Nava & Dan Bettinger
Jodi and Adam Weinstein
Pamela and George Rohr
Jackie and Omri Dahan
Basya and Jonah Lobel
Jen and Erik Schetina
Barbara and Mark Silber
Yvette and Eric Edidin
Shira and Jeff Eisenberg
Glazer Capital
Rebecca and Avi Katz
Shannon and Andrew Penson
Mayor Michael and Amy Wildes
Mazal tov to each of the honorees and best wishes to MJE for continued success.
Robyn and Shukie Grossman
Deborah and Daniel Schwartz
Dr Benjamin and Sara Arbesfeld
Dr David Arbesfeld
In honor of our niece, Atara
Pnina Arbesfeld
Rabbi Hyman and Ann Arbesfeld

Congratulations to Rabbi and Jill Wildes
For all their hard work
Year in and Year out
Elisabeth and Blair Axel
Ludwig Bravmann
Jessica and Azi Cutter
Steven Davidovich
Debbie and Eliot Gibber
Simcha and Yudi Hercenberg
Judy and Ralph Herzka
Deborah and Robert Marcus
Tovah and Josh Marmer
Michelle and Eli Salig
Randi and David Sultan
Nicole and Raanan Agus
Natalie and David Batalion
Eliane and Justin Karr
In Honor of Rabbi Daniel and Rachel Kraus
Maimonides Fund
Gail Propp
Suri and David Scharf
Radine and William Spier
Rona and Andrew Steinerman
Carly and Eliot Bickoff
Sam and Neil Lester
Miriam and Yudi Teichman
East Wind Advisors
Sherry, Neil and Beckie Cohen
Stacie and Shaan Glick and Elbaum
Gomberg, Halpern, Werthenschlag Families
Dana and Matthew Hiltzik
Esther and Motti Kremer
Caroline and Morris Massel
In honor of Rabbi Daniel and Rachel Kraus. We are so thankful for all you've done for the Jewish community and us. Mazal Tov!
Dassi and Gillad Matiteyahu
Rami and Rebecca Sasson, Feit
Randi and David Sultan
Mazel Tov to all of the honorees. 
Chanie and Greg Bell
Borus Family
Dr Stephen & Bella Brenner Diagnostic Lab Corporation
Yocheved and Steven Diamond
"We Are Defined By What We Do For Others" This is epitomized by the selfless devotion of Rabbi Daniel and Rachel Kraus Bonnie Isaac
Dr . Bonnie and Isaac Pollak
In honor of Rabbi Daniel and Rachel Kraus for their dedication to KJ and the entire community.
Janie and Robert Fisher
Danielle and David Hertz
Jacob Ouaknine
Rabbi Yaacob and Abby Lerner Rabbi and Malky Ismach Shmuel
Michelle Rechenberg
Honoring the Wildes & Waxman Families 
Matt & Amanda Ronen
Rabbi Pinny and Marie Rosenthal
Erica and Rob Schwartz
David Silberberg
Taryn Tanzer
In Honor of our friends Justin and Eliane Karr. Mazal Tov on this well-deserved honor.
Adam and Dayna Westreich
Ellen and Larry Abelove
Hannah Brockhaus and Harlan Pittell
Congratulations to all the honorees. Special Mazel Tov to our wonderful granddaughter, Stephanie, who always makes us proud.
Shel and Edye Haas
Mark Hausner
In honor of Scott Brenner, Mazal Tov! 
Devra Seidel Hyman and Adam Hyman
Anat and Gabe Levi
Jody and Elie Levine
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rothman
Mazel Tov to Rabbi Daniel and Rachel, Shaina, Scott, Stephanie, Justin, Elaine, Atara and Jordana! You should all be very proud!
Ilyse and Larry Rukin
Debbie and Ray Ward
Emily and Andrew Weiss
Judy Bickoff
David Bratslavsky
David Broxmeyer
Kaylee Fernandez
Chloe Godin
Rabbi Avi and Shira Heller
Mazel Tov! I'm so proud to learn weekly with such stellar Senior Fellows as Stephanie, Shaina, and Scott. Wishing you much joy in your honor!
Anna Hertz
Jason Banash
Jacob Kaplan
Julie and Reuben Kopel
Tania Lazarre
Elyce Leighton
Bodi Music
Roberta and Curt Stetson
Serge Zenin
Mazel Tov to Carly Bickoff on her MJE fellowship accomplishment 
Norman Bickoff
Lisa and Richard Cohen
Jacob Millner, Ari Morganstern, & David Krone
Julie and Josh Joseph
Thank you to Rabbi Daniel and Rachel Krause for your passionate support of women's learning and outreach at KJ. 
Karen and Bruce Lerman
Leah and Barrie Modlin
Hillel Neuer
Jana and Gadi Romm
Ariel and Jonathan Stern
Troy Valberg
Shira Blumenthal
Ronne Mandelker and Andy Braiterman
Helen and Reuben Davis
Glenda & Daniel Iwanicki
Keith and Sheera Landsman
Linda and Fred Sampliner
Benjamin and Lisa Sokol
Rabbi Daniel & Rachel Kraus Tribute Committee
Nicole and Raanan Agus
Rabbi Daniel & Rachel Kraus Tribute Committee
Carly and Eliot Bickoff
Rabbi Daniel & Rachel Kraus Tribute Committee
Sherry, Neil and Beckie Cohen
Rabbi Daniel & Rachel Kraus Tribute Committee
Maimonides Foundation
Rabbi Daniel & Rachel Kraus Tribute Committee
Gomberg, Halpern and Werthenschlag Families
Rabbi Daniel & Rachel Kraus Tribute Committee
Dana and Matt Hiltzik
Rabbi Daniel & Rachel Kraus Tribute Committee
Esther and Motti Kremer
Rabbi Daniel & Rachel Kraus Tribute Committee
Caroline and Morris Massel
Rabbi Daniel & Rachel Kraus Tribute Committee
Gilad and Dasi Mattityahu
Rabbi Daniel & Rachel Kraus Tribute Committee
Rebecca Feit and Rami Sasson
Rabbi Daniel & Rachel Kraus Tribute Committee
Randi and David Sultan
Justin and Eliane Karr Tribute Committee
East Wind Advisors
Julie and Jonathan Art
Vered Benchetrit
Esther Csillag
Laura Csillag
Laurie DeCanio
Ethan Felson
Joy Goldstein
Marci Greenberg
Mark Gurvis
Fran and David Kalish
Ryan Karben
Sarah and Eric London
Shawna and Al Masry
Nechuma Schweitzer
Scott Shapiro
Eric Swerdlow
Jonathan Weinreich
Sara Rubenstein and Yariv Ben-Ari