Aviv Foundation
Jim Joseph Foundation
Micah Philanthropies
Jim & Marilyn Simons
The Belz Foundation
Mayim Bialik
Tova Bulow
Crown Philanthropies
Abbie & Moshe Greenberg
In honor of Rabbi Avi Weiss
Charles & Seryl Kushner
Abigail & Shai Tambor
The Applebaum Foundation
Mazal tov to all of the graduates and to Rabba Sara and Rav Avi for your visionary leadership and constant inspiration.
Ariel & Josh Weiner
Jan & Andy Groveman
Hadassah Foundation
Rabbanit Gloria and Burt Nusbacher
In honor of Rabba Sara Hurwitz and Rav Avi Weiss
Rabbi Dr. Erin Leib Smokler & Rabbi Dr. Dan Smokler
In honor of Rabbi Avi Weiss and Rabba Sara Hurwitz
Ellen Schwartzberg
To Rav Avi Weiss and Rabba Sara Hurwitz: My deepest gratitude and eternal awe
To the new Musmachot: May you continue changing the world with your wisdom and leadership
Zelda R. Stern
The Lindenbaum Family
Wexner Foundation
Arev Fund
Dear Rabba Sara and Rabbi Weiss, Thank you for all your years of dedicated work on behalf of women and the entire Jewish community
Audrey Axelrod Trachtman and Dr. Chaim Trachtman
Exciting to see Maharat grow and lead!
Kol HaKavod to visionaries Rabba Sara and Rav Avi
Rella Feldman
Josh Goldberg
Congratulations to all of the graduates and honorees, and to Yeshivat Maharat for all that it has accomplished in its first decade.
Phyllis Hammer
Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York
Shari & Nathan Lindenbaum
With deep appreciation to Rabbi Avi Weiss and Rabbi Sara Hurwitz for your courage and vision. Thank you for imagining what could be and making it a reality.
With profound admiration,
Daniela and Laurence Schreiber
Mazal Tov to this year's graduates of this milestone year for Maharat. And thank you Rabbi Avi Weiss and Rabba Sara Hurwitz for being the firsts to make semicha for Orthodox women a reality
Erica and Rob Schwartz
In honor of Rabbi Avi and Rabba Sara
Nancy Spielberg and Shimon Katz
Dobkin Family
Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat
Daniella Fuchs and Jeff Wechselblatt
Dan Katz
Faye Koschitsky
We are thrilled to celebrate our beloved teachers and mentors, Rav Avi Weiss and Rabba Sara Hurwitz. We are inspired every day by your vision, your dedication and the transformative blessings that you and everyone at Yeshivat Maharat bring to the Jewish world. May you always go from strength to strength.
With love and respect,
Chani & Steven Laufer
Elena & Jay Lefkowitz
Maimonides Fund
David and Lisa Pulver
Sheira and Steven Schacter
In honor of Rabbi Avi Weiss and Rabba Sara Hurwitz
Margo and Jack Schwartz
I accepted this honor on behalf of all of you: faculty, staff, lay leaders, donors, board, students,  alumnae, and to you, the newest musmakhot. 
To you, Rav Avi and Toby- there are no words, but much love.
Rabba Sara Hurwitz and Josh Abraham
Congratulations to all the graduates and to Maharat on its 10th annual semicha ceremony.
Mazal Tov to Rabbi Avi Weiss and Rabba Sara Hurwitz on reaching this milestone. Thank you for your vision and leadership.
Lisa and Michael Leffell
With profound gratitude to Rav Avi and Rabba Sara for all that you have created and accomplished. Your vision, fortitude, and boundless energy has enriched and inspired us beyond measure. And, with great excitement and mazal tov to all the Maharat graduates, the world needs your wisdom, creativity, and rabbinic guidance. Go forth with strength!
Esther and Richard Cantor
Audrey and Jacob Cappell
Mazal Tov to all the new leaders! May your Torah not only inspire but help perfect the world! Rabbi Marianne Novak '19 and Dr. Noam Stadlan and family
Rabbi Marianne Novak and Dr. Noam Stadlan
Steinberg Family
Mazal Tov Adina. You inspire me every day. Love, Steve
Steve and Adina Fredman
Melanie and Mervyn Hurwitz
Toby and Rabbi Avi Weiss
With the deepest love, respect and gratitude for Rav Avi
With tremendous admiration for Rabba Sara and all she has accomplished
With wishes of Mazel tov to all the musmachot of Maharat!
Steven Pretsfelder and Barbara Gochberg

