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Ruby Sponsor
Thank you Rabbi for your
friendship and dedication to
our community for 35 years
Paula Gottesman
Emerald Sponsor
Dear Rabbi
our teacher
our leader
our spiritual guide
Thank you for an incredible
35 years!!
Dorothy & Irv Cohen
Emerald Sponsor
Rabbi Nesson, Thank you for guiding our synagogue
with wisdom, love, and deep commitment.
Thank you for all that you have done to build a stronger Jewish community across Greater MetroWest.
And thank you for all that you have done to build
Jewish souls within our family.
With deep respect and gratitude, and best wishes
for a well-deserved retirement.

Kim Hirsh
Elana Hirsh Widmann Schoenbrum
Zack Widmann
Sara Widmann
Sapphire Sponsor
Congratulations to Rabbi Nesson
for your 35 years of
dedicated service to MJC
The Gooen Family
Chai Sponsor
Congratulations to
Rabbi Nesson on the occasion of
your retirement
Owen Aronov
Chai Sponsor
Chai Sponsor
With personal gratitude to
Here's to your continuing to pursue your passionate studies of all things Jewish, and to your sharing that boundless knowledge with those of us who have benefited 
and been challenged and uplifted by your dedication.
From, Ilene Dorf Manahan and Harriette Dorf (z"l),
who enthusiastically anticipated and appreciated Rabbi Nesson's always intelligent and thought-provoking sermons and Torah studies.
L'Chaim, Rabbi!
Chai Sponsor
Rabbi, Mazel Tov on a
stellar career.
Thank you for all the time and
devotion you've shown
my family.
Ilene Wolff
"Connect yourself to a teacher (Rabbi),
make yourself a friend" (Mishnah Avot 1:6)
Rabbi Nesson, Thank you for spiritually guiding us,
teaching us and participating in
our life cycle events.
But mostly, thanks for being our friend.
With love and gratitude,
Amy Brunswick and Aron Schwartz
Naomi, Ryan, Daniel, Becca
and Micah Charlie
Rabbi Nesson, Thank you for all you have done
for our synagogue and our community.
We wish you good health and happiness as you
embark on your retirement.
Mazel Tov, David Beck, Lillesol Kane and
our Families
Rabbi Nesson,
Thank you for sharing family
celebrations with us over the years.
We will miss you and your
entertaining sermons.
Enjoy your new adventures!
Alan and Adrienne Chanin
Ali, Paul, Hayley and Emma Gorbaty
Andrew, Sophie, Daphne and Royce Chanin
Rabbi Nesson ~ For 35 years you have been our Rabbi,
our teacher, our inspiration and our guide.
Yasher koach on a job well done.
We wish you good health and continued
inspiration for your next chapter of life.
Thank you for your dedicated service to our
community and to our family.
Joel and Ellen Charm, Tamara and Oren,
Naomi and Rick, Samuel and Sara, Joshua and Marci,
and grandchildren
Congratulations Rabbi Nesson on 35 years of service.
We appreciate your messages of hope and passion, well as your spiritual leadership and knowledge. Your words have touched countless lives, including the entire Cohen family. 
We thank you and wish you all the best in this new chapter
of your life.
You will be missed but your impact will be felt
for years to come.
Dr. Martin and Joan Cohen and Family
Congratulations to Rabbi Nesson
on the occasion of
your retirement
Judy, Jeremy, Zach, Eli and Gabe Diringer
Congratulations to Rabbi Nesson
for your 35 years of
dedicated service to MJC
Stuart, Joane, Allison, Dana, Lindsay, Daniel Fox
Rabbi Nesson,
Thank you for all that you have done for our
community these past 35 years.
Best wishes on your retirement.
David, Kim, Alexis, and Zach Ganz
Best wishes to Rabbi David Nesson for a
healthy and happy retirement.
His gifts are many -
a superb teacher and leader -
our congregation has benefitted
greatly these past 35 years.
Peppi Glass
Dear Rabbi Nesson,
Thank you for your dedication,
spiritual guidance, leadership and
support to the MJCBY family.
You will be missed.
Betty & Arnold Goldstein
Rabbi Nesson,
Thank you for your guidance and support all these years. 
You welcomed us into MJCBY 33 years ago.
Now, it is our honor to wish you well on your retirement!
As you look back at the years you have been here,
you should be proud of what you've brought
to the MJCBY community. 
Our wish for you --
May you find rest and challenge,
quiet and adventure, and may you open yourself
to new opportunities in your retirement.
Best Wishes, Rita and Lawrence Gotfried
Congratulations to Rabbi
Nesson for your 35 years of
dedicated service to MJC
Dena, Eric, Nancy, Kathy, Paul, Michael and Tanya, Benjamin and Theresa, and Jessica Green
We wish for you, Health and Happiness
in this next chapter of your life.
You have been a significant part of our lives
during the 22 years since we joined MJCBY.
You have led our Kehillah with strength,
compassion and commitment.
We have been truly blessed by having you as
our leader for 35 years.
Our Rabbi, Our Teacher, Our Friend.
Kol Hakavod,
Donna and Gerry Gross
Rabbi Nesson, Congratulations and best wishes on your retirement.
Thank you for your years of leadership,
wisdom, guidance and support of
our congregation.
Kind regards.
The Grushkin Family
The Grushkin Family
Dear Rabbi Nesson, Thank you for your
committment and dedication to our synagogue
and community.
We will truly miss your entertaining and
insightful sermons.
We will always treasure your participation in
our family's simchas.
We wish you and your family happiness, health
and mazel in your days ahead.
Lots of Love, Sheila, Steven, Allison, David,
Amanda Gudis and families

