Letter Rabbi Kenneth Brander - Page 1
Dear Friends,

As Ohr Torah Stone continues to grow and serve Medinat Yisrael and Jewish communities around the world, together, we are focused on three overarching goals:
  • Excellence in education - ensuring that our close to 5,000 students receive the best possible Torah, academic, and experiential education to prepare them to serve as leading personalities imbued with Torah scholarship and values that they professionally bring to their positions in education, medicine, government, military service, academia, technology, business and as spiritual leaders of Jewish communities worldwide. Today, some are serving as ambassadors and ministers for the State of Israel!
Letter Rabbi Kenneth Brander - Page 2
  • Helping Jews everywhere find their "spiritual wings," through dynamic, relevant Jewish experiences.
  • Aiding Jews who find themselves in challenging situations, whether agunot fighting for freedom from their recalcitrant husbands or people struggling to put food on the table or pay for their children's Jewish education.
Your commitment to these values and your generous support make these achievements possible.

The honorees at this year's Gala personify these values. 

Maurice Spanbock z"l and Roy Stern, z"l, created the infrastructure and laid the groundwork for Ohr Torah's Stone's impact and success.
Letter Rabbi Kenneth Brander - Page 3
Rabbi Frederick L. Klein and Rabbi Ariel Yeshurun, alumni of Ohr Torah Stone yeshivot, brought Jews and other faith groups together in the wake of the Surfside tragedy, and work day in and day out to strengthen the communities of Southern Florida.

Dr. Yardaena Osband and Jennifer Raskas, inspired by their experiences at Midreshet Lindenbaum and committed to advanced Torah learning for women worldwide, created the International Halakha Scholars Program.

Thank you for your generosity, and for participating in this special event. Together, may we continue to grow from strength to strength.

With Gratitude,
Rabbi Kenneth Brander
President and Rosh HaYeshiva
In tribute to
Rabbi Shlomo and Vicky
whose dedication and guidance will model for many generations.

All of Israel belongs to the Jewish people,
and every Jew has ownership of every inch of the land.
For there to be a true peace in the land,
the conduct must follow the width of the "owner,"
the Al-mighty, in His Torah, and not to hearken to those of whom it is said,
"those who will be your undoing and your destroyers will be from among you."
One of the directives of Torah is "give them no consideration,"
- not to give away even one inch of the land to the non-Jew.
Furthermore, there is a clear ruling (in the Code of Jewish Law, ch.329),
that when non-Jews are trying to surround a Jewish settlement,
they (the Jews) must take up arms, and not allow them to fulfill their desires,
for it is a matter of life and death.
The Lubavitcher Rebbe, o.b.m.

Miriam and Marvin Belsky
Leadership Letter - Page 1
We are honored to participate in Ohr Torah Stone's Virtual Gala, "M'Dor L'Dor," From Generation to Generation.

At this year's event, we remember truly visionary leaders and celebrate the dedication and pioneering efforts of four OTS alumni.

Both Dr. Roy Stern and HeChaver Maurice Spanbock were communal giants who gave their hearts and souls to the Jewish community.  You now have the opportunity to contribute to the Dr. Roy Stern Chesed Fund and the Maurice Spanbock Scholarship Fund in their honor. Your donations will support people in need and those unable to afford a Torah education on their own - causes very dear to the hearts of these very caring leaders.
Leadership Letter - Page 2
Rabbi Frederick Klein and Rabbi Ariel Yeshurun are compassionate leaders. In the wake of the tragic events over the summer in Surfside, they rallied their communities to help those in need, providing comfort and inspiring the world.
Dr. Yardaena Osband and Jennifer Raskas, inspired by their own experiences at Midreshet Lindenbaum, brought their pioneering vision of high-level, intensive study of halakha for professional women to fruition, with the creation of the International Halakha Scholars Program. Thanks to their initiative, 26 highly qualified women from around the world are advancing their halakhic knowledge and developing skills to help their organizations and communities.
Leadership Letter - Page 3
We are truly humbled by the character and accomplishments of all of the honorees. The previous generation clearly set the right examples for the next generation.  All of them embody the values of Ohr Torah Stone - caring for those in need, and making dynamic, relevant, sophisticated Jewish education accessible to men and women everywhere.

Zev Weiss, Chairman of the Board of Directors 
Ohr Torah Stone Israel
Fred Ehrman, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Ohr Torah Stone North America

Laurence Schreiber, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
Ohr Torah Stone North America
OTS Programs - Programs for Men
Elaine and Norm Brodsky Darkaynu Program for Men

Ethel and Adolph Beren Educators Institute

Joseph and Gwendolyn Straus Rabbinical Seminary
Straus Kollel for Israeli Rabbis
Torat Yosef Kollel for Diaspora Rabbis
George Weinstein Institute for Semicha and Pedagogy
Robert M. Beren College
Andre Neher Institute
Monique and Mordecai Katz Academic Studies Program
Robert M. Beren Machanaim Hesder Yeshiva
OTS Metivta, Carmiel
OTS Programs - Programs for Women

