In memory of our beloved parents 
Arie and Eva Halpern z"l, 
whose commitment to the JEC knew no bounds
and who built a home imbued with Jewish life and learning.
Their lives will always be an inspiration to us.

Arie and Eva Halpern Family Foundation 
Ben & Susan Stein 
Bella and George Savran 
Shelley & Josef Paradis 
Henry & Sherry Stein 
Nanette & Arthur Brenner and families 
Congratulations to the JEC educators and staff and all who work so hard.
Wishing you continued success educating generations of our children.
Marilyn Smilowitz and Family

In Loving Memory of
Harry C. Wilf, ע"ה
Judith Wilf, ע"ה
Beth & Leonard Wilf
In loving memory
of our beloved husband, father, grandfather
and great-grandfather
Joseph Wilf, ע"ה
our role model and mentor.
Elizabeth Wilf
Audrey & Zygi Wilf
Jane & Mark Wilf
& Families
In honor of the
In memory of
Arie & Eva Halpern    Dr. Morris & Shifra Epstein
Bernard Stein             Isaac Krenkel
Isaac & Mathilda Goldflies
Sherry & Henry Stein
Thank you, faculty and staff,
for all your hard work
and dedication to our children
and community-always.
The Juskowicz Family
Mazel Tov to the
Jewish Educational Center
for a very successful year!
Claire and Danny Kahane 
Tammy, Jason, Gabrielle, Maya
& James Kahane 
Stephanie, Richard, Jordan,
Amanda & Alexander Pomerantz
With Gratitude to Hashem
We salute our parents and grandparents
Elizabeth שתחיה
& Joseph Wilf, ע"ה
We are eternally grateful for their love,
guidance and wisdom
Zygi & Audrey, Mark & Jane,
Jason, Cori,
Jonathan, Rachel, Elana, Brett
Stephanie, Jeffrey, Steven,
Daniel, Rachel & Andrew

In loving memory of
Harry C. Wilf, ע"ה
Judith Wilf, ע"ה

They will live in our hearts forever.
The Wilf Families

The Wilf Families
In everlasting memory of
Rav Pinchas M. & Rebbetzin Bessie Teitz, זצ"ל

A unique and treasured couple, who inspired us
with their dynamic leadership, wise counsel,
and special charm. 
We are eternally grateful
to have been graced by their presence.
The Wilf Family

In memory of
Sidney Wilf, ע"ה
and Biana Melamed Wilf, ע"ה

The Wilf Family
to the JEWISH EDUCATIONAL CENTER on 80 years of providing an excellent education
for generations of young people.
With appreciation, respect and gratitude
to the JEC Administration, Faculty & Staff
Elizabeth Wilf
Audrey and Zygi Wilf, Jane and Mark Wilf
and Families
Congratulations to all the deserving JEC
faculty and staff who have done an
outstanding job in these difficult times.
Erwin Fisch & Family
In loving memory of our founding partners 
Isak & Sally Levenstein, ע"ה
Murray Pantirer, ע"ה
Abraham & Millie Zuckerman, ע"ה
Rella Feldman, Louise Pantirer
& Family
LPZ Company
In honor of
Rav Elazar M and Elisheva Teitz
With appreciation, respect and affection,

In honor of
Rabbi Jonathan and Tammy Schwartz,
continuing the work,

And in honor of our grandchildren, JEC students 
Amalia, Gabi and Kayla Stadler
Mimi and Harry Stadler
Thank you to all administrators, principals,
Rabbaim, teachers and staff for your yeomen
efforts in teaching our children during these
difficult times.
Thank you to the parents and students who rose to the challenges.
Lynn & Marvin Rosenzweig
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Thank you to all the JEC Family
Ammiel & Ilana Bachrach & Family
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Thank you to all the faculty and staff
for an amazing first year for us at JEC!
Shlomo, Sara, Yehuda,
Huvi and Leora Badrian
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We are profoundly grateful to the leadership,
administration, faculty, staff, parents
and student body of the JEC High School
for all their efforts during this
challenging school year.
Because of your efforts, sensitivity, creativity
and flexibility our boys thrived,
our families benefitted,
and our communities began to recover
Dr Beth Popp & Dr Abshalom Meiri
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We are so proud of all the administrators
and faculty of JEC
that persevered through Covid
to continue to educate the students
Richard and Sue Kelin
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Baruch Hashem for a successful school year! We are also grateful for Meir's dedicated teachers and the hard working administrators. May all of JEC's students go מחיל אל חיל.
Rachie and Lee Niren
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Thank you to all the JEC Family
Avi & Debbie Shteingart
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מזל טוב  for a successful school year
for the JEC
and thank you for all your dedication
and hard work
The De Crisce Family
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Congratulations to the
Jewish Educational Center
Joshua And Amy Walshver
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Mazal tov to all the parents who have entrusted the faculty and staff of the JEC with the education of their children and to all the JEC alumni and the current student body who have been and are the beneficiaries of the dedicated efforts of the teachers and administration.
Sue and Art Weinstein
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In memory of Zev & Hadassah Goldfischer, Z"L, who worked on behalf of the community and who loved the JEC

In honor of Rabbi & Rebbetzin Teitz
In appreciation for your being our community's halachic decisor, transmitter of our mesorah & moral compass.
Thank you for your unwavering leadership and wise guidance.
Howard & Dasi Goldsmith

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The De Crisce Family