Toby & Yoeli Steinberg and the Gourmet Glatt Family
Guests of Honor
Share with your family and friends.
Devash Farms
Congratulations to all the honorees. May you continue to be an inspiration to all.
Quality Frozen Foods
Lloyd Keilson
Shaye & Blima Chaya Rosenberg
Mazel tov to Toby and Yoeli Steinberg upon your well deserved honor.
May HKB"H continue to grant you the koach to continue in your very special ways.
Shaye and Blima Chaya Rosenberg
Parnes and Mittman Families
Iris and Shalom Maidenbaum Maidenbaum Property Tax Reduction Group LLC
Mazal Tov to Toby and Yoeli Steinberg as well as to all the honorees
May you continue to go from strength to strength
Sholom & Bruchie Goldfeder
Laurie and Harry Szenicer Szenicer
Platschek Family
Well deserved honorees The most caring and great friends and family the Steinberg's
Naomi and Steven Levinson
Janet and Ira Grosser
Michael & Freda Harbater
Mazel Tov Yoeli & Toby.
A Great Honor for a Great Couple by a Great Mosad
Adam and Yael Eisenberg
Staci & Nachum Segal
Rabbi Moshe and Corinne Fuchs and Family
Moish and Nomi Steiberg Apex Funding
Ta and Ma,
Mazel Tov on this honor. We are so blessed to be learning from the ultimate givers. May we follow in your altrusitic ways and continue providing you with nachas from the whole family.
Moish and Nomi
Chaya, Chanalee, and Solly
Esti and Ushi Stahler
Mazel tov on this special honor to our special neighbors Tobi and Yoeli.
Josh & David Emporio
Miri and Pinky Friedman
In Honor of Shani and Dov ,

You are true role models for our community. Keep up the great work!

In honor of Toby and Yoily,

No better people to represent this special honor. Your daily acts of chessed are tremendous in our community are truly inspiring. Thank you for all you do!

In Honor of Brother Jeff and Sister Tomi!

You guys are awesome!
Keep up the great work!!

In honor of David Mandel,

Cousin David. Your work is incredible. Thanks for all you do!

Miri and Pinky Friedman
Shirley Schulman
Menachem and Elisheva Jacobowitz
Esther & Howie Goldschein Cedarhurst Dental Office Pc 115 Maple Ave Cedarhurst Ny 11516 516-295-2424
Mazel Tov Toby and Yoeli on this well deserved honor. Thank you for all that you do for our community.
Marc and Sharon Friedman
Wishing a big Mazel tov to our dear friends and neighbors Tobi and Yoeli Steinberg.
The dedication and responsibility you feel to our community is inspiring to all those who know you.
Mazel tov to Shani and dov on this wonderful honor.
Elana & Eric Sternberg
Electric & Beyond
Im Law Group Pc
Yossi and Meiri Brachfeld
In honor of Yoeli and the rest of the Gourmet Glatt family. Keep on smiling and inspiring us with your chesed!
Raizy & Lenny Cherson
Moshe & Nechama Ratner
In honor of Toby & Yoeli Steinberg who exemplify the true meaning of chesed at every possible moment. We wish you continued mazel and brocho.
Mr and Mrs Aron and Rachel Solomon
Yasher koyach to all of tonights honorees and to our friends the steinbergs weinstocks and dachs families. יהי רצון שימלא כל משאלות לבכם לטובה
Aron and rachel solomon
Moshe Ossie's Fish
Mazel Tov to Yoeli and the whole Gourmet Glatt team!
The Flegmann Family
Miryam Gonter
Staffpro, Inc.
Yaakov & Shiri Feldman
We would like to wish a hearty Mazel tov to the honorees on their well-deserved honors.
Rabbi Richard and Lois Bieler
In Honor of

Libby and Shloime Dachs
Adina Lewis and Lawrence Garbuz
Mel Zachter, Jay Kestenbaum, Moishe Hellman,
Lawrence Gabe, David Mandel
and the Professional Staff of
OHEL, Bais Ezra and the Lifetime Care Foundation

You Turn
Despair into Hope
Sadness into Happiness
and Help The Children and Adults of OHEL
Discover the Beauty and Warmth of a Loving Family
רפואה שלימה
מרים בת שרה רחל בתוך שאר חולי ישראל

