Sincere thanks to all the faculty and staff of SSLI.
It takes a village and you all are that village.
A very special acknowledgment to
Ofra Hiltzik, Mike Hirsch, and Dr. Sokol:
You are the bedrocks of our school
and the caretakers of our childrens' neshamot.
You have our deepest gratitude.
Samara and Sam Ginzburg
Mazal Tov to the Gala Honorees
This is a well-deserved tribute.
Your efforts on behalf of our school
are greatly appreciated.
We admire and respect your commitment and
dedication to guarantee the future success of
Schechter LI.
Erika and Kenneth Witover
Congratulations to all the honorees
for their years of dedication
to the school  and its students
and for always helping to make
our Schechter Long Island Community
the best it can be!
Diane and Howard Wohl
Thank you to the entire Schechter family for this honor.
Congratulations to:
Laleh & Anton
Samara & Samuel
Steven & Michelle
David and Rabbi Cara
Sara Poniachek
Thank you all for all you do for our family.
Lewis Broad
Mazal Tov to the 2021 Honorees
Guests of Honor
Lewis Broad & Laleh and Anton Mourtil
"Keter Shem Tov" Award
Dr. Samara Ginzburg and Samuel Ginzburg,
Dr. Steven Palter and Michele Lang Palter,
Dr. David Rosenthal and Rabbi Cara Weinstein Rosenthal
Special Recognition of Retiring Faculty
Sara Poniachek
Thanks for everything you do for our school!
Ellen and Jay Steinberg
Mazel Tov to all the deserving honorees.
The students and Schechter LI community
are better because of your efforts.
Brad Cohn
In Honor of Our Children

Olivia, Harrison and Raphaella

Matthew and Talli Levine
Talli and Matthew Levine
Mazel Tov to all the wonderful and deserving honorees! 
A special Mazel Tov to our dear
Temple Beth Sholom Associate Rabbi
Rabbi Cara and Dr. David Rosenthal
Dr. Stephen Palter and Michele Lang Palter

Special thanks to Sara Poniachek
for her many years of teaching our high school students,
including our grandson, Lavey Weil
Lisa and James Schlesinger
Mazel Tov to the Schechter School of Long Island,
to Head of School Dr. Scott Sokol
and to all of the 2021 gala honorees.
We acknowledge and commend your commitment
and dedication to Jewish education,
the continuity of Judaism on Long Island
and the children you educate each year.
May you and our community continue to thrive
with strength of mission and purpose.
L'dor v'dor
Frances and Glenn Schor
Mazel Tov to our father

Lewis Broad

on being honored and on becoming a new Zayde!
You truly are an inspiration to all those around you.
Thanks for all that you do!
We love you!

Sarah, Trace and Shai Cohen
To All the Wonderful
Guests of Honor and Award Recipients,
Mazal Tov!
All the Best to You and Your Families,

Michele, Steven, Sarah Moscovitz
and Sylvie and Max Librach
Mazal Tov to the honorees
on your well-deserved recognition.
Your many contributions to the
Schechter School of Long Island
and the community are invaluable.

Thank you to the students, parents, faculty
and staff for your devotion and dedication,
especially during such a difficult year.
With gratitude,
Janet, Daniel, Emanuel,
Isabelle and Zoe Mermel
Mazel Tov to all the honorees on this well-deserved honor.
Your tireless effort on behalf of our school and all the children
makes Solomon Schechter the great school it is.
We also must make a special shout out to
Rabbi Cara Weinstein Rosenthal and Dr. David Rosenthal
who have helped make the past year a little easier and
who always step up when needed at Schechter LI or TBS.
Your dedication and wisdom are greatly appreciated.
With thanks,
Tina and Paul Rotstein, Erica '02, Ben '05,
Lizette '07, Lewis '08
Mazel Tov
Samara and Sam
on this special and well-deserved honor.
We are so proud and excited to celebrate you 
and all the honorees.
Janice, Jordan, Ava, Jackson,
Alexa and Jayden Wand
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees
for your dedication and commitment
to the education of our children!
Rochelle & Jeff,
Marc, Lianne and Jay Canarick
Congratulations to
Lewis Broad
Laleh and Anton Mourtil
our entire medical Re-Entry Committee
and to Sara Poniachek
for all you have done for SSLI for so many years.

