Be sure that your sisterhood is getting all it can from Women’s League. Put your per capita dues to work and let Women’s League provide the services necessary to maintain a strong, healthy and vibrant sisterhood.


Invite a Women’s League consultant into your sisterhood for an on-site seminar. These seminars are designed to energize your sisterhood by enhancing individual skills, motivating members, and expanding involvement.


Choose from these topics or consult with your consultant to design a seminar on the specific needs of your sisterhood.


Communication & Social Media: The various delivery systems to help you reach all of your members and potential members Sisterhood & Synagogue Community: Work effectively with other leaders in your synagogue
Goal Setting/Strategic Planning: Set up a committee to envision your sisterhood’s future. Create a reasonable action plan for success Team Building: Involve more women and have them work together successfully
Leadership Development: Identify and develop new leaders Sisterhood 101: Basic procedures for operating effectively and how Women’s League can help
Membership: How to recruit and retain members Dealing with Sisterhood Challenges: Facing challenges in a volunteer environment
Custom-designed seminar  

All consulting services are led by professionally-trained volunteers. No remuneration is permitted. The consultant's travel and hotel expenses are paid by Women’s League. Sisterhoods are responsible for meals and transportation to and from the airport and hotel.

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