Alumni Honor Roll
Isaac Attia (HDS Class of 2004)
Hebrew Day provided me with a strong Judaic and Secular education. It provided me a foundation to interact with Jews of all backgrounds in a positive, nourishing Jewish environment. My wife and I worked as campus educators for OU-JLIC. When it came time for us to move into an established Orthodox community, I sought out a position that would allow me to empower and support Jews to build community and to develop close, personal relationships with them. I am currently the Director of Community Building and Outreach @ Long Beach Jewish Experience in New York.
Isaac Broudy (HDS Class of 2016)
I believe that Hebrew day instilled a deep appreciation of Jewish knowledge and scientific/mathematical inquiry with in me. Currently, I am an undergraduate mathematics major at UC Berkeley (I will be graduating this year), and I am planning on pursuing a PhD in pure mathematics. By teaching me Jewish values, Hebrew Day has given me the tools to interact with a wide variety of people from all walks of life, and has solidified my Jewish identity. Additionally, Hebrew Day inspired me to love learning. With hard work and a bit of luck from Hashem, I know I can tackle any challenge and intend to keep learning for the rest of my life.
Ilan Buchwald (HDS Class of 2007)
The enthusiasm of the rebbeim, teachers and fellow students at Hebrew Day was contagious and inspired me to continue growing. I currently lead a software engineering team for JPMorgan Chase.
Abraham Finberg (HDS Class of 1985)
The Hebrew Day School made me value coeducation within a religious setting. I am a Lieutenant Colonel with the Army Reserves and I run an accounting firm. I enjoy helping clients realize their dreams. My passions include creating a consent based and boundary respectful society. I think attending the Hebrew Day School encouraged my interests in that direction.
Adir Haim (HDS Class of 2014)
Hebrew Day shaped the foundation of Torah and Middot that are integral components of who I am as a person. I currently work in Real Estate Analytics at Altus Group Networking.
Baila (Ertel) Haim (Class of 2014)
Soille gave me a strong foundation in both Judaic and secular studies that allowed me to thrive academically in every educational setting I have been in. Soille also instilled in me a strong sense of Jewish pride and connection that affects virtually all decisions, including how I raise my daughter. I am currently in law school, interning at the Maryland State’s Attorney’s Office, where I hope to secure a job in the coming year. I always knew I wanted to be a lawyer and help people.

Dave Hastings (HDS Class of 2004)
Hebrew Day sent me on my path to establish my identity as a Jew. It set the foundation and changed the course of my life. I have a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration /Finance from San Diego State University, and am currently a Real Estate Broker.
Yitzy Hollander (HDS Class of 1984)
I only spent 3 years at Hebrew Day, but my siblings attended for many years and my parents have been a part of the fabric of the school for over 40 years. I believe seeing the dedication of my parents and specifically the Weisers to the school has shown me what true sacrifice is for Yiddishkeit, putting in literally 40+ years molding little kids into young adults with a passion for true Torah life. I started working nearly 30 years ago in a CPA firm that specialized in non-profits and healthcare companies, and was recruited by a client to move to healthcare. I am currently the CFO at a large national Healthcare company - Personal Touch Holding Corp., and acting CEO.
Stuart Katz (HDS Class of 1976)
Hebrew Day laid the foundation and set the goals for who I am and what I do today. That said, I have only recognized in recent years and have come to remember where my educational roots are that have inspired me.
I am an entrepreneur and mental health advocate. Everything I’ve accomplished is by following the path laid before me and following my gut instincts. Every instance where I’m ‘helping’ someone, I am actually helping myself, so I’m grateful for the continual opportunities.
I am passionate about traveling the world, learning from different cultures and religions, and helping the underdog.
Moshe Lagnado (HDS Class of 1972)
At San Diego Hebrew Day School, I received the foundational tools and enthusiasm to pursue a life dedicated to the Jewish People.  I am a Rebbe, Teacher and Pulpit Rabbi at Yeshivat Ateret Torah, Yeshivat Shaare Torah, Congregation Shaare Zion. My work is a continuation of my Yeshiva education.
Ariella Lee (HDS Class of 2013)
Hebrew Day was fundamental in my academic and Jewish life. I was equipped with such a strong foundation in Jewish knowledge that I carry with me to this day. It also shaped me academically during my formative years as a student.

