Dear friends,
Milestones come in many forms, marking the passages in our lives, in our families and as a community. They are opportunities to celebrate who we have become, and who we yet hope to be. Most important, they help us navigate the unpredictable though inevitable currents of change. 

For 30 years, serving as your Rabbi has been my great pleasure and joy. Together, we have built a Kehillah Kedoshah, a sacred community, embodying the values of Hesed- Lovingkindness, Torah, and Ahavat Yisrael. Now, the road that we have shared diverges and will take us to new and different places.

For me, it has been an amazing journey and one for which I will always remain grateful. I hope you will join me on June 13 to celebrate the community that we have created together, even as it continues to evolve and change. It’s also my birthday, so be prepared for a party!

Rabbi Dan Liben
The Family of Rabbi Daniel and Fran Liben
Gail and Jay Pearlstein
Marilyn (z”l) & Melvin Satlof, Lynne Satlof-Karas & Steven Karas, Risa & Ross Werblin
Lisa and Alan Avery-Peck
Richard Baritz
Harriet and Alan Cole
Sue Rodgin and Warren Manning
Marsha Stein
Gail and Andy Windmueller
Marlene and Harry Dodyk
Carolyn and Steven Flammey
Nancy and Donald Fried-Tanzer
Ellen Frank and Michael Herzberg
Joel Hurwitz
Donna and Jim Rosenberg
Francine and David Rothkopf
Barbara and Jerry Rutberg
Linda and Ari Silverman
Sue and Kurt Linden
David and Maurie Sachs
Adam, Michelle, Kayla, and Lesley Wilen
The Aresty Family
Julie, Jacob, Samantha, and Garrett Barth
Laura and Steve Black
Mark and Stephanie Blumenthal
Herb and Ann Daitch
Orrin Doxer
Fran Elovitz
Judy and Jeff Fishman
Bonnie and David Gordon
Jane and Joel Kamer
Idy and Ken Lanier
Carole & Ron Lechan
Diana, Mark, and Joseph Lerman
Bonnie, Ben, Justin, Noah, and Sasha Linden
Luba and Ben Loewenberg
Elaine and Burt Marmer
Carolyn and Israel Michaeli
Jon and Ellen Miller
Lorraine and Harvey Moskowitz
Andrea and Jeff Nadolney
Larry, Maxine, Jamie, Matthew, Ira & Nathan Rogers
Julie and Ron Thalheimer
Lorraine and Arthur White
Sheila and Bill Wolfson
Malka and David Young
Brenda and Arnold Zaltas
Larry and Annette Ziegler
Marissa, Dan, Naomi and Hannah Zwelling
Carol Woolfe and Ron Balk
Sheldon and Sandra Bass
Carol & Steve Doppelt
Karen Greenberg
Debby and Ron Iken
Jonathan and Helaine Klawans
Fred Kolb
David Landman
Ina Bresner and Linnie McKenna
Harriet Merkowitz
Alan, Deb, Michelle & Adam Nelson
Michael and Barbara Richmond
Alan and Julene Rosenman
Sue and Jerry Schaufeld
David, Randy, Noah and Daniel Singer
Sadie, Laraine and Enid Stepner
Halye, Rich, Jonathan, and Adam Sugarman
Marjory Aarons
Melinda and Lee Albert
Lorraine Posner Arcus
Hagit & Ronen Artzi
Debbie Astor
Sherrie Barlas
Blacker Family
Karen and Allen Block
Nancy and Andrew Blume
Stewart and Gretchen Brandt
Marlene and Mort Cohen
Congregation Beth El, Sudbury, MA
Bonnie and Steve Cramer
Marsha and Allen Cymerman
Debbie and Phil Druker
Joshua, Stephanie, Reya and Tahlia Edelglass
Rabbi Richard and Judy Eisenberg
Marilyn and Joel Feinberg
Esther Fine
Audrey and Les Fisher