Midreshet Lindenbaum College for Women
Amlat Program for Latin American Students
Bruria Program
Elaine and Norm Brodsky Darkaynu Program for Women
The Claudia Cohen Torah/Army School (Hadas Program)
Maria and Joel Finkle Overseas Program
Midrashit Program
Shana Gimmel and Shana Dalet
Susi Bradfield Women's Institute of Halakhic Leadership (WIHL)
International Halakha Scholars Program
Tushia Program
Yad La'isha: The Monica Dennis Goldberg Legal Aid Center and Hotline for Women
Midreshet Lindenbaum-Lod
Midreshet Lindenbaum-Matat, Carmiel
OTS Programs - Emissary Programs
Beren-Amiel Educational Emissaries
Claudia Cohen Women Educators Institute
Maarava - Rabbinic Emissaries to Sephardic Communities
Straus-Amiel Rabbinic Emissaries
Ohr Torah Nidchei Yisrael
Yachad Program for Jewish Identity
OTS Programs - Junior High and High Schools
Derech Avot Junior High and High School for Boys, Efrat
Jacob Sapirstein Junior High and High School for Boys, Ramot, Jerusalem
Jennie Sapirstein Junior High and High School for Girls, Ramot, Jerusalem
Neveh Channah High School for Girls, in memory of Anna Ehrman, Gush Etzion
Neveh Shmuel Yeshiva High School for Boys, in memory of Samuel Pinchas Ehrman, Efrat
Oriya Girls' High School, Gush Etzion
Ann Belsky Moranis Program for Arts and Drama
OTS Programs - Conversion
Conversion Institute for Spanish Speakers - Efrat, Israel
Jewish Learning Center - New York and Philadelphia
OTS Programs - Interfaith Activities
Beit Midrash for Judaism and Humanity
Blickle Institute for Interfaith Dialogue
Hertog Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC)
In memory of

Maury Spanbock z'l

Our sage and cherished friend
Michelle Friedman and Ben Belfer

In honor and with gratitude we pay tribute to

Rabbi Ariel Yeshurun

For his service to the Skylake Synagogue, Miami, Florida
And humanitarian efforts during the Surfside tragedy
Thank you for being a model for all of us.
Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander
Our heartfelt wishes

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

Our continual source of inspiration and a dear friend
who has shown us what the efforts
of a single person can produce.
The Bialkin Family Foundation


In recognition of the
Ohr Torah Stone
Blickle Institute for Interfaith Dialogue

The first Orthodox Jewish institution to adopt a systemic approach to interfaith understanding and relations.
Karl and Lisbeth Blickle
In tribute to
Rabbi Riskin
for his vision, dedication and impact
he has had on the Ohr Torah Stone Network.

Rabbi Kenneth Brander
we cherish your friendship
and may go from strength to strength
as the President and Rosh HaYeshiva of
Ohr Torah Stone.
Avram & Sharon Blumenthal
In memory of
Roy Stern, z"l

As a longtime Chairman of the Board of OTS Israel, Roy made an indelible impact on OTS and Jews worldwide. He was an extremely dedicated man of principles, guided by a commitment to excellence.

He is deeply missed.
Rabbi Kenneth Brander
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
David Katz
In honor of

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
Rabbi Kenneth Brander

We admire your tireless dedication and leadership,
and deeply appreciate your warm friendship.
With your unique vision and brilliance,
you create the programs that strengthen the Jewish People.

Mazal Tov to the

Students of Darkaynu

Who work so hard to make their dreams come true.
We believe in you.
Elaine and Norm Brodsky
In Honor of the Visionary Rabbinic Leaders of Ohr Torah Stone
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and Rabbi Kenneth Brander
In Memory of past leaders,
Dr. Roy Stern and Maury Spanbock
In appreciation,
Rella Feldman and Curtiss Pulitzer

In memory of
Warren Weiss, z"l

Warren was a founding member of Ohr Torah Stone's Board of Directors who helped guide and direct Ohr Torah Stone for nearly four decades.
He was dedicated to the Jewish people, a loyal friend, and always ready to help when needed. 

He is missed by all who knew him.
Rabbi Kenneth Brander
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
David Katz

To our Friend, Mentor, and Teacher par excellence,

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

Your inspired vision and love for Klal Yisrael,
have set the bar quite high for all of us.

With much admiration for

Rabbi Kenneth Brander

as you ensure the strengthening of the valuable work
of Ohr Torah Stone.
Suzan and Fred Ehrman
With best wishes and heartfelt gratitude to

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
You have been a guide for us and for so many others,
Leading us on our path to Hakadosh Baruch Hu,
from Christianity to Judaism.

With deep and abiding trust in G-d.
Hans and Veroni Eichner

With much love and gratitude to 
Our Esteemed Teachers

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and Rabbi Kenny Brander
Our Valued Friends

Yinon Ahiman and David Katz
With much sadness in remembering
Beloved friends

Roy Stern, z'l and Maury Spanbock, z"l

David and Karen Eisner
Josh and Jason
Hearty Mazal Tov to Rabbi Ariel Yeshurun for being honored by Ohr Torah Stone. I have experienced firsthand the unique approach he has to teaching using his source-based knowledge, facilitating broad discussions that foster liberated conversations without prejudice. A trailblazer, founder and spiritual leader of the JCLC (Jewish Community and Learning Center), Rabbi Yeshurun teaches, fundraises, creates a unique curriculum, coordinates events, workshops and activities. I have seen the positive impact he has had on the community and the way he  connects Jewish people to their heritage through learning and open conversations. He has empowered the youth to embrace Jewish values and foster pride in their Jewish Heritage. JCLC's moto perfectly embodies Rabbi Yeshurun's essence "To listen, learn, and teach ... with love..."
May Hashem continue to bless him and his family with health and koach to continue all the good work that he does. May he go from strength to strength and receive much hatzlacha and bracha!
Lillian and Moises Tabacinic, Evelyn & Shmuel Katz
In honor of our dear friend
David Katz
who, in an ever-changing world, is steadfast in lighting the way in his unique kindness and thoughtfulness.
We are so grateful.
May OTS under Rabbi Kenny Brander continue to be a bright beacon of true Torah values and teaching for generations to come.
The Feder Family

In Loving Memory of our Parents

זקְנֵיכֶם חֲלֹמוֹת יַחֲלֹמוּן-בַּחוּרֵיכֶם, חֶזְיֹנוֹת יִרְאו"   יואל ג:א "
The Lindenbaum Family
In deep appreciation to

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

Rabbi Kenneth Brander

who tirelessly work on behalf of Klal Yisrael.

