Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Sally Gottesman
Dear Gary,

More years ago than we would like to say we wrote this to you:
Thank you for your vital role in helping Sam, Charles, Lauren and all the other children who have passed  through SSSM these last 10 years. 
We cannot convey your wonderful influence on our children's ability to learn and
develop.  From Sam's first story on his baseball mitt, Charles even picking up a pen to write and Lauren's respect for books and reading.  As a family we look forward to our annual Mets game.
We celebrate and salute you tonight!  
Fast forward to tonight and we think of the scores of students, in addition to our children, that you have impacted though your years of teaching and leadership at SSSM.  We continue to be amazed at your contribution to the learning process and all aspects of the Schechter community.
Thank you.
With love and respect,
Susan J. Lorin and Marty Kupferberg
Lets Go Mets
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Harriet and Leonard Mayer
Mazal Tov to the 2022 Honorees!
Thank you for everything you do 
for the Jewish Community and 
Schechter Manhattan.

Your commitment is greatly appreciated.
The Arnold and Vichness Families
Mazel Tov Howard
Thank you for your commitment to
Schechter Manhattan.
The world is a better place because of your
dedication to ensuring the success of the
next generation of Jewish leaders.
Daniel Bernstein
Mazal tov and thank you to Gary and Nina,
to Randy, Neal and Isaac, and to Tammi. 
You inspire us with your leadership and dedication,
and we are grateful! 
To all of our Schechter Manhattan faculty and staff -
thank you for another year of powerful learning
and meaningful connection!
Julie Sissman and Phil Richter
Kol HaKavod to the honorees
on their well-deserved honors.
Elaine Morrris
Todah Rabah and Mazal Tov to Gary Pretsfelder,
a caring and knowledgeable leader and a constant in our school.We are so grateful for your leadership.
Kol HaKavod to all of the honorees! 

