Mazel Tov to the Jewish Educational Center on it's 76th Anniversary.
Your Holocaust curriculum is truly an inspiration, and will ensure that the world will never forget.
Edward & Cecile Mosberg
In memory of our beloved parents
Arie and Eva Halpern z"l,
whose commitment to the JEC knew no bounds
and who built a home committed to Jewish life
and learning. Their love for giving and learning
will always be an inspiration to us.

Arie and Eva Halpern Family Foundation
Ben & Susan Stein
Bella and George Savran
Shelley & Josef Paradis
Henry & Sherry Stein
Nanette & Arthur Brenner and families

Mazal tov
to all the honorees
Bryan and Andrea Bier
Mazel Tov to all the honorees.
Thank you for all you do for the JEC.
In memory of our beloved parents,
Beatrice & Leonard Diener, ע"ה
Adele & Larry Diener
In tribute to
all of the honorees
for their tireless work
on behalf of JEC
and so many other worthy causes
Seryl & Charles Kushner
Mazel Tov to all the honorees
Marilyn Smilowitz & Family

In Loving Memory of

Harry C. Wilf, ע"ה
Judith Wilf, ע"ה
Beth & Leonard Wilf
In loving memory
of our beloved husband, father, grandfather
and great-grandfather
Joseph Wilf, ע"ה 
our role model and mentor.
Elizabeth Wilf
Audrey & Zygi Wilf
Jane & Mark Wilf
& Families
Mazel Tov to all the honorees
Special recognition to a former honoree,
my dear friend,
Mr. Kirk Tice, President/ CEO,
RWJ/ Barnabas Rahway Hospital
Dr. Ellioth & Jenny Fishkin
In loving memory of
Isaac Krenkel, ע"ה
our beloved uncle
Claire & Danny Kahane
Tammy, Jason, Gabrielle
& Maya Kahane
Stephanie, Richard, Jordon, Amanda
& Alexander Pomerantz
In honor of
Rabbi Teitz,
a great leader.
Keep up your good work.
Lee and Murray Kushner
We want to express our Hakaros Hatov 
to Rabbi Teitz, the JEC, its Rabbeim,
teachers and staff for their dedication
to the education
of three generations of our family!
With much appreciation,
Myra & Aryeh Pirak

Mazal Tov to
Myra and Aryeh Pirak
ונהיה אנחנו וצאצאינו. וצאצאי צאצאינו וצאצאי עמך בית ישראל. כולנו יודעי שמך ולומדי תורתך לשמה

The Embodiment of What We All Pray for Every Day
Vivi & Steve Singfer
Mazal Tov to the honorees
Dr. Aryeh & Myra Pirak
who have passed on their commitment to Torah
& Community Service to their children 
& grandchildren. Wishing you the health
& strength & ability to continue the great work
you do.There are no words to describe
our gratitude for everything you have done
& always going above & beyond.
May you continue to go מחיל אל חיל
Esther & Eli Flint & Family
Mazel Tov to
Dr. Aryeh & Myra Pirak
Grandparents of the Year
Pillars of the Community,
personally and professionally.
Miriam & Marty Knecht