When MJCBY engaged you to be our Rabbi in 1987,
it fulfilled the teachings of Rabbi Gamaliel in Pirkei
Avot Chapter 1 Mishna 16 b where he states
"provide yourself with a teacher" and Rabbi Joshua
ben Perahyah in Avot Chapter 1 Mishna 6 where he
also says "provide yourself with a teacher."

You have indeed been our teacher.

Thank you for being our teacher and leader for 35
years! You will be missed.
Beverly and Ira Hammer
Dear Rabbi Nesson Mazel Tov on your retirement and your
remarkable service to MJCBY and the community.
Thank you for walking life's journey with us these past 35 years!
Wishing you a retirement that brings you much joy, lots of
learning, good health and quality time with family.
Whatever you pursue next will be blessed by your gifts
and presence.
You will be greatly missed.
With our warmest wishes and thanks,
Fred and Laurie Iskowitz
and family
Congratulations and best
wishes to Rabbi Nesson on the
occasion of your retirement.
May you never be bored.
Stewart, Aaron, Jacob, and Melanie Jaslove
Mazel Tov Rabbi Nesson.
Thank you for your devotion to
our community and our families.
Charles and Susan Joseph, Alison, Matthew, Caleb, Eliana and Orli, Andrew, Ariel and Noam Joseph
Thank you to Rabbi Nesson for a remarkable
35 years of service as a teacher, spiritual
guide, community leader and friend.
You shared in our happy times, and your
support of our family during the loss of
Robert z"l will be remembered always.
Mazel Tov on your retirement as you begin your
next chapter.
With warm wishes,
Hana Kornblum, Tamar Kornblum and family
Rabbi Nesson,
We celebrate your outstanding leadership
over the past 35 years.
Thank you for all you have done
for the congregation and our family.
It has been a pleasure knowing you 
and working with you.
We are honored to celebrate your retirement.
Best Wishes, Karen Lahn
Jonathan, Sam, Max and Emma Lahn
Meredith, Eric, Juliana, Alexa and Maya Charak
Congratulations to
Rabbi Nesson on the occasion of
your retirement.
Thank you for your 35 years of
dedicated service to MJCBY.
William and Julie Timins Lupatkin
Rabbi Nesson - We join in celebrating and
thanking you for your leadership and guidance
during these past many years.
And we join in wishing you all the best as you
take your next step.
We expect you will continue to be a vital
resource for the Jewish community for many,
many years to come.
We shout out a very well earned yasher koach
for the past 35 years.

All the best - Wendy Miller, Bennett
Rosenbach, Philip Rosenbach
Congratulations Rabbi Nesson on your retirement!
All the best, Myles Beck, Jeff Thomas, and the staff at
Moving Mountains Recovery
Rabbi - Thank you for all you've done for
our MJCBY community.
We wish you a retirement that brings you much joy, lots of learning and many new adventures!
Warmly, Marcy, Rachel and Sarah Needle
Dear Rab,
Much gratitude for your leadership, vision, support and friendship for almost thirty years. You have left an imprint on our hearts and you will be sorely missed. Wishing you peace, health and fulfillment in your retirement and always.
The Neibarts
Kathy, Steve, Sarah and Josh, Shane and Marlee, Esther, Elias and Gabriella

Thank you Rabbi Nesson and hoping
that the next chapter of your life provides
you with much nachus as you 
explore new ideas.

