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Leiah Moskowitz, along with her husband Rafi, are the proud parents of Cara (Class of 2016), Jared (Class of 2018) and Avery, current 8th grader, Class of 2022. They joined the Moriah family in 2008 and Leiah immediately began her involvement with the school.
Leiah’s first volunteer position was with MAP, planning many events, serving on committees, and ultimately leading as treasurer for five years.  In this role, she spearheaded the effort to expand MAP to an online platform.   Parents, teachers and administrators could regularly find Leiah in the halls of the school as she involved herself in the daily life at Moriah.
Along with the school’s professional leadership, Leiah chaired the first Student Life Committee to work on initiatives relating to student, parent, and community engagement.  The work of this committee was hugely successful in implementing many programs that still exist today including  welcome gifts for new students, the new family buddy program and Rosh Chodesh spirit days.
In addition to the Student Life Committee, in order to expand and strengthen parent involvement at Moriah, Leiah chaired the Lower School Parent Council for one year and then the Parent Council for three additional years. This Council worked to open dialogue between the parents and administration and address issues and concerns from both sides.
Leiah’s passion and commitment to Moriah led to her joining the Board of Trustees in 2014, and ultimately to assume the role of the Chairman of the Board.  In this position, she has had the privilege of working with a dedicated team of lay and professional leaders to help the school thrive, even through the challenges of the pandemic.
Leiah has continuously and generously devoted her personal time to better the school in any area needed and has made this role a priority in her life.  Leiah is profoundly grateful to Moriah for the wonderful education it has given her children. She has also greatly enjoyed her 15-year career as a Moriah parent volunteer and is looking forward to assuming a new role as a Moriah alumni parent volunteer. Likewise, Moriah is extraordinarily thankful to Leiah for her selfless commitment and devotion to the school.

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