"Nothing truly valuable arises from ambition or from a mere
sense of duty.  It stems from love and devotion towards men
and towards objective things!"                                                                                                Albert Einstein
This year's honorees exemplify the true spirit of love
and devotion to Community, Family
and the Jewish Educational Center.
Mazel Tov to all of our honorees.
Marjorie Diener Blenden
Congratulations to our
most worthy honorees,
Dr. Aryeh & Myra Pirak,
David & Sarah Goldstein,
and Deavid & Debra Schiff
Our best wishes to them as well as the JEC,
for their continuous & successful education
of our young future leaders.
Fisch Family
In honor of our wonderful children Adeena and Josh, Rena and Elliot, Leah, DV, Zvi and Racheli and Grandchildren Nava, Aron, Coby, and Elisha who always make us so proud.
You awe us with your accomplishments, integrity, sensitivity to others, and your desire to make
a difference, each in your own way.
Love Always,
Mommy and Totty
In heartfelt appreciation of past and present Bruriah teachers and administrators who have partnered with us for eighteen years to nurture and shape our children, and who, by example, have given them a rock-solid commitment to Torah values and the confidence to follow their dreams. 
David & Sarah Goldstein
Mazel Tov
to all the honorees.
May we continue to celebrate together.
David & Sharon Halpern
In loving memory of
Sam Halpern, ע"ה
Beloved Husband,
Father and Grandfather,
Gladys Halpern & Family
Best wishes to
HaRav Elazar M. & Elisheva Teitz 
for continued good health.
May we be זוכה to
Learn Torah, Love Torah & Live Torah
in a forever united 
ירושלים עיר הקדש
Marty Knecht, V.P.
Professional Abstract & Title Agency, Inc.
In honor of
Dr. Aryeh & Myra Pirak
In memory of

Arie & Eva Halpern   Dr. Morris Epstein
Bernard Stein                  Isaac Krenkel
Isaac & Mathilda Goldflies
Sherry & Henry Stein
In loving memory of

Harry C. Wilf, ע"ה
Judith Wilf, ע"ה

They will live in our hearts forever.
The Wilf Families

In everlasting memory of

Rav Pinchas M. and Rebbetzin Bessie Teitz, זצ"ל

A unique and treasured couple, who inspired us with their dynamic leadership, wise counsel,
and special charm. 
We are eternally grateful to have been graced by their presence.

The Wilf Family

In memory of
Sidney Wilf, ע"ה
and Biana Melamed Wilf, ע"ה

The Wilf Family
With Gratitude to Hashem
We salute our parents and grandparents
Elizabeth שתחיה
Joseph Wilf, ע"ה
We are eternally grateful for their love,
guidance and wisdom

Zygi & Audrey, Mark & Jane,
Jason, Cori,
Jonathan, Rachel, Elana, Brett
Stephanie, Jeffrey, Steven,
Daniel, Rachel & Andrew

Mazel Tov to
Jewish Educational Center
on 76 years of providing an excellent education
to generations of young people.
As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the
Reunification of Jerusalem
Dr. Aryeh & Myra Pirak, Grandparents of the Year
David & Sarah Goldstein, Parents of the Year
David & Debra Schiff, Family Legacy Award
Elizabeth Wilf
Audrey & Zygi Wilf
Jane & Mark Wilf
& Family
In loving memory of Joel Zimmerman, ע"ה
Charlotte Zimmerman & Family
Best Wishes
Clara Kramer
Eli & Randi Kramer
Mazal Tov Mommy and Totty, our dear parents.
We are overwhelmed with gratitude to you
and to Bruriah/JEC for helping us become
the people we are today.
Thank you Mommy and Totty for your love,
support, and guidance at any moment
and at every step of the way. Thank you for always
being there for the little people in our lives;
Nava, Aaron, Coby and Elisha.
With love,
Adeena & Josh, Rena & Elliot, Leah,
DV, Zvi and Racheli