Roger and Rebecca Fine
Rabbi David and Julie Fine
Adam and Dana Fine
In Tribute to
Rav Shlomo Riskin

for his visionary leadership and accomplishments in establishing
Ohr Torah Stone and building the city of Efrat
Rav Kenny Brander

who has come to continue the leadership of Ohr Torah Stone
and to build on its remarkable Torah future. 
David Katz

for your special friendship and devotion
Jack and Carole Forgash
Elliott and Cindy Forgash and Family
Stuart and Fraidy Forgash and Family

In loving tribute to
Ohr Torah Stone's Chairman Emeritus

Dr. Roy Stern z"l
And Ohr Torah Stone's North American Board Member

HaChaver Maurice Spanbock z"l
Our friend, teacher and mentor
Your kindness, eloquence and menschlichkeit will continue
To live in our hearts and our minds through the establishment of the
Dr. Roy Stern Chesed Fund The Maurice Spanbock Scholarship Fund

We will attempt to ensure that your memory lives on
In the hearts and minds of the thousands of the
Ohr Torah Stone students, your students
For your energies and efforts made this all possible.

Rabbi Dr. Katriel & Ruchie Brander
With Love,
Ben J. and Dorit Genet
In recognition of
Rabbi Kenneth Brander
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
For your vision and leadership of Ohr Torah Stone and the impact you are having on World Jewry
Monica and David Genet
In honor of
Yardaena Osband and Jen Raskas
Your efforts on behalf of women's
Torah scholarship is a true inspiration.
Your efforts today will continue to have a
ripple effect for generations to come!
Ryan Hyman
Executive Director
Ohr Torah Stone, North America
We wish
Midreshet Lindenbaum
continuing and increasing success.
The Harari Family
In honor of
Rabbi Fred Klein
Rabbi Ariel Yeshurun
It has been an honor getting to know you and work
with you on behalf of the community.
May you continue making your impact for many years to come!
Ryan Hyman
Executive Director
Ohr Torah Stone North America

Yishar koach
to all the dedicated educators of the wonderful OTS network
Jane Klitsner

In honor and with gratitude we pay tribute to

Dr. Yardena Osband & Mrs. Jennifer Raskes

For Developing our new
International Halakha Scholars Program for Women
Empowering us to create Talmidot Chachamim throughout
The Jewish world
The Torah that they will teach for years to come will be in the zechut of
Your Activities and hard work
With the greatest respect
Rabbi Katriel and Ruchie Brander

In loving memory of
Mordecai D. Katz
Beloved husband, father and grandfather
A truly remarkable individual and great supporter of
Ohr Torah Stone,
Jewish education and the Jewish community
in America and Israel
Nicky Katz and Family
I appreciate all the good work
Ohr Torah Stone does
Please keep it up!
Thank you and kol tuv!
Gloria Kaylie

בהוקרה מיוחדת
לרב שוקי רייך שליטא
ראש המכון למנהיגות הלכתית
ולמסירותו המתמדת להכשרת נשים בשיח ההלכתי
ולמנהיגות רוחנית
שמואל וג׳ודי קליצנר
In Honor of

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

Rabbi Kenneth Brander
With grateful recognition of your friendship and leadership of Ohr Torah Stone
and on behalf of the Jewish People and the State of Israel
Linda and Murray Laulicht

In appreciation of

Ohr Torah Stone 
for enriching the lives of 
the Jewish People 
with chesed and ahava
Jennie and Zachary Lebwohl ז"ל
Scholarship Endowment
The Lebwohl Family
The Honorees
on their tremendous achievements.

We also send a heartfelt yasher koach
to the healthcare providers and essential workers
who have protected and assisted all of us in these troubling times.

And of course a special thank you to
Rabbis Riskin and Brander
as well as all of those working so hard for Ohr Torah Stone.

"Sometimes you need an angel.
Sometimes you have to become one"
-Sherri Mandell
Sharon & Jeffrey Lewis
The Joseph Alexander Foundation
is honored to have supported

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin


Ohr Torah Stone

for over 30 years.

Harvey Mackler, Trustee
Randi Mackler Windheim, Trustee
Alexander Mackler, Trustee
Justin Windheim, Trustee
Jessica Rosenberg, Trustee
Mazel Tov and Best Wishes 

Ohr Torah Stone 


All of tonight's Honorees

The B.L. Manger Foundation
In honor of two giants of world Jewry
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
Rabbi Kenny Brander
Inspired leaders of Ohr Torah Stone.
You teach us, lead us, inspire us to be better Jews and better human beings!
Ad meah v'esrim.
Ira Mitzner and Family
Houston, Texas
In deep appreciation of

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin


Rabbi Kenneth Brander

For your dedication and leadership
and the enrichment of Klal Yisrael
With tremendous admiration and affection.

