Click on the video below to view the
Adat Yeshurun Virtual Gala
that took place on July 6th.
Rabbi Jeff and Shoshie Wohlgelernter 
A special tribute of Hakarat Hatov for 33 years of love and devotion. 
HAR SINAI הר סיני
Harvey Neiman
NA'ASEH V’NISHMA נעשה ונשמע
Bertie and Jackie Woolf
Hilda and Jeremy and the Cohen Gang
Jaime and Karen Breziner
David and Claire Ellman
Brian and Suzanne Marcus
Todd and Diane Salovey
The Smiedt Family
Roberto and Lizette Elias
Debbie and Jack Maizel
Yaakov and Devorah Shore
Harvey and Anne Brenner
Sam and Sandy Dimenstein
Gavin, Cheryl, Jacob, Ilan and Gila Horn
Jonathan and Amy Aires
Roland and Myrice Goldberg and Family
Avra Kassar and Family
Alberto and Alicia Chaljon
The Aron Family
Martin and Arlene Fogel
Brandon and Lara Grusd
Helfon, Guily, Avi, Lauren, Liam, and Koby Hanono
Colin and Jane Scher and Family
Sydney and Denise Selati
Anton and Julie Woolf
HAGIM חגים
Neil and Ruth Berkowitz
Brian and Merle Datnow
Iris and Abe Loebenstein
The Borok Family
Mark and Laura Abelkop
Stephen and Brenda Abelkop
Shai Abramson
Jules and Yael Aires and Family
Dr. Dennis Goodman,Tanya Goodman, Adam, Anat, Jonathan, Rebecca and Allan
Rabbi Daniel and Brooke Reich and Family
Charles Jaffe and Janith Seidel
Shtein Family and Joan Behrend
Jaime and Karen Breziner
Perry, Michelle, Ella, Oren and Dania Diamond
Sragovicz Family
The Gipsman Family
Uri and Belinda Feldman and Family
Noel and Miriam Fishman
Jack Forman
Craig, Dana, Josh, Raquel and Adam Glasser
Mark and Sheryl Goodman
Megan and Jacob Kamaras
Irwin Krinsky
Adam and Joy Kushnir
Stuart and Nora Laiken
Marc and Shana Lebovits
Sally and Luis Maizel
Sam and Joanne Marcus
Tor Marquis
Tammy and Clive Moch
Ohad Moskowitz
Martin, Bev, Amy and Ricky Pamensky
Seth, Susan, Raphael and Eliana Pransky
Scott and Flory Rappoport
Joe, Pam and Samuel Resnikoff
Michael Lauer, Robin Avery, Nathan Lauer and Daniel Lauer
Addi and Stephanie Schonland and family
Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School
Michael and Lynne Silberstein
Linda and Ian Smulowitz and Family
Ofir Sobol
Beni, Jackie, Gabriella and Daniella Surpin
The Robbins-Juarez Family
Steven, Sharon, Bradley & Alison Tradonsky
Steven and Ava Weitzen
Orthodox Union West Coast
Baruch and Toviele Yakatan
Brian, Jamie, Jeremy, Ethan and Gabriella Zimmerman
P’SUKIM פסוקים
Micha, Larissa, Yoni, Dovid, Liora, Yaakov, and Benyamin Adler
Shaloha and Gary Aires
Celia Levy and Family
Dennis and Rosa Basson
Irwin and Felicia Belcher
Eli and Michal Ben-Moshe
Mitch Shack and Tina Beranbaum
Zachary and Sigalit Dimenstein
Eichner Family
Moises and Jennifer Eilemberg and Family
The Cobb Family
Wienerkur Family
Eli and Iliana Glovinsky
Ilana Gold
Gutman, Miller and Gardyn Families
David and Aniko Hastings
Jerry and Sheila Hermel and Family
Rob, Margot, Aryeh, and Joshua Hillman
Anne and Len Jurkowski
Judy and Rick Katz
Menachem and Rishona Lebovits
Craig, Marty and Wolfy Lotzof
Ellen Marks
Vlad Wood and Miriam Giller
Zoe and Jonathan Moed
Sorrel and Judy Nemzer
Annette, Connor and Colin Olson
Michoel and Chavi Peikes and Family
David and Sylvia Roth
