Landmark Companies
Distinguished Community Leadership Award
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Landmark Companies is one of the leading residential development companies in New Jersey. Whether  reinvigorating  downtown communities, building and designing suburban infill projects or managing their more than 3,500 rental apartments in New Jersey and Florida, Landmark Companies imagines and brings to life beautiful places that offer the utmost value for individuals, families, neighborhoods and cities.


The leaders of Landmark Companies value education and are committed to making a difference in their community, which is why they care so deeply about designing and building the new recreational facilities at JKHA/RKYHS. Each member of the leadership team feels personally proud to be playing an integral role in the creation of these spectacular recreational spaces for current and future students.


One of Landmark’s greatest strengths is the diverse backgrounds of their leaders: Michael Gottlieb (Principal and attorney), Eric Harvitt (Principal and engineer) and Joel Schwartz (Principal architect and planner), Matt Leshetz (VP, Construction & Development), Jeff Weinflash (VP, Land Acquisitions), Alan Phil (Designer & Construction Manager), and Ken Gabel (Construction Manager). Their varied skills enable them to excel in every aspect of the job, whether it be negotiating site approval, overseeing construction, or conducting ongoing community outreach. 


Landmark Companies have also won numerous awards and accolades for their preeminent work, including from Best in American Living, Multifamily Executive Magazine, and the American Planning Association. Utilizing high quality materials, time-honored construction techniques and the best modern technologies, they build distinctive homes and thriving communities with timeless appeal.



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