Maureen, Jack & Miriam Olsen
Congratulations to Rabbi
Nesson for your 35 years of
dedicated service to MJC
Audrey and Jeff Pancis
Rabbi Nesson,
For three generations you have been there for our family,
in happy and sad times.
We have treasured your sage advice and felt
comfort in knowing that you would be our
guiding light.
We will miss you tremendously as our
spiritual leader and friend.
Stephen, Linda and Emily Prentiss
Mazal Tov Rabbi Nesson on your Retirement!
Thank you for your dedication, guidance,
and leadership.
You will be missed!
The Rayfield - Schayowitz Family
Dear Rabbi Nesson,
With gratitude for guiding
us through every rite of passage -
B'nai mitzvot, weddings, funerals -
You have been there to counsel and inspire us.
May you go from strength to strength.
The Rogoff family Carol, Arthur,
Jonathan, Joshua, Lauren & Elijah
Dear Rabbi Nesson, 
Thank you for your wisdom,
your support and your friendship.
All of our best, 
Linda, Lee,
Philip and Emily Rosenbaum
Mazel Tov Rabbi Nesson on your retirement!
We are grateful for the many years you have
been the spiritual leader of MJCBY, and for
your support and guidance during our family's
mitzvoth and in times of distress.
Your thought and soul inspiring sermons will
stay with us.
Wishing you all the best in your retirement,
and Thank You!
Lynne, Walter, Benjamin and
Alexandra Rosenfeld
You taught us so much.
You created a welcoming second Jewish home for us.
You made us proud to be MJCBY members and leaders
You led our glorious MJCBY trip to Israel.
You developed a bond with Jesse, and married
him to our daughter.
You became a friend and mentor.
We celebrate your years of leadership and pray
for a happy and meaningful retirement!
The Rosenheck Family - Rachel, Danielle,
Jesse, Stephanie, Gary
Congratulations to
Rabbi Nesson for your 35 years
of dedicated service to MJC
Harriet and David Sakofs, Justin, Rachel and Matthew and their families​

Rabbi Nesson
Our family has been with you for the past 30 years. You have been a guiding light for us, MJCBY, and the entire Morristown Jewish Community. You have enhanced our celebrations with your words of encouragement and have supported us during our losses.
Each year your words of wisdom and optimism have given us
something to strive for and new goals to work toward. We will always remember the fun nights on the bridge smoking cigars and toasting l'chaims. We have fond memories of the events you shared with our children and grandchildren which brought much joy to all of us.
In short you have been an important part of our lives and we will surely miss you.
All the best in your future endeavors.
The Spitzer Family
Expressing our gratitude

Julie Abraham Stone,
Lewis, Jonathan and Jeremy Stone
Temple B'nai Or honors the legacy of partnership between our two communities which Rabbi Nesson has helped lead. Kol HaKavod Rabbi on your leadership, your scholarship, and your vision as you worked to make the
Morristown Jewish Community one that was warm, welcoming, and engaging wherever the people chose to make their spiritual home. You leave behind a legacy of people whoseknowledge and love of Judaism has only been enhanced by your efforts.
Temple B'nai Or
Congratulations Rabbi Nesson on your retirement,
your impact on so many families,
and your legacy at MJCBY!
We thank you for always being there for our family!
Ann, Warren, Debbie, Dan, Justin & Sarah The Rhines and Sontupe Family
Congratulations to Rabbi
Nesson for your 35 years of
dedicated service to MJC
Michelle and Keith Usiskin
Rabbi Nesson, Mazel Tov on your retirement!
Thank you for your many wonderful years with MJCBY.
Best wishes for health and happiness in your next adventure.
We will miss you!
Love, Neil, Jennifer and Leah Weinstock.
Congratulations to Rabbi Nesson
on your retirement.
We adore you!
You have been there for our family throughout
the years!
We will miss you!
Enjoy every moment of the coming years!
Bonnie Krauser Welsh and Tom Welsh
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Dear Rabbi Nesson, 
Mazel tov on the occasion of your retirement.
For the past 20 years you have been both my
spiritual leader and sincere friend.
To me, you have represented the epitome of a
rabbi as the religious leader as well as
represented the backbone of MJCBY. Your warmth
and intelligence have always shown through
your sermons and presence on the bima.
I wish you many many years of health and joy.

