Team Christian Marshall
Help us remember Christian Marshall while we support the LICC in their relentless efforts to help save lives.
Share with your family and friends.
For the last 8 years Team Christian Marshall has supported the Long Island Crisis Center and their lifesaving work. Each year this walk brings family, friends, and the community together to remember the lives lost as we support one another in healing. Our main mission is to let anyone who is struggling know that “you are not alone.” Please consider donating to this special organization and register for this years virtual Let’s Walk Let’s Talk. Always remember, it’s okay to ask for help.
Clare Corrigan-Denis
Lauren Condon
Brittany M
Jeanette Potapchuk
Abbi Derosa
Samantha K.
Melissa Thomas
Maryssa Deliteris
Brenna Beggi - Team Christian Marshall
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