Mazel Tov and Yasher Koach to our Honorees!
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Lynne (‘94) & Aaron Yunis
Guests of Honor
Mrs. Miriam Gartenberg
(Lower School Faculty)
Rabbi J. Shelley Applbaum, Z"L
Service Award
Morah Gila Solomon
(Middle School Faculty)  
Rabbi J. Shelley Applbaum, Z"L
Service Award
Morah Yonit & Rav Adiel Mhazri
Special Recognition

“To defend a country, you need an army. But to defend an identity, you need a school.”
- Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks Z”L 
Over the past few months our community has come together, united in its support of Israel and our Israeli brothers and sisters. We have committed ourselves to countless acts of chesed, immeasurable tzedakah campaigns and to teaching our children pride in their identity and the role that they too can play in making a difference. 
Now, we have an obligation to look within. To support the very institution in our own backyard committed to instilling in our children a sense of Jewish identity and Torah values.  

Make a gift to the Moriah Annual Dinner campaign and join us to celebrate Moriah’s commitment to Torat Yisrael, devotion to Medinat Yisrael and responsibility in shaping the future generations of Am Yisrael.
Double Chai Benefactor
Lynne and Aaron Yunis
Diamond Benefactor
Daniele and Steven Bleier
Alexis Deller-Kushner
Chai Benefactor
Deanna and Daniel Blank
Arielle and Adam Brenner
The Kolatch Family
Elizabeth and Michael Pinewski
Ayelet and Brian Rosen
Avra and Moshe Schreiber
Lauren and Naftali Schuss
Diana and Joseph Straus
Joyce and Daniel Straus
Zahava and Moshael Straus
Silver Benefactor
The Orbach Family
Orit and Seth Gribetz
Suri and Marc Helwani
Margaret and Andrew Levy
Chaviva Levin and Rabbi Jeremy Wieder
Keren, Ziv, Ethan and Daniel Ehrenfeld
The Lerer, Pineles, and Yunger Families
The Pines, Lieberman and Pines Families
The Feldman Family
Alyx and Bernie Glezerman
Daina and Greg Gurevich
Jessica and Darrin Peller
Sheira and Steven Schacter
The Ness and Shams Family
Jenny and Ben Siscovick
Sandy and Alex Solomon
Chantal and David Ulmer
Allison and Joseph Dyckman
Leah and Yakov Gologorsky
Robin and Brad Klatt
Micole and Oren Koslowe
Livia and Elias Marcovici
Talia and Abie Shulman
Alison and David Speiser
Triple Chai
Chavie and Craig Acton
Sharon Bartel and David Form
Sheera and Ken Eckstein
The Stern Blumenthal Family
Talia and Alen Gollender
Tammy and Jason Kahane
Ilana and Mitchell Kahn
Alix and Steven Kantowitz
Aliza and Josh Katz
Lee and Murray Kushner
Michaela and Jonathan Lehr
Penina and Dan Lewis
Jennifer and Nachum Lifschitz
Gabi and Samuel Mark
Rebecca and Benji Markoff
Sarah and Mike Neustein
Eeta and Jason Pinewski
Deborah and David Rifkin
Aliza and Joshua Schwalbe
Jennifer and Shlomo Shenker
Ranit and Gabriel Shiff
Gabriela and Jack Shnay
Lauren and Marty Tabaksblat
The Gartenberg Family
Double Chai
Zeva and Noah Adelsberg
Eric Herschmann and Family
Lisa Szubin and Jay Katzman
TD Bank
Lani and Matt Bettinger
Lori and David Birk
Rikki and David Blumberg
Tamar and Ben Blumenthal
Cheryl and Evan Borenstein
Rachel and Josh Bouaziz
Raquel and Ari Cohen
Natasha and Max Eckstein
Miriam and Jeremy Fox
Michelle and Stefan Frank
Aryella and Judah Frommer
Joshua Goldberg
Esther and Joshua Goldstein
Anne and Jerry Gontownik
Eliana and Matthew Greenberg
Jaclyn and Eli Halali
Lisa and Darren Halpern
Julia and Rafi Haramati
Emily and Eli Isak
Linda and Ilan Kaufthal
Brigitte and Duvy Kestenbaum
Anna and Daniel Klein
