardship of JCDS over the last decade,
and for how you and your team have taught us
to be better Jews and better people.
We know you will go from חיל to חיל.
Libby, Jesse, Nina, Jack, Ezra, and Lisa
The Sivan Family
Judith Katz and Dean Solomon
Heidi and Joe Sulman
Tamar and Philip Warburg
Mazal Tov to our friend and teacher 
Dr. Susie Tanchel!
We are deeply grateful for Dr. T.
and this special school community,
Jennifer, Amiel, Aaron,
Jonah '17, and Nathan
The Weinstock Family
Beth and Adam Badik
Mazal Tov
To an extraordinary educator 
And a world-class mensch!
!מחיל לחיל

Susan Shevitz and Lawrence Bailis
Thanks to Susie
for your educational leadership
and friendship.
Joyce and Michael Bohnen
Thank you for creating a school where both children
and teachers learn. You have been an amazing partner
with DeLeT at Brandeis in the holy work
of growing teachers for Jewish day schools.
May you continue to inspire others
through your leadership and teaching.
Sharon Feiman-Nemser
Nathan Hayman
Todah for your excellent leadership,
deep Judaic commitment,
and introducing the
Habits of Mind and Heart.
Rabbi Alvan and Marcia Kaunfer
Dear Susie,
There is no holier work than the work you have
done for so many years in so many ways―
transforming lives of Jewish children (including ours).
Congratulations on this milestone
and all the best for what comes next!
Sarah Markovitz and Jacob Pinnolis
Beth and Michael Ross
Elisa Deener-Agus and Michael Agus
Elena Balzac and Harvey Bock
Susan and Stewart Cook
Mazal tov, Susie!
You have been an inspirational leader for our JCDS community. Your passion, insights, wisdom, Torah, curiosity, empathy and love of children and education have permeated every aspect of our community. We are grateful to you for your leadership and friendship. Thank you for cultivating a community of meaning, connection, integrity and joy for Jewish life. As our ancestors so wisely said,
"עֲשֵׂה לְךָ רַב, וּקְנֵה לְךָ חָבֵר"
"Appoint for thyself a teacher, and acquire for thyself a companion" 

You, Susie, are our beloved teacher and friend. With deep gratitude and love,
Rachel, Dave, Ezra, Ashie, Nadav, Amital and Sandy
Rachel Fish and Dave Cutler
Susan Hirsh and Charles Glick
Ekaterina Brezgunova and Igor Gomberg
Steven Goldstein & Rabbi Steve Greenberg
"When I was young, I admired clever people. 
Now that I am old, I admire Susie Tanchel."
― Abraham Joshua Heschel

Thank you, Susie, for being an amazing head of school
and a wonderful friend. We are so grateful to know you
and learn from you, and we can't wait to see what you do next!
With love and gratitude -
Carla, Josh, Frieda, and Rose

The Naumburg Herzig-Marx Family
With gratitude to Dr. T. for inspiring
our granddaughters' love of learning as well as
gratitude for her talents in inspiring life long learning
in her fans of all ages!
Judy and Chayim Herzig-Marx
In honor of 
Dr. Susie Tanchel,
for 9 years of vision and leadership!
Allison Cook and David Hirsh
Natty and Carl Hoffman
Lisa and Rabbi Daniel Lehmann
Melissa and JP Nahmias
Ina and Jerry Regosin
Mechayil el chayil - From strength to strength!
Ruth Langer and Jonathan Sarna
Margery Sokoloff and Jeffrey Shoulson
"ותלמוד תורה כנגד כולם"
"...and the study of Torah is equal to all the rest."
- T"B Peah 1:1
To Susie:
In appreciation for your having been our children's
teacher, role model... and "mental gymnast."
Nancy Rigelhaupt Smith & Howard Smith

At the age of 5 you already knew
in what direction you wanted to go.
You got there!
We love you and are very proud of
all that you have achieved. 

