Founders Circle
Sally Gottesman
Founders Circle
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Julie R. Sissman and Phil Richter
Leadership Circle
Susan Lorin and Martin Kupferberg
25th Anniversary Circle
Congratulations on 25 Successful Years!
Chai Circle
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Mimi and Barry Alperin
Chai Circle
Eileen and Jerry Lieberman
Visionary Circle
Michelle and Marc Gary
Visionary Circle
Kol HaKavod to the honorees on their well-deserved honors.
Paula Gottesman
Visionary Circle
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Susan and Oron Haus
Visionary Circle
In honor of "Uncle Ben," who, with joy and pride, counted his nieces as his students for over a decade at Schechter Manhattan. Your influence on our school and community will not be forgotten. Thank you for your countless mornings of rising before dawn, phone conversations in bridge traffic, SNL-level Purim videos, and seeding the culture of menschlichkeit for which our school is known.
In honor of Julie Sissman and Phil Richter, whose dedication to our school has paved the way for many parent volunteers to roll their sleeves up and get involved. Thank you for your leadership, your innovation, your listening ear and your guiding voice. 

Rachel Mann & Josh Rosenblatt
Bella, Ruby & Louisa

Visionary Circle
Erica and Ross Levine
Visionary Circle
Jill and Jacob Manczyk
Visionary Circle
Mazal Tov to Ben Mann for his incredible leadership during his time at Schechter.  We wish him luck on his next chapter. 

Mazal Tov to Julie Sissman and Phil Richter. Thank you for your tireless dedication to Schechter Manhattan.  
We would like to thank the amazing teachers,
administration and staff at Schechter Manhattan
for all their hard work and dedication during this difficult time.  
They have gone above and beyond to keep our children
engaged and happy.  
Thank You !
Randi and David Sultan
Gala Scholar
Kol HaKavod to the honorees on their well-deserved honors.
Suzanne Katz and Richie Friedman
Gala Scholar
Nan and Howard Rubin
Gala Scholar
Esther and Ivan Schaeffer
Gala Partner
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Rabbis Amy & Scott Bolton & Congregation Or Zarua
Gala Partner
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Simon and Annie Davis Foundation
Gala Partner
To Our Dear Friends, Julie and Phil
and to Elisa's amazing colleague
and our Head of School, Ben
Mazal Tov on this honor
and thank you for your hard work and commitment
to this special community!
To Sara, an exemplary role model,
Mazal Tov and we look forward to all of the ways you will continue to do good in the world!
Elisa Marcus and Dror Bikel
Gala Partner
To the Honorees and all those who have created, shepherded, and sustained this excellent School over 25 years,
Thanks and Congratulations! 
Karen & Henry Glanternik
Gala Partner
Happy 25th, Schechter Manhattan -
Congratulations on Hitting this Significant Milestone
Mazal Tov to all of the Honorees!
Sue Schwartz and Howard Muchnick
Gala Partner
Ben, Julie, Phil, and Sara,
Thank you and Schechter Manhattan for supporting and educating our children through 17 consecutive years and three graduates: Eliana '13 Benji '15 Ari '21
Much love,
Sarah Klagsbrun and Eric Weinstein
Gala Partner
Mazal Tov to Julie, Phil, Ben, Sara and our Founders on this well deserved honor.
Our deepest gratitude to Ben for his stellar leadership and commitment to our children's academic, social and moral education over so many years. We hope that you find stimulation and edification in this next phase of your career and will miss you dearly.
Rachel Ostow and Brian Lustbader
Gala Partner
Wishing Schechter Manhattan another amazing 25 years, and more!
With gratitude, 
Aliza and Benjamin Mann
Gala Partner
......לא עליך המלאכה לגמור Lo Alecha Hamlacha ligmor.....
....."You are not expected to complete the work...."
Kol Hakavod to our friends Ben Mann and
Julie Sissman & Phil Richter, representing the most extraordinary professional and lay leadership.
As one of the six founders of this exceptional school, we certainly did not complete the work to reach this milestone. But we take enormous pride and nachat to see how much further those leaders who have come after us have taken Schechter Manhattan !
We are so grateful for all you have done and are honored and humbled to be recognized for our Nachshon-like jump into the sea 25 years ago 
Dr. Hugh & Martha Pollack
Gala Supporter
In honor of our dear friends Julie and Phil.
May you continue to inspire those around you to give more of themselves to important causes.
Jonathan and Leah Adler
Gala Supporter
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Anonymous Alumni Parent
Gala Supporter
Ansche Chesed, "the Community of Kindness," salutes
Julie Sissman and Phil Richter, who exemplify what Jewish education and Jewish community should be,
Ben Mann, for his extraordinary leadership,
the many Ansche Chesed kids (and their families)
learning and growing at Schechter Manhattan
May 25 years be just the beginning! 
Rabbi Yael Hammerman,
Cantor Natasha Hirschhorn 
Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky
Ansche Chesed
Gala Supporter
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Rena Cole & Ephie Bernstein
Gala Supporter
Kol HaKavod to the honorees on their well-deserved honors.
Neal and Andrew Hoffman-Ingall
Gala Supporter
Build a school, create a community,
sustain the continuity of Jewish learning .
With the greatest respect for your dedication and commitment,
Carol K. Ingall
Gala Supporter
אין העולם מתקיים אלה בשביל הבל תינוקות של בית רבן
The world would not exist without the breath of children
in a place of Jewish learning.
In Honor of our
Solomon Schechter Manhattan Family
Louisa Rosenblatt
Benjamin Mann
Barbara & Charlie Mann
בנימין אנחנו כל כך גאים בך ובמחויבותך לחינוך יהודי. באהבה אמא ואבא
 אמא ואבא
Gala Supporter
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
David Marcus
Gala Supporter
Kol HaKavod to the honorees on their well-deserved honors.
Judith Margolin and Seth Schwartz
Gila Ward-Menda and Erol Menda
Mazal tov to Schechter Manhattan and all of the honorees on the celebration of 25 years. We thank all those who have had the vision, leadership, and dedication to build and sustain the school. We are especially grateful to Ben Mann for his care and concern of all of the students. May You Go from Strength to Strength,
Rabbi Rachel Ain, Rabbi Dave Levy,
and Jared and Zack Levy
Kol HaKavod to the honorees on their well-deserved honors.
Ariella Siselsky and Roy Alcalay
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To our friend and teacher, Benjamin Mann
"What we need more than anything else is not textbooks but text people."
- Abraham Joshua Heschel Schechter Manhattan is privileged to
have learned with you and from you for 15 years - you are a
text person.
Wishing you every success in all your endeavors!
Adina and Harman, Caryn and Clark, Dara and Simon, Debbi and Adam,
Deborah and David, Devorah and Reuben, Elana and Raymond,
Ilana and Saul, Ingrid and Joel, Lauren and Joshua,
Michelle and Jonathan, Penina and Matt
Teaneck-Based Friends of Benjamin Mann
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We gratefully acknowledge the support received from the
Fund for Jewish Education
Sponsored by
Caroline and Joseph S. Gruss Life Monument Funds, Inc.
and UJA- Federation of New York
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 Kol hakavod to all the honorees.
A special kol hakavod and todah rabah to the founders and everyone else who helped make SSSM a reality back in the 1990s when it was just a dream. You enabled my children to receive a superb education that instilled in them the principles of menschlichkeit, tzedakah, and tikkun olam, qualities that are so sorely needed in our society today. We could not be more grateful.
Jessica R. Friedman
on behalf of
Aron Stanley Wander and Jonah Simon Wander
Half Page
Mazal Tov to Julie and Phil on being honored by the Schechter Manhattan community! We are so glad to celebrate your amazing work!
Sara Shapiro-Plevan and William Plevan
Tribute Listing
Dr. Harvey and Joan Bucholtz