Most sincerely
Debbie Brody
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"Yehoshua ben Perahia liked to say, Find yourself a teacher
(rav) and acquire for yourself a colleague (haver)." (Pirkei Avot 1:6) 
Rabbi David Nesson has been our beloved friend
and colleague (haver) for decades since our first years at the
Rabbinical School of the Jewish Theological Seminary.
He has been the devoted spiritual leader (rav) of Morristown
Jewish Center Beit Israel for over three decades.
He is a cherished teacher, preacher, and pastor.
May G-d grant him strength in the years to come and may his
distinguished rabbinate inspire others as it has inspired us.
Mark and Lois Diamond, Rob and Ellen Dobrusin,
Rick and Judy Eisenberg, Dan and Fran Liben, David and Natalie Rose,
Larry Troster z"l and Elaine Kahn
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Rabbi Nesson, Mazal tov on your retirement!
Thank you for your 35 years of spiritual
guidance and dedicated service to
our community.
With much appreciation and affection, 
Rebecca, Mitchell,
Jamie and Jonathan Gold
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Dear Rabbi Nesson, Thank you for all the 35 years of service
you've given to our MJCBY. We especially have enjoyed your
education class during COVID on-line and the celebration of our
Bat Mitzvahs and weddings while our Rabbi.
May the next phase of your life be as satisfying and maybe even
less stressful than your long and successful time at our
congregation has been.
With love and respect, Steve & Toni Guss, Julie and Matthew
Schneider, Coby & Sabrina, Jenny Guss & Kevin Smith,
Sofia, Joshua, Daphne & Emory
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Mazel Tov on your retirement.
We are grateful for your wisdom and guidance through all our
family life cycle events over the past 35 years.
The instruction of a wise man is a
fountain of life Proverbs13:14 
תורת חכם מקור חיים
The Havarah
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Full Page
The entire Kane family wishes Rabbi Nesson a
wonderful retirement.
We thank you for your many years of service
and guidance as our Rabbi.
With appreciation and gratitude
from Kirsten, Walter z"l,
Lillesol, Nathaniel and Olimpia
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Rabbi Nesson, It has been our honor working with you as our Rabbi and friend for all your years as our spiritual leader.
We wish you health, happiness and enjoyment in your retirement!
Linda and Larry Kornreich and 
Meryl and Michael Balaban
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We honor Rabbi David Nesson for his 35 years
of devoted leadership to our congregation.
His wisdom and guidance have inspired us to be
better individuals and a stronger community.
Our family and many others have benefitted
immensely from his influence.
We wish him a joyous retirement filled with
love and blessings.
Nancy & David Medford
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Rabbi Nesson, 
Mazel Tov and best wishes on
your retirement!
Men's Club cannot thank you enough for your
many years of leadership, support
and inspiration.
We wish you many healthy years of relaxation,
fun and meaningful pursuits.
We look forward to seeing you at our next
Scotch & Cigars and Doghouse road trip.
MJCBY Men’s Club
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מזל טוב
We honor and salute you, our dear David,
for your long successful career of teaching, leading, counseling,
inspiring and comforting at the Morristown Jewish Center Beit
Yisrael and at Agudath Shalom Eta Ahayem.
We love you and wish you good health and joy as you begin your
next chapter.
Your family, Ellen Nesson and Larry Bruck, Leora Nesson, Willie and
Rose Nesson, Phyllis Tobin, Maury Rosenbaum and Stacie Van Deusen,
Keren Rosenbaum Cooks and Gali Cooks, Ami and Gavi, Ali and Alex
Grange, Maya, Aiden, Zeke, Avi and Staci Rosenbaum, Shaya,
Netta, Nili, Jackie and Hinda Rosenbaum, Sammy Rosenbaum, Rebecca
Tobin and Ari Ungar, Mera, Rory, Reggie
מזל טוב
Full Page
Thank you Rabbi Nesson for
your 35 years of service to
our community.
Ellen Roller and Paul Selver
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Half Page
Thank you Rabbi Nesson for your 35 years of
dedication to our congregation.
We wish you well in the years ahead and hope
to see you around here!
The Appelbaums

Congratulations to Rabbi Nesson for your
35 years of dedicated service to MJC
"Retirement is not the end of the road,
it is the beginning of the open highway."
Enjoy the ride! Mazal tov!
Cantor Maimon & Rhea Attias and Family
Half Page
Thank you Rabbi Nesson. Four Generations:
Samuel and Miriam Karlin, Jerry & Shirley Axelrod,
Ron & Debbie Axelrod, Heather Axelrod 
AXCO ABSTRACT family owned since 1972
Abstract & Title & Notary Services 973-538-4606

