We want to thank our honorees for their dedication to YINR.
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Guests of Honor
Young Leadership Award Recipients
Honoree - Ayala and Yosef Helft
Ayala and Yo Helft
Ayala and Yo Helft
Ayala and Yo Helft
Ayala and Yo Helft
Ayala and Yo Helft
Ayala and Yo Helft
Ayala and Yo Helft
Ayala and Yo Helft
Honoree - Lauren and Andrew Bochner
Lauren and Andrew Bochner
Lauren and Andrew Bochner
Lauren and Andrew Bochner
Lauren and Andrew Bochner
Lauren and Andrew Bochner
Lauren and Andrew Bochner
Lauren and Andrew Bochner
Lauren and Andrew Bochner
Lauren and Andrew Bochner
Lauren and Andrew Bochner
Lauren and Andrew Bochner
Lauren and Andrew Bochner
Vivian and Stanley Bernstein
Tamar and Jonathan Croog
Abby and Ari Glass
Ayala and Yosef Helft
Nataly and Stephen Neuwirth
Dana and Tzvi Simpson
Jill and David Blumenthal
Claudia and Marcos Douer
Kayla and Jonathan Moerdler
Shira and Andrew Wurzburger
Joanne and Barry Aranoff
Blimi and Benjy Berger
Bochner Family
Tamar and Yehudah Buchweitz
Adina and Lawrence Burian
Amy and Myron Eagle
Yael and David Edelstein
Elefant, Malks, and Karp Families
Dana and Yudi Fishkin
Alan Genachowski
Rene and Gary Goldberg
Ellie and Elly Goldenberg
Tobi and Joel Haims
Roberta Helft
Malky and Bezalel Jacobs
Ruth and Bob Lewis
Aura and Dan Lurie
Benay and Ira Meisels
Elana and Shami Minkove
Shani and Daniel Reich
Rochelle and Ken Sherman
Shlomit and Arnon Storfer
The Schanzer Family
Ellen and Stanley Wasserman
Sandra and Uri Weinstein
Lauryn and Kenneth Weiser
Laurie and Richard Wolff
Michal and Moshe Abehsera
Rachel and Gary Berger
Jill and David Blumenthal
Staci and Jack Bodner
Ilana and Adam Chill
Susie Helft and Josh Drazen
Esti Winkler and Yisroel Friedman
Judy and Bob Friedman
Sima and Robert Friedman
Shifra and Perry Garber
Julia and Elie Gittler
Lindsay and Ari Hakimi
Jamie and Elian Hartman
Naomi and Daniel Hartman
Steven and Malka Helft
Debbie and David Isaac
Ruth and Jery Kamerman
Laurie and Avi Kestenbaum
Gail and David Krasner
Laurie Bilger and Eli Epstein
Will and Shari Lennon
Diane and David Lent
Malka Finkelstein and Barry Best
Myra and Alon Mogilner
Esther and Kenneth Nyer
Joyce and Stanley Raskas
Daphne and Josh Rawson
Michelle and Aharon Moshe Roth
Michele and Mark Saks
Judi and Brad Scher
Deanne and Leonard Shapiro
Ruth and Shlomo Shinnar
Jennifer and Seth Sokol
Paula and Leslie Walter
Anne and Mark Wasserman
Amy and Noah Weisberger
Baila and Stanley Weiss
Michelle and Robbie Zellner
Naava and Yehuda Abelow
Aviva and Stan Adler
Yael and Rabbi Chaim Axelrod
Lori and Shai Barnea
Rachel and Jeremy Bemak
Marnina and Arthur Berkovitz
Michelle and Daniel Berman
Lisa and Joey Bernstein
Ali and Daniel Bloom
Hannah and Ben Book
Ronnie and Jack Bruder
Tali and Lance Carr
Rachel and David Chiger
Vivian and Daniel Chill
Hilda and Jeremy Cohen
Michelle and Gerald Cohen
Deborah and Jonathan David
Karen and Michael David
Sherri and Josh Duitz
Tamar and Andy Eagle
Sherry and Aaron Eidelman
Jill and Yoni Ellman
Samantha and Nachi Engelhardt
Deena and David Faleck
Dee Dee and Ari Farkas
Lauren and Barry Feuer
Abby and Rabbi Reuven Fink
Ellen and Ari Fischel
Fortgang Family
Yael and William and Clara Else Fraenkel
Leah and Marc Fruchter
Dina and Joseph Giahn
Michelle and Justin Goldberg
Jill and Ami Goldfein
