Congratulations to the
Weequahic High School
Alumni Association and its
Hall of Distinction honorees.
Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D
Congratulations to the 2021
Hall of Distinction Inductees.
Warren Grover
Class of 1955 and 2019 Honoree
In Honor of the late
Stanley Herr
and the other 2021
Hall of Distinction Inductees
Art and Nancy Lutzke
Congratulations to the Hall
of Distinction Inductees
and wishing all the best to the
2021 Graduates of WHS!
Robert Russell
Class of 1962
Congratulation to the whole
Wolkstein family on a
wonderful career and life.
Anita and Ben Wolfe
Congratulations to WHSAA
for all your support to the
current Weequahic High
School students.
Naomi Adjei
Congratulations to aII the
Weequahic Alumni honorees
and especially esteemed
and beloved classmate
Dr. Stanley Herr.
Sharon Levine Corzine
Congratulations to all the
Weequahic High School Alumni
Association honorees.
Warren Melamed
2021 Hall of
Distinction Honorees
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
The Perlmutter family wishes to congratulate all of the honorees
of the Weequahic High School Alumni Hall of Distinction
It is an accomplished and impressive group, and we are honored and
deeply grateful that you've included our husband/father/grandfather,
Milton Perlmutter, in this year's cohort.
Weequahic High School always had a special place in his heart.
A long family car ride was never complete without the school song
and cheers. He always spoke of his time at Weequahic fondly.
His education and friendships from his time there undoubtedly
helped develop him into the man, the father, the husband, and
the business and community leader he became.
Thank you from the Entire Perlmutter Family!
Weequahic High School
Class of June 1963 Association
Congratulates the 2021 Class of Inductees to the Weequahic
High School Alumni Association's "Hall of Distinction."
We also take pride in the honor bestowed upon Class of
June 1963 President and new WHSAA Hall of Distinction
member STANLEY HERR and in recognizing his compassionate
advocacy for children, elderly, mentally disabled and homeless.
May the legacy of Stanley Herr in giving voice
to those in need forever remain an "INSPIRATION"
Congratulations to the
Weequahic High School
Alumni Association
for all your support to the current
Weequahic High School students.
Miriam Span
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In loving memory of my sister,
Saundra Austin Benn
Lynda Arnold Davis
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Congratulations to all the
Weequahic High School Alumni
Association honorees.
Abby & Ed Bond
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Congratulations to the
the 2021 Weequahic High School
Hall of Distinction Inductees
Sheldon Bross
Class of 1955 
Co-Founder, WHS Alumni Association
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Congratulation to the 2021
Hall of Distinction Honorees
Weequahic High School
Class of 1964
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Congratulations to our classmate
and the other honorees.
Looking forward to seeing everybody at our
75th Birthday Celebration, May 14, 2022,
Hilton Gardens in Springfield
Class of 1965
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Congratulations to Ed Goldstein on his induction
into the WHSAA 2021 Hall of Distinction.
His outstanding contributions to society and the thousands of families he
has helped during their most trying hours has earned him this most deserved
honor. Ed, and his wife, Sue, are founders of the Valerie Fund, started in1976,
in memory of their daughter, Valerie. The Fund provides financial support
for the care and treatment of children with cancer and blood disorders.
In 2009, Ed and Sue, in memory of their daughter, Stacy, who died of
breast cancer in 2001, gave a substantial financial gift to the Rutgers
Cancer Institute to support research and treatment of breast cancer. In
honor of this gift, Rutgers Cancer Institute named its breast center the
"Stacy Goldstein Breast Center." We have been fortunate to be friends
with Ed for more than seventy years and the clock is still running.
Dorothy & Donald Dvorin - Rhoda & Norman Krueger
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In Memory of Hal Braff, Class of 1952
Co-Founder, WHS Alumni Association
2019 Hall of Distinction Honoree
Congratulations to the 10 Hall of Distinction Inductees
Elaine Braff and Family
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            Congratulations to the 2021 Hall of Distinction Inductees!
                       FAHEEM, congratulations on your induction
                               into the WHSAA Hall of Distinction.
     As a beloved son and a phenomenal brother you have always been in the Hall of Distinction in our family. You exhibited leadership, compassion, and a desire to add value to the lives of others ever since you were a child. We are so proud of you, and thankful to you for your sacrifices to empower not only our youth at Weequahic High as the former and youngest principal in its history; but also to the youth and all stakeholders in our community, the city of Newark and beyond.
     We love you to life, and this is only a chapter in the book of your transformational and multiple-generational legacy. Thank you and remember the best ability is availability. Continue to be available to serve our community, humanity and our world. Keep God first and everything else will fall into place. God Bless you forever, we love you. From-Mom and your siblings.
                                                               CHERYL ELLIS
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Honor all of us by doing well in college!