Thanks to people like you,
SSLI is an organization we are proud to support. 
Beth and Jeff Steinberg

Mazel Tov to the Seniors & Honorees.
We are so proud of you,
and the entire class of 2021 
The Bidners
Congratulations to all the distinguished Honorees for their
extraordinary contributions to our school:
Mr Lewis Broad,
Laleh and Anton Mourtil,
Dr. Samara Ginzburg and Mr Samuel Ginzburg
Dr. Steven Palter and Mrs. Michele Lang Palter
Dr. David Rosenthal and Rabbi Cara Weinstein Rosenthal 
Mrs. Sara Poniachek
And special congratulations to the class of 2021, we're so proud of every one of you!
With deep gratitude and appreciation to our wonderful faculty
and administration for their dedication to our children throughout the years.
May you all go from strength to strength and may you always
continue to be a source of pride to your family, friends and community.
Mina, Keyvan & Danielle Frouzan 
Congratulations to all the Honorees
Your leadership and dedication to the
Schechter School of Long Island
is inspirational
Mazal Tov and Best Wishes
On this well-deserved honor
Julia and Jeffrey Shlefstein
Joshua, Rachel and Sarah
Mazal Tov to our Honorees.
Your involvement and dedication
have enriched our community.
We are grateful for all you do.
The Simonson Family
Mazel Tov to all the Honorees.
We applaud your dedication and hard work on
behalf of a school we all love.
To our dear children
Samara and Sam Ginzburg:

We're so proud of the example you set
for our grandchildren. 
Mom and Dad
Mazel Tov to the Honorees!!

Laleh and Anton Mourtil,
Your generosity, leadership and commitment inspire us all.
Lewis Broad, Dr. Samara and Sam Ginzburg,
Michele and Dr. Steven Palter,
Rabbi Cara and Dr. David Rosenthal

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to
the Schechter School of Long Island! 
To our dear Mrs. Poniachek,
Thank you for instilling the love of Israel
and the Hebrew language in our children.
We wish you good health and happiness in your retirement.
Sheri and Ira Balsam
Ariel (Class of 2015) Sara (Class of 2017) and Noah (Class of 2020)
And your friends at
The Cookie Outlet of Long Island
500 W John Street Hicksville, New York
A legend in her own time.
Enjoy your retirement!
Joan and Rabbi Martin Cohen
Mazal Tov to all the Honorees.
Thank you for your support and hard work
on behalf of the school.
Proud Schechter School of Long Island
Parents and Grandparents,
Vicki & Arthur Perler

Temple Beth Sholom

Rabbi Cara Weinstein Rosenthal and David Rosenthal
Michele Lang Palter and Dr. Stephen Palter
and all the honorees.
Mazel Tov!
Temple Beth Sholom Roslyn
Mazal Tov to you, Lewis Broad,
on being honored for your generosity, your philanthropy, 
AND on becoming a new Grandfather!!
We wish you well in all of these areas.
Mazal Tov to ALL our honorees,
Laleh and Anton Mourtil,
Dr. Samara and Samuel Ginzburg,
Michele and Dr. Steven Palter,
Rabbi Cara Weinstein Rosenthal and Dr. David Rosenthal
And, Sara Poniachek

THANK YOU for your continued support of the
Schechter School of Long Island, a place we hold so dear in our hearts.
Ronnie and Elliot Zolin, Ari, Ruth and Abe Martha
and Mark Perlson, Ben, Melanie, Levi and Joe
Mazal Tov
Samara & Sam
For this well
deserved honor.
We appreciate all your hard work
and dedication to our school.
Your Friends,
Joe, Elaine, Mikey and Lavi Benlevi
Mazel Tov to the Honorees 
for your long-standing dedication
and continued contribution of time,
expertise and financial support toward
preserving and strengthening the
Schecter School of Long Island
and its beloved community.
Lori and Steven Kantorowitz
Congratulations Samara and Sam