Cheryl and Lee Lasher
Dori and Eric Mirvis
Jordanna and Marc Nadritch
Careena and Drew Parker
Naava and Jeffrey Parker
Sharonne and Zvi Rudman
Lisa and Jonathan Schechter
Michelle and Evan Sohn
Shevy and Eddie Solomon
Eta and Isaac Strulowitz
Shari and Robert Alter
Frimy and Shloimy Banda
Yardena and David Brickman
Edge Landscape Inc
Thalia and Daniel Federbush
Lara and Dorian Fogel
Allison and Michael Fremed
Ilanna and Noam Heller
LYNLY Insurance
Liza and Kivi Kret
Gabrielle and Noah Lindenfeld
Robin and Ariel Nelson
Sarrah and Yaakov Ottensoser
Debbie and David Sable
Michal and Noam Sheps
Debbie and Steven Siegler
Melanie and Matthew Sosland
Jordana and Asher Tanenbaum
Amy and Joe Tornheim
Jennifer and Jared Wasserman
Barbara and Ephraim Weinstein
Arielle and Michael Woolfe
Erica Tannenbaum and Ephie Reinhard
Danielle Harris and Geoffrey Dworkin
Jennifer Krinick and Josh Gelnick
Ruth Klein and Todd Heller
Shaina and Charlie Attias
Julia and David Baruch
Jordana and David Benharouch
Lori and Seth Benkel
Melody and Jonny Benrimon
Shaina and Alex Benrimon
Marissa and Zack Berg
Gail Billig
Roni and Yehuda Blinder
Heather and Eli Boussi
Ethlynne and Steve Brickman
Faye and Doron Cohen
Peggy and Philip Danishefsky
Leora and Simon Dobas
Elana and Andy Dushey
Ilana and Ezra Dweck
Shari and Phil Friedman
Zev Furst
Miriam and Michael Gartenberg
Stacy and Jason Gewirtz
Alyssa and Jay Goldberg
Ilana and Stuart Goldberg
Ariella and Yaron Greenberg
Julie and Adam Groveman
Deena and Yossi Grunberg
Aliza and Jojo Hedaya
Abby and Scott Herschmann
Adar and Paul Hilbert
Sarette and David Hornblass
Tanya and Beniamin Ifraimov
Karen and Isaac Joseph
Elianna, Yoel, Goldy, and Sadie Kaye
Alice and Jacob Klein
Rachael and Alexander Kohl
Arielle and Noah Krinick
Danielle and Moshe Lifschitz
Betsy and Benjamin Lopata
Etta and Haim Marcovici
Meryl and Joseph Mark
Aimee and Robert McCormick
Debbie and Sam Moed
Helen and Itay Moshenberg
Mary and Jonathan Peldman
Andrea & David Polster
Stephanie and Richard Pomerantz
Sharon and Naftali Ratzersdorfer
Leah and Terry Rifkin
Felicia and Aaron Rubin
Abraham Sasson
Sasha and Jordan Savitsky
Renee and Joshua Schmell
Dasi and Jeremy Schwalbe
Anne and Sam Schwartz
Fran and Ken Segal
Daniella and Daniel Seligsohn
Nina and Chaim Shenker
Jordana and Tzvi Sipzner
Marsha and Jan Spector
Talya and David Spitzer
The Davidovitch Family
The Kramer Family
Mimi and Ben Vago
Sheryn and Abraham Weishaus
Shira and Daniel Wetrin
Tanya and Darren Wolf
Meredith and Kenny Yager
Aliza and Shloime Zeffren
Miriam Manson-Blumstein and Jason Blumstein
Daniella Krieger and Joseph Bedros
Barbara, Jonathan, Charlotte, JJ and Serena Blinken
Aimee and Daniel Ciment
Peter Douglass
The Cuttler Family
Chavie and Michael Fried
Shana and Jason Goldberg
Bellene and Yoni Gontownik
Ruth Grafstein
Rhonda and Michael Gribetz
Yonina and Greg Haber
Jacqui and Steven Herman
Rachel and Daniel Heumann
Lauren and Daniel Israel
Sara and Mike Izrailev
Jessica and Dovi Kalowitz
Tamar and Phillip Katz
Karen and Ari Keehn
Dana and Erik Kessler
Ariele and Tzvi Lazar
Melanie Levine
Chani and Simon Lichtiger
Emily and David Lichtman
Stanley Mayerfeld
Deena and Gilad Ottensoser
Deborah and Harold Polster
Rachel and Yoni Ratzersdorfer
Barbara Rotenberg
Miriam and William Schreiber
Janie and Robert Schwalbe
Jane Shiff
Rebecca and Gabriel Simony
Ilene and David Siscovick
Mindy and Josh Sladowsky
Miriam and Dovid Solomon
Mor and Alphonse Soued
Chava, Kevin, Jason '22, and Max Sperber