   Mazel Tov
   to our dear friends
   Dr. Aryeh and Myra Pirak
   You influence us all with
   your amazing leadership and chesed.
Dr. Chaim & Stacey Gross
Mazal Tov
to all the honorees
on their well deserved recognition.
Alice & Bernard Hall
In loving memory of my brother-in-law
and sister-in-law
Arie Halpern, ע"ה
Eva Halpern, ע"ה
Gladys Halpern & Family
To Rabbi Pinchas Shapiro
Congratulations on your appointment
as Executive Vice President of the JEC.
You are doing a wonderful job
moving the JEC forward.
We look forward to seeing
even more successes.
Claire & Danny Kahane & Family
Mazel Tov to all the honorees.
Dr. Aryeh & Myra Pirak
David & Sarah Goldstein
David and Debra Schiff
Your efforts for the JEC ensure the vibrancy and future of our wonderful yeshiva.
Claire & Danny Kahane & Family
Mazel Tov to my dear Machatanim
Sarah and David Goldstein
on an honor well deserved
Mazel Tov to our wonderful children
Josh & Adeena--a JEC couple.
May we share many S'machot together
Ethan Kra
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Law Office of Jeffrey Kimmel
Full service personal injury, collection law firm in New York & New Jersey
In loving memory of our founding partners
Isak & Sally Levenstein, ע"ה
Murray Pantirer, ע"ה
Abraham Zuckerman, ע"ה
Millie Zuckerman, Rella Feldman,
Louise Pantirer & Family
Mazel Tov To
Dr. Aryeh and Myra Pirak
on your special honor
Thank you to all segments of the JEC family
that continue to provide our children
with a top notch education
Marvin & Lynn Rosenzweig
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Debbie & Dovi Singfer
In honor of Rav E.M. and Elisheva Teitz.
We have learned from you, admired the examples
you set, and been most grateful for your presence, friendship and leadership.
We wish you many brachos always,
in good health, with your wonderful family.
May you go from strength to strength!
With respect and affection
Mimi & Harry Stadler
Congratulations to the JEC and all the honorees.
A special Mazal Tov to our good friends
and Grandparents of the Year, Myra and Aryeh Pirak.
Mazal Tov to our own Bruriah graduate, Sara Alexander!
We are so proud of all you've accomplished.
You are the last of the second generation
of Alexanders to graduate from the JEC schools.
The Alexanders have been part of the JEC family
for 60 years and you are an exemplary representative
of our family. Hakaros Hatov to the faculty, administrators, and the deans who have had such an impact upon us.
Rebecca and Samuel Alexander
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Deena and Josh Barnett
Mazal Tov 
Dr. Aryeh and Myra Pirak 
on this well deserved honor.
Your constant dedication for your home, school and community
is appreciated and heart warming to the many you have touched.
May you continue to be a guiding light for and have nachat from us all.

Rabbi Uzi and Rachel Beer
Congratulations Gennifer Berko!
We are so proud of you!
Mom & Dad
David & Brian
Grandpa Pinny
JEC STARS Myra and Dr. Aryeh Pirak--
radiant Sarah and David Goldstein--
brilliant Debra and David Schiff--
carrying the light from grandparents
(we remember the dinner honoring
Lewis Winetsky in the pioneering years
of the JEC) and parents to illuminate
the next generations.
We treasure each of you and wish you
נחת from your beautiful families.
Rabbi Yosef and Rivkah Teitz Blau
BSYD Corporation
1415 Queen Anne Road
Teaneck, N.J. 07666
PHONE: 201-837-0080
Importers and Distributors
of Organic and Natural Sugars
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Joseph & Anh Chomski
Mazal Tov to all the honorees.
Corinne & Jack Cohen
Mazal Tov to
Sarah and David Goldstein 
Gilles & Debbie Dana & Family
Congratulations to our good friends
David and Sarah Goldstein
on this well deserved honor.
May we continue to hear and share smachot and may you see continued nachas from your family.
Richard and Devorah Ehrlich
Mazel Tov to all the honorees
Larissa and Tony Elk
Mazel tov to
Dr. Aryeh and Myra Pirak
on this well deserved honor.
The Engel Family
Mazel tov to all of this year's honorees.
A special mazel tov to
Dr. Aryeh and Myra Pirak
on their special honor and recognition.
We feel blessed to be an adoptive part
of your family and look forward
to sharing many more milestones together!
Elana and Jeremy Erez
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Dov and Abby Ettinger
Congratulations to the
Jewish Educational Center.
Ilana & Yosef Ezra
Congratulations to the honorees!
Looking forward to a bright future
for the Jewish Educational Center!
Sarah & Nachi Feit
In honor of our good friends
David & Debbie Schiff
May you continue to do wonderful things
for the Jewish community
Rina & Nahum Felman
Mazel Tov to
all the honorees.
Aliza & David Feuerstein
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Faith & Josh Fisch
To Aryeh and Myra Pirak
Thank you for your tireless devotion
to the JEC and the Elizabeth/Hillside
community! This is a well deserved honor!
Congratulations to all the honorees
on being honored tonight!
Thank you for all that you do
for the JEC! 
Daniel & Rachel Fleisher
Congratulations to the
Jewish Educational Center
Aviva and Chanan Friedman
David and Sara Goldstein
wonderful parents who have raised beautiful children
- so deserving of the "parents of the year" award.
They are true role models as parents and active members
of our community.  We are proud to be their neighbors.