Howard and Diane Schachat
Nat and Ayesha Schuster
Shelley and Jacob Schwartz
Gavin, Zara, Jacob and Eli Sclar
Charlene Seidle
Yury Shlionsky
Peter and Gale Shoikhet
The Khabie family
Eva Trieger
Richard and Yvonne Venger
Weitzman Family
Gidon and Marilyn Williams
Daniel and Eileen Wohlgelernter
Sharleen Wollach
Ellen and Jack Zyroff
LETTERS IN TORAH אותיות בתורה
Ary Abramovic
Rabbi Moshe and Ariella Adatto
Naomi Aires
Perl and Beth
Sabina and Lolie Fromm and Daniel Skaggs
Howard and Ann Katz and Family
Max and Erika Freifeld and Family
Moises and Viviann Freifeld and Family
David Argow
Jaime and Rachel Atri
Robert, Nancy and Aharon Barker
Ariela and Sergio Berkstein
Audrey Jacobs Bernstein Private Wealth Management
Roberto and Rebeca Besquin
B.H. Ingber and Nancy Blair
Arieh Breziner
Morís and Bela Breziner
Yoni and Jessi Breziner
Harriet Brown
Mark and Flora Brunswick
Samuel and Esther Burch
Avi and Avril Butbul
Alex and Orly Cohen
Julie and Paul Datnow and Family
Dee and Neal Desind
Mordecai Zvi and Tobi Dicker
Howard Dyckman
Abraham Edid Family
Rabbi Eric and Chaya Ertel
Jim and Sari Esserman
Klitofsky Family
Krinsky Family
Podolsky Family
Sacal Daniel Family
Simble Family
The Swartzberg Family
David and Mary Feifel
Susan and Burt Finkelstein
David Fisher
Alessandra Franco
Julian and Beryl Frank
Bella Freifeld
Ana and Irwin Friede
Harold and Wendy Frysh
Rhoda Gaylis
Eitan and Tori Geft
Arturo and Letty Gerson
Glenda and Philip Ginsburg
Michal, Mark, Jacob, Ben, and Jessica Goldberg
Goldenberg Family
Eytan and Esther Grinnell
Avi and Lauren Hanono
Martin and Fran Hirschbein and family
Selwyn and Hilary Isakow
Ivor and Joan Jacobson
Gershon Jaffe
Jarrod Goldberg and Alexandra Ilko
Cecile Jordan
Joelle Kanner
Louis and Rita Katz
Sylvia Kirsch
Janet and Becky Klein
Milton, Stephanie, Ari and Daniel Krasner
Raquel Laniado
Daniela, Delon, Atara and Ori Levi
Hillary and Avi Levison
Aaron Levy
Frances Lobman
Effie and Leoni Loffman
Kevin and Michelle Lyons
Danielle Marcus
Elias and Monica Massri
Chana Rosalinda Mendez Gonzalez
Micki, Ilana, Eitan, Daniel & Gabi Acks and Ernest Lipman
Mauricio and Lillian Miselewicz
Isaac and Yael Miselewicz-Breziner
In memory of Molly and Harold Andelman z"l
Krystal Monique
Nicole, Daniel, Sophia and Dahlia Monsowitz
Gabriel and Tali Nissan
In memory of Leon Nudel z"l
Alex and Jacob Olegnowicz
Martha Olegnowicz
Hana Olivensky
Zeji Ozeri
Yehuda and Elisheva Paymar
Vivian Pomerantz
Gideon Rappaport
Andy Ravid
Mendy Rezmovitch
Marc, Shani, Noah and Einat Rubinstein
Avraham and Rahnana Sachs
Gloria Scarf
Howard Schraub
Stanley and Debby Seidle
Shirley Shapiro
Marianne and Steve Sherr
Eva Shore
Gidon and Miriam Shoshan
Andrew and Lenie Singer
Anatoly & Polina Sisman
Max Esther Jack Sheila Israel Slomianski
Nathan Spiegel
Marty Stauber
Naomi Tague
Yakov and Chumie Vann
Wechsler Family
Aryeh and D’vora Weinberger
Claire Winick
Philip and Missy Wrotslavsky
Adam and Chava Simon, Yosef, Elisheva and Talya
Jean, Franklin, Greg and Jade Gaylis, and Zelma
Bertica and Sandy Zoldan
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