Ed & Sue Goldstein
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We could not be prouder of our dearest
friend, Miriam Span.
This is a well-deserved honor.
Not only is Miriam an exemplar of achievement,
she is the gold standard for friendship and kindness.
Her devotion to her friends is legion.
We are honored to count ourselves among them.
Congratulations, pal!!! - Gerri and Victor
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The Herr Family is very proud
that Stanley is honored by the
Weequahic High School Alumni Association.
Weequahic was a pivotal place in his life.
He loved his friends and teachers!!
Judy Herr
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In honor of Miriam Span,
in memory of Milton Perlmutter,
in memory of my mother
Ruth Ramo Israelow,
class of 1938
Ed Israelow
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With best wishes from
the JHS Board of Trustees and Staff.
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Herbert & Dianne Lerner
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Brian Logan and Friends
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Congratulations to all the
Weequahic High School Alumni
Association honorees.
Wilfredo Nieves
Class of 1966 and 2019 Honoree
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In honor of
the 2021 Hall of Distinction
Gary Skoloff
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The South Ward Environmental Alliance
congratulates our founder
Kim Thompson-Gaddy, 
Class of 1982 and 2021 Hall of Distinction Honoree,
and for her work as founding Co-Chair of the WHS Alumni
Association and member of the Newark Board of Education.
"If it is to be, It's up to me" Let's go
Weequahic, Keep on Keeping On!
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With gratitude and appreciation to;
Weequahic High School:
a superior school,
its terrific teachers,
a nurturing neighborhood
and a caring community.
Dedicated to my mom,
Evelyn Tabankin
With love, Marge
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In Honor and Memory of
A 1963 classmate and
distinguished humanitarian!
Marc Tarabour
Former Co-President
Weequahic HS Alumni Association
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As someone honored to have been installed
in the Hall of Distinction, I extend my heartfelt
congratulations to this year's distinguished
honorees and to the Weequahic High School
Alumni Association for its extraordinary work on
behalf of the school's students past, present and future.
Paul Tractenberg
Center for Diversity and
Equality in Education
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Congratulations to the
2021 Hall of Distinction Honorees
Rev. Anthony Mitchell Sr., Senior Pastor
Union Chapel AME Church
209 Wainwright Street, Newark, N. J. 07112
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Congratulations to all the WHS Alumni Association honorees!
Weequahic High School Students and Staff
Full Page
Weequahic High School Alumni
Association in its 23rd year and to the
10 distinguished honorees being inducted
into its 2021 Hall of Distinction!
Phil Yourish
WHSAA Founding Executive Director
Class of 1964
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Congratulations to all the Weequahic Alumni Honorees
and especially my wife Lynda Arnold-Davis.
Lynda, you have dedicated your heart and soul to your professional career, serving and caring for others, while nurturing your family.
I am so very proud of you - Your Husband, Jim Davis

Congratulations to our mother and grandmother
Lynda Arnold-Davis for being honored by the Weequahic 
High School Alumni Association 2021 Hall of Distinction
representing the class of 1971. We love you
and are so proud of all your achievements.
Monshuan, Anntrunette, Shawn and Messiah
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In honor of Miriam Span
We admire her significant achievements
and value her friendship.
Tema and Ken Javerbaum

For Marge.
So proud!  Much love!
Earl Katz
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To our dear friend, Miriam Span,
Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition
for your stellar career and accomplishments.
Love, Rick and Laura Lehrich

In honor of
Margery Tabankin, Miriam Nussbaum Span,
the late Stanley Herr,and all the
Weequahic Hall of Distinction inductees
Martha Lowenstein Rennie
Half Page
Dr. Stanley Herr, 1963
An outstanding WHS graduate
who left an impressive legacy.
Tema Yeskel Javerbaum

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Congratulations to: Faheem Ellis & Naomi Adjei.
Well deserved! 
Yolanda Bogan

Congratulations to all the
Weequahic High School Alumni Association honorees.
Weequahic Breakfast Group

Congratulations to all Alumni Association honorees. Special Shout out to Kim Gaddy and Fahiem Ellis. Well Deserved!
Fred Chatman
Quarter Page
Congratulations to the 10
Hall of Distinction Inductees
Mary Dawkins

Congratulations to our Mom, Kim Thompson-Gaddy
for her dedication to our community.
Love You, Sonny, Julien & Mo'Nay

Congratulations to all the
Weequahic High School Alumni Association honorees.
Madeline & Charles Dreifus
Quarter Page
Bravo Lynda! We are so proud of all your accomplishments and caring. God bless you as you have blessed so many.
Mary (Ware) Brown & Gloria (Flowers) Goode-Brown

Judie Seidman Gold

Congrats to the 2021 Hall of Distinction Inductees.
Catherine Johnson, '84
Hall of Distinction Co-Chair
Quarter Page
Congratulations to the
2021 Hall of Distinction Honorees.
Lawson Family

Stewart & Rhoda Manheim

Congratulations to all the Weequahic High School
Alumni Association honorees.
Bernice Manshel
Quarter Page
In memory of our outstanding class president (1963) and
in his lifetime of dedication to those with mental illness.
Janice Misurell-Mitchell

Dr. Stanley Herr was one of the finest human beings I've
ever had the pleasure to meet and to call a classmate.
Melvin Moschel

Congratulations to all the Weequahic High School
Alumni Association honorees.
Sharon Gaidemak O'Neil
Quarter Page
Herb & Thelma Portnoff

Charlotte (Hemsath) Prickett
Class of June, 1953

NJSNA Region 3 Congratulates 
Lynda Arnold-Davis,
MHA, RN, Immediate Past-President
Norma Rodgers
Quarter Page
In Honor of Edwin Goldstein
Class of 1951 - a fellow classmate.
Ruth Kleinbeck Schmidt Roessle

In Honor of Stanley Herr, Class of 1963.
Robert Stein

In Honor of Miriam Span, 1960
Congratulations. Well deserved!
Michael Steinberg
Quarter Page
Congratulations Hall of Fame Inductees and
Ruby Williams Baskerville, Alumni Co-President
Love, Your Family And Friends

Thank you to the WHSAA for
honoring Herbert J. Wolkstein.
Wolkstein Family

Congratulations to WHSAA for all your support
to the current Weequahic High School students.
Phil Young
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