We are happy to announce that the Annual Dinner & Community Celebration will be held on March 28, 2022. Look for invitations in the mail shortly.
We welcome David & Nicole Debora as our Guests of Honor & Couple of the Year - they have quietly been reliable supporters of our shul for many years. Both Esther Rimokh and Heather Conn have distinguished themselves by their leadership in selfless acts of chesed for our community, and will each be honored with the Max Rosenbaum & Maurice Schauer Gemilus Chesed Award. They have both recently embarked on a new chesed initiative called Women in Network (WIN). We are also honoring all those who braved Covid these past two years and have helped Rabbi Allen Schwartz and Rabbi Jack Varon to make our shul and community thrive - the volunteer Teachers & Gabbaim of OZ will be recognized with the Nathan K Gross Community Service Award. While we were anxious, sometimes alone, sometimes sick, deprived of a connection to Torah and one another, these people tended to our religious and spiritual health. We wish to take notice and thank them and show our gratitude.

As I have mentioned, I have strived to make the Dinner a fun experience. There will be no speeches - instead, we will have a short video presentation. The music is courtesy of the popular Glenn Crytzer Band, who will deliver a cool vibe, playing American & Jazz Standards. The always exquisite ZAMI is catering, and the menu looks amazing - you will not be disappointed! Come for a couple of hours after work - I actually think you'll have a good time. It will be held at Midtown Loft & Terrace, steps from the subway, and you can have a drink indoors or outside while soaking in the skyline. If you ask me, after two years of Covid, a party like this is exactly what we need. 

We anticipate that since Covid has now plateaued here in the city, that by the Annual Dinner date the current surge will be over and restrictions will be mostly lifted as they were a couple of months ago. Otherwise, we will of course continue to abide by all the mandates.

The Annual Dinner raises funds that are crucial for the operating budget. Whether you can attend or not, surely our Honorees deserve your support. This is your chance to show them some love and keep the shul open at the same time. It’s win-win!

This will be my last Dinner as President, and there may be a special tar-and-feathering ceremony to celebrate it! Not to be missed.