Liore and Chani Alroy                   Malkiel and Tova Nechamkin
Baruch and Rivka Bodenheim        Boruch and Dena Rabinowitz
Avy and Shira Buchen                      Ahron and Alisa Rosenfeld
Daniel and Shaindy Jacobson         Menachem and Rochie Spira
Gil and Shauna Jacobson                 Eli and Goldie Spitzer
Charlie and Dvorah  Knoll              Dovid and Racheli Steinberg
Menachem and Bella Levy             Chaim and Nechama B. Wolf

Congratulations to RTMA and its graduating class of 2017/5777
Behatzlacha Raba to ALL!!
Shlomit and Dror Frommer
V'hachut Hameshulash Lo B'mehaira Yinatek.
Best wishes to three generations of Graduates
who are near and dear to our hearts:
Gilda, Hinda, and Fruma.
We look forward to seeing the Bruriah family
tree branching out for many years.
Jonathan Gewirtz
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
David and Dina Goldstein
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Yehuda and Fagie Greenberg
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Special thank you to Aryeh and Myra Pirak
for encouraging us to send our children
to the JEC.
Mazel Tov to our son, NOAH HANOVER,
on his graduation from RTMA!
Thank you to the ENTIRE staff
of the JEC/Bruriah/RTMA
for being an integeral part
of our family's life, for the past 20 years.
Sheila and Adam Hanover and family
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees.
Thank you for your commitment to the JEC
and for helping enhance
our children's education.
!כל הכבוד
Zeldie & Benjie Henner
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!!!
We would especially like to recognize
Myra & Aryeh Pirak
who have been exemplary pillars
of the Springfield, NJ
and JEC communities! It is hard to imagine
either the JEC or Springfield accomplishing
all they have over the past several decades,
as well as going forward into the future,
without your unwavering support and dedication.
Our families have been friends over four generations
and we hope to share many smachot together
for years to come!
With our love and gratitude,
Ben, Daniella, Yakira, Maytal, Tzofia & Atara Hoffer
Congratulations to all the honorees.
Mazal Tov to all the honorees.
John Kirdahy & Andy Wiesel
Innovation Dental, Inc.
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Alissa and Aryeh Leib Joseph
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Shuie and Ellie Karp
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Sue and Richard Kelin
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Sari and Michie Klerer
To our dear friends and mechutanim,
Myra & Aryeh Pirak
MAZEL TOV on the well deserved honor,
grandparents of the year.
Your dedication to Jewish education
and Jewish institutions know no bounds.
May you continue to shep much nachas
from your beautiful family.
Mira & Phil
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Ari and Hinda Landa
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Michal & Ari Lasker
Mazel Tov to all the honorees
Mr. and Mrs. Yishai and Holly Lev
In honor of Debbie and David Schiff
and the family legacy they have perpetuated.
In appreciation for the legacy of Torah
and Yiras Shamayim transmitted in Bruriah.
Ezra and Miriam Lightman
In everlasting memory of our unforgettable parents and grandparents
Reverend Moses & Hinda Nussbaum, ע"ה
who did so much for the children of our community.
Janet Zwiebel, Rose Wachtel,
Lillian Tobin & Their Families
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Alexey Lopukhin
With gratitude to Rabbi Neuman
and the entire RTMA staff.
Thank you for making your school
our boy's second home, where fine midot