I am a fourth-year medical student at Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. Growing up in San Diego it was hard to ignore the roar of the marine corps fighter jets and the awe of the Navy's warships, and I am honored that I will be a Navy physician.

I am learning to care for those who put themselves in harms way and defend the freedoms we are offered by living in the United States - including practicing Judaism.
Keren Lee (HDS Class of 2012)
Hebrew day has been incredibly instrumental in me becoming who I am today. The 8th grade science fair initiated my passion for science and life-long learning. I went further to get my project published in a medical journal and even discussed that process in a residency interview. Hebrew Day has also fortified my Jewish customs. The traditions and Jewish songs I learned while at Hebrew Day have now been shared all over the globe to Italy, Japan and various states across the US, while I was traveling for work. I just graduated medical school and am a physician! I am truly honored to be a Navy physician and work closely with the active duty population.
Cecilia Michelson (HDS Class of 1989)
The best decision my parents ever made was to transfer me out of public school into an Orthodox day school in the 2nd grade – San Diego Hebrew Day School. I remember that instead of feeling apprehensive about entering the classroom on the first day, I felt at ease and natural. I also recall feeling thrilled at the first sight of big black Hebrew letters strung along the walls. I met the alphabet with a subconscious familiarity. I remember my eyeballs dancing around the variegated forms in wonder.  I could not wait to learn their special meanings.
Interestingly though, the day school experience that made the greatest impact on me didn’t take place in the classroom. It took place during Shabbaton weekends, when we were hosted for Shabbat in a religious family’s home. I credit these families for cementing my love and respect for Judaism, giving me the chance to see what I was learning in school, in action. They are the reason I consider myself “Orthodox on the inside” and why I have not succumbed to the pressure to give it up. 
Lev Mizan (HDS Class of 2006)
Hebrew Day instilled the Jewish values in me from a young age. It helped me be a proud member of the Jewish community and ALWAYS implement midot tovot in everything I do. I am Principal at Infinity Investment Properties, a full service commercial real estate firm offering sales, leasing and management services.
Temima Weiser Oratz (HDS Class of 2002
I remember feeling very loved and supported throughout elementary school. That support has led me to be a confident adult. The creative way I learned science from Ms Reynolds definitely gave me a passion for the field and a good foundational knowledge. The deep topics I learned in my Judaic classes have become my fundamental truths and I appreciate receiving that gift at such a young age. I have spent most of my career as a nurse for children with cancer and blood disorders in Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. I now work in the Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Department. I have presented nationally on the topic of evidence-based practice and I have published two articles.
Joseph Aron (HDS Class of 2012)
Hebrew Day had a significant impact on my adult life and my choices. It provided me with a strong foundation in Jewish education and values, which have shaped my worldview and influenced my decisions from the schools I attended to the career choices I have made. My experiences at Hebrew Day not only impacted me but also helped form strong bonds with my classmates, Eitan Feifel and Bernardo Halperin. We were all part of the same community and shared many experiences throughout our time there. I currently work in Mergers & Acquisitions at Citibank in New York. I have enjoyed working in M & A and appreciate the challenges and opportunities that come with it.

Yvonne (Cummins) Venger (HDS Class of 1985)
My time at Hebrew Day provided me with a tremendous foundation in my Judaism and connection to our faith. It gave me a sense of belonging and a belief that I could achieve whatever I set out to achieve. Hebrew Day helped me chart the path for the rest of my life. Even though I was at Hebrew Day for only 3 years, I decided that my Jewish education should not stop, and I attended YULA in Los Angeles for High School. I also chose a college where I could feel secure in my faith and practice. I chose my career in large part because it would afford me the choices I have made as a mother and as an Orthodox Jew. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and have a private practice in La Jolla. I came to this work truly to practice Tikun Olam, by doing my little part in healing the world, and by using the skills that Hashem has given me.
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