Rachel Mann & Josh Rosenblatt
Bella, Ruby, and Louisa

Kol HaKavod to the honorees on their
well-deserved honors.
Mimi and Barry Alperin
Thank you to Gary and Nina for many years of
friendship and of service to
Schechter Manhattan and to Jewish education
Thank you to Isaac, Neil, and Randy for helping keep all of our teachers and students learning and safe through the past two hard years.
And Mazal Tov to Tammi -
we look forward to hearing more!
Elisheva Urbas and David Morris
In Honor of the Honorees
In Tribute to the Faculty and Staff of Schechter Manhattan
In Memory of Jerry Solomon, Bebe and Solomon Feld
Cherise and Randy Feld
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Marc Gary
Kol HaKavod to the honorees on
their well-deserved honors.
Paula Gottesman
Mazel Tov to all of our Honorees.
May you go from Strength to Strength
Eileen and Jerry Lieberman
Mazel Tov
to our 8th grade Graduates
and our amazing honorees!
Susan and Oron Haus
Park Avenue Synagogue
Karen and Henry Glanternik
With gratitude to Nina and Gary
for their decades of commitment to our school,
Jewish education, Jewish community
and for making our world a better one
Kol HaKavod to the honorees on
their well-deserved honors.
Diane and Howard Cole
In honor of Gary Pretsfelder and his years of service to the Schechter Manhattan community and Nina Bruder for her commitment to excellence in Jewish education. Thank you Gary for your leadership this year and for ensuring our school's future.
In honor of the Public Health Response Team.
Thank you for your ongoing expert guidance that allowed us to keep our doors open.
With gratitude to Julie Sissman for her extraordinary leadership as Board President and her dedication to our school's mission. It's been a pleasure to serve with you.
Lilly and David Icikson
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees
and to Julie Sissman for her exceptional leadership as President of the Schechter Manhattan Board of Trustees.
Rachel and Brian Lustbader
Kol HaKavod to the honorees
on their well-deserved honors.
Sue Schwartz and Howard Muchnick
To a faculty and staff like no other. Your partnership and support over the years has made my work so much easier. Your understanding of your students, your creative implementation of curriculum, your sensitivity to parents, and your collaboration with each other has made our professional space the inventive, creative, and supportive place that it is. It is my work with you and our students that has made my work-life so productive and meaningful.
Thank you for all that you do to make Schechter Manhattan a special place to teach and learn.
It's a privilege and a pleasure to honor
those who have nurtured our students minds
and protected their health
Nan and Howard Rubin
גודל ההצלחה שלך נמדד בכוח הרצון שלך; בגודל החלום שלך ובאיך אתה מתמודד עם אכזבה לאורך הדרך.
"The size of your success is measured by the strength of your
desire; the size of your dream; and how you
handle disappointment along the way."
Tammi, we are so proud of all you have accomplished and your
groundbreaking work at the University of Toronto Health Network You
are truly a testament to the power of a Schechter Manhattan
education. This honor is well deserved and the best is yet to come.
The Kekst Family
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Rena Cole and Ephie Bernstein
Mazal tov to all of the honorees
on this well deserved recognition!
Andrea Brustein and Michael Firestone
Thank you to our Gala Honorees,
our Gala and Auction chairs and their Committee,
our Volunteers, Students, Staff and Faculty
in partnership with
Eric, Tymothy, Mimi , Douglas and Gabriella
for making the gala so special.
Debby Hirshman
Kol HaKavod to Gary and Nina, Tammi,
and the other members of the
Public Health Response team, Randy and Isaac.
Neal and Andrew Hoffman Ingall
In honor of Neal Hoffman,
A fine doctor and exemplary person:
Thank you for your kindness
which can never be repaid
and for your understanding
and the difference that it makes.
The Ingall Family
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Esther and Ivan Schaeffer
We are thrilled to be a part of this transformative moment in the history of Schechter Manhattan - an extraordinary new Head of School Chris Aguero,
an exceptional new president Howard Rubin and leadership team - all standing on the shoulders of the professionals and lay leaders who have brought us to this milestone moment
Kol Hakavod to all of our most deserved and dedicated honorees and to our medical team who shepherded us through most challenging times - especially our devoted friend Dr. Isaac Weisfuse and his family
We are all inspired by his leadership & Blessed by his friendship!
Dr. Hugh & Martha Pollack
Thank you Debby, Julie and the Board  of Trustees.
Thank you for your ongoing vision and leadership
and for  your partnership and support this year.
With much appreciation, and deep gratitude.
"Find the intelligent and understanding and make them your leaders"
Deuteronomy, Chapter1: Verse 13
Honoring Howard Rubin for his values and commitment to the Jewish People
Marcia and Geoffrey Colvin
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Congregation Or Zarua
Martha Heffner and Dr. Hugh Pollack
Kol hakavod to all the honorees and todah rabah for your valuable contributions to SSSM and the Jewish community.
To Gary Pretsfelder: Todah rabah for your skilled, principled, thoughtful, and compassionate leadership while Aron and Jonah were students at SSSM. Having you at the helm - just knowing that you were at the helm -- made such a difference to all of us every day.
To Isaac Weisfuse: Todah rabah both for your selfless work on the Public Health Response Team and for your friendship, together with that of Evelyn, Ari and Lois, while Aron and Jonah were at SSSM and during the many years since then.
Jessica R. Friedman
Aron Stanley Wander and Jonah Simon Wander