Dalia - Kol hakavod on your remarkable accomplishment: Torah Scholar, Master Teacher, as well as caring, compassionate woman! With much love, your family
The Lockspeiser, Frieder, and Rappaport Families
Mazal tov to Michal and all the graduates of Maharat
The Arkovitz/Ben Shabat Family

With great respect to Rabbi Weiss and Rabba Hurwitz and congratulations to all the Musmakhot. Thank you to Abigail and Erica for supporting such a great cause.
Esther and Motti Kremer
Mazal Tov to all the Musmachot, with gratitude and awe for Rabbi Weiss & Rabba Sara's indefatigable leadership, May you run and not grow weary,
Maya Bernstein & Noam Silverman

יִפְקֹד יְהֹוָה אֱלֹהֵי הָרוּחֹת לְכׇל־בָּשָׂר אִישׁ עַל־הָעֵדָה׃
אֲשֶׁר־יֵצֵא לִפְנֵיהֶם וַאֲשֶׁר יָבֹא לִפְנֵיהֶם וַאֲשֶׁר יוֹצִיאֵם וַאֲשֶׁר יְבִיאֵם...
"May God, who gives breath to all living things, appoint someone over this community to go out before them and come in before them, who will lead them out and bring them in..." 
(Bamidar 27:16-17)
We celebrate the scholarship, fortitude, intellect and heart through which you inspire the communities and organizations you lead.
With deep Hakarat HaTov
Leah Krakinowski & Andrew Silberstein
Marc and Harriet Suvall

Sally Mendelsohn & David Lowenfeld

Sandy Adelsberg
Mazal Tov to Rabbi Avi Weiss and Rabba Sara Hurwitz for their vision and accomplishments on behalf of women's leadership, and to the 2022 graduates, who will impact the level of learning and leadership for years to come.
Judy and Gary Rosenblatt

Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat
Sara Bloom
Dear Rabba Sara and Rav Avi
Wishing you continued success
Barbara and David Blumenthal

מזל טוב to our dear Adina! You inspire us and we are so excited to see what you do next! Love, Dad, Carey, Susie, Rena and David
Fredman Family
Mazal Tov to Rav Avi Weiss and Rabba Sara Hurwitz and to the Yeshivat Maharat Class of 2022
Mati and Aaron Friedman

Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat
Bryna and Joshua Landes
Mazal Tov to Amy and all the musmakhot!
With much love,
Ruby and Alvin Newman

In honor of Rabba Claudia and all the amazing students and leaders. A special shout out from the Oberstein 5 to Atara and Emily- you light up our lives.
Cecily Marbach and Eli Oberstein
In honor of our dear friends Abigail Tambor and Erica Schwartz You continue to inspire us always giving your heart and soul to causes you believe in.
Judith & Danny Ottensoser

Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat
Sara & Simon Shemia
Rachel and Michael Stein

Mazel Tov to our dear friend Adina Fredman on your momentous achievement! 
With Love and Pride,
The Adler, Bienenfeld, Gelles, Mannis, Schneider and Wolf families
Ronn Torossian

In honor of Rabbi Avi Weiss and Rabba Sara Hurwitz, true visionaries! 
Linda and Bernie Weiner
Mazal tov to the 2022 Kollel Graduates and to all of other musmakhot. It was an honor to learn with you. You all make us so proud! 
Rabbi Wendy Zierler

With gratitude to my teachers for making today possible and to my classmates and chavrutot who accompanied me on this journey. For R&R - so you can, too.
Aliza Libman Baronofsky & Ari Baronofsky

Congratulations to all the musmakhot on your accomplishment
Rabba Dr. Carmella Abraham and Dr. Steven Kubersky
Jonathan Sarna and Ruth Langer

Mazal tov to all the musmakhot and yasher kohakhem to Rabba Sara Hurwitz and Rabbi Avi Weiss.
Roselyn Bell
Congratulations to all the musmakhot on your accomplishment
Suri Cohen

Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat
Debbie Dan Eisenstein
Ronald and Pamela Ennis