John, Nina, David, Wendy, Mariel,
Rebecca, Sarah, Marc, and Ben Nanasi
In memory of

David Moss z"l

a beloved colleague,
a consummate professional
and a genuine mensch
who is sorely missed.
In Recognition
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin 
Rabbi Kenneth Brander 
Great Leaders 
Great Educators 
Great Scholars 
Wonderful Friends 
In memory of
Dr. Roy Stern z"l and Maurice Spanbock z"l
They were men of great courage, magnificent intellect,
deep compassion and rare insight

Mazal Tov to the Honorees

Joan Papier and Dr. Henry N. Lieberman and Family
Wishing Mazel Tov to the

Ohr Torah Stone Gala Honorees
Expressing immense gratitude to 

Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander 

Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Riskin

For their unparalleled inspirational leadership of the Jewish people
Ann and Jeremy Pava

In memory of a beloved 'Brother' and Partner
Roy Stern 

And a wise friend and legal advisor
Maury Spanbock
יהי זכרם ברוך 
Rabbi Shlomo & Vicky Riskin
Mazal tov
to the honorees
and special thanks to

Rabbi Shmuel Klitsner
Rabbanit Devorah Evron
of the
Susi Bradfield Women's Institute of Halakhic Leadership

for their contribution to Jewish learning and advancing Orthodox women as spiritual leaders and poskot.

!חיזקו ואימצו
Sara Averick & Jose Rosenfeld
Ohr Torah Stone
Rabbi Brander and Rabbi Riskin
With our very best wishes for your continued success!
and congratulations to the
Distinguished Honorees
for their tireless efforts on behalf of Klal Yisrael.
Daniela and Laurence Schreiber
In memory of
Hertzie Bak, z"l

Hertzie was a longtime OTS board member
who alwaysstood up for what he believed in.  
Among the causes close to his heart were building a strong, socially cohesive, democratic Israel, and connecting all Jews to positive, welcoming Jewish experiences - values which he lived through his extensive Jewish community involvement.

He is deeply missed.

Rabbi Kenneth Brander
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
David Katz

It is a pleasure and honor to be associated with OTS,
which gives so much to so many in so many ways.
With sincere appreciation to
Rabbi Riskin
Rabbi Brander
David Katz

Rabbi Kalb
In Tribute to

Roy Stern z"l and Maurice Spanbock z"l
Who warmly welcomed us to Lincoln Square Synagogue in the 1970's when we were
new to the community.
Alice and Stephen Shapiro
Best Wishes

Rabbi Riskin
Rabbi Brander
David Katz

and the entire
Ohr Torah Stone
Susan and Scott Shay
עם ישראל חי
Carol and Irv Smokler

The Spanbock Family is proud and grateful for this honor bestowed upon our beloved husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather and great grandfather.  
His unwavering commitment to justice and to the power of education were hallmarks of his character and found great expression through his work with Ohr Torah Stone.
Long may the institution thrive and grow.
Marion, Betsy, Carol,
Sara & Jason & Elle, Dina & Greg, Ben

In loving memory of
Our dear friend

Dr. Roy Stern z"l


Menachem and Eudice Spitz
In memory of
HeChaver, Maurice Spanbock, z"l
Maury was a consummate gentleman
who epitomized the essenceof integrity and honesty.
He gave tremendous thought to major challenges facing the Jewish people, and as a founding board member, helped transform
Ohr Torah Stone into an iconic institution.

He is sorely missed.
Rabbi Kenneth Brander
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
David Katz

We feel privileged to continue our family's support
and are proud of Ohr Torah Stone's curriculum and outreach
to non-orthodox movements and embrace of our observant LGBT fellow Jews.
The Jerome L. Stern Family Foundation
In Loving Memory of

Gwendolyn and Joseph Straus, z"l

Whose dedication to Torah education is reflected in
The Straus Rabbinical Seminary and Ohr Torah Stone.

Zahava and Moshael Straus and Family
Joyce and Daniel Straus and Family
In memory of
Mordecai Katz, z"l
Mordecai understood that the task of the Jewish People is to unite heaven and earth. He was a visionary of exceptional intelligence who knew how to think strategically and put his dreams into action.

He is deeply missed.
Rabbi Kenneth Brander
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
David Katz

In honor and with gratitude we pay tribute to

Rabbi Frederick L. Klein

For his service to the greater Miami Jewish Community
And showing us how to be a model of unity even without uniformity
These are the lessons that your parents taught us.
Ruchie & Rabbi Kenneth Brander
"One who loves peace, one who pursues peace, one who loves others and brings them closer to Torah"
- Pirkei Avot 1:12
With profound gratitude we thank
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
for his exemplary leadership of Ohr Torah Stone for the past 36 years.
May he enjoy all of the nachat he so richly deserves.
Israel and the world-wide Jewish community are blessed
to have Rabbi Riskin as our role model.
We are blessed to call him our friend.

To Rabbi Kenneth Brander
we extend our heartfelt wishes for continued success as you lead Ohr Torah Stone from strength to strength.