Ari Weitzner

Rachel Spirgel
Dinner Chairperson

Esther Varon
Journal Chairperson
We thank our honorees for their continued dedication to Congregation Ohab Zedek.
Guests of Honor & Couple of the Year
Max Rosenbaum & Maurice Schauer Gemilus Chesed Award
Max Rosenbaum & Maurice Schauer Gemilus Chesed Award
Nathan K Gross Community Service Award
Grateful & Anonymous
Blair & Elisabeth Axel
David & Nicole Debora
Frederic Eliyahu Goulipian
Regina & Brook Haberman
The Kronenberg & Family
Adam Plotch
Harry & Rachel Skydell
Joseph & Carol Tuchman
Yoni, Karyn, Nava, and Oshri Vega
Daniel & Lauren Feinberg
Sinclair & Sharon Haberman
Robbie & Johanna Herskowitz
David & Rena Jaroslawicz
Marvin & Debra Sternberg
Veronica Zucker & Family
Rebecca and Percy Deift
Leon Eisen
Mendy & Rikki Gross
Leslie and Ari Hirsch
Jill and Aaron Katz
Meyer Muschel
David Arbesfeld
Shana & Nachshon Block
David Forman
Len & Carolyn Gero
Paul & Lisa Glazer
Pia & Fred Hirsch
Leonard Brauner & Beth Moritz
Stephen & Adina Miller
Stuart & Sarah Milstein
Ronnie and Andrew Schonzeit
Leon & Karen Sutton
Full Page
Helen Gross & Family
Vivian and Gerry Adler
David & Sabrina Ascher
Rabbi Tsvi and Naomi Blanchard
Wednesday Night Classes
Howard & Diane Cole
David Israel
TNLP David Israel Class
Dr Jason Ohayon
Andrew Einstein
Tal & Tsivia Fishman
Elana Flaumenhaft 1
Elana Flaumenhaft 2
Sheryl & Allen Galler & Katz
Lisa and Alistair Gatoff
Ahuva and Azi Genack
Johnny and Tammy Glaser
Joel & Devora Goldman
Deborah Engel & David Goldstein
Sarah and David Green
Moshe Grunhaus
Helen & Jake Guz
Bradley Hames
Elanit, Steve and Yonatan Hirsch
Rivkie & Lance Hirt
Ruthy & Yitchok Iglicki
Ishofsky Family
TNLP Joel Goldman Class
Wendy and David Kerdell
Miryam & Mike Kops
Yael Krel
Len Schwarzbaum & Lauren Goldman
Chanie, Danny & Elie Leibler
Gabe and Anat Levi Levi
Sarah and Eric London
Rebecca & Saul Lubetski
Yoann David, Rivka, Elisha, Batsheva-Sarah, Tziporah and Yedidyah-Yossef Mallet
Jenny Michael
Jenny Michael
Jenny Michael
Jenny Michael
Jenny Michael
Rabbi Eliyahu Teitz & Michelle Roufa
Charles & Yocheved Milo
Charles & Yocheved Milo
Charles & Yocheved Milo
Avi & Jordana Moche
Randy & Rebecca Modell
TNLP Nava Silton's Class
TNLP Rabbi Gottesman's Class
Glenn & Lenore Richter
Esther Rimokh
Esther Rimokh
Paul & Pia Rubin
Anne & Jerry Samet
Shlomo Bar-Ayal & Sarah Stambler
Rachel, Paul, Eliezer & Moshe Spirgel
Paul and Claire Wachtel
Don Weingarten
Chaya and Ari Weitzner
Micah Halpern & Zippora Mirsky
Tina and Doron Zollman
Half Page
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous
Steven Antosofsky
Pnina Arbesfeld
Riva Atlas and David Atik
Heather Conn
Faith & Moshe Elkobi
Jeannie and Scott Fisher
Yehudis and Matthew Gartenberg
Mildren Goldzcer
Walter Hus
Mark Jacobson
Ariel Jerushalmy
Jennifer Kraut
James Lavin & Gila Leiter
Joey Lifschitz
Alison and Michael Novich
Zach, Daniel & Yonah Prensky
Yocheved Rose
David & Laura Sack
Fred Siegel
Joy Silber
Nava & Ariel Silton-Brandwein
Shira and David Silton/Wildman
Esther & Ilya Starobinets
Alan Stern
Chach N Co. The David/Ashual Family
Yehuda Weinstock
Quarter Page
Aviva and Avi Assaban
Esti & Jason Buskin
Heather Conn
Rhoda and Mel Conn
Gitty Flamenbaum
A. Friend
Rachel and Yosef Grunfeld
Rich Mansour
Blayne and Scott Mathias
Shoshana and Jeffrey Okun
Vera Perlman
Aharon Plumer
Shaindy and Chad Silverstein
Rabbi Chayim B. and Sarah Alevsky
Susan Baranker
Jon Gersch
Annette Gross
Stephanie and Gabi Kurtzman Barat
Stephanie and Gabi Kurtzman Barat
Norman Letow
Marcy Zevon & Jerry Litwin
Edith Nathan
Robby Bindiger & Roz Singer
Murad & Ety Shasha
Danielle and Yoram Stone
Michelle and Nathan Tarnor
Terry Bazbaz and Abigail Bryskin
Aliza and Roniel Weinberg
Scott Weiner
Deborah Weinreb
Name Listing
Bill Apple
Anna Aronovitch
Sara and Shai Canaan
Susan Canter
Andrew Chernela
Danny, Heather Marie, Alex, and Emma Conn
Tammy Balaban & Steve Erenberg Erenberg
Richard Gallis
David and Aliza Honig
In honor of Heather Conn
Ariel and Shoshana Jeter
Jon Jon Herbitter
Faige & Akiva Lefkowitz - in honor of Nicky & David Debora
Robert Levene
Tanya Leybov
Lynn Lohnas
Charles and Rochelle Moche
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kessler
Chani and Alan Perlman
Daniela and Daniel Pomerantz
Matthew Stein
Students of Joel Goldman
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