Rabbi Danielle & Marshall Eskow & Gobuty
Mazal tov to all the musmakhot and to Rabba Sara and Rav Avi for changing the face of Orthodoxy for the better!
Dr. Laura Shaw Frank and Rabbi Aaron Frank

Emily - We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Now, go make the world a better place! With love & admiration Mom, Dad, Carly, Hannah & Max
Barbara & Michael Goldberg and family
רַבּוֹת רַבאַוֹת, עָשׂוּ חָיִל; וְאַתְּ, עָלִית עַל-כֻּלָּנָה
Jennie and Andrew Goldress and Eisenberger

Congratulations to honorees Rav Avi and Rabba Sara for the remarkable achievement of creating Maharat and to all the graduates
Jack and Lauren Gorman
Mazal tov to Atara Lindenbaum! We are so excited that you will be joining our community and look forward to everything that you will bring.
Hebrew Institute of White Plains

to Rav Avi and Rabba Sara 
from Gaya and Lewis with love
Congratulations to all the musmakhot on your accomplishment
Rabba Claudia Marbach

Atarah Mark
Richard Sommers and Nadine Kessler

Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat
Rabba Abby and Rabbi Adam Scheier
Mazal Tov to Yael Keller! With love and admiration from your Shaarei Orah family in Pennsylvania
Congregation Shaarei Orah

לעדינה יקירנו משוש לבנו
ליום הכתרך בכתר הרבנות
זכית לקיים מה שכתוב בפרקי אבות
"והלומד על מנת לעשות מספיקין בידו ללמד וללמד לשמור ולעשות." 
ונתקיים עליך הילולו של בועז לרות
שידוע בשערי עמנו  "כי אשת חיל את"
יתן ה' ותזכי לרבות בשנים ללכת מחיל אל חיל  מתוך בריאות ואושר ורוב נחת  יחד עם בעלך יהושע יעקב הכהן מבניכם ונכדיכם מתוך שלום על ישראל 
באהבה רבה ואהבת עולם 
אמא ואבא חי' ומיכאל דוד שמידמן
Rabbi Dr. Michael & Chai Shmidman
Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat
Randi and Davod Sultan

Mazal Tov to Yael Keller!
With love and admiration from your Shaarei Orah family in Pennsylvania
Shifra Vega
Mazal Tov to Atara and all the musmakhot. Leah Portnoy Worenklein, David Worenklein, and Eliana Worenklein
David Worenklein and Portnoy Worenklein

In honor of the graduation of Adina Fredman
Dr. Mark and Nancy Aeder

Dear Ima/Savta, We are so proud to be your children and grandchildren. We love you very much and are in awe of your achievements.
Sara, Robert, Liana, Roi, and Azi Aeder

We salute Rav Avi, Rabba Sara, the faculty, & the musmakhot on this most deserved honor. Mazal Tov! Seryl Ritter & Buddy Skydell
Seryl Ritter and Buddy Skydell

Jerald Baronofsky

Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat
Amy Zwas and Yoram Bitton
Mazal Tov Atara on this amazing achievement.  We are all so proud of you and your beautiful family.  
Love, The entire Bressman Family

Marian Frankston and Burton Morris

Caryn Keller & Isaac Silverstein
Mazal Tov Rabbi Emily Winer!
Sharon Koren, Matthew Cohen, Atara, Tali, Chris and Tamar

Mazel Tov Adina! May you go from strength to strength and continue to teach and inspire all those who know you.
Carole Daman

Drisha Salutes Rabba Sara (Drisha Scholar's Circle), Amy Newman (Drisha Scholar's Circle), Adina Fredman (multi-year Beit Midrash), Emily Goldberg Winer (Drisha Kollel), Phoebe Ana Rabinowitsch (Drisha Kollel), and all the Maharats!
מצל טוב!
David Silber and Devora Steinmetz
Mazal tov to Maharat's outstanding new musmakhot! Our deep gratitude and endless respect for our heroes Rabba Sara and Rav Avi.
Shira Billet & Steven Exler

To my chavrusas, colleagues and friends of mind, heart and neshama! Klal Yisrael is blessed by your leadership, vision and Torah.
R. Tanya Farber

Mazal Tov to Yael Keller on this great accomplishment With appreciation to Rav Avi Weiss for all he has done over the years
Carolynn & Avi Feldblum
Mazel Tov to our friend Michal. May you go from strength to strength. Kol HaKavod.
Ellen & Ari Fischel