Congratulations to our daughter,Tammi Hawa
on being honored with the 2022 Schechter Manhattan Alumni Leadership Award.
You truly make the world a better place!!!
With much love and admiration, 
Ellen and Said Hawa
We salute Gary and Nina for exceptional leadership, transformative Jewish education and steadfast commitment to the Schechter Manhattan Community.
We thank the Public Health Response team for keeping the Schechter Manhattan Community healthy and safe. With much gratitude, 
Said, Ellen, Leila, Tammi Hawa and Gabriel Wolofsky Hawa
אין העולם מתקיים אלה בשביל הבל תינוקות של בית רבן
The world would not exist without the breath of children
in a place of Jewish learning.
In Honor of
the wonderful faculty and leadership team who continue to provide an inspiring education
to our Schechter learners.
Thank you, Gary, for your many years of dedication to the school and its students.
Welcome to the Middle School,
Louisa Rosenblatt!
Barbara & Charlie Mann
Dear Gary and Nina:
Mazel Tov on this day to the dynamic duo of day school education. Schechter is so fortunate to have Gary as a leader of its day school and JNTP is so fortunate to have Nina working on behalf of many day schools.
Valerie Altman and Daniel Perla
To our Talented Educational (ELT)
and Administrative Teams Allison, Beth, Deanna,
Eric, Mimi, Ruthi, Shira, and Tymothy
Thank you for your ongoing partnership and support.
This school wouldn't run without you.
With deep gratitude to Neal, Isaac and Randy,
our Public Health Response Team,
from the faculty ,staff and students and parents of Schechter Manhattan.
The faculty and staff, students and parents of Schechter Manhattan
Kol HaKavod to the honorees on their
well-deserved honors.
Sally and Ismar Schorsch
Thank you, Gary & Nina, for your incredible leadership. Your calm and reassuring presence, your deep kindness and concern for others has given Schechter Manhattan a solid foundation from which to thrive - from the school's beginning. 
We deeply appreciate the efforts of Drs. Randy Feld, Neal Hoffman and Isaac Weisfuse to be constantly looking out for the wellbeing of our children and teachers. Thank you for keeping our Schechter community healthy and safe during these last few trying years.
Mazal Tov to Tammi Hawa. Seeing the successes of our alumni inspires us all to continue to work to support our favorite school. 
רב תודות
Dr. Jane Davidson and Rabbi Larry Sebert
Mazal Tov to our beloved siblings Nina and Gary.
Schechter Manhattan is the beneficiary of your warm, thoughtful, dedicated and compassionate styles,
and we are the lucky beneficiaries of all that and more each and every day!
Mazal tov on this very well-deserved honor.
With love,
Steve, Barbara, Tali, Maya, Yona and Jesse
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Randi and David Sultan
CSAIR-Conservative Synagogue Adath Israel of Riverdale and Rabbi Barry Dov Katz
Benchimol Family
Sarit and Efriam Chalamish
Susan and David Cohen
Lisa and Arieh Coll
Liz and Saul Freirich/Kaiserman
Sarah and Ed Gerstley
Orly Harel
Jennifer Rosenberg and Gil Israeli
Ariel Kaminsky
Becky Prager and Eli Kaminsky
Anna Karp
Alana Stevens and Asaf Kastner
Naomi and Marc Knoller
Anat and Yossi Leon
Ray Levi
Rabbi Rachel Ain and Rabbi David Levy
Sara Malamut
Aliza and Benjamin Mann
Beth Mann
Dror, Elisa, Ariel and Liat, the Marcus/Bikel Family
The Menda Family
Family Postman
Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools
Jessica Shpall Rosen
Judy and Gary Rosenblatt
Paul and Rachel Jacoby Rosenfield
Miri and David Scharia
Eric and Lisa Schmutter
Carl and Betsy Schreiber
Joel, Yael, Jon and Shelly Seidemann
Odelia Nahum and Hiram Shaish
Deborah Shapira
Paul, Roberta and Shoshi Shapiro
Jody Sperling
Debbie Stark
Shira Epstein and David Tolchin
Your friends at Ansche Chesed
Andy and Jenifer Zetlan
Gabriek Wolofsky and Tammi Hawa
Leila Hawa
Congratulations to Gary and Tammi!
Gary, thank you so much for both helping shape our Schechter educations, and continuing to make us feel welcome when we return for events and visits.
Tammi, we are so proud of the important work you have done, both COVID related and beyond.
Mazal To
Schechter Manhattan Alumni Leadership Committee
Dear Gary,
Mazal Tov!
With admiration, respect and appreciation for your wisdom, sensitivity, menschlichkeit, and example,
The Educational Leadership Team

Congratulations to our longtime colleague,
partner and good friend,
Dr. Randy Feld
on this most well-deserved honor.

James Albanese MD,
Sanjiv Jhaveri MD,
Carl Schreiber MD,
Edward Skwiersky MD
Kol Hakavod!
Congratulations to our brother Randy on an
honor well deserved.
We are so proud of the medical guidance you provided,
keeping the Shechter community healthy
in challenging times. 
Alan and Fran, Michael and Barbara, Rick and Randi Feld
Mazal Tov to all the honorees Gary and Nina, thank you
for your longstanding leadership and commitment to
Jewish education and to Schechter Manhattan
Randy, Neal and Isaac, thank you for your wise counsel
and expertise in keeping our community safe and healthy
Tammi, thank you for exemplifying the excellence and
menschlichkeit of Schechter Manhattan alumni
Kol HaKavod!!
Suzanne Katz and Richie Friedman
Your work, and who you have become as an adult, makes all of us who knew you when you were a student at Schecheter Manhattan 
smile with joy and pride. 
Congratulations on an honor well-deserved.

