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Davida Greenberg, affectionately known to her students as Morah Davida, has taught in the Moriah School for 24 years. She started her career working as a Resource Room teacher in the Support Services Department and became a first grade assistant teacher in the General Studies Department. As her pedagogical skills increased, Davida moved up to teaching 4th, 5th and finally 6th grades in the Student Support Services department. Davida graduated from  Queens College with a double major in Elementary Education and Judaic Studies.  She received her Masters in Special Education and wrote her graduate thesis on  “Successful Team-Teaching in the Classroom and the Inclusion of Students in Mainstream Classroom Settings”. This remains her interest and focus as she uses these strategies to align students’ needs within the middle school environment.  With these special skills and training, Davida has been a sought after professional within our school. As a result, Davida has taught every grade at Moriah, worked as a Gesher Yehuda teacher for 13 years and taught in the Judaic Studies department implementing  the co-teaching model.
For the past nine years, Davida has worked as the Sixth Grade Case Manager of the Moriah Middle School. She works collaboratively with all the teachers to ensure that each child’s Individual Education Plan is carried out according to their learning style. Making adjustments, being flexible, and modifying assignments or assessments is an area where Davida works with each teacher to find the right formula for student mastery. Communication and teamwork is the key to student advancement and middle school parents know to expect a phone call or an email in their mailbox at any time! Davida’s expertise in helping students improve their executive functioning skills, has helped hundreds of students develop their potential and achieve success in their academic pursuits. In addition, Davida has served as a teacher-mentor to new Case Managers to help them better serve the individual needs of Moriah students. As a result of Davida’s professional skills, warmth, and dedication to the Moriah community she was nominated by the Support Services Department to be their representative and serve as a liaison to the administration. 
Davida feels that it is a privilege to teach at a premier yeshiva and recognizes how fortunate she is to be working with such a dedicated faculty. Davida’s three children Zachary (‘12), Gabriel (‘15), and Hannah (‘17) all attended the Moriah School and she and her husband, Josh, feel tremendous appreciation for the love of Torah and commitment to Judaism that was nurtured during their formative years.  

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