In honor of our dear friends, Abigail Tambor and Erica Schwartz.
Gabby and David Fridman

In recognition of the work of Abigail Tambor & Erica Schwartz on behalf of Yeshivat Maharat. Mazal tov to the graduates & honorees
Danielle and Jason Friedman
Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat
Adiva & Yoni Garber

Kol Hakavod to all the musmakhot! Yael, You always wanted to do this; we knew you could, and now you have. Yashar Kokhekh!
Michael and Sharon Haselkorn

Mazal Tov!
Rabbis Beth Klafter & Emily Segal, co-presidents
Women's Rabbinic Network Rabbi Mary Zamore, Executive Director, WRN
Mazal Tov Yael! You are awesome! May your amazing journey continue with 'bracha'. Love, Mom, Shlomit & Sara Kol ha'Kavod to all!
Esther Kletter and Family

Annette and Gerald Kranson

Mazal tov: R Avi Weiss & R Sara Hurwitz, esteemed founders of Yeshivat Maharat, and to this year's graduates!
Nancy and Dov Lerea
Dr. Mark and Dena Levie

Mazal tov to all the graduates! In our community, we are so blessed to have you.
Rabba Wendy Amsellem and Rabbi Mike Moskowitz

Mazal Tov to our member, the extraordinary Amy Newman, & our friends Aliza B., Yael K., & Atara L.
Congregation Shaarei Tefillah Newton, MA
Ozzie Orbach

Sarah and Ben Osborne

Rabbi Weiss and Rabba Sara, thank you for changing the landscape of Torah learning. Amy, learning with you was a gift. Mazal tov!
R' Lisa Schlaff and R' Jamie Pearlberg
Congratulations to all the musmakhot on your accomplishment
Ronnie Peterman

A huge mazel tov to the new musmakhot. We are thrilled to have been part of your journey and wish you every success
Rabbi Dov Linzer and Rabbanit Devorah Zlochower

Phoebe, We're blessed to call you our daughter. Mazel tov on all your achievements. May every inspiration be a sensation. Much Luv
Stacy and Solomon Rabinowitsch
Honoring Rabbi Avi Weiss & Rabba Sara Hurwitz for doing the right thing after 2000 years
Walter & Tova Reich

In honor of and mazel tov to Atara and all the graduates. In honor of Rav Weiss and Rabba Hurwitz!
Esther Rubin

Diane Sandoval
Mazal tov to Amy and all of the musmakhot. We are in awe of you!
Lieba and Daniel Savitt

Amy - mazal tov on this amazing accomplishment! We`re so honored to call you our teacher and our friend.
Love, Ro and Sol Schulman and Family 

Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat
Rabbi Amy Wallk
Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat
Yali Szulanski and Ben Weiss

Mazel Tov to all the honorees, especially to our dear community member, leader and friend, Aliza Libman Baronofsky!
Kehilat Pardes - The Rock Creek Synagogue of Aspen Hill, MD

My heart is lifted welcoming all the amazing graduates! A well-deserved honor to Rav Avi and our own Rabba Sara!
Rabbanit Bracha Jaffe & Martin Flox

Congratulations to all the musmakhot on your accomplishment
Rabbi Barry Dolinger & Naomi Baine
A lustrous mazal tov to Adina Fredman on her spectacular accomplishment
Tobi Kahn, Nessa Rapoport, and family

Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat
Nina Bruder and Gary Pretsfelder

Jeffrey Schwartz and Milayna Subar
Atara חזק ומאץ Be strong and courageous We are so impressed and proud. Mazal tov to all .
Julia Frankston-Morris and Shmarya Gasner

Dear Rabba Sara and Rav Avi:
We have watched Yeshivat Maharat grow from when it was just a glimmer, an idea, a dream; from the first stages of inception to the miraculous institution it has become today.
We are so inspired by your leadership and we look forward to watching Maharat continue to flourish.
With love and admiration,
Phyllis Newsome, Shuli Boxer and Yael Oshinsky

Mazel tov to our friend Adina Fredman. We are very proud of you.
Sharon and Harold Aspis
Mazel Tov to all the musmakhot! Congratulations especially to our friend, Atara Lindenbaum on this accomplishment!
Avigail Sugarman and Menachem Danishefsky