Continue to change the world!
Mazel Tov to Gary and Nina! We love you!!!
Marilyn Gochberg Marjorie & Steven Kellner & family
Welcome to our new head of school, 
Chris Aguero.
We are all looking forward to working with you,
Mazel Tov, Gary!
We are so happy that you are receiving this
well-deserved honor.
We appreciate having you in our lives as we grew up
(including taking us to Mets games) and helping us
become the people we are today.
Thank you for being an incredible teacher, administrator,
and all-around mensch!
Sam, Charles, and Lauren Kupferberg
Thank you to Dr. Isaac Weisfuse, Dr. Neil Hoffman,
and Dr. Randy Feld,
for all you have done to keep all of our teachers
and students learning and safe.,
Your guidance through these difficult times
has been exemplary!
Lorin Kupferberg Family
Neal, Isaac and Randy'

We share our deep respect and heartfelt thanks with each of you for your thoughtful leadership during a time of uncertainty and ever- changing realities.

Your calm, commitment, and unwavering guidance during these two and half years of "Covid School" allowed us [I removed Ben's name] to lead with confidence and direction.

Thank you, Thank you!!
Gary and Debby
Schechter Manhattan is grateful to
Columbus Square Management
for thier Partnership and Support 
Thamk you for all you do!
The facullty and staff at 
Schechter Manhattan
Mazal Tov to Gary on this tremendously well-earned honor!
We are grateful to you for your tireless efforts in support of our students and in support of us as we work together to create the incredible learning environment that is Schechter Manhattan.
Your menschy ways are a model for all of us.
Faculty and Staff of Schechter Manhattan
To Debby Hirshman and Gary Pretsfelder,
our 2021-22 Co-Heads of School
We are grateful for all of your incredible work and commitment this year.
You have taken us from strength to strength.
Todah Rabah!! 
Schechter Manhattan Board of Trustees
To Tammi,
Mazel tov on a well-deserved honor!!!!!
We can all learn so much about leadership, commitment, dedication, community
and energy from your tireless example.
Susan J. Lorin and Marty Kupferberg
Kol Hakavod to all the honorees
and especially to our husband and father,
Isaac Weisfuse,
Public Health Doc Extraordinaire!!
Evelyn Horn and Ari and Lois Weisfuse
In honor of Gary Pretsfelder and Nina Bruder 
for their exemplary service to Jewish education.
Giti & Jack Bendheim
Mazal Tov to Gary and Nina and all the honorees on your well-deserved honors!
From your chevre from Brovender's, Class of 5743
Bruce Buechler, Dov Ganeles, Marty, Liss, Ephraim Shapiro, Louis Sherby, Avi Silverman
Brovender's Class of 5743
Kol HaKavod to the honorees on
their well-deserved honors.
Stan and Tali Etra
Mazel tov to Tammi Hawa on this well deserved honor!
and to all the other honorees for their dedication to this institution and to the Jewish community 
Robert and Debbie Ezrapour and Family
We join the Schechter Manhattan community in giving well-deserved honor to our wonderful friends
Nina Bruder & Gary Pretsfelder 
Moshe and Abbie Greenberg
Nina and Gary,
we feel so blessed to be part of your mishpacha and to have you be part of ours. No words can express our love and gratitude, and we are thrilled to see you honored for all you do for so many.
Jennifer & Ellen Hirsch
In honor of Isaac Weisfuse
and Evelyn Horn and Ari and Lois
Deborah Weisfuse and Robert Lipner
We are sooo proud of you.
The honor is well deserved.
With lots of love and admiration
Mazal tov to Gary Pretsfelder and Nina Bruder for making a profound difference in the lives of countless teachers and students and inspiring us all.
Sharon Cohen Anisfeld and Shimon Anisfeld

Gary & Nina,
your passion for Jewish education has shaped our community. With respect and appreciation, 
Emily and Leon Blum-Metzger

For our brother Dr. Neal Hoffman. Mazel tov on this well deserved honor and for the support you have provided to the Schechter Manhattan community. We love and adore you. 
Barrie and Paul Stachel, Tracey and Jeff Diamond
Nina & Gary,
Your wisdom & heart have touched
generations of students. Hizku v'imtzu! 
Penina Grossberg & Matt Epstein

Congratulations to Incoming Schechter Manhattan
Board President, Howard Rubin. 
Henry and Linda Salmon, Equity Valuation Associates