Mum and Dad

Irene and Miles Tanchel
Robin and Matthew Adwin
Susan Ansin
Thank you for your years of friendship, thought partnership and leadership. You are a teachers' teacher and a lifelong learner whose passion for inquiry and capacity for wonder never cease to amaze us and everyone you inspire.
May your love of Torah and education continue to shape and build our Greater Boston learning community just as you have built our world class pluralistic schools and shaped the hearts and minds of so many talmidim.
With admiration and love,
Marc and Jill
Jill and Rabbi Marc Baker
In Honor of Liz Waksman and
the Orbach family
Mandy and Seth Berman

My mentor, my leader, my motivator,
my supporter, my inspiration, my friend.
It is with great gratitude that we honor you,
Dr. Susie Tanchel, in the spirit of education
and sparking life long learning.
With love, Emily and the Charton Clan
Emily and Doug Charton
Shira Deener and David Chodirker
Yaara and Eyal David
Janet Yassen and Irle Goldman

Thank you to Dr. Susie Tanchel
for her years of inspiring dedication to Jewish education
and her continued impact on our shared community.
Mark Sokoll, President/CEO
Louis Grossman, Governing Board Chair
JCC Greater Boston

Kol Hakavod
to Susie, superb educator and leader
Your passion, enthusiasm and dedication
to learning inspire us 
Your appreciation and love for people
connected to you warm our hearts
Judith and Bill Kates
Elana Fein and Doron Korinow
Shira Novack and Ranaan Korinow
Rabbi Claudia Kreiman and Ebn Leader

Susie, you are an inspiration! 
Working alongside you, I learned so much about what it
means to engage the community, person by person,
in support of a sacred mission.
Forever grateful,
Jennifer London
Thank you, Susie,
for your years of caring and wisdom.
Our grandsons, Zach Tavan
and Rafi Meirowitz Finkelstein,
thank you also.
Rabbi Rim and Anne Meirowitz
Miriam Newman and Michael Pinnolis
Michael Schor
Laura and Guy Shechter
Rachel Goldberg and Brian Sokol
מי כמוך במחנכים, מי כמוך נאדרת בלמודים
שירת הים-פרשת השבוע/בת מצוה -
דוגלת במוסר השכל, נלחמת לצדק ומשפט מישרים
משלי 3:1 -
מבינה משל ומליצה, דברי חכמים וחידתם
משלי 1:6 -
תרומתך ומרשתך, לדורות הבאים תנעם
Dorit and Ofer Zmiri
Half Page
Jordana Schuster Battis and Seth Battis

Danielle Igra and Eric Bergman
Half Page
Joel Berkowitz

Prof. Marc Brettler
Half Page
Sara Riedner Brown and Stephen Brown

Amberly Polidor and Rabbi David Curiel
Half Page
Sharon Freundel

Beth Polasky and Samuel Furgang
Half Page
Elisha and Sam Gechter

Naomi and Philip Getto
Half Page
Aaron Goldberg

Jenny and Tim Gomeringer
Half Page
Laila Goodman

Rabbi Susan Harris
Half Page
Dear Susie, 
With deep appreciation for your dedication and leadership these past nine years. Your extraordinary commitment to JCDS is admirable and has made it possible for many children to have the wonderful gift of a pluralistic Jewish education. As an educator, it has been an incredible experience to work at a school where the teaching is guided by the Habits of Mind and Heart. Thank you for leading our wonderful community day school and making a difference for so many children. Wishing you all the best on your next journey!
Michelle Janoschek

Elizabeth and Daniel Jick
Half Page
Sandy Falk and Daniel Judson

Barbara Kaplan
Half Page
Arleen Kulin

Esther and Josh Langer
Half Page
Meg and Eli Lederman

Hila Romi and Akiva Leibowitz
Half Page
In honor of Galit & Lior Div
and our grandchildren Lia (JCDS '25) and Guy (JCDS '27). 
We proudly support JCDS! Thank you to everyone who makes JCDS
such a special place for our family.
!תודה רבה
Sabba and Savta Ella & Nathan Liberman
Sabba and Savta Violet & Hertzel Div Cohen

