In memory of our beloved parents
Arie and Eva Halpern z"l,
whose commitment to the JEC knew no bounds
and who built a home imbued with Jewish life
and learning. Their lives will always be
an inspiration to us.

Arie and Eva Halpern Family Foundation
Ben & Susan Stein
Bella and George Savran
Shelley & Josef Paradis
Henry & Sherry Stein
Nanette & Arthur Brenner and families

Mazel Tov to all the honorees
Marilyn Smilowitz & Family
In loving memory
of our beloved husband, father, grandfather
and great-grandfather
Joseph Wilf, ע"ה
our role model and mentor.
Elizabeth Wilf
Audrey & Zygi Wilf
Jane & Mark Wilf
& Families

In Loving Memory of
Harry C. Wilf, ע"ה
Judith Wilf, ע"ה
Beth & Leonard Wilf
"Nothing truly valuable arises from ambition
or from a mere sense of duty.  It stems from love
and devotion towards men and towards objective things!"                                                                           Albert Einstein

This year's honorees, the staff of the JEC, exemplify the true spirit of love
and devotion to Community, Family
and the Jewish Educational Center.
Marjorie Blenden
How can I adequately express my thanks and appreciation to the Bruriah Faculty, a most incredible group of people 
Your dedication to your students
Your passion for teaching
Your devotion to Bruriah
Your willingness to go the extra mile (or 2)
Your positive attitude, especially when faced with challenges
Your focus on growth, for your students and yourselves
It has been an honor and a privilege to work with you and share the magic of Bruriah with you.
תלכו מחיל אל חיל      
Rabbi Oratz


In memory of
Sidney Wilf, ע"ה
and Biana Melamed Wilf, ע"ה

The Wilf Family
In everlasting memory of
Rav Pinchas M. & Rebbetzin Bessie Teitz, זצ"ל

A unique and treasured couple, who inspired us
with their dynamic leadership, wise counsel,
and special charm. 
We are eternally grateful
to have been graced by their presence.

The Wilf Family
In loving memory of
Harry C. Wilf, ע"ה
Judith Wilf, ע"ה

They will live in our hearts forever.
The Wilf Families

With Gratitude to Hashem
We salute our parents and grandparents
Elizabeth שתחיה
& Joseph Wilf, ע"ה
We are eternally grateful for their love,
guidance and wisdom

Zygi & Audrey, Mark & Jane,
Jason, Cori,
Jonathan, Rachel, Elana, Brett
Stephanie, Jeffrey, Steven,
Daniel, Rachel & Andrew

In loving memory of Joel Zimmerman, ע"ה

Charlotte Zimmerman & Family
'Education is leading human souls to what is best
and making what is best out of them; and these two objects
are always attainable together, and by the same means,
the training which makes men happiest in themselves
also makes them most serviceable to others."
                                                                  John Ruskin (1853)  

With gratitude for the excellent faculty of the JEC. Their dedication and service to our students is truly awe inspiring.

Thank you,
Marjorie Diener Blenden  and sons,
Allen, Larry, and Richard

Congratulations to all the deserving JEC Faculty and staff who have done an outstanding job in these difficult times.