To our Mara D'Atra, Rav and Friend,
Todah Rabah for all you have done -
and all that you will still do.
Leich L'shalom!
The Berns Clan
Beverly & Irwin and Nancy & Robert Berns
Half Page
We greatly appreciate your participation in
our family events over the years.
With fond regards, Sergio, Shelley, Joshua and
Lily Bienstock

35 years ago we greeted you after a Friday
night service. Your Boston area accent felt like home to us.
We thank you for all you've given MJCBY & wish you well.
Peter and Nina Blank
Half Page
Thank you for your friendship and spiritual support you have given our family throughout the Years !
Mazel Tov on your retirement!
Roz, Mike, Erica, Jay and Gerri Blick

It has been a great honor and privilege to learn from you
and a pleasure to collaborate with you.
May you be blessed with good health and Strength
Cantor Galit Dadoun-Cohen
Half Page
Rabbi, congratulations for 35 years of
outstanding leadership at MJCBY!
May your retirement be filled with health
and happiness.
Elli & Ray Chimoff & Family

MJCBY has been blessed with your leadership,
dedication, and scholarly insight for 35 years.
Todah rabah, Rabbi.
Mimi and Jeff Czeisler,
Paula, Barry & Family
Half Page
Thank you for leading the flock at MJCBY.
Your wit, wisdom and humanity were
always evident. Thanks for our introduction.
Enjoy your well deserved retirement.
David Ticker & Linda Griffler

Who is Wise? He who learns from every man.
(Pirkei Avot) GRTWA is proud to honor Rabbi
Nesson for 35 years as a community leader.
Mazal Tov on Retirement.
Gottesman RTW Academy
Half Page
Thank you Rabbi Nesson for 35 years of
contributing to the fabric of our community!
Jeff Grayzel 
Former Mayor & current Committeeman
Morris Township, NJ

Wishing you MAZAL TOV at this
incredible milestone!
With much love and gratitude,
Vicki & Brian, Sarah, Joe & Jake Hart
Half Page
Congratulations to Rabbi Nesson
for your 35 years of
dedicated service to MJC
Suzanne Jacobowitz

Congratulations to Rabbi Nesson
for your 35 years
of dedicated service to MJC
Helena Kloder and Lou Bodian
Half Page
Rabbi Nesson, Thank you for all your help
over the last 25 years. Your support with the Congregation allowed us a measure of comfort in our daily lives.
Have a great retirement.
Phyllis z"l and Paul Kopp

Thank you for all the years you have shared with us:
your knowledge, your wisdom, your kindness.
Your sermons have been stimulating and inspiring.
Hazak, hazak!
Joyce Lantzman
Half Page
Wishing you all the best on your retirement.
We thank you for your many years of service to
our family and the community.
David and Robin Leitner and Family

Congratulations to Rabbi
Nesson for your 35 years of
dedicated service to MJC
Beena and Steve Levy
Half Page
Congratulations Rabbi on your upcoming retirement !
Martha Moritz
Broker /Sales Associate Coldwell Banker
Realty 21 South Street - Morristown 201-602-8815

Congratulations to Rabbi Nesson on the occasion of your retirement.
All the best from your friends at 
Mercedes-Benz of Morristown.
Half Page
Thank you, Rabbi Nesson, for your many years
of service to Morristown Jewish Center and for
everything you have done for our family.
מחיל אל חיל    May you go Yours,
Lauren and David Najarian

Mazel Tov and Todah Rabah to 
Rabbi David Nesson on your retirement.
Best wishes for the future!
Jason, Erica, and Jacob Navarino
Half Page
Mazel Tov, Rabbi Nesson.
Jeffrey Newmark

Dear David,
Best wishes on your retirement!
Barry and Sharon Nudel
Half Page
Congratulations to
Rabbi Nesson on the occasion of
your retirement
Sheri and Steve Papish

Rabbi, we deeply appreciate your years of
spiritual guidance, teaching and caring support.
Thank you and best wishes for your retirement.
Ed Pikus & Lisa Pollak
Half Page
Mazel Tov!
Thank you for your dedication to the synagogue.
We will miss your leadership, guidance and wisdom.
Wishing you the best, 
The Rayfield-Borax family