Judith and Matthew Goldsmith
Susan and Steven Goldstein
Tsipora and Brian Goldstein
Aviva and Daniel Gordon
Carol and Aaron Greenwald
Talia and Jonathan Guenoun
Michelle and Rafi Halpert
Sara and Laurence Hasson
Susan and Billy Helft
Sima and Daniel Herszaft
Jenny and Raffi Holzer
Marcia and Isio Jacobovitz
Talya and Rafi Jacobs
Yael and Evan Jerome and Family
Dana and Josh Jerusalmi
Zahava and Yitzy Kolb
Cynthia and Evan Kollander
Sharon and Jason Koutcher
Lawrence and Adina Garbuz
Alyse and Mark Lefkowitz
Carly and Yitzi Leizerson
Lori and Hesh Lieman
Lizzie Parker and JR Stevenson
Rachel and Yoni Mandelbaum
Shira and David Maryles
Stephanie and Shachar Minkove
Ayelet and Jacob Monaker
Helen Nyer
Michelle and Joel Orgel
Michelle and David Osband
Batya and Nachman Paul
Bea and Jay Perl
Jenny and Barry Platzman
Shuli Karkowsky and Avi Rabinowitz
Randi Shane and Shmueli Kerstein
Rachel and Paul Rappaport
Adina and Ilan Rasekh
Rachel and Jonah Raskas
Dawn and Steven Reich
Sheera and Danny Riemer
Shira and Benjy Ritholtz
Nina and Moishe Roisman
Ariella and Aryeh Rosenbaum
Karen and Nathan Rosenfeld
Teri and Harold Rosengarten
Susan and Joel Rosh
Luba Safran
Marci and Zach Salzbank
SAR Academy, SAR High School
Debra and Jonah Sarasohn
Roslyn and David Savitsky
Sara and Carmiel Schoenfeld
Alyson and Shamir Seidman
Gav and Devorah Shapiro
Robyn and Roni Shapiro
Dara and Matthew Shatzkes
Shelly Goldfeder and Elliott Landowne
Yaffi and Yoseph Shmidman
Sinai School
Reva and Ilan Slasky
Nomi and Ben Smilchensky
Susan and Mendy Sokol
Mahla and Hilton Soniker
Karen and Marvin Sperling
Shelley Topp and Morrie Stampfer
Mindy and Muttie Stein
Sari, Josh, Seth, Ari (& non-blood spouses) Stein
Amy Stein
Melanie and Dani Steinberg
Dina and Marc Sterman
Jamie and Yair Sturm
Elana and Ira Tepler
The New Rochelle Torah Center
Haley and Joseph Toledano
Debbie and Ezra Tuchman
Mira and Anton Tuci
Jen and Jeff Vegh
Yehudit Sarah and Yehoshua Waller
Tamar and Brian Weinberg
Sara and Moshe Weiss
Westchester Day School
Anya and Chaim Wiebke
Debby and Gene Wilk
Amy and Joel Wolfson
YINR Executive Board
Your SINAI@SAR Family
Deena and Rafi Zlotnick
Michele and Irving Zoltan
Rebecca and Avrami Abelow
Susan Allis
Aviva Andreen
Cantor Uri and Judy Aqua
Edna Bechhofer
Diane and Noah Berkowitz
Susan and Bob Chasan
Michael Chill
Council Member Sara Kaye and Council Member Liz Fried
Yvette and Jack Finkelstein
Caroline and David Gabay
Mark and Nyla Greenbaum
Laurel and Jonathan Hecht
Jenny and Barry Horowitz
Evelyn Jakabovics
Vera Koppel
Dassi and Meir Lewis
Muncie Mandel
Lisa and Leon Meyers
Michal and Ari Paley
Simone Rudoff Semer and Mark Semer
Shoshi Radinsky and Gregg Rosenberg
Adina and Robert Soniker
Judith and Jonathan Soniker
Rena and Bruce Spinowitz
Evy and Shimmy Stein
Laurie and Rafi Tare
Lynn Weingarten
Westchester Torah Academy
Mattice and Marc Aaronson
Alisa Auerbach
Ilana and Bruce Benet
Devorah and Mel Bleiberg
Ettie and Steven Butler
Anne and Eli Goldner
Ellin and Samuel Heilman
Ayala and David Lallouz
Beatriz and Andres Nivasch
Dani and Jeremy Salzberg
Samet and Dworetsky
Chana and Dan Shields
Raquel and Judah Sosnick
Name Listing
Emily and Isidore Blitz
Aviva and Jonathan Halpert
Marisa and Josh Mahler
Andrew Sandor, New Rochelle F.D.
Ilana and Carey Schreiber
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