COVID-19 Crisis Support for the Abayudaya Community and the Hadassah School

As much of the world is coming out of the Covid-19 crisis, the people of Uganda have been again issued stay-at-home orders that are rigorously enforced, and the Abayudaya cannot leave their homes to work, buy food or attend services, and have to depend on intermediaries.  This is a community that was already struggling for subsistence.  
The Seaboard Region of the FJMC and other regions of the FJMC have set up an informal network, to get funds to those of the Abayudaya in need - as soon as possible - to help them get through this very difficult period.  Anything you can contribute will help.
Earlier in the crisis, Aaron Kintu Moses z"l, our dear friend, a leader of the Abayudaya, founder of the Abayudaya Men's Club in Mbale, Uganda and the Principal of the Hadassah School, who is featured in this video, passed away suddenly.
In addition to the needs of the Abayudaya community in general, the Hadassah Nursery and Primary School of which Aaron was the Principal is struggling as it has not been able to receive students and their tuition payments. The children cannot attend the Hadassah School and other schools where they may have gotten their main meal of the day.
Your gift will go to both support the community, and to support the school in memory of Aaron.  
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