Jason Chamikles
Dr. Jason Chamikles, D.O., Esq. joined Long Island Crisis Center (PFY's parent organization) as a volunteer in 1982 when it was still called "Middle Earth Switchboard". He has had quite a journey since, attending both medical school (NYIT and NYCOM) and law school (CUNY School of Law). Dr. Chamikles has pursued his passion of caring for adolescents and their families, while also providing legal representation for injured New Yorkers.  As a physician, he has serendipitously found his way back to LICC/PFY in a new capacity, providing instrumental guidance in the expansion of PFY's HIV prevention programs. In what spare time he has left, Dr. Chamikles has acted as a medical volunteer and motorcycle safety instructor for the LGBY Community Center's "Cycle of the Cause" event to raise money for HIV services, as well as a medical volunteer in the "2021 BIKE HSS" (Hospital for Special Surgery) fundraiser. 
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