Judy & Morry Weiss
Hindee & Gary Weiss
Karen & Jeffrey Weiss
Rachel & Zev Weiss
Sara Hurand & Elie Weiss
In honor of my husband Hertzie Bak
and the love and respect he had for
Ohr Torah Stone through the years.
Lolly, Yoni and Aryeh Bak and Family
In honor of
Yardaena and Jennifer
who have worked so hard on behalf of women's Torah scholarship.
Honoring the memories of
Dr. Roy Stern and Maurice Spanbock
Jack and Giti Bendheim
With deep admiration for

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
for his lifetime of dedication to the Jewish people and Israel,
and our four decades of shared memories.
Sharon and Michael Freudenstein
and Family
With profound gratitude to

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

Rabbi Kenneth Brander

for your extraordinary leadership
and dedication to the Jewish Community.
Tamar and Eric Goldstein
In Memory of Two Outstanding Pillars of Klal Yisrael,
Dr. Roy Stern and HeChaver Maurice Spanbock
Mazal Tov to
Rabbi Fred Klein
Rabbi Ariel Yeshurun
Dr. Yardaena Osband
Jennifer Raskas
Helena & Marvin Goldstein & Family
We remember fondly those who have passed away and congratulate those who are being honored.
Susan and Jacques Gorlin

Congratulations to Ohr Torah Stone
for the impact you are having worldwide
To Rav Shlomo Riskin
Thank you for your sincere devotion and
your tremendous commitment to our Community!
You are a true example of integrity, philanthropy and Jewish leadership.
Cecile and Ed Gromis
In honor of

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

for his friendship,
inspiring leadership
and extraordinary vision.
Kudos also to your partner in Avodat HaShem,

Rabbanit Vicky
Alongside every successful Abraham
is a Sarah who is charged to keep him grounded even
as she helps him achieve his potential.
David Katz
may you continue to be blessed with good health
to continue to enhance and strengthen Ohr Torah Stone.
Jane and Jeff Hankoff
In memory of
Maury Spanbock z"l
Hertzie Bak z"l
Rose and Morton Landowne
In gratitude to OTS for the wonderful years our daughters spent at
Midreshet Lindenbaum.
Betsy and Ben Lopata
In Honor of

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

For The Vision
and The Reality
A True Builder of Israel.
Raine and Stanley z”l Silverstein and Family
Mazal tov to all the deserving honorees.
Thank you to Rabbi Shlomo and Vicky Riskin for their decades of friendship.
Geet & Hershel Wolf
In Honor of

Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander

for his Leadership of Ohr Torah Stone
and in Honor of

Deborah Malka Broyde

OTS Shana Alef and Bet student
at Midreshet Lindenbaum.
Rabbi Michael and Channah Broyde
We are pleased to honor
Rabbi Ariel Yeshurun
for his amazing work on behalf of
the Miami Jewish Community and C'lal Yisrael
We salute Ohr Torah Stone for
all of its vitally important programs.
Sherry, Neil and Beckie (ML '17) Cohen
In memory of
Dr. Roy Stern z"l and Maury Spanbock z"l.
Two consummate gentlemen, two visionary leaders, two men who are sorely missed. May their legacy be a continued blessing to us all with the establishment of the
Dr. Roy Stern Chesed Fund
and the
Maurice Spanbock Scholarship Fund.
In honor of all the honorees.
Joyce and David Friedman

With deep appreciation to
Rabbi Shlomo and Vicky Riskin
for their unstinting friendship and support, from before our marriage and ever since. It has enriched and changed our lives.
Hila and Michael Kagan
Congratulations to

Rabbi Riskin and Rabbi Brander

on their Critically Important Work.
Sharon and Steve Lieberman
In honor of
Jennifer Raskas 
who we watched grow up into this incredible young woman
making such a profound impact on the Jewish community.
In honor of
Dr. Yardaena Osband
for her commitment to developing the next
generation of female Torah scholars. 
Mazal tov upon making aliyah.
You are both heroic leaders making a very real difference in the world!
Kol hakavod!!
Mina and Howard Millerndorf
Sharon and Shlomo Rabinowitz

Cheryl and Ron Nagel
In recognition of all of the
excellent and important programming
at Ohr Torah Stone
Shuli & Avi Steinlauf
In honor of
Rabbi Ariel Yeshurun
An amazing teacher and Rabbi
who truly cares for Clal Yisrael.
Jules and Stephanie Trump
In memory of
Maurice Spanbock z"l and Hertzie Bak z"l
In honor of
Jennifer Raskas
and the other honorees
Continued good health and success to
Rabbi Dr. Shlomo and Vicki Riskin
Tova and Howard Weiser & Family
In honor of
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
and in memory of
Roy Stern and Maury Spanbock
Nira and Kenneth Abramowitz
In honor of the memory of our dear friend
Maurice Spanbock a"h
and  the memory of  the selfless
Dr. Roy Stern a"h
B'Gan Eden te'hey nishmatam.
We are eternally appreciative of
Vicky and Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
for being there for us, and for sharing our smachot.

Blima and Joel Abramson
Mazal Tov
To all the honorees of the
Ohr Torah Stone Gala 2021
Especially to the founders of the new
International Halakha Scholars Program for Women
Jennifer Raskas
Dr. Yardena Osband
We are so proud of Jen's leadership initiatives and
activities that strengthen Jewish life
and also that Jen and Mordechai are the parents of
three of our wonderful grandchildren.
May the new program have great success.
A special hakarat hatov for our dear friend of many decades,
Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Riskin, Ohr Torah Stone Founder
Adinah and Heschel Raskas
St. Louis