In appreciation of all of those who make Schechter Manhattan special,
and the nachat knowing that Hannah enjoys Schechter Manhattan.
Rabbi Richard and Sharon Hammerman

Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Jules and Lynn Kroll
Tribute Listing
Mazal tov to my mentor and friend, Ben Mann,
an extraordinary leader and human.
With gratitude for all you have done for the field,
Amanda Pogany

In appreciation of the amazing educational experience at Schechter Manhattan provided to Hannah and soon to Shai! Mazel tov to all of the honorees!
Susan and Philip Rabin

Mazel tov to Ben & Julie on this well-deserved honor.
You have contributed so much to Schechter Manhattan over the years. They're lucky to have you at the helm!
Karen Radkowsky
Tribute Listing
Congratulations Julie and Phil!
We're proud of you!
Susan and Arthur Sissman

Jessica Friedman
Anne Tishkoff and Avi Schaeffer
Alumni Sponsor
Sarah Sue Landau
Amanda and Michael Alter
Mary and Andrew Barkan
Eric Blomquist
Kehilat Chovevi Tzion
David and Susan Cohen
Margaret Anne Donohue
Rabbi Moshe Edelman
Terry Edelstein
Linda Gold
Regina and Harvey Goldstein
Madalyn and Lewis Helfstein
Rikki and Zachery Hepner
Sigrid Hess
Judith and Carl Kaiserman
Ilana and Simmy Kustanowitz
Daniele Lassner
Douglas & Nancy Lee
Andrea and Ben Leshem
Rabbi Rachel Ain and Rabbi David Levy
Sara Malamut
Joyce and Richard Miller
Adam Muchnick
Amy Davidson and Norman Steinberg
Patricia Ross Weis
Ilene and Mitchell Sadowsky
Susan Savel