Daniella and David Spier
Janet and Saul Spitz
Marisa and Moses Sternstein
Lara and Michael Szlamkowicz
Chani and Jason Teigman
Telebeam Telephone Systems
The Hancock Family
The Parkers
The Waldman Family
Rachel and Dovid Tkatch
Lori and John Ulmer
Dina and David Weinstein
Marion and William Weiss
James Whalen
Miriam and Marc Yunis
Alissa and Sammy Zagha
Jessica and Michael Zlatin
Emily and Ben Adler
Yael and Doron Aharonov
Leah and Jacob Almo
Jordana and Adam Altman
Ayelet Spitzer and Daniel Gross
Ilana Yablonovich and Gabriel Strauss
Tova Kalkstein and Jason Gottlieb
Marly Herscovici and Jeff Bogursky
Avital Moskowitz and Lee Abrams
Linda Holof-Saposh and Stuart Saposh
Rachel Shtern and Stuart Weichsel
Sharon Goldfarb and Todd Epstein
Tally and Yehuda Angster
Ali and Jason Auerbach
Elliora and Oren Benzaquen
Elisha and Josh Berkowitz
Katie and Matthew Brown
Marcy and Adam Cohen
Adeena and Yitz Csillag
Rebecca and Josh Davidson
Laura and David Dayan
Alexandra and Robin Deutsch
Orlee and Alexander Edelman
Lisa and Noah Elbogen
Emporio Clothing of Teaneck
The Volodarsky Family
Esther and Chaim Felberbaum
Natalie and David Fridman
Nora and Irwin Friedman
Sarah and Jon Gabbay
Shelly and Abraham Gdanski
Emily and Seth Gerszberg
Rebecca and Isaac Glasman
Becca and Andrew Gluck
Tamara and Donny Goldin
Daniela and Zev Gontownik
Sarah and Elliot Greenberg
Lizzy and Michael Greenspan
Rivkie Gunsburg
Aura and Michael Herman
Miki and John Herskowitz
Tanya, Beniamin, Aden, Vianna and Boaz Ifraimov Family
Leila and Ovadiah Jacob
Robin and David Katz
LAN Associates
Sabina and Jeffrey Lang
Ariella and Mendel Lazaros
Elana and Boaz Lissauer
Violetta and David Manasher
Deborah and Dwayne Pechet
Danielle and Adam Pickman
Yael and David Polinsky
Shani and Mark Polster
Suzanne and David Prince
David and Soshi - Proud Parents of Gila Solomon
Erika and Yahoo Rabin
Solomon Radner
Stephanie and Michael Rich
Marilyn Rosen
Xiaolin and Leon Rosen
Kim and Kevin Rosin
Suzanne and Jeffrey Rubin
Sarah, Peter, Charlotte, Noa, and Eleanor Russell
Sara and Richie Schlussel
Daniella and Aryeh Schwebel
Alicia and Jason Schwitzer
Aviva and Yannai Segal
Arielle and David Setton
Daniela and Abe Setton
Lindsay and Daniel Setton
Alissa and Howard Shams
Tzipora and Ezri Shechter
Roni and Orrie Shoshany
Mr. and Mrs. Simcha Ezra Solomon
Aaron, Tehilla, Rachel and Akiva Solomon
Mona and Zelig Solomon
Debra and Avi Srulowitz
Francine and Aaron Stein
Jill and Michael Stifelman
Jenny, Sam, Eliana, Adira, Jordana, and Aaron Sultan
Beth and Ben Taksel
Rhonda and Joey Tawil
The Elkobi Family
Divsha and Martin Tollinsky
Jessica and Ben Tseytlin
Hope and Robert Waxman
Kellita and Daniel Weber
Anna and Stanley Weinberg
Yael and Mark Weintraub
Sarah and Shragi Weitzner
Stella and Ariel Wiener
Lisa and Burton Wisotsky
Sandra and Don Yahalom
Dana and Benjamin Zeitz
Staff Page
Davida Greenberg
Beth and Victor Wittenberg
Journal Listing
Johanna Amar-Eichenwald
Annette and Rafi Amirian
Barbara Harris and Benjamin Woloshin
Larisa Bulayevskaya and Matthew Leffel
Rachel and Michael Dube
Noelle Feigenbaum
Beth and Judah Grauberd
Alana and Philip Green
Robyn and Joshua Hartman
Leora and Yoni Illouz
Reva Judas
Louisa and Joshua Kalish
Laura and Zohar Kastner
Alexandra and Jason Langer
Beth and Nat Lipschitz
Chana and Tsachi Meyers
Talya and Seth Nayowitz
Phyllis and Neil Nissel
Medinah and Charles Popper
Drorit and Michael Ratzker
Yael and Raphael Rosenblatt
Lisa and Elliot Rothschild