With love and admiration we congratulate our daughter and sister
Jennifer Rubin Raskas
for receiving the Ohr Torah Stone Alumnus Award.
We are so proud of your amazing accomplishments both as a wonderful mother of three beautiful boys and as a highly accomplished, forward thinking leader of Clal Yisroel. 
At every step of your academic journey you bridged the secular and religious worlds as a scholar and student leader at Ohr Torah Stone, Columbia University and the Harvard Kennedy School. 
Your initiation and development of the Ohr Torah Stone International Halakha Scholars Program for Women is reflective of your lifelong commitment to the Jewish Community and the advancement of the role of women in Modern Orthodox Judaism.
Your proud and Loving Family, 
Dad, Jennifer, Joshua, Elizabeth, Sarah and Rachel 
We loved our brother-in-law Roy because of the loving, caring and wonderful person he was.
We admired him for his integrity and quiet generosity.
But most of all we treasured all of the times we spent together with him and Judi on vacations, at a baseball game or family fun visits.
His name will always be a blessing. We miss him and will always keep him in our hearts.
Myra and Bob Abrahams
In honor of
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
for his support of the Ann Belsky Moranis School of Art.
Dr. Paul and Lee Belsky
In honor of
Rabbi Shlomo and Vicky Riskin
beloved friends

In loving memory of
Joel Daner z'l
In honor of all being recognized by Ohr Torah Stone

What a remarkable job
Ohr Torah Stone continues to
do in these difficult times.
Selma Daner
In honor of our son,
Rabbi Frederick L Klein
We are so proud of all your accomplishments.
Mom and Dad
Mazal Tov
Jen and Yardaena
on this well deserved honor.
It is a true privilege to collaborate with you at the Orthodox Leadership Project as we support women as they advance, network, and grow professionally and personally.
We are grateful for your vision, passion, and commitment to the growth in our work. 
With much admiration and respect,

Shoshana Batya and Shlomo Greenwald
Aliza and Samuel Konig
Dr. Michelle and Rabbi Yehuda Sarna
Chana and Yonatan Shefa
Dearest Yardaena
Mazal Tov!!!
You have boundless enthusiasm in transmitting your love of learning. May all your successes be enjoyed by so many.
We love you!
Mom and Mark
To our beloved Rabbis Klein and Yeshurun: Your Miami Rabbinic community is so proud of you for the work that you do for our community every day. While you have benefited from Ohr Torah Stone, we all benefit from you, your teaching, your ability to work across movement boundaries and yes - your leadership when our community was in desperate need of hope, help, and healing. Rabbi Yeshurun is the immediate past president of our organization and is an inspiring leader of his congregation. Rabbi Klein is the Rabbi of Rabbis. Not only does he give us tremendous amounts of time and resources, he has been an advocate for those in need, an educator for those thirsting for knowledge and skills, and a promoter of the gifts of Judaism and Israel. We are grateful to Ohr Torah Stone for honoring Rabbi Frederick L. Klein and Rabbi Ariel Yeshurun. We are proud of our Rabbis and their achievements and we recognize their generosity of spirit and contributions to the Jewish community in Miami, Israel, and world-wide. Kol HaKavod!
Rabbinical Association of Greater Miami
As Warren Benis said, "leadership is the capacity to translate
vision into reality."
And it is the ability to take a single flame and generate light in many places
כי נר מצוה ותורה אור
Jen you are a visionary and a leader, and we are so proud of you.
Mazel Tov to Jen and all the honorees this evening, and thank you
to Ohr Torah for continuing to educate and inspire us.
Jonathan Raskas and family
Daniel and Daphna Raskas and family
Aviva and Moshe Adler and family
Ruth Raskas and Nigel Ohrenstein and family
In memory of 
Roy Stern z"l 
our beloved husband, father and grandfather
Your presence is felt in so many ways, actions and memories.
We miss you every day.
Sara, Ariel & Diana Shira 
Adina, Chagai, Ayla, Tair, Chen, Shoham & Ayana 
Meira, Emanuel, Eliana, Itiel, Tzach & Shai Li 
Gidon & Nina 
Noam, Sharon & Lian 
Aryeh, Renana, Shiri, Talya, Matan & Shai Refael 
Yael, Gal & Lavi Oz
In honor of Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, Rabbi Kenneth Brander, Rabbanit Devorah Evron, Rabbanit Dr. Hannah Hashkes, Rabbi David Brofsky, David Katz, Ryan Hyman, our fellow honorees, and all the women we have the zechut of learning with in the International Halakha Scholars Program.

We are both blessed to have been part of the Ohr Torah Stone Family for many years. Your collective leadership and dedication to advancing women's Limmud HaTorah continues to inspire us.

נענו כולם ואמרו: תלמוד גדול, שהתלמוד מביא לידי מעשה
Kiddushin 40b

Thank you for all you do for Klal Yisrael

Yardaena Osband and David Glazer and Family
Jennifer and Mordechai Raskas and Family
Best wishes to Ohr Torah Stone
and congratulations to
Rabbi Kenneth Brander
President and Rosh HaYeshiva
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
Founder and Rosh HaYeshiva
for their extraordinary dedication and leadership.
Bob and Diane Abrams
Mazal Tov to our beloved daughter and sister
Jennifer Rubin Raskas
We are so proud of your accomplishments and dedication to Am Yisrael. Your brilliance, talent, love and kindness are reflected in your personal life as a wonderful wife and mother as well as in your professional life as a leader in the Jewish Community.
With love and admiration
Dad and Jennifer, Joshua, Lizzie, Sarah and Rachel
We are so proud of our cousin, Jennifer, and her tireless efforts in advancing women's Torah scholarship and in her role in the development of the International Halakha Scholars Program for Women.
In appreciation of HaRav Kenny Brander and his vision for the future of Ohr Torah Stone.
Judy & Zev Berman
Mazal tov
on this well deserved honor.