& strong Torah values are instilled in them.
Lawrence & Michal Mammon
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Chana and Moshe Mayefsky
מזל טוב
to the honorees
Aliza & Yaakov Meiri
and Family
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
A special shout out to the best
PTA President Tara Speyer.
Thanks for all of your hard work
and dedication!!!
We appreciate all that you do!
Aliza & Nesanel Milstein
Mazel tov to
David and Sarah Goldstein
on being honored with
the Parents of the Year award.
May you see much continued nachas
from your children and grandchildren!
Dr. and Mrs. Dovid Moradi
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Neal Gittleman,
MD and Associates, Pediatrics
Mazel to the honorees. Your dedication
to our beloved
Jewish Educational Center
is an inspiration for all of us.
You set a great example for others
to get involved and to help secure our future.
Arielle and Brian Ness
Mazel Tov to our friends
David and Sarah Goldstein.
It's been a pleasure having our children
grow up together. 
Robert & Rachel Novick
Mazel Tov to all our honorees.
Thank you for your support throughout the years and for placing your trust in Bruriah and the JEC to educate your children
Rabbi Joseph and Debby Oratz
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Mordechai & Tova Ovits
Mazel Tov to the honorees.
We are proud to be part of
the JEC Community
RoAnna and Moshe Pascher and Family
To Our Wonderful Parents, Grandparents, and Beloved Role models,
MYRA AND ARYEH PIRAK Mazal tov on this truly unique
and well deserved recognition. This honor is a beautiful testament
to the values in Torah and education you have instilled in us
that has led to three generations of family members attending
the JEC institutions. You have taught us the importance
of commitment, community and continuity.
We love you and wish you continued hatzlacha,
bracha and nachas.
Your children,
Sharon, Eytan, Michelle, Eytan, Jonathan,
Jordie, Alissa, Erica and Michael
and your grandchildren,
Ariella, Dani, Shira, Yaakov,
Atara, Ezzy, Gavriel and Akiva
Mazal Tov to all the honorees!
A special thanks to all the teachers
and administrators that work so hard
for our daughter! 
Yael and Jonathan Pittinsky
In memory of our beloved husband,
father and zaidy
Rabbi Joseph J. Preil
הרב יהושע יוסף בן הרב אלעזר מאיר
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Dr. Eli and Gila Rachlin
Mazel tov to all the honorees.
A special mazel tov to the Piraks
on this much deserved honor.
Ariana & Adam Reich
Congratulations to former honoree
Mr. Kirk Tice, President,
RWJ/ Barnabas at Rahway
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Chananya & Sara Rosenblum
The Rosenblum Law Firm
In honour of the teachers, principals,
and the entire faculty at Bruriah.
Yashar koach for all your great work
in educating our daughters. They are so happy.
May hakadosh Baruch hu give you
koach and wisdom to continue
your wonderful work.
Asnat and Yeshoshua Rosenfeld
And our 3 girls Geula(11) Batsheva(10)
& Chaviva (incoming freshman she can't wait)
In honor of our son/ brother
Mishan &
ALL of the HEROIC Chayalei Tzahal
who nobly & selflessly serve(d) in the IDF
to protect our Jewish Nation
and our Holy Land of Israel!
Mazel Tov & Yashar Koach to the honorees.
Richard & Sharna Rosenzweig
& Children
The Rav Teitz Mesivta Academy
wishes a Mazal Tov to all of these
most deserving honorees.
The faculty and students at RTMA
look to you as guiding examples
and we are proud to be part of the same family. 
We also show special recognition
to those alumni who have chosen
to protect and defend Israel in the IDF. 
May Hashem always keep you safe!

Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Miriam and Nadav Sapeika
Mazal Tov to
all the honorees.
The Savitt Family
להקדיש ליוצרם בנחת רוח
בשפה ברוריה ובנעימה
With tremendous gratitude and הכרת הטוב to
Rabbi Joseph Oratz,
the Administration and the Faculty
of Bruriah High School

For providing our daughters with a unique educational experience,
tailored to their individual needs,
and sweetened with warmth, creativity, sincerity and love.
וינקהו דבש מסלע ושמן מחלמיש צור
Debbie & David Schiff
וכל מי שעוסקים בצרכי ציבור באמונה הקב'ה ישלם שכרם
With appreciation to
Myra and Dr. Aryeh Pirak
Grandparents of the Year
Sarah and David Goldstein
Parents of the Year
Debbie & David Schiff
In honor of our dear children
David and Debra Schiff,
strong links in a generational chain
that includes our granddaughters
Ilana'13, Talia'15 and Avigail'19.
יישר כחכם 
Dr. Seymour & Judy Schiff
יושר הורי זכרה להאחיל
May You recall my ancestors' righteousness as a source of strength
With profound gratitude to our dear parents
Ellen and Charles Winetsky
And our beloved grandparents
Blanche and Lewis Winetsky z'l
Whose devotion and commitment to the JEC profoundly influences us,
and whose love and dedication to the broader Jewish community 
continues to inspire us and our children.
עטרת זקנים בני בנים ותפארת בנים אבותם
Grandchildren are the crown of their elders,
and the glory of children are their parents.
With much love,
Debbie & David Schiff & Family
מזל טוב to our sister and brother,
Debbie & David,
on receiving the Family Legacy award. You are always giving of yourselves to others and you inspire us with your many acts of חסד. May you have much נחת from Elianne & Yaakov, Ilana, Talia, and Avigail.
With much love,
Beth & Jerry and family
Shani & Josh and family
Shari & Jonathan and family
Mazel-tov to
Sarah and David
on this wonderful honor
given to a most deserving couple.
Gayle and Sholom Schrier and Family
Congratulations to
David and Sarah Goldstein
on an honor well deserved.
Daniel and Sarah Schwartz
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Aura & Pinchas Shapiro
To our dear friends
David and Debra Schiff.
Mazel tov on this special occasion. It's great bumping into you especially at volleyball games!
Mazel tov to
David and Sarah Goldstein,
Thank you for all that you do for Bruriah
Bonnie and David Sheer
Mazal Tov to all of the honorees!
Thank you to the teachers, staff
and administration at the JEC
for always going above and beyond
for our children.
Baruch and Ora Sheinson
Mazel Tov to all of the honorees.
We continue to be inspired by
the selfless dedication and service
that you give to the JEC.
Ira and Tova Shulman
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Yosef & Amy Smulowitz

A special note of Honor to my Friend and Talmid 
Dr. Aryeh Pirak

Aryeh, you have made the JEC family  proud of your accomplishments both Professionally and at home.
Your family follows in the teachings of our Torah and Sages. May you and Myra continue to reap much Yiddishe Nachas from all your family.
Your devoted Rebbe (and your son's devoted Rebbe),

