Joyce and Michael Bohnen
Rachel and Larry Chafetz
Roberta and Irwin Chafetz
Louise Citron
Rena Gray Fein and Robert Fein
Dara and David Grossman
Patti and Louis Grossman
Ellie and Barry Shrage
Justine Levin-Allerhand and Paul Allerhand  
Irina and Mark Barrocas
Ruth Nemzoff and Harris Berman
Arlene Bernstein
Julia Greenstein and Paul Bleicher
Amy and Joshua Boger
Susan and Leo Breitman
Jane Taubenfeld Cohen and David Cohen
Myra Musicant and Howard Cohen
Yael Miller and Stuart Cole
Lisa and Arieh Coll
Amy Abramowitz and Ethan Corey
Leslie and Alan Crane
Dorit Harverd and Richard Dale
Danielle and Gregg Darish
Allyson and Edward DeNoble
Mady and Bruce Donoff
Michal and Andy Fandel
Helene and Edward Faneuil
Rena Gray Fein and Robert Fein
Nina and David Fialkow
Denise and Bill Finard
Andie Finard
Rachel and David Fine
Peggy and David Fineman
Renée and Steven Finn
Helen Tager-Flusberg and Martin Flusberg  
Cheri Fox
Nora and Joshua Friedman
Zelda and Elkan Gamzu
Laurie and Paul Gershkowitz
Risa and Zev Gewurz
Catharyn and Mike Gildesgame
Paula and James Gould
Jill and Jeremy Grossman
Phyllis Hammer
Rachel Coben and Roger Klein
Carolyn and Josh Kraft
Lizbeth and George Krupp
Shannon Floyd and Daniel Leibholz
Marcia and Alan Leifer
Allison Andrews and Arthur Lent
Marni Smilow Levitt and Jonathan Levitt
Cynthia and William Marcus
Taren and Ralph Metson
Sasha and Geoff Meyerson
Debra and Eitan Milgram
Jessica and Chuck Myers
Rabbi Suzanne and Andrew Offit
Professor Martin Patt
Sandra and Donald Perrin
Dena and Michael Rashes
Arlene and Sanford Remz
Barbara and Frank Resnek
Lauri Union and Stanley Rosenzweig
Barbara and Andrew Schultz
Gilda Slifka
Jennifer Slifka and Louis Vidal
Rosalyn and Richard Slifka
Deborah and Jeffrey Swartz
Lisa and Neil Wallack
Clare Villari and David Weinstein
Arnee and Walter Winshall
Deanna and Sidney Wolk
Marla and Jeffrey Wolk
Dina and Matthew Wosk
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