מזל טוב to our dear neighbor, colleague, & friend for your
decades of devoted service and on your well-earned retirement.
מחיל אל־חיל! 
Fran and Rabbi Don Rossoff
Half Page
Thank you Rabbi Nesson for your leadership.
We wish you a happy and
healthy retirement.
Debra, Barry and Rachel Rudich

Thank you for being our Rabbi
and guiding us through the generations.
Mazel Tov on your retirement!
Susan and John Salsberg
Half Page
Thank you for supporting us through happy
times as well as sorrowful times!
Remembering the good times of Melissa's and
Jessica's Bat Mitzvahs and Weddings.
Roberta and Warren Schneider

We will always be grateful for your warmth
& guidance at our family's lifecycle events.
Happy retirement!
Karen Secular, Doron Grosman &
Shira Grosman
Half Page
Thank you for your spiritual leadership and
guidance through life's joys and sorrows.
Wishing you a healthy, fulfilling retirement!
Susan Wallenstein & Family

Rabbi, Mazal tov on your 35 years of
leadership to our MJCBY community!
Wishing you all the best in your retirement!
Rebecca, Michael, Sam & Alex Wanatick
Half Page
Rabbi Nesson, we thank you for your support
and spiritual guidance!
Sheryl & Gary Weine Heather, Gregg, Julia
& Emma Brochin Romy, Doug, Oona &
Parker Weine

Dear Rabbi Nesson, You are the reason I came
to MJC and the reason my experience here has
been so meaningful.
Mazel Tov! All the best, Fondly,
Reggie Yoskowitz
Well Wisher Listing
Dr. Kenneth and Susan Adler
Sharon and Richard Barkauskas
Jeffrey and Leanna Bashe
Anne, Marc, David, Shoshana & Gabrielle Beacken
Sandra and Neil Bernoff
Paula Barber and Howard Buxbaum
Marci, Josh, Ari & Ellie Charm
Jane and Sid Chonowski
Well Wisher Listing
Marlene Fand
Marty and Ally Gall
Nancy Goldband
Eileen & Ralph Goldberg
Dr. Joel and Lynne Goldman
Doug & Debbie Goldstein
Beverly Levine and Sandy Greenberg
Howard and Barbara Haimann
Well Wisher Listing
Heidi Schleifer and Edward Fleischman
Robin, Adam, Sarah and Elan Kane
Harvey & Sharon Kellman
Vivian Laska
Laurie Levy and Steve Altarescu
Mark Levine, Anthony and Henry Levine
Yale Eileen Hannah Natalie Alana and Jacob Levine
Sidney Levit
Well Wisher Listing
Barbara and Stuart Levy
Steve and Rachel Lipsky
Dr. Peter and Marilyn Loeb
Howard & Fran Loewensteiner & Family
Rabbi Randy and Dassy Mark
Robin, Greg, Eliana and Daniel Milich
Stacy, Jonathan, Shayna, and Avianna Miller
Lauren and David Najarian
Well Wisher Listing
William and Susan Neigher
Steven and Marsha Orange
Rabbi Mark and Abby Finkel & family Pine Brook Jewish Center
Lenore and Mark Rattner
Scott, Hilary, Sarah and Mark Reilly
Laurie and Howard Reingold
Helen and Barry Reiter
Meryl Shahun Rosen
Well Wisher Listing
Diane and Alan Rothstein
Ivy, Jay and Daniel Rubin
Florence Rudich
The Sagor Family
Alan and Kay Salzman
Andrew and Sharon Schwartz
Sid & Vivian Schwartz
Mayrav, Adam, Jacob, Carmel and Evan Smith
Well Wisher Listing
Naomi & Mark Stein
Cynthia Steinberg
Kim Synalovski
Alec and Laura Truitt
Amy, Eric and Beryn Weinstock
Alberta and Eli Weissman
Beverly Zagofsky, Melanie and Joshua
Mimi and Paul Zukoff
Dr. Kenneth and Susan Adler
Liz Broos
Rick Connell
Margi and Leo Josephs
Karen London
Alexandra Milan-Rosenberg
Beatrice Mintz
Rabbi Mark and Abby Finkel & family Pine Brook Jewish Center
Darlene Raisch
Meryl Shahun Rosen
Keri, Josh, Jonah and Micah Spiegel
Allen and Sandi Stern
Elisa Udaskin Day
Bob and Peg Warshaw
Janet Zevin and Family