                               The Fisch Family
Thank you, faculty and staff, for all your hard work and dedication to our children and community-always.
The Juskowicz Family
In loving memory of our founding partners
Isak & Sally Levenstein, ע"ה
Murray Pantirer, ע"ה
Abraham Zuckerman, ע"ה
Millie Zuckerman, Rella Feldman,
Louise Pantirer & Family
Thank you to all administrators principals
Rabbaim teachers and staff for your yeomen
efforts in teaching our children during these
difficult times
Thank you to Rabbi Oratz for
your years of dedication to Bruriah and our
נסיעה טובה והצלחה רבה
Lynn & Marvin Rosenzweig
In honor of
Rav EM and Elisheva Teitz
with appreciation, respect and affection.
Harry & Mimi Stadler
Mazel Tov to all the honorees
Mazel Tov to Amalya on her graduation!
Robert & Marna Tolchin
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Jeffrey and Natalie Goldberg
Thank you to the JEC teachers and staff!
Yehuda and Fagie Greenberg
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Yanky and Henchy Lichtman
Thank you to the faculty of JEC for going the extra mile during the shutdown and giving our children many wonderful learning opportunities during a very challenging time. 
Rabbi Steven and Gila Miodownik
Mazal Tov to all the honorees and to everyone who helped make the year as successful as it was!
Thank you!
Elana Monchar
Thank you to the administrators, teachers, teachers assistants, and staff for the dedication, love, and support you constantly show our children.
Dr. and Mrs. Dovid Moradi
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Marc and Rochelle Nash
Rabbi Newman & Rabbi Sauber, We are so glad that we chose JEC HS for our son, Zack Ovits. We're here tonight to express our hakaras hatov to the hanhalah and teachers who gave Zack a wonderful experience full of Torah learning, true friendships, challenging classes, and extra-curricular fun. Even during remote classes during the pandemic, JEC did a wonderful job keeping the boys organized, engaged, and learning. As parents, we too enjoyed our 4 years at JEC.
Tova & Mordechai Ovits

A shout out to the faculty and staff, who worked tirelessly to educate the precious children of the JEC community during the Covid - 19 lockdown
A special tribute to our very own SHAINDY
Rivkie & Avie Pinsker
We cannot express enough The Hakaras Hatov we feel for all that you do for our children. Sending ones children to a school that cares with teachers who give above and beyond is a Bracha for any parent. Over the past few months watching our children attend school in our living room and hearing the love and positivity, kindness and care, patience and understanding, Torah, Navi, Math and English, Davening, Sports, Music and Art, all given over zoom enabled us to witness how much our children gain daily being a part of such a wonderful school. From our hearts we thank each and every one of you. To all the Hanhallah that worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure there was a smooth transition from classroom to zoom We extend heartfelt Yashar Koach to you all. Thank you Rabbi Teitz, Rabbi Oratz, Rabbi Neuman, Rabbi Beer and all of the faculty and office staff, We are so fortunate to entrust our children to you, 
Rabbi Mendel and Chana Devora Solomon
Congratulations to the
Jewish Educational Center.
Miriam & Al Reisman
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Rosenblum Law Firm
We wish to show hakarat hatov to all of the exceptional faculty and administrators of the JEC schools who have demonstrated superhuman strength, energy, kindness, and wisdom during these challenging times.
We salute you and pray that Hashem grant you and your families good health, success, and continued strength. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts for always giving your all to our children!
Jessica and David Savitt and family
Many thanks to the JEC administration, teachers and staff for your diligence, leadership, creativity and dedication to our children during this unique time!
Schechter Family
Mazel Tov to all the honorees!
Dassie and Jeff Smulevitz
Teachers aren't teachers for objects, goods, and things. They're driven by the challenges that every student brings. Some days it's quite a struggle to get your lesson done, While other days are smoother and really can be fun. When each school year is finished and wishes are expressed, You hope that maybe one or two have been a bit impressed. When graduated students come back to say hello, They give you a warm feeling that sets your heart aglow. Our daughter, Mrs. Savitt, this year's an honoree, Along with all three schools' staff and all the faculty. We recognize your efforts, those offered with such love, And wish each one of you a hearty mazal tov!
Sue and Art Weinstein
The "Y" congratulates the amazing  administration & staff at the JEC
for keeping it all together during these past few challenging months.
We are proud to be your neighbor and look forward to both of us resuming
programming and serving our community with full capacity in the near future.
Robert Heizler, President
Jani Jonas, Chief Operating Officer
"A teacher takes a Hand, opens a Mind and touches a Heart." As parents of the JEC, we believe that this quote is absolutely true of the JEC staff and teachers. Zvi and I want to thank you all of your generosity, love and support for our children. Thank you for always treating our children like your own.
We love you!
Shani and Zvi Zinstein
Mazal tov to all the faculty and staff, including those teachers who participate in our early shachris minyan at the EHM.
The Weekday Early Shachris Minyan at the EHM
Bruriah counts because of Shira Strong's late hours on the computer.
Mom & Dad