Rabbi Shlomo Eisenberger
Rabbi J. Shelley Applbaum, Z
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Rabbi Shlomo Eisenberger has been teaching at Moriah since September 1995. Originally hired as a 6th grade Gemara rebbe, Rabbi E, as he is affectionately called by his students and colleagues, has also taught 5th grade.  For the past 22 years, he has been the 7th and 8th grade boys Gemara Rebbe as well as a teacher of Navi and Tefillah. He relishes his opportunity to now be teaching a second generation of Moriah students and to count his former students among the parents of his current talmidim. Rabbi E’s day begins with a few minutes’ study of Sefer HaMitzvot immediately after Tefillah, which is currently in its 11th cycle. He runs the very popular after school Thursday night Mishmar, regularly gives a shiur at our Family Mishmar evenings, and is often found in his classroom during lunch, meeting with students for a Mishna Munch or a variety of workshops. Rabbi E is as comfortable being with his students outside playing punchball in the Spring and football in the Winter as he is standing at his shtender and inspiring his students. Highlights of his students’ Middle School experience include the Chanukah Chagiga and Purim Seudah that Rabbi E hosts at his home. He is delighted to have had his daughter Bracha join the Moriah faculty this year. Within the classroom his goal is to connect to his talmidim and instill in them a love of learning and a closeness to Hashem. He is also the founder and head counselor of Camp Yachad, in the heart of Monsey, where he spends his summers. Rabbi E lives in Monsey with his wife Shaindy, and is the proud father of 8 children and the glowing grandfather of many.
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