Libby & Shloime Dachs
Shem Tov Award
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East 31 St
East 31 St
Avraham and Miriam Rosenshein
R Katz
Laurie and Harry Szenicer Szenicer
Ralph Elefant
In honor of Chana Esther’s grandparents
Libby and Shlomie Dachs and
Toby and Yoeli Steinberg
Ralph and Frieda Elefant
Adam and Yael Eisenberg
Yanky and Mashy Arem
Rabbi Moshe and Corinne Fuchs and Family
Shua and Dina Sheinkopf
Yaakov Dovid & Hadassah Finkelstein
Yossie and Aggie Weiss
Menachem and Estee Lipman
Josh & David Emporio
Yael and Ben Englander
Mazel Tov Libby and Shloime on this well-deserved honor. It has been a pleasure working alongside you for all these years on behalf of the children and families of Ohel. May you go
מחיל אל חיל
Yael and Ben Englander
Stuart & Tsippy Nussbaum Nussbaum
Mazel Tov to our friends Shani & Dov Weinstock and Libby & Shloime Dachs for all your efforts in ensuring that Ohel continues it’s so important mission.

Congratulations to all the honorees and thank you all the Ohel amazing staff. Looking forward to host the Cedarhurst Shabbaton again!

Tsippy & Stuart Nussbaum
Esther Rochel and Shlomo Isaac
Rivka & Shlomo Wilamowsky
Mr and Mrs Aron and Rachel Solomon
Yasher koyach to all of tonights honorees and to our friends the steinbergs weinstocks and dachs families. יהי רצון שימלא כל משאלות לבכם לטובה
Aron and rachel solomon
Hillel, Ellen, Aliza, Naomi, Shoshana Hillel & Ellen Sternstein Family of Ohel and Great Neck Synagogue
Rabbi Richard and Lois Bieler
In Honor of

Libby and Shloime Dachs
Adina Lewis and Lawrence Garbuz
Mel Zachter, Jay Kestenbaum, Moishe Hellman,
Lawrence Gabe, David Mandel
and the Professional Staff of
OHEL, Bais Ezra and the Lifetime Care Foundation

You Turn
Despair into Hope
Sadness into Happiness
and Help The Children and Adults of OHEL
Discover the Beauty and Warmth of a Loving Family
רפואה שלימה
מרים בת שרה רחל בתוך שאר חולי ישראל

Rabbi Richard and Lois Bieler
Chaim & Penny (thanks To Robert & Hindi Mizrahi Who Introduced Us To Such A Wonderful Organization) Waldman
Sholom & Pessy Jacobs
Ahuva Katz
Michele and Howard Wolf
Donny & Tamar Miller Miller Realty, Inc.
In dedication to Marc Katz, A'H, COO of Ohel who was niftar 1 year ago. He will never be forgotten by the Ohel Family, his friends and family. Yehi Zichro Baruch!
Eliezer and Leah Isaac
Congratulations to our dear cousins, Shloime and Libby on a well deserved honor. Your activities in the community truly bring you a shem tov wherever you go. May you continue to be successful in all of your endeavors, and particularly in your efforts on behalf of the klal.
Leah and Eliezer Isaac
Yehuda and Mindy Zachter
Lander College
Suzy and Elly Libin
Libby and Shloime- you are shining examples to all of us, Tiske L'mitvos, ad Maya v'esrim Shana! It's a real honor to be your friends, Mazal Tov!
Shimmie & Karen Ehrenreich
Mazel Tov to Shloime and Libby Dachs on this special honor. You are true and wonderful friends of many children's Chesed organizations especially OHEL and CAHAL.
Shimmie & Karen Ehrenreich
Henry and Golda Reena Rothman
In Honor of Tonight's Dinner Honorees and the magnificent,significant work of Mel Zachter and Ohel

Henry and Golda Reena Rothman
Hefter Dermatology
In Honor of
Tobi & Yoeli Steinberg
And the Gourmet Glatt Family
for all their dedication, chessed and charitable support

and in honor of
Libby & Shloime Dachs
(Shloime – Thank you for Musically enhancing Simchas and being a great guy)

And to all the Worthy Honorees
& to all who help and support OHEL. an Amazing organization.

Eva and Harold Hefter
Medical, Cosmetic & Surgical Dermatology
Lawrence, NY

Karyn & Lenny Friedman
Susan Hollander - Englard
Baila & Stan Weiss
Congratulations to our friends
Adina & Lawrence Garbuz
a most deserving couple who exemplify
strength, leadership and chessed.

Mazel Tov to
Libby & Shloime Dachs
upon receiving this special honor.

Baila and Stan Weiss
Brian and Ilana Lipman
With much gratitude to Hashem and to all those who work tirelessly with our loved ones .You are true angels .
Mazeltov to the honorees .

Brian and Ilana Lipman
Shani & Motti Belsky
In honor of Toby & Yoeli Steinberg and the Gourmet Glatt family.
In honor of Libby & Shloime Dachs.

Two long-time family friends whose friendship and dedication knows no bounds.
It's an honor to be considered a friend, and a pleasure to see you recognized for your communal contributions.

Mazel Tov!

We also want to wish a Mazel Tov to Shani & Dov Weinstock on this well deserved honor.

Shani & Motti Belsky
Moti & Halina Schwartz
Congratulations to all the honorees. May you continue to be an inspiration to all.
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