Morah Sheera Seplowitz
Rabbi J. Shelley Applbaum, Z
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Morah Sheera has been a dedicated and devoted Kindergarten Morah at Moriah, for over twenty-five years. She enjoys innovating and developing her program to create a warm and supportive classroom, setting the bar high for both academic and social-emotional learning. In Morah Sheera’s class, each child feels valued and appreciated, starting them on a path to become the best they can be.  She develops warm relationships that last beyond Kindergarten both with the children, as well as with parents, who have tremendous appreciation for all that she does. Morah Sheera is a team player who is happy to be there for her colleagues in any way she can and appreciates partnership and collaboration. Her years at Moriah have left a lasting impression on so many who have learned from or worked with her. Morah Sheera feels fortunate to have her husband, Rabbi Yerachmiel Seplowitz, and her six wonderful children, as her supportive advocates throughout her years at Moriah. Sharing her love of learning with her grandchildren is always a special treat.
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