The Freedlander Family
Joel and Betty Freedman
Bernie Friedman
David and Gail Gilvarg
Esta and Bob Gold
Josh and Lindsayh Goldberg
Carolyn Goodman
Joyce Shapiro Gordon
Abe & Laurie Gorelick
Ann and Leon Green
Shoshana Savitz and Hal and Daniele Greenberger
Michelle and Marc Guttman
Darin and Debbie Hager
Minna Heilpern and Jeff Heilpern
Lynn & Harry Hersh
Joan and Joseph Hill
Mitch and Susan Hollander
Paula and Hal Homonoff
Institute for Jewish Spirituality
Paula and David Jacobs
Ellen, Will and David Kahn
Ellen and Henry Kanner
Jo Ann David-Kasdan & Benjamin Kasdan
Dallas & Michal Kennedy
Marci, Barry, Adina and Benjy Kling
Serge Kogan
Karen Beth Mael and Rafi Korenstein
Gary and Lauren Kracoff Family
Landesman Family
Lauren, Richard and Marissa Langevin
Cheryl Learner
Andrew, Ruth, Leah and Jacob Levenson
Paula Levine
Esta and Barry Lichtenstein
Ilene and Michael Lieberman
Glenn C. Lotto
Rita & Charles Manning
Sarah and Stephen Markowitz
Dubi Gordon and Margie Matross
MetroWest Jewish Day School
FJMC Friends of Rabbi Liben and the Sunday Minyan
Steven and Jennifer Novick
The Lebowitz and Nowak Family
Stephanie and Robert Oakan
Edna Perlmutter
Irene and Arthur Perlmutter
Mary Collins and Wes Potter
Betty Jaros and Joel Pravda
Rachelle and Bill Rea
Ravit and Ted Reichman
Muriel Stern Riseman
Christine (Chaya) Roche
Penni and Andrés, Avi & Sammy Rochwerger
Denise and Sol Roditi
Illona and Stephen Roll
Gary, Eileen, Kim, Adam and Melanie Rosenberg
Barbara and Dan Rosenn
Marcia and Len Ross
Phyllis and Richard Rotberg
Sally and Fred Rotenberg
Marcia Rowe
Cindy Rubin and Thomas Rubin
Rabbi Marc and Leni Sack
Susan Salamoff
Amy and Jay Salinger
Bernice Saxe
Terry Rosenberg and Elliot Schildkrout
Cary, Debbie, Becca, and Ben Schwartz
Larry Schwartz
Gene and Elaine Shapiro
Rav Hazzan Ken Richmond & Rav Shira Shazeer
June Shea
Joanne Shulman
George and Ilene Silver
Rabbis Eric and Jenny Solomon
Harvey and Natalie Spivak
Becky Starr
Dr. Alan and Marsha Stein
Michelle Weiner Taylor and Adam Taylor
Lorraine and David Telegen
Charlotte Temple
Temple Aliyah
TI of Natick Men's Club
David and Holly Tursky
Dee and Barry Unger
Patricia, Jonathan, Max and Jacob Wainer
Susan and Richard Wax
Anne Wayne
Irit Tau-Webber and David Webber
Sumner and Reva Weisman
Ruth and Joel Winett
Linda and Larry Wise
Brina Wolpe
Debby and Maish Yarmush
Ilene Zafron
Dr. Leonard and Rosemary Zir
Susan and Rick Zucker
Tribute Messages
Arcus-Goldberg Family
Elana & Saul Berelowitz
Bob Braitman
Lisa M. Clover
Mark, Michelle, Ethan, and Jared Folickman
Gloria and Harold Geller
Fran, Jason, Shayna Goldstein
Sue Herzberg
Susan & Chip Horowitz & Family
Judy Gordon Early Learning Center
Murray and Nan Kaftan
Robin Kahn
Douglas, Yael, Shira and Noah Katzman
Ellen, Doug and Matthew Koltenuk
Lois and Arthur Finstein
Leora Mallach
Shirah and Menachem Ozery
Rabbi Louis Polisson, Gabriella Feingold, and Asher Meir Feingold Polisson
Rachel, Daniel, Max and Ella Richer
Henriann Robins
Sue and Jim Saber
Judy Sykes and Fred Seid
Alisa Shilor
Faye Tonkonogy
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