Sharon Samet
Camp Seneca Lake
Alex Shoenfeld
Arielle and Sol Silverman
Keren Simon
Jill and Alan Sonnenklar
Johanna and Ethan Stadtmauer
Deborah and Avi Stein
Jeff, Gabe, Simon and Henry Stein
The 300 Club
Aimee and David Turner
Bradley Yam
Grandparent Listing
Helene and Ellis Abramson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Acton
Ellen and Irwin Adelsberg
Marcelle Agus
Shari and Robert Alter
Rella Feldman and Curtiss Pulitzer
Marly Herscovici and Jeff Bogursky
Ruth Lynn Frommer and Ken Amron
Linda Cohen and Michael Kiefer
Linda Holof-Saposh and Stuart Saposh
Ruth Klein and Todd Heller
Leslie Fishbein and Zoltan Kemeny
Matilda and Marvin Anhalt
Alice and Burt Banner
Chani and Michael Barenholtz
Beth and Samuel Bernstein
Barry Bettinger
Gail Billig
Lois and Howard Bleier
Sharon and Avram Blumenthal
Ruth and Ray Brenner
Ethlynne and Steve Brickman
Ronnie and Jack Bruder
Karen and Joel Budin
Faye and Doron Cohen
Terri and Michael Dworkin
Sheera and Ken Eckstein
Linda and Seth Epstein
Nancy and Eric Fremed
Nora and Irwin Friedman
Zev Furst
Sarah and Michael Gewirtz
Ruth Grafstein
Rhonda and Michael Gribetz
Jacqui and Steven Herman
Sharon and Robert Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Heumann
Claire and Danny Kahane
Gladys and Martin Kartin
Robin and Brad Klatt
Alice and Jacob Klein
Yosepha and Morris Knoll
Judi and Gary Krasna
Elizabeth and Ronald Krinick
Lee and Murray Kushner
Sari and Murray Leben
Esther and Paul Lerer
Trudy and Abraham Levine
Annie and Jonathan Levy
Chani and Simon Lichtiger
David Lipnowski
Betsy and Benjamin Lopata
Etta and Haim Marcovici
Meryl and Joseph Mark
Nancy Markovitch
Paula and David Menche
Cindy and Bruce Miller
Sandy and Eduard Mittelman
Sonja and Gary Nadritch
Ronit and Joseph Neiman
Jane and Jack Nelson
Joyce and Les Ness
Candy Neustein
Yali and Paul Packer
Naava and Jeffrey Parker
Elisa and Alan Pines
Eileen and Daniel Raab
Sharon and Naftali Ratzersdorfer
Irene and Stephen Reinhard
Leah and Terry Rifkin
Marilyn Rosen
Shirley and Larry Rubin
Debbie and David Sable
Sheira and Steven Schacter
Sara and Richie Schlussel
Miriam and William Schreiber
Janie and Robert Schwalbe
Michelle and Michael Schwartz
Vivienne and Steven Segal
Alissa and Howard Shams
Nina and Chaim Shenker
Jane Shiff
Gabriela and Jack Shnay
Rifkie ‘78 and Danny ‘78 Silverman
Aviva and Steven Singfer
Elaine and Ellis Sinyor
Ilene and David Siscovick
Marsha and Jan Spector
Naomi and Robert Spira
Janet and Saul Spitz
Francine and Aaron Stein
Joanne and Robert Stein
Joyce and Danny Straus
Zahava and Moshael Straus
Caron and Michael Strulowitz
Andrea and Ronald Sultan
Risa and Richard Tannenbaum
Rhonda and Joey Tawil
Deena and Jonathan Thurm
Lori and John Ulmer
Barbara and Jerry Weinberg
Barbara and Ephraim Weinstein
Guita and Steven Wilf
Lisa and Burton Wisotsky
Miriam and Marc Yunis
Alissa and Sammy Zagha
Mira and David Zeffren
Staff/Faculty Listing
Rabbi Ilan Acoca
Pninit Boev
Gila Bretter
Rabbi Shlomo Eisenberger
Linda and Seth Epstein
Ahuva Feldmann
Sharon Fenster
Karen and Steven Finkelstein
Tanya Gudis
Rachel Kaminetzky
Adina and Eitan Kastner
Batya Kinsberg
Sandra Knoll
Adina Lederer
Leah Levi
Allie and Dov Levinson
Jessica Levner
Yonit and Adiel Mhazri
Judi and Stu Poloner
Barbara Rotenberg
Dalia Rotman
Joelle Rubin
Pamela Schlisser
Draizy Schreiber
Jordana Schwartz
Rachel Schwartz
Wendy Segal
Jessica Sehgal
Sheera and Yerachmiel Seplowitz
Janet Stavsky
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