In Honor of the INCOMPARABLE and INDEFATIGABLE Rav Avi Weiss and Rabba Sara Hurwitz
Lorna and Mark Baker

Congratulations Aliza on this wonderful achievement!
David Berlove
Mazal tov Atara! You continue to inspire us to new heights with every achievement!
Caroline & Josh Berman

Pam Bernstein

With deep gratitude to Rav Avi, Rabba Sara, and my fellow cohort; I love from near and afar! Mazal Tov!
Atara Lindenbaum and Jeremy Bressman
Ruth Bromberg

Anna & Ari Bronstein

Elizabeth Caudle
In honor of Adina Fredman
Irene and Hirsh Cogan

Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat
Rabbi Max and Dalia Davis Congregation Darchei Noam

I wish Atara Lindenbaum, the graduates of 2022 and all previous graduates all the best in supporting their mission in building community and providing quality education and insight to those they currently or will service in the future
Steven Cove
Phoebe Ana, We are very proud of all your accomplishments. May all your dreams come true.
Love, Grandma and Grandpa
Florence and Lloyd Deutsch

Mazal Tov to the amazing graduates and to the well-deserved honorees! With warm greetings from Los Angeles, Rabbi Mel and Dr Annette Gottlieb
Rabbi Mel and Dr. Annette Gottlieb

Mazal tov to the Musmakhot on your incredible achievement. May God bless & protect you
Mt Freedom Jewish Center, NJ
Rabbi Menashe and Donna East
לכו בכוחכן זה והושעתן את ישראל! מזלטוב!
Rabba Avital Engelberg

Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat
van der Holst family

Mazel Tov Adina! 
Yael, David, Ezra, Yaakov & Yehuda
Zinberg Family
In honour of this year's musmakhot, and in gratitude for the vision and courage of Rav Avi and Rabba Sara.
Rabba Rachel and Rabbi Avi Finegold

Mazal Tov to Adina Fredman and all the Graduates!
Sharon and David Fogel

Mazal Tov & Kol Hakavod to the most inspiring Imma and Savta we know! May we all learn from your example of Torah!
Elisha, Anna, Shani, Maayan, Netanel, & Meirav Fredman
Mazal Tov to our Ima & Savta, Adina Fredman & all the musmakhot! Love Ester, Asher, Ruth Hallel, Talya, Naveh &Lavi
Ester, Asher, Ruth Hallel, Talya, Naveh, Lavi Fredman

Mazal Tov to the musmachot, to Rabba Sara & Rav Avi, and everyone at Yeshivat Maharat!
Rabba Anat Sharbat and Ariel Freidenberg

Mazel tov to all of the incredible musmachot! I am so sorry that I cannot be there in person to celebrate with you.
Maharat Ruth Friedman
Alla and Rafi Geretz

Rabba Ramie Smith & Gideon Cohen

Mazal Tov Michal on this special milestone. We are so proud of you! The Berger, Fraenkel, Goldenberg, and Lorbert Families
The Berger, Fraenkel, Goldenberg, and Lorbert Families
Phyllis Goldstein

Mazel Tov Amy Newman!
Laila Goodman

Yasher koach to Yael Kletter Keller on her amazing accomplishment! Love, Dov, Jeanne, Adele, Dana, Graham & Jane
Dov & Jeanne Haselkorn
Congratulations to all the musmakhot on your accomplishment
Liba, Jeff, Dahlia, Avi & Saul Herman

Rabbi Jason Herman

Mazel tov to Rav Avi, Rabba Sara and to the graduates of Yeshivat Maharat 
Mitchel Herstic
Mazal Tov to all the musmakhot and in honor of Yeshivat Maharat!
Lisa Licht Hirsch and Danny Hirsch

Mazel Tov Amy Newman!
Susan and Bruce Hirsch

Congratulations to all the musmakhot on your accomplishment
Sharon Hirt
Mazal Tov, Yael! May your love of Torah and community continue to inspire those around you. Love, the Honig Family.
Esti and Shmuel Honig

Mazel Tov to the Graduates and Honorees Rav Avi and Rabba Sara
Nancy and Milton Honig

Roberta and Bernard Horowitz
Congratulations to all the musmakhot on your accomplishment
Howard Farkas and Debi Crystal