Karen and Joseph Linitz
Half Page
Mazal tov to Susie and JCDS for kindling the flame
of lifelong learning and Jewish engagement
Stephanie and Yair Listokin

Thea Breite and Susan Moser
Half Page
Alisa Berger and Samuel Moyn

Arthur Novakoff
Half Page
Angela Sigal Poock and Jeremy Poock

Anita and Ken Rabinoff-Goldman
Half Page
Charlotte Ross

Rebecca Israel and David Sendor
Half Page
Elaine and Joseph Siegel

Susie, Thank you for a decade of amazing leadership.
I am a better educator, and a better human being,
because of your guidance and your teaching.
Andrea Silton
Half Page
Despite our distance, the music, mindset and ruach of JCDS
continues to reverberate in our home every day.
Thank you, Susie, for all that you've done to create
this lasting (and portable!) impression. 
With love,
The Skolnick Einhorn Family

Thank you, Susie, for leading and inspiring us.
You exemplify the Habits of Mind and Heart
and provide a role model for our children,
our families, and our entire staff.
Glenda Speyer
Half Page
Christine Stodolski

Amy and Todd Sukol
Half Page
Susie: your warmth, attention, perspective and compassion throughout my family's JCDS application and my conversion process last year will never be forgotten. I look forward to working with you in the fall at Hebrew College, and am confident that my Gan Nitzan student will benefit from your legacy at JCDS in the years to come!
With gratitude, 
Mia Tavan and Family

Yonina Hoffman and Jeremy Wanderer
Quarter Page
Mara and Stephane Acel-Green

Gary Alpert

Audrey and Rafi Cohen

Tova Mirvis and Bruce Cohen
Quarter Page
Rachel and Behzad Dayanim

We wish you all the best and much success
in your new endeavor.  
Grandparents of Eitan, Rina and Adin Borenstein
Celia and Stephen Gamm

Lauren and Jonathan Garlick

Sophie Gildesgame ('06)
Quarter Page
Thank you for your leadership and
support throughout the years.
Wishing you the best in your future endeavors!
Chavah Goldman

Amy and Steven Gortler

Mazal Tov to Susie, Jewish educator extraordinaire!
May you go from strength to strength.
Shira Horowitz and Maurice Karpman

Rachel and Oren Kaunfer
Quarter Page
Idit Klein

Rachel Barenbaum and Adam Kleinbaum

Lee and Daniel Kraft

Carol and David Krentzman
Quarter Page
Tamar Levy

Judith and Harold Meyer

Lynnie and David Mirvis

Grace and Scott Offen
Quarter Page
Emily Perlman

Mazel Tov Susie!
Love, Amy, George & Greer
The Pollack-Howard Family

Shayna Rhodes

Judith Rosenbaum and Or Rose
Quarter Page
Michal Rubin and Alon Rotem

Susie, your leadership of, love for, and commitment to
the Jewish community are gifts to us all.
Thank you, for everything.
Farrah Rubenstein

Barbara and Michael Sawyer

Kol haKavod!
Helen, Mark, Samantha, and Olivia Tanchel
Quarter Page
Shaina Wasserman

Ina Bachman and Eli Wylen

One Line
Julia and Mark Beloborodov
Laura Bernstein
Paul Bernstein
Ann and Sidney Cramer
Kerry Weiner and Andrew Elkind
Ziva Hassenfeld
One Line
Miriam Kamens ('12)
Polly Crozier and Jessica Keimowitz
Ziva Kovner
Sarah Langer
Naomi Gurt Lind and William Lind
Cheryl Maayan
One Line
Margot Mann
Susan and Robert Martuza
Avi Minder
Rebecca Lange and Jonah Peretz
Yael Rhodes
Alisa Rodny
One Line
Ruth Schulman Schlager
Vered and Ilan Singer
Rabbi Toba Spitzer
Linda Hsu and Marc Steinberg
Martha Hausman and Andrew Vogel
Maurine Welling