May you continue to go from strength to strength.
Ilana and Gadi Chesner
Daniel Fellus
With endless love and deep admiration,
we wish Mazal Tov to
Yardaena Osband
on receiving the Ohr Torah Stone Alumnus Award.
You continue to amaze us with your vision, passion and drive, continuously raising the bar for women leadership and Torah scholarship.
We are very proud of you and grateful to be a part of your journey.
David, Aura, Michael, Yonah, Gilad, and Maya Glazer
"One Person's Candle Is Light For Many"

In Honor of

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
Who spreads the light of Torah through word and deed.

Irwin and Denise Hametz
Edison, NJ
In honor of our friend and teacher
Rabbi Riskin
David and Debbie Sable

Monique and Eli Benun
Congratulations to Jennifer for this great
accomplishment in Torah learning.

In memory of our beloved friend Maury and in tribute for the inspiration of Roy Stern
Shelley and Ruvan Cohen
We have happy and inspiring memories of Roy and Maury. Our sense of Jewish communal obligation, service and love were molded by them.
Perry and Margy-Ruth Davis

In memory of our dear friend, Dr. Roy Stern.
Sharon and Harry Hirsch
Esther and Richard Joel

Jonathan D. Sarna & Ruth Langer
Dear Yardaena, 
We are so very proud of you always.
Aunt Blondie and Unc

We are so proud of you Maidela!
Bubby and Zaide
In memory of Dr. Roy Stern z"l,
a very special life long friend.
Jerry Weinstein

Joseph and Susan Ament

Susan and Joseph Ament

In Honor of Rabbi Kenneth Brander
Zeevyah Benoff

Thanks you Rabbi Brander for your leadership!! Mazel Tov Rabbi Fred Klein on this honor!! 
Josh & Simone Broide
Leah and Reuven Escott

Mazal tov to our most beloved and inspiring family member, Dr. Yardeana Osband and to our friend, Fred Klein and to all the honorees.
The Greenberg and Kobrin Families

Lynn Hahn

The IRF congratulates our member Rabbi Fred Klein on this great honor for his work as רופא לשבורי לב ומחבש לעצבותם
International Rabbinic Fellowship
To the continued success of spreading the light of Torah and enriching the minds of the Jewish people. Thank you!
Rabbi Joshua and Sara Klein

Cheryl and Ken Merzel

In honor of
Rabbi Ariel Yeshurun
Eduardo Nicolaievsky

Mark & Yael Shayne
Congratulations Jen on this well deserved honor. May you continue to build and strengthen the Jewish community!
Dana and Joey Small

In loving memory of three giants - Maurice Spanbock z"l, Roy Stern, z"l and Warren Weiss, z"l.
Shirley Stark and Mark Hus

Mazal Tov to Rabbi Fred Klein on this wonderful honor for all you do on behalf of the Jewish community.
David and Maxine Wolgin

In honor of Rabbi Fred Klein,
mensch, rabbi, teacher, and friend
Regina and Danny Zelonker

Naomi and Michael Baum

Mazal Tov Yardaena! So proud of all your accomplishments. We love you! Sarah, Michael, Reena, David, Josh & Ava

In honor of our friend Jenn Raskas for her commitment
להגדיל תורה ולאדירה
Julia Frankston-Morris & Shmarya Gasner
Yasher Koach to Rabbi Fred Klein. Mazal Tov to his parents, my friends Carla and Jeff. May he always bring you Nachat
Anna Freedman

We honor the accomplishments of our dear friends Rabbi Fred Klein & of course Rav Kenneth Brander. Chazak v'ematz!
Ben and Cara Freedman

Hannah and Paul Freilich

Linda and Laurence Friedman
In honor of Avi Ganz and all the amazing staff at Darkaynu
Sheldon and Fran Gittleson

To Rabbi Fred Klein, a dedicated & thoughtful person, who is devoted to Klal Yisroel. Mazel tov.
Marc & Chani Goldmann - SawYouAtSinai

In honor of Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Riskin עמו"ש who continues to be an inspiration to our family, Ohr Torah Stone, Efrat and World Jewry.
In memory of Dr. Roy Stern ז"ל for his dedication to Ohr Torah Stone and to the Efrat community.
Yitzhak and Dr. Lois Grabin

In honor of Yardaena Osband and her commitment to Torah, community, & spiritual leadership
Shari and Shmuel Hain
In honor of Rabbi Kenny Brander, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and all the deserving honorees.
Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot

In honor of our dear friend Dr. Yardaena Osband
who inspires us every day.
Sandy & Nathan Kahn

Mazel Tov to Rabbi Fred Klein on this amazing and well deserved honor. Aaron, Miriam, Hannah, Jonah and Gabriel
Dr. Aaron and Miriam Klein

Aliza Libman Baronofsky
Gail Licht

Elaine and Scott Liebman

Vlad Lipkin

In honor of Dr. Yardaena Osband and Jennifer Rubin Raskas
Shuli & Avi Rockoff
We are proud of our niece Jen Raskas who leads with humility, inspires with resolve, and engages with passion.
Carolyn and Eliezer Rubin

Mazal Tov to Yardaena, Jen, OLP, and OTS for advancing Orthodox women's Torah scholarship, vision, and dedication.
Michelle & Yehuda Sarna

In honor of the birth of our newest grandson
Shimshon Leor
Marlene and Myron Schulman