Dedicated to the Past
Perfection in the Present
Committed to the Future!!!
We applaud you and love you!
Lenore and Bob Lewis
Mazal tov to the honorees on this well deserved honor.
To Laleh and Anton Mourtil,
thank you for all your work on board and for keeping
the school running as smoothly as you did.
Laleh, you took on the presidency during a time where you had to
take on two jobs, and all your hard work ushered in
a new era for our school.
To David and Cara Rosenthal,
thank you both for your devotion to Schechter.
David, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your work
and dedication in keeping our kids in school all year!!!
Cara, thank you for all the time you have put in educating our
children in the ways of Judaism.
Thank you both for raising great kids to be friends with our kids!
All our gratitude,
Asael and Michelle Meir
Michelle and Asael Meir
Mazal Tov to

All the Honorees!
Phyllis & Elliot Pellman
Dear Laleh and Anton,
Mazal Tov on your recognition by Schechter for all you do.
We deeply admire your love of Judaism,
kindness, efforts, and generosity.
May you, along with our grandchildren
Zachary and Sofia,
go from strength to strength.
With love,
Mom and Dad
Congratulations to

Dr. David Rosenthal & Rabbi Cara Weinstein Rosenthal

on receiving the "Keter Shem Tov" award.
We applaud you both for the contributions
you have made to the school and we applaud
the wonderful school for the excellent education
it is giving Sara and Eli Rosenthal. 
Michael and Evelyn Weinstein,
Natalie Slavin,
Rabbi Risa Weinstein and Jonathan Levine
Evelyn and Michael Weinstein
Yasher Koach
Rabbi Cara Weinstein Rosenthal
and David Rosenthal
For this well
deserved honor.
Mazal Tov, 
Joe, Elaine, Mikey & Lavi Benlev
Mazel Tov to 
Lewis Broad
Rose and Bill Friedman
A blessing for the continued health
and success of the Schechter School
of Long Island!
You are such an important 
foundation for the
continued vitality of
Jewish life on
Long Island,
so may you go
from strength to strength.
Mazel Tov!
Rabbi Ari Saks
of the Huntington Jewish Center.
Congratulations to our good friends
Laleh & Anton
on this well deserved honor!
Ida and Eric Kalimian
Mazal Tov to the Honorees 
and to the
Schechter Long Island community
Vivian and Dr. Mark Leber
Shelter Rock Jewish Center
Mazel Tov and Todah Rabbah

to the Honorees and to
the Schechter Community!
Leora Cohen &
Rabbi Joel Levenson
Congratulations to
Sara Poniacheck
for all the hard work and love you shared with the
Schechter Long Island Community
for so many years.
We wish you the best in your retirement.
With love,
Hedva and Ely Nhaissi
Yasher Koach to the

Schechter School of Long Island
for enriching the lives of Jewish families.
Susan and Howard Pavane
Mazel Tov to Samara & Sam
for receiving this wonderful honor.
Your contributions to the Jewish Community
are so appreciated by all.
Susan & Alan Ross
A blessing for the continued health and success of the Schechter School of Long Island!

You are such an important foundation for the
continued vitality of Jewish life on Long Island,
so may you go from strength to strength.
Mazel Tov! 
Rabbi Ari Saks of the Huntington Jewish Center
Mazel Tov and Yasher Koach to
Lewis Broad
on this most deserved honor
and a really special Mazel Tov
on becoming a Zayde!
Warmest regards, 
Ronnie and Andy Schonzeit
With special appreciation
and affection for
Sara Poniacheck
Rosalind & William Wertheim
Danielle Truglio
Zadie's Bake Shop Inc