Moshe Snow
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Avromie & Yehudis Solomon
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Alex and Tara Speyer
Aryeh & Myra
May your wonderful family continue
to give you nachas,
down through the generations!
Josh and Miriam Stern
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Yitzie and Debbie Stern
In Honor of Mrs. Simi Goldstein, Mrs. Nechama Rosen, Rabbi Chaim Hagler, Mrs. Shuli Fuchs, Mrs. Lory Stricker, Mrs. Rivky Schwartz, Mrs. Sherry Kurpka, Mrs. Carli Becker, Mrs. Rina Kasper, Mrs. Chava Konigsberg, Mr. Michael Germann, Dr. Bracha Erblich, Mrs. Chana Mayefsky, Mrs. Ellen Azizollahoff, Mrs. Rebecca Skaist, Mrs. Raizy Hirth, Rabbi Neal Turk, Mrs. Rachel Kluger, Mrs. Frumie Greenfeld, Ms. Tzipporah Carl, Mrs. Rachel Zylberman, Mrs. Leah Lustiger, Mrs. Selma Eis, Mme Esther Captan, Mrs. Yehudis Levin, Mrs. Amy Tropp, Rabbi S Taub, Mrs. Raisy Sirote, Mrs. Shlomis Peikes, Miss Miri Korbman, Mrs. Bracha Avraham, Mr. Joel Glazer, Mr. Eli Cohen, Mrs. Nava Ginzburg, Ms. Susan Rifkin, Mrs. Peshi Neuburger, Mrs. Yael Kaisman, Rabbi Chaim Marcus, Rabbi Joseph Oratz, Mrs. Shanny Gejerman, Rabbi Zev Goldberg, Mrs. Penina Alster, Ms. Chevi Garfinkel, Mr. Peter Preto, Mrs. Michal Barrish, Mrs. Brenda Strashun, Mr. Adam Wolf, and of course Aliza. THANK YOU! FOR FOUR YEARS!
Daniel and Riva Terebelo
Mazal Tov 
to all the honorees and in specific to 
Dr. Aryeh and Myra Pirak​
וזכני לגדל בנים ובני בנים
​for your dedication to family, community and the JEC.
You have set a wonderful example for your children and grandchildren who are following in your footsteps.
We are grateful for your friendship and would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for all of your efforts and devotion.
We are looking forward ​to many years of shared nachat from and with your family.

The JEC Lower School Administration
​Rabbi Uzi Beer, Principal

Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Yaffa and Jonathan Walzman
Seymour J Weinberg
Certified Public Account
2444 Coney Island Avenue
Brooklyn, NY  12223
Congratulates all the honorees.
Mazal Tov!
Sue & Art Weinstein
Mazel tov to all the honorees!
Yitz & Ruthie Weiss and family
In loving memory of my husband
Jesse, ע"ה
and my parents
Eleanor & Max Markovitz, ע"ה
Gloria Weissberg
In loving memory of my father,
Jesse Weissberg, ע"ה
Mark Weissberg
Mazal Tov to
Arielle Wenig
and her classmates on graduation
from Bruriah High School
and to all the Honorees
Devora & Alan Wenig
The best leaders lead by example.  We are so proud
of the exemplary lives Debbie and David live, the beautiful
examples they set for their children, and the quiet, dedicated
leadership they provide to their family and their community.
 Four generations of our family, beginning with
grandparents Lewis and Blanche Winetsky
and extending to our grandaughters, Ilana, Talia
and Avigail, are committed to Bruriah and the JEC
and are grateful for the wonderful education
they have received.
Ellen & Charles Winetsky
Mazel Tov to our dear son, YAIR, on your graduation. יהי רצון לפני אדון כל שתמשיך לעלות מעלה מעלה ,במעלות התורה ויראת שמים לתפארת הוריך, מוריך .ועם ישראל We extend our heartfelt gratitude to members of the administration and faculty--Rabbeim and secular studies faculty alike--for making our RTMA experience so positive these past four years. We are awed by both your mastery of subject matter and pedagogic skills. We have been fortunate to have these new relationships enter our lives. We continue to be blessed with the knowledge, skill and enthusiasm of Bruriah's faculty and staff, who make every school day special for ATERET. We also thank the several members of office, technical, support, custodial and security staffs that have made possible the ongoing chinuch and education of our children. May you all continue to succeed in your very holy work of educating and teaching our children.
Noach & Esti Witty
In appreciation, to Rav Teitz, Shlita and to all my friends
and family at the The Jewish Educational Center
I have had a most wonderful opportunity to teach
and share Torah over the last 25 years. Each day I would
wake up and feel invigorated to be part of such a fine
institution where the main goal is that students grow
and become part of the Modern Torah community.
Over the years I have enjoyed watching the students
becoming fine young men and then seeing their families grow.
It has been a very gratifying experience. I have made
many friends that feel like family and I will miss JEC
my home for the last 25 years.
Rabbi Sharir Yablonsky
To our dear friends at the J.E.C.
Mazal Tov on your 76th anniversary dinner. 