Steven Schwartz
Jen & Yardaena, your drive and dedication to improving the world for women will be felt for generations. Mazal tov!
Chana & Yonatan Shefa

In honor of the leadership of
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and Rabbi Kenny Brander.
Gale and Steven Spira

Kol HaKavod Jen for advancing women's leadership and learning in the DC area, at Ohr Torah, and beyond!
Ted Rosenbum and Rivka Weiser

In honor of Dr. Yardaena Osband and Jennifer Raskas.
Linda and Bernie Weiner
Mazal Tov to our dear friend Yardaena Osband
and all of the Honorees!
Amy and Noah Weisberger

Mazel Tov to our dear friend Jen Raskas and to all the wonderful honorees!
Daniella and Scott Wittenberg

Sarah Roer & Etan Bendheim
Joe Blank
Denise and Saul Chapnick
Rochel Cheifetz
Rafi and Chava Cohen
Faith Fogelman
Adena Frager
Sarah and Etan Golubtchik
Michael Green
Batsheva & Yoav Halberstam Spiegel
Donna and Robert Hoenig
Drs. Yael and Rabbi Yaakov Jaffe
R'Lila Kagedan
Aliza and Samuel Konig
Suri & David Kufeld
Aleeza & Avi Lauer
Miriam and Michael Laufer
Donna and Jeff Lawrence
Nessa and Noah Liben
Adam and Gabi Link
Lerner Family Miami Beach, FL
Danny Oberman
Ayla, Mechael, Shalem, Amitz, Afik, Kinneret and Shilo Osband
Michelle and David Osband
Marina Sapir & Alex Podelko
Beatrice Roth
Steven Sacho
Bennett and Chani Salamon
Rabbi Jacob and Dr. Yocheved Schacter
A.E. Schwartz
Baruch Schwartz
Deb & Dave Sloan
Debra & Jay Solomont
Marinette and William Stanley
Esther & Akiva Tekuzener
Elana and Brahm Weinberg
Rebecca and Josh Winter/Gottlieb
Meira and Rabbi Gershon Albert - Beth Jacob Congregation
Howard Amster
Eduardo Andrade
Batzion and Bill Berman
Lawrence and Doyna Bryskin
Rabbi Edward and Meira Davis
Aron Family
Perla B. Gilinski
Glazer Family
Eric Goldberg
Rabbi Mel Gottlieb
Valerie & Steve Greenberg
Jennifer and Alberto Gross
Lois Baruch Grossman
Jaime Guttman
Sophia Hershman
Israel Cancer Research Fund
Nina and Gabriel Kretzmer Seed
Rachelle and Samuel Landau
Allan and Renee Leicht
Rabbi Asher and Rachel Lopatin
Phillip Miller
Ariele Mortkowitz
Adele and David Myers
Noam, Devora, and Zeb Osband
Abraham Raphael
Sara Gail and Nechemiah Reiss
Merle Saferstein
Billy, Emilya, Chloe and Annie Sahn
Shirley Schiff
shirley schifff
Jayne Shapiro
Yonina Siegal
Aviva and Bill Stanley
Elana Stein Hain
Lorys and Mitchell Stiel
Jennifer & Samuel Sultan
Tiferet Unterman
Gila and Israel Wertentheil
Avner Yeshurun
In memory of

Dr. Roy Stern z"l and Maurice Spanbock, z"l

I deeply valued your friendship, mentorship, dedication
and your tireless efforts on behalf of Ohr Torah Stone.
It was a privilege for me to work with you and to be inspired by your deep devotion and leadership.
Yinon Ahiman
In honor of

Yinon Ahiman
David Katz
Menucha Wolf

Who interact with our institutions across the globe ensuring that they run smoothly, fulfilling our mission.
Thank you for all that you do.
While few of us may be aware of it, we all benefit
From your hard work!
Rabbi Kenneth Brander
In Honor of the Greatest North American Professionals
That an organization can have

Ryan Hyman
Sharona Reiss
Renee Rosner

Thank you for always looking out for us and
Achieving amazing results
Even in the middle of a Global pandemic

Rabbi Dr Kenneth Brander
Rabbi Dr Shlomo Riskin
David Katz
Yinon Ahiman
North American Board of Directors of Ohr Torah Stone

Rabbi Kenny Brander
In honor of a dream team
Renee Rosner
Sharona Reiss
You are real assets to Ohr Torah Stone,
making your own powerful impact on the Jewish world.
It is an honor to work with you!
Ryan Hyman
Executive Director
Ohr Torah Stone North America
A special thank you to
Emcee extraordinaire, Nachum Segal
The talent behind the curtain, Miriam L. Wallach 
of the Nachum Segal Network
Masterful cinematographers,
Menachem Kashanian and Mendel Katz
of Craft Motion Films
It is a thrill and pleasure working with these
consummate professionals!
Ryan Hyman
Executive Director
Ohr Torah Stone North America
Thank you to
Deena Angstreich
Sima Freedman
Yishai Hughes
Ellen Levi
Deena Navon
Dori Zofan
For everything you did to ensure the gala's success.
You're the best colleagues a guy has never met!
Ryan Hyman
Executive Director
Ohr Torah Stone North America
A big thank you to

Zahava Bogner
Zatar Creative
Harvey Kaufman and Carl Travell
Kaufman Bros. Printing
Rich Levitas
Wizathon.com | Wizadjournal.com | Wizevents.com
Denise Hametz
Adir Gallery
Thank you for making us look so good!

Ryan Hyman
Executive Director
Ohr Torah Stone North America