We Are So Proud Of Your Accomplishment!  Mazel Tov!
David Hutt

Mazal tov to the musmakhot, and honorees Rabbi Avi Weiss and Rabba Sara Hurwitz
Hillel and Madeline Jaffe
Mazal tov to the musmachot and all of Yeshivat Maharat past present and future!
Rabbi Lila Kagedan

Kol Hakavod to Rav Avi and all that he has done for Yeshivat Maharat in the past present and the future. A wonderful honor to be part of your family! 
Esther and Glenn Kapetansky

So proud of my sister Rabba Sara Hurwitz and all her Maharat successes and accomplishments.
Erica and Scott Kaplan
Mazel Tov to Dalia Davis, a wonderful educator. We are proud of you.
Bob and Hanna Karasov/Bloomfield

We honor our esteemed teacher and friend, Rabba Sara Hurwitz.  
Chazak v'Amatz from 
Jewish Women's Study Group of 
Larchmont/Mamaroneck UJA/Federation 


Mazal tov and gratitude to our amazing musmakhot and to Rabba Sara and Rabbi Weiss for their vision and leadership.
Sarit Kattan Gribetz
Mazel tov Yael. Thanks to Rabbi Weiss and congratulations to Yael for achieving semikha.
Nana & Poppa Keller
Barbara & Marty Keller

Dr. Arthur Keller

Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat
Chanan Kessler
Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat
Sheila Klein

Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat
Rabbanit Michal Kohane

Mazal Tov to the graduates of Core Semikha and Advanced Kollel executive ordination
Esther and Rabbi Krauss
Lynn and Jules Kroll

Mazal tov Atara and all grads! You are an inspiration and we can't wait to watch you move mountains. Shifra & Matt
Shifra Landowne

Mazal tov Atara, Emily, Michal, Phoebe Ana & Yael! It's been a gift to call you my friends and now my colleagues!
R. Liz Shayne and Josh Lannik
In memory of Joli Kohn Winkler
Alan and Agnes Leshner

Susanna Levin

Amara Levine
AAOM Celebrates the great accomplishments of Rabba Yael Keller
Jennifer Lewis

Yashir Koach to our beloved daughter Aliza Libman Baronofsky and all the musmakhot!
Leila & Jonah Libman

Mazal tov Auntie Aliza! We are so proud of you. Thank you for being such a powerful role model. Love, Meira & Benny
Meira, Benny, Rachel & Avi Libman
Mazel Tov and continued success to Rav Avi, Rabba Sara and all the musmakhot .
Ruth Licht

Mazal Tov Atara!!! Love, Meir, Shani, Sammy, Ari
Shani Gordon & Meir Lindenbaum

So proud of you Atara! Eema and Abba
Yocheved & Nathan Lindenbaum
Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat- Rabba Yael, we are so lucky to cross paths with you!
Rocky and Eiran Lipsky Warner

Mazal tov, Aliza, on this wonderful accomplishment. Marty and Ruth Lockshin
Marty and Ruth Lockshin

Mazal Tov, Aliza! We are so grateful for your friendship and happy for your success! Love the Logan Family
Miles and Sara Logan
Each of the musmakhtot has been an inspiration to learn from and a delight to be friends with. Mazal tov!
Miriam and Harris Lorie

Elaine Machleder

David and Esther Malach
Mazal tov to you all! We are so excited to welcome Atara to our community, iy"H, בשמחה רבה!
Chaim Marder

In honor of Rabanit Dalia Davis on her incredible accomplishment.
Tamar and Schelomo Marmor

Mazl tov to Amy Newman on this huge milestone! What a great day for Am Yisrael!
Sara, Gershon, Anina, and Plia Marx
Mazel Tov to Eliana Menashe and the Emerging Scholars and everyone at Yeshivat Maharat.
Jacob and Benjamina Menashe

Mazal Tov to Amy Newman and each of the musmakhot on this wonderful milestone!
Carol and Daniel Milewich

David Mirvis
Congratulations to all the musmakhot on your accomplishments
Tao Moran

Mark and Joan Moss

Mazel Tov to all and thank you to Rabbi Weiss for your vision and leadership.
Ruth Raskas and Nigel Ohrenstein
In memory of Ann Olsen
Stuart Olsen