Congratulation to all the honorees.

Rabbi Avrohom Schulman
Yeshivas Be'er Yitzchok &
Kollel of Elizabeth
Congratulations to the honorees
Best wishes to the JEC
for an enhanced future.
Gene Brodsky
Congratulations to our many worthy honorees.
Special to Mazal tov to
Dr Aryeh and Myra Pirak,
diamonds of the Springfield Community
Avi and Sharon, Coach Avi Borenstein
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Joyce and Steven Davis
Thank you for allowing us to share in the nachas. May we
always share smachot and nachas together!
And, in gratitude for the Torah education
provided to our family.
Susan Dworken Koss and Fred Koss
Nomi (Dworken) Rotblat
Aliza (Dworken) Frohlich
Arye Dworken 
and Families

Mazel Tov to all the honorees.
Thank you for all you do for the JEC.
Dr.Steven & Karen Ostrove
Reuben and Gail Rahmani
Mazel Tov to all the honorees
Reuven & Gail Rahmani
In honor of
Dr. & Mrs. Pirak
as Grandparents of the Year.
Shlomoh & Judy Wohlgemuth
Congratulations to our beloved friends
David & Sarah Goldstein
for their well-deserved honor. Our deep respect for both of you, and the bonds of our friendship, are much much greater than the size of this ad !
Joey & Adeana Berezow
Mazel Tov to our brother and Sister-in-law, David and Sarah Goldstein for receiving this WELL DESERVED HONOR, Parents of the Year. We know how true this is. Hashem should continue to give you the ability to support The Jewish Educational Center
and other Torah Institutions.
Brenda and Stan Goldstein and Family, Paula
and Gerald From and Family
 כל טוב
to all the honorees!
Marcia Buch
Mazel Tov to
David & Sarah Goldstein
Yossi & Amira Kra
Mazal Tov to
David and Sarah Goldstein
Natie and Dvora Liebster
Debbie and David,
We are so proud of you! You set a wonderful example
for all of us. We love you!
Amy and Bentzie Schlakman
Jill and Michael Solomon
In gratitude for the unparalleled dedication
of the Bruriah- RTMA staff and teachers.
Joanne & Irwin Asher
Mazel Tov to
Sarah & David Goldstein
on this well deserved honor.
Paula & David Baumser
Cipi & Mark Brand
Mazel Tov to all the honorees
Nechama and Ari;
Naomi and Benjamin Eckman
Mazal Tov
Dr. & Mrs. Pirak
from your friends at the
Elmora Hills Early Shachris Minyan
Mazel Tov to
David & Sarah Goldstein
Great Neighbors! And Well-Deserving Honorees 
Jason & Shira Freudenberger
Mazal Tov to
David & Sarah
on this well deserved honor!
Howard & Rochelle Gans
(תורה תחילה גמילות חסדים וסופה גמילות חסדים (תלמוד סוטה
David and Sarah Goldstein
The epitome of Torah and chessed
David and Jacki Gorelik and Family
In honor of Dr. Aryeh & Myra Pirak, Grandparents of the Year
David & Sarah Goldstein, Parents of the Year
David & Debra Schiff, Family Legacy Award
and our granddaughters, Tzippora Schapiro, B'14 &
Chava Schapiro B'20, IY"H
Alvin & Barbara Greengaft & Family
In honor of our dear Granddaughter,
Chani Israel
Dr. & Mrs. James Israel
Congratulations to the Bruriah & Mesivta class
of 1967 on our 50th Anniversary. 
Ira & Tina Jaskoll
Mazel Tov to the honorees.
Rona & Seymour Kessel & Family
Dear Myra & Aryeh,
Mazel Tov!
The Shulmans
Thank you to Bruriah
for the stellar education they've provided for our daughters.
Mazal Tov to our friends, David & Debbie on their honor!
Ezra & Adina Weiner
Mazel Tov to All the Honorees
Alma Wolgin and Family
David & Maxine Wolgin