Rabbi Richard and Lois Bieler
Chaim & Penny (thanks To Robert & Hindi Mizrahi Who Introduced Us To Such A Wonderful Organization) Waldman
Shlomo & Deborah Katz
In honor of great Friends, great neighbors,
Great people!
Toby & Yoeli
We are in awe of your chessed
Chayala vamatz!!
Haim and Judy Naamat
Fay Stern
Aaron & Chaya Kaplinsky
Teltech Security
In Honor of
Toby and Yoeli Steinberg
and the
Gourmet Glatt Family
Sholom & Pessy Jacobs
Penn Plaza Consultants Group
Congratulations to all the honorees. May you continue to be an inspiration to all.
Dershowitz Family
To our Dearest Toby & Yoili
Mazel Tov on this well deserved honor. In your understated fashion you are at the forefront of so many worthy causes , they are too numerous to recount,
You are always on the lookout for new opportunities to help in any way you can.
We are so proud to call you family.
The Dershowitz’s
Shalom and Reena Vegh
Mazel tov to the Yoeli and Toby Steinberg on their well deserved honor. Its no surprise at all that such an organization chooses people like you to represent them. May you have the strength to continue to help all those you do both at Ohel, the neighborhood and entire Klal Ysiroel.
Shalom and Reena Vegh
Aaron & Shifra Rubin
Donny & Tamar Miller Miller Realty, Inc.
In dedication to Marc Katz, A'H, COO of Ohel who was niftar 1 year ago. He will never be forgotten by the Ohel Family, his friends and family. Yehi Zichro Baruch!
David and Esther Mann
Shimon & Suri Shamilzadeh
Elana and Zachary Wolf
Mazal Tov Mr. & Mrs. Yoeli and Toby Steinberg on this well-deserved honor. May you continue to be pillars in the Five-towns and Far Rockaway community and bring continued nachas to your family and all of Klal Yisrael.
Irving and Miriam Langer
Mazal Tov To Toby and Yoeli Steinberg on this much deserved honour. May Hashem shower you and your beautiful family with His blessings for all the Chesed you do on behalf of Klal Yisroel.
Aliza & Gadi Fuchs Fuchs
Congratulations to our dear friends, Dov & Shani Weinstock for being the recipient of the Nediv Lev award from Ohel. Anyone who has had any interactions with you, knows you indeed have a heart of gold. Hashem should bentch you to keep helping the klal, whole heartedly. We go way bacvk to Brooklyn days, and Munk memories. Imyh we should continue to be great neighbors, and great friends for many years to come.

Congratulations to Toby & Yoeli Steinberg and the Gourmet Glatt family, for being the Guests of Honor.
Yoeli always has a smile, and is always helping out the community, is always done without fanfare. That makes your chessed a chessed shel emes. It's real, and its felt by others.
Hashem should bentch you with many more years of Koach to keep on helping the community and beyond...

Congrats to the dinner chairmen, Shani & Hillel Moerman and Tami & Jeff Landy for their great work with Ohel.

Aliza & Gadi Fuchs
Moshe & Freeda Frankel
In Honor of Yoeli & Toby Steinberg

True Friends of Klal Yisroel
Galil Foods
Henry and Golda Reena Rothman
In Honor of Tonight's Dinner Honorees and the magnificent,significant work of Mel Zachter and Ohel

Henry and Golda Reena Rothman
Leyna and Steven Mann
Hefter Dermatology
In Honor of
Tobi & Yoeli Steinberg
And the Gourmet Glatt Family
for all their dedication, chessed and charitable support

and in honor of
Libby & Shloime Dachs
(Shloime – Thank you for Musically enhancing Simchas and being a great guy)

And to all the Worthy Honorees
& to all who help and support OHEL. an Amazing organization.

Eva and Harold Hefter
Medical, Cosmetic & Surgical Dermatology
Lawrence, NY

Yehuda Soffer Gg
Shmulie & Tzippy Weinreb, Yussy & Rela Weinreb Kitov Snacks Inc.

Menachem & Michal Soffer
We would like to wish a hearty Mazel tov to the honorees on their well-deserved honors.
Susan Hollander - Englard
Zvi and Naomi Nachman
To Yoeli and Toby and the entire Gourmet Glatt family Mazal tov on receiving the recognition for all your hard work you do on behalf of OHEL.
Adina and Shlomo Reich
Gitty and Nusie Rosenberg
We would like to wish a hearty Mazel tov to the honorees on their well-deserved honors.
Brian and Ilana Lipman
With much gratitude to Hashem and to all those who work tirelessly with our loved ones .You are true angels .
Mazeltov to the honorees .

Brian and Ilana Lipman
Shani & Motti Belsky
In honor of Toby & Yoeli Steinberg and the Gourmet Glatt family.
In honor of Libby & Shloime Dachs.

Two long-time family friends whose friendship and dedication knows no bounds.
It's an honor to be considered a friend, and a pleasure to see you recognized for your communal contributions.

Mazel Tov!

We also want to wish a Mazel Tov to Shani & Dov Weinstock on this well deserved honor.

Shani & Motti Belsky
Moti & Halina Schwartz
Congratulations to all the honorees. May you continue to be an inspiration to all.
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