Tuesday Night Meditation
With Special Guest Sylvia Boorstein
TOMORROW, Tuesday, September 16 @ 7:30pm

Free & Open to All - Please join the JMCW for a very special session with nationally renowned practitioner, Sylvia Boorstein.  
Sylvia Boorstein is a co-founding teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California, where she leads a popular weekly class on Wednesday mornings. She is also a Senior Teacher at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. She lectures nationally on mindfulness; she teaches vipassana and metta meditation. She also emphasizes seeing daily life as practice and has a special ability to illustrate how we can be mindful standing in a grocery store checkout line as well as sitting on a meditation cushion.
From our Friends at the Peace Alliance...
DC Mindfully: Creating A Mindful Nation
with Sylvia Borstein, Tara Brach, & Rep. Tim Ryan
Thursday, September 18 @ 7:30pm Register Here

Join three renowned voices for achieving peace through mindfulness, in celebration of the Peace Alliance’s 10th anniversary and the UN declared International Day of Peace (Sept. 21st).

Exploring the questions: What is mindful activism? How do we stop the violence in our homes, our schools, our neighborhoods our nation and our world? Please join us as we explore and recommit to building peace!
Mindful Yoga @ JMCW
Wednesdays (8-9:15pm) & 
Sundays (10-10:45am & 11am-12:15pm)

Join us three times a week for yoga rooted in Jewish spiritual concepts. Classes will invite us to “embody” Judaism and can include explorations of poses, meditation, and chant.  
Dress for movement; Mats provided; Yoga beginners welcome!

View & Download our full 2014-2015 JMCW Yoga Calendar HERE!
Preparing for the Days of Awe at the Adas Israel Mikvah
Sunday, September 21 @ 1-3pm 
Facilitated by Rabbi Sarah Tasman

Prepare your body, mind and soul for the New Year at this special pre-high holidays session! Learn how water can be part of your mindful transition into the new year, and set your own intentions with an art based ritual led by Rabbi Sarah Tasman. $36 fee includes an immersion coupon.  Participants may sign up to immerse during this session in 15 minute time slots or may choose to immerse at another time before high holidays.
Email Rabbi Sarah Tasman to Register!
November: Mindfulness Month for Jewish DC
Featuring Rabbi James Maisels-Jacobson
All Weekend: Nov 14 – 15
November @ Adas is all about mindfulness.
Brought to you by the Jewish Mindfulness Center of Washington, Adas Israel’s MakomDC will offer ongoing programs and workshops designed to help deepen our experience of the spiritual, and uncover the inherently “mindful” spiritual toolkit embedded into almost every aspect of Jewish life, learning, and ritual. We invite you to participate in person and online as Adas Israel’s clergy and guest teachers explore Jewish Meditation, Yoga, Mindful Learning, and spirited Shabbat & Holiday programs. 

Click Here to learn more & see the full Mindfulness Month calendar!

JMCW High Holy Days 2014
L'Shana Tova!
This year, heighten your spiritual experience of the pinnacle of our holy calendar with the following mindful programs:
Return Again: Spirited Holiday Services
(Led By Rabbi Holtzblatt & Elie Greenberg) 
A spirited worship experience unlike any other in Washington, DC. Join us for services on Rosh Hashanah (Sept. 25 @ 10am), Kol Nidre (Oct. 3 @ 7:30pm), and Yom Kippur (Oct. 4 @ 10am).
Photographic Meditation on Rosh HaShana, Sept. 21 @ 10am
(Led By Betty Adler) 
A 2-hr program using metaphorical imagery, chanting and a short sit to open the channels for the coming year.
Rock Creek Shma: Mindfulness Hike, Sept. 25 @ 2pm
(Led By Judd Holzman) 
Join us on a relaxing and peaceful walk in Rock Creek Park.  We will start with a teaching, short meditation, and apples and honey. Then, we will take a light walk using a mindfulness lens.
Yom Kippur Meditation & Chant, Oct. 4 @ 4:45pm
(Led By Susan Barocas & Michelle Buzgon) 
Calming our bodies and minds, opening our hearts, and awakening our spirits through mindful practices can help us move into the new year refreshed, alert, and enthusiastic.
Two by Two: A Supportive Mikvah Experience

(Led By Naomi Malka) 
Find a friend or bring your partner and prepare together for the new year.  Schedule two back-to-back mikvah immersions (each one is private) and support each other as you discuss your intentions and challenges for the new year.

Mikvah Guide Training
Tuesday, October 21st @ 7-8:30pm

Mikvah Guides support people through profound moments of personal and spiritual transitions and facilitate a connection to the Holy through Jewish ritual. They offer themselves as witnesses to both quiet moments and joyous celebrations. Mikvah Guides can attest to the beauty of Jewish tradition in addressing the sanctity of the body.
This fall, the Adas Israel Community Mikvah is looking to train a third cadre of volunteers.  This opportunity is open to women and men of all ages, from all levels of Jewish observance. No experience is necessary.

Again, you don't have to be a mikvah user in order to become a mikvah guide and no minimum time commitment is required.  There will be an orientation at Adas on October 21st and ongoing informal training on your schedule.  For questions or more information, or to express interest even if you can’t come on October 21st, please contact Naomi Malka at 202.841.8776 or Mikvah@adasisrael.org.
  Morning Awakening
Tuesdays @ 9:15am, Gewirz Beit Am @ Adas
Led by Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt

Come join JMCW for an uplifting 45 minutes of mindful prayer and song as we start the day together. Using a mix of traditional liturgy with chanting, meditation and kavannot, start the day off right, and mark your transition into the rest of the day with a meaningful moment of calm and reflection. 
  What is Jewish Meditation?
By Rabbi Gilah Langner

"Jewish meditation practices were fully developed as part of Jewish mystical traditions, including Kabbalah and Hasidic Judaism. But Jewish meditation goes much further back – to early rabbinic times and some might say even to biblical times. Even the term for prayer in Hebrew – tefillah – is connected to the idea of self-introspection, a form of meditation." Read More >>>

The Jewishness of Jewish Mindfulness
By Senior Rabbi Gil Steinlauf

"Judaism has very deep roots in what is today called 'mindfulness.' By mindfulness, we refer to a particular way of perceiving and relating to life, one that is focused on the present moment. Mindfulness comes as the result of consistent spiritual practices like meditation and yoga and similar endeavors. When one is 'mindfully aware,' one is awake to life’s miraculous unfolding, moment to moment. Most importantly, to be mindful is to cultivate the capacity to be present with whatever is arising in the moment. Whether it is our own stressful thoughts, or the suffering of the person we’re with, a mindfully present person is a compassionate person. When one is mindful, one is not distracted..." Read More >>>

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