Mazal Tov to Gary and Nina!
Thank you for all you do in so many ways to support a vital, vibrant, engaged Jewish community
Fagen-Bocarsly Family
MAZAL TOV TAMMI!! I'm proud of you :)
Leila Hawa

Kol HaKavod to the honorees on their well-deserved honors.
Michael Geselowitz & Emily Schneider

How remarkably you have nurtured this learning and caring community even through challenging times.
Todah Rabbah & Mazal tov!
Cantor Shayna Postman
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Special thanks and appreciation to Gary for his outstanding leadership and support for our beloved Schechter Manhattan
Rabbi Richard and Sharon Hammerman

Thank you to Schechter Manhattan for nurturing
Hannah and Shai
and providing them with a wonderful comprehensive education!
Susan and Philip Rabin

Nina and Gary -
You brought together our families and you build community! Your leadership for the Jewish community is inspirational. -
Riverdale Nanny Share 2011-2013
Kol Hakavod to Gary & Nina,
who give untold hours and immense skills in service of Schechter's students and the Jewish future.
Yoni & Jessica Rezak Schwab

Mazal Tov Tammi! We look forward to the rest of your accomplishments! 
Paul, Roberta and Shoshi Shapiro

Mazal tov to Gary & Nina
from the Farm Hevra in NY, Boston, Milwaukee, Philly, Pittsb, Norwich, Jerusalem and our kids everywhere!
The Farm Hevra
In Honor of Our Children & Grandchildren 
SETH & DANA          Zoe,Abby,Ethan
EMILY & LUCA         Louisa,Frederick
LEAH & MICHAEL    Max,Stella
Marcie & Ken Theriault

Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Susan and Charlie Wachsstock

Kol HaKavod to the honorees on their well-deserved honors.
Barbara Waitman
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Doreen and Martin Weisfuse

Mazal tov, Tammi.
We are so proud of you for this well-deserved tribute to your outstanding work for the UHN. Love from Canada!
Rosalie Fox and Lawrence Wolofsky

Cantor Nancy Abramson
Shelly and Aaron Akabas
Robin Aronow
Lisa Baer
Dr.'s Bobby and Barry Coller
Helene Bass-Wichelehaus
Froma Benerofe
Dan Bernstein
Eric Blomquist
Pam Stern and Howard Braun
Ludwig Bravmann
Michelle Cass
Columbus Square Management
Alan and Pat Davidson
Peg Donohue
James Eisdorfer
Elisheva Urbas and David Morris
Elite Service Group
Paulayne Epstein
Stan and Tali Etra
Wendy Zierler and Daniel Feit
Pat and Jim Fingeroth
Amy/Stephen Foster/Berman
Gary Pretsfelder and Nina Bruder
Gary Pretsfelder and Nina Bruder
Gary Gerstle
Linda Gerstle
David & Rachel Gerstley
Lois Goldberg
Andrea & Larry Goodman
Nahid & Elias Hawa
Dena and Mark Hirsch
Rochelle and David Hirsch
Nancy and Joel Hirschtritt
Jeremy and Amy Kalmanofsky
Sarah Sue Landau
Sidney and Yonina Langer
Jon Levisohn
Shira Jacobson and David Libchaber
Becca Linden
Jim and Nancy Linden
Russ Linden
Harriet Littman
Toby and David London
Sally Mendelsohn and David Lowenfeld
Judy and Steve Matthews
Naomi and Michael Melinger
Melissa Epstein & Adam Jackson
Gaby Schoenfeld and Avi Mermelstein
Laura Norwitz
Bobbi Ostrow
Ruth and Larry Page
Ronnie and David Parker
Jeff and Beth Pepper Fox
Cindy & David Pinter
David and Vivian Port
Richard Pretsfelder
Harriet and Bruce Rabb
Barb and Scott Richman
Emily Hausman and Joseph Robinson
Josh and Abby Rocker
Diane and Neal Rosen
Ilene and Mitchell Sadowsky
Ann &Tobi Schapiro
Dr. Jane Davidson and Rabbi Larry Sebert
Shira Gordon and Phil Shaw
Devora Steinmetz and David Silber
Ruthie and Joel Simon
Marla Stein
Richard Steinwurtzel
Celia Borenstein- Gamm and Stephen H. Gamm
Judith Stern Peck
Suzanne Katz and Richie Friedman
Toby & Rav Avi Weiss
Elissa & Zev Weissberg
Roselyn Weitzner
Rabbi Dov Linzer and Devorah Zlochower