Mazel Tov to my dear friends and to all of the graduates!
Tally Palefski

Mazal Tov to Amy Newman and all the musmakhot on your accomplishments and to everyone at Yeshiva Maharat.
Jolan and George Preiss
Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat
Rabbi Naomi Kalish & Rabbi Robert Scheinberg

Mazel Tov to Phoebe Rabinowitsch with love from uncle David and uncle Bill!
David Rabinowitsch

Congratulations to Amy and all the musmakhot! We look forward to learning more Torah from you!
Rachel Schiff and Alex Klibaner and family
In honor of Rabbi Avi Weiss
Adinah and Heschel Raskas

Yael Keller: inspiring orator, camping guru, best co-room parent, dear friend... and now Rabbi. What can't you do?
Susie, Michael, Emily and Alice Ratner

Mazal tov on this incredible achievement Aliza! We are so excited for you, and honored to know you.
Erin and Dan Ring
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Cohen

Congratulations to all the musmakhot and especially to our friend Amy Newman.
Susan and Sol Rosen and Zalcgendler

Mazal tov, Yael, and to all of the musmachot! Mazal tov, Rav Avi and Rabba Sara! M'chayil l'chayil!
Tova Tenenbaum, Daniel and Amalya Rosenberg
Mazal Tov to Aliza Libman Baronofsky and her entire family on this wonderful accomplishment.
Terri and Michael Rosenberg and Family

Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat
Ruthie and Joel Simon

Congratulations to all the musmakhot on your accomplishment
Aaron Kasman and Beth Saprio
Mazel tov Aliza! We are so inspired by you.
Sarah and Jonathan Abbett, Shanna Giora-Gorfajn and Julian Gorfajn, and Carrie Benedon and Matt Sienkiewicz

Amy, Atara, and cohort: Mazal tov on your inspiring accomplishments, and thank you for your leadership!
Anna & Matya Schachter

Mazal Tov to Rabbi & Toby, to Rabba Sara, Rav Jeff and all the Musmakhot of Yeshivat Maharat. Every blessing!
Rena & Murray Schaum
Mazal Tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat
William Scheiner

Rabba Melissa Scholten-Gutierrez

Mazal Tov to all the graduates, including our good friend and neighbor, Adina Fredman.
Debbie and Bill Schrag
Rabbanit Leah Sarna and Dr. Ethan Schwartz

Mazal tov to Amy Newman and all the musmakhot!
Rabbi Charlie Schwartz & Dr. Andrea Wershof Schwartz

To our dearest mentors--you have changed our lives, and changed the world. Thank you and Mazal Tov!
Ezra and Ma'ayan Seligsohn
Mazal Tov to Adina Fredman At least one Shmidman in the next generation is now a Rabbi!
Deanne & Lenny Shapiro

Mazel Tov to Dalia Davis and Emily Goldberg Winer!
Sara Shapiro-Pleran

In recognition of the work of our daughter-in-law Amanda Shechter
Jack and Leah Shechter
Mazal tov to the Board, Staff, Faculty and Musmakhot on another incredible graduating class! Chizku V'imtzu!
Rabba Yaffa Epstein & Shimmy Feintuch

Adina, so proud of you. חילך לאורייתא. Lots of love from Shira, David, and all the Koppelim
Shira and David Koppel

In Honor Of Adina Fredman - You Are An Inspiration To Us All!
Joseph Shmidman
Mazal tov, Michal Arkovitz! We are so proud of you.
Zach, Lisa, Avi, and Noam Sitkin

Mazal tov Adina and all the musmakhot on your achievement. Your leadership is inspiring. 
The Sobers

Holly and Harold Sragow
Congratulations to the graduates!
Sarah Stemp, in honor of Naomi Kramer Stemp
Sarah Stemp

In honor of Yael Keller. 
Mazel tov to everyone at Yeshivat Maharat.
Judit Szente

Congratulations to all the musmakhot on your accomplishment
Saul Andron and Susan Tober
Mazel Tov, Rabbi Weiss and Rabba Hurwitz! Yasher Kocham to You and the Graduates!
Daniela Weiss

Tamar & Reuven Zakheim

Elizabeth, Matthew, Abigail and Arthur Ziegelbaum
Fegelman Family (and Spiegel)
Miriam Altmann
Candace Plotsker-Herman and Mel Herman
Tamara Charm and Oren Weisberg
Cretu-Kessel Family: Barnet, Nava, Louis, Shoshana, Joey, Hanna
Shoshana & Dani Baronofsky
Dr. Adam and Tali Baruch
Linda and Murray Baruch
Rabbi Janet Ozur Bass
Ellen Bayer
Emily Winograd & Ben Zion Ferziger
Michelle and Yigal Bergman
Rita Blachman
Shlomo Blickstein
Bob & Michelle Hoch
Adira Botwinick
Helena Bramnick
Robert Bressman
Eugene Brody
Eileen Cassidy
Michal and Jamie Cepler
Cochran Family
Claire Cohen
Aliza Milner and Daniel Kornfeld
Jonathan Davis
Linda Davis
Mark Dredze
Drisha Institute for Jewish Education
Batsheva Engelberg-Behr
Saddawi Family
Beverly and Theodore Fettman
Shira and Michael Fishman
Abbey Frank
Danny Frankel
Eileen Freed
Carl and Stan Friedman
Rabbanit Dasi Fruchter
Barbara Gaims-Spiegel
Avigdor Gargy
Sharon & Scott Glass
Susan and Harvey Glick
Jay Goldberg
Wendy Goldberg
David Goldenberg
Elaine R. Goldman
Cheryl & Joel Goldschmidt
Lily and Jacob Goldstein Leizman
Rebecca Winter & Josh Gottlieb
Judith and Robert Grauman
Carolyn Graybow
Max and Ann Rose Greenberg
Ruth Gross
Shoshana Grossbard
Rafe Haar
Eric Bressman and Virginie Halpern-Cohen
Reva Haselkorn London
Ziva Hassenfeld
Felice Helfgott
Ellen Hertzmark
Marjorie and Jordan Hirsch
Evelyne Hutt
In loving memory of Jessica Hirsch
Betty-Ann Izenman
Judy Weiss Jackson
Arnold and Bunny Kaplan
Rabba Karpov
Alan Katz
David and Rachel Chiel Katz
Sureh Katz-Calderon
Carole Kaufman
Allyn Keller
Peter Kellner
Daniel Kirk
Shelley Klappholz
Sara Kletter
Chaye Kohl
Rebecca Koolyk Fialkoff
Arnold Kramer
Justin Kravetz
Jonathan and Jacklyn Krisch
Vivian Krohn
Stephanie Pope and Kurt Newman
Annette Lakein
Eileen and Danny Langer
Judy Lee
Frayda Leibtag
Pat and Lou Levine
Rose Levine
Nancy Levinson
Moshe Levison
Yair Libman
Rachel Libman & Gerald Lazar
Yocheved & Shua Lindenbaum
Alexis Maharam
Samuel Marder
Margot Mann
Yehudit Mazur
Leora Mezei
Dr. Reuben and Molli Mezrich
Ari & Miki Moskowitz
Candace and Natalie Nachman
Sara Lynn Newberger
Elana, Mike, Leo, and Noah Newman/Levine
Miriam Oles
Gedalia & Caleb Penner-Robinson
Jaclyn Rakhman
Cindy Reich
Phyllis Reich
Rabbi Melissa Simon and Rena Fraade
Nathan Rephan
Aviva Richman
Monica and Ben Rosen
Leslie and Zev Rosenberg
Donna and Ari Rudolph
Cindy and Mark Saper
Susan Sapiro
Amy, Seth, Emerson and Ava Schulman
Howard and Gertrude Schwartz
Alan Mendelsohn and Mindy Shapiro
Phyllis & Jack Shapiro
Rachel and Joel Siegel
Rabbanit Yael Smooha
Chaim & Rebecca Starkman-Cutler
Rachel and Aaron Stayman
Rachel and Joshua Steinerman
Emma & Andrew Stitcher
Chana and Steven Strauss
Andrea and Ronald Sultan
Antonia Tamplin
Rabbi Didi Thomas
Rabbanit Alissa Thomas-Newborn
Amy & Joy V
Joy Veron
John Watkins-Chow
Tamar and Charles Weaver
Dr. Bella Weinberg
Rachel Wolf
Edith Wolff
Elianna & Family Yares
Deena